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Ttillop Gnals

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 6 months ago

Lenlow- Meaning-To sitdown. Example. Lenlow now!!!


Vaddadon - A new word for "school." ex. Mr. Pollitt works at Stratford Ave. Vaddadon.

Tripen-a new word for cool. ex. That car is so Tripen.

bree- A new word that means breeze or tree.


My word is: Esto- it means word. My example is 'Great esto's for tillop gnals!'


Ttillop Gnals word: Zavanderblat (Zu-van-dur-blat) 1. A slang word for describing a sports team; to name a sports team. ex. Wow, that team is zavaderblat! 2. Not reaching a task; slacking off, or a slacker. ex. You are a real zavanderblat because you can't get your work done.


My Ttillop Gnals word is Ops- 1. to say sorry. sentence- I'm sorry Mr. Pollitt!


Jeb (pronounce as read)- 1. homework- "Hey Mom, I'm going to do my Jeb."


Lola- This is a new word for laughing ex. "The Pollitts are always lola".


Football- Soccer. '' nice job playing goalie in the football game yesterday.


Rednnib: (red-nib) - A slang word for binnder. Example: Take out you're rednnib to go over last nights jeb.


flingerblacherypoto: puppet ex. I have one flingerblachherypoto


My Ttillop Gnals word is THAM- It means MATH- Ex: Mr. Pollitt told us to finish the THAM problem.


My Ttillop Ganls word is foxswiffle- a new word for sly or courios. (you want to be foxswiffle to win the game!)


My Ttillop Gnals word is licnep - licnep means pencil ex. - Everyone take out a licnep or a pen.



Yittick-binder Sammie stop laughing and take out your yittick



Stippy- Stippy is a word for not feeling well. ex. I'm feeling stippy today. 




Zeog - An animale in the USA.- Hay mom, I see a Zeog!!!!!!


Sipal - It is "lapis" backwards which means Pencil in Filipino. Ex: Is this your Sipal?


Yarel- To call out- ex. Mr.Pollitt told Luciano to stop Yareling


Smergal- stop. ex. I told patrick to smergal jumping on the couch.



Sockapontas- pencil sharpener- ex Go sharpen your pencil in the sockapontas.



Retupmoc- Computer- ex: Mr. Pollitt takes are class into the computer lab a lot.


Reunch-resses and Lunch.EX Its time to go to Reunch.


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Anonymous said

at 6:27 pm on Jan 18, 2008

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! First comment! On a new page! How great is this? You have no idea how fast my heart is beating right now. NICE Bamboo backround. Our class picked da good choice. THE. Enda.

Anonymous said

at 3:20 pm on Jan 23, 2008


Anonymous said

at 5:32 pm on Jan 29, 2008

I can't wait to make up new words! I got a cool one.

Anonymous said

at 4:30 pm on Apr 4, 2008

ttillop gnals is soooooooo tripen!!

Anonymous said

at 7:56 pm on Apr 8, 2008

Why the @#*% is this day boring?!

Anonymous said

at 7:46 pm on Apr 10, 2008

yo mulligan u got to calm down man chilax, its all good.

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