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Why you need your lungs

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The windpipe (trachea) joins the upper respiratory tract to the lungs. If you touch the front of your throat you can feel your trachea. The bottom of the trachea splits into two branches called bronchi. One enters the right lung and one goes to the left lung. The bronchial tree's job is to spread the air from the trachea over a very wide area as quickly as possible.
All animals need oxygen to live...So do humans. Land animals get oxygen from the air. Without the oxygen in the air we can not survive for more than a few minutes. When we breathe in we are taking in either carbon dioxide or clean air but both of them have oxygen in them.  
All body systems are important. One body system is not more important than another. They all make up your body, and each one has there own job. I will end by saying that you need all of your body systems to live. But we will talk about why you need the respiratory system.



  If you didn't have a respiratory system you wouldn't be alive. Well thats obvious because the respiratory system is your lungs and you use your lungs to breath. If you don't breath you can't survive. All cells in your lungs need oxygen. So, if you don't breath your lung cells will die out. You breath from breathing in air which your blood circulates to all parts of the body. You breath with the help of your diaphragm muscles in your chest and the abdomen. These muscles change the space and pressure inside your body to help you breath. Smoking can also affect your lungs...Here is why. 




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