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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago


omg the pb wiki brings back so many memories i love this i just want to cryy so mr.pollitt if you see this whats up i hate the middle school the never make me even feel at home i hate it so much i want to come back to stratford =[ well g2g shower the ughhhh school. . . . . . . but im missing it on wensdaybc i am going to my winter house for thanksgiving<3



june, 20, 2007

Today we say the book get a clue it is connected to the book the westing game. We read the westing game in class. It was really good but for me it didnt make any sence. But i loved the movie so much more better becasue i couldn't under stand the book. But people are saying the book is much more better i am like no way because the movie mad much more snece. It was so like difucult i was like SAY WHAT?



       My favorite part pf the movie was when turtle found out with hole thing about Mr. WEsting i doid not want that part to end i loved that part i love how sandy snuck in i didnt want crow and otis get married i wanted her to marry sam agian. I didnt get if she killed sam then how is he still alive. But my friend next to me just said she didnt litreal kill him. My faborite part was when sandy said he was going to watch the door but sneaked into the house and scared her i thougth that was really cool.

           WEll i g2g (got 2 go) but see u later gater.



June, 6,2007

Yesterday i want to Liberty's basketball game it was very intensed. The teams were very good and used team work and they were very nice to the other team when they got on the court they shked hands and also if someone hurt the other player the helped them up and huged them to see if they were ok. One girl got hurt and that what they did. We left a litlle at the end but libery won 78 to 67 liberty. Thats liberty's 5th win. There on a roll. At first Fever started off with the ball and they were doing really good i have know clue how liberty caught up. Also there was a three pointer at the buzzer for Fever and it didnt count n that would of got them a pint ahead that was in the 3rd perido. When i said tat the girl hurt someone on liberty they got 3 fale shoots because she was taking a 3 poniter and i never knew that. well i have to go to soccer practice so cya



june, 5,2007

In school were doing a project and we who much money and everything it would coest. If make your own resruant or store or anything and my grooup did a solan. It is going to be so cool were are going to put like how much the hair producs are and how much and how much for each hair style and its not just a solan were also going to do nails n like a spa so we can make more money also if we were doing this in real lif it wold take a whil if we were just plan a week or so well i need to go i am going to a collge cam cya

   The Picture                                 




There are many times of pictures some with Friends, Grandparents, Parents, Pets, And Yourslef.  Well did you know you can take a picture of What your doing on the computer. I don't think so. Well in oder to do that you press Ctrl + Print Screen of you cant find print screen it is at the top with those three button it's the first one. And also you can do it if your trying to save ims well if you have a screen name of course.  And also if theres a meber you want to rember or like a website u can put in you favorites of couse but this way would be much cooler. My favortie thing is that u can save a password or somwthing you would forget easly. Annd it wwell saty up there or if somthing is your favorite font u can a take a picture paste and save and when u want that font again but forget the name you just go back and look. Isnt that amazing. That is what you do to take a picuter hope you like it ( use that idea) Well g2g ( got to go) Cya 



May 17, 2007

HEYYY !!!! ~ whats up tommarow we are going to constution works aned i am a justices. I am very happy to be one i am so sorry i just loged on and i have to go lol well cya taylor



May 14,2007

Today we are writing a piece on if we had to own a restruant what would it be If had to own a reastruant it would be the PORTHOLE the PORTHOLE is my uncles restruant i am going there tonight. I am very happy to go and i cant wait so i can see what it is like. I can already think the food is probaly excellent. and i want to see what the inside looks like. i alreedy kniw what  it is a great place because EXCELLENT people own it. My aunt and uncle.You should try the place one time.Well g2g cya,Taylor



May 7, 2007

My Favorite Amusment Park Ride Is the Zipper!! I like this ride because it Is really WACKY .  It is Shaped like an ovel and is very long. They have these seats and there like a cage you can fit about 3 people but i think it is better two. I went on it the first time at my summer house at this fair i went with my best friends sister Kathyrn. Every year they come up say at my summer house for like 2 days and we go to the carnevel and we go on that ride every year. Now i am going to explain the ride. It Goes around in circles and ur cart moves around going back and forth and it goes REALLY fast. And your on it for like 10 minutes its alot of fun. We have been going on togther since i was in 3rd grade she is know in 7th grade. And i am in5th. Well know you know my favorite amusment ride. Well g2g ( got 2 go) cya



May 4, 2007


 Heyy whats up ? Today is Carerre Day and i am a Police Officer ! in my Paragraphs i will tell you why i want to be a Police Officer when i grow up!!

         I want tpo be a police officer because my mom is one and i want to follow here foot steps !! And when i go to here work it is really cool her office they have 1 jail in her office well she has like  4 other people in here office and it is really cool and they keep all cool snacks and drinks in there. And also they have a really cool typewriter its a old one.

          I also want to do this job because i think it is very cool to be police and you help people by saving the town maybe because there could be a some that is doing something to the hole town. And then you willl also be on tv.  I also want to be a Soccer Player because i love to play soccer it is my FAVORITE sport !!! And you get a lot of exursise.  And it is something I really want to be.

        Those are the jobs i want to be when i grow up !! well g2g ( got 2 go) cya Taylor



May 3, 2007

Today is my best friends Birthday i am so happy for her she is turning 11. I decorated her locker with  GREAT !!! candy i had Resses, Snickers, Milky Ways, Kit Kat, Lollipops, Juciy Fruit , and Kisses Her locker looked so cool all of it every where i even mad posters and it had all a memories i wote all over it. Like BFFL, Sleepovers a Pome That said when we fall down we fall down togther because when i said best frinds i ment forever !!!! and i did TMC + GAT = BFFL and all stuff like that it was really cool and there was so much candy left over it was like crazy. She also just gave some out to people. And today she brought in munchins for school well g2g( got 2 go) cya



 April30, 2007


 A brick wall that  is 12ft tall 1 1/2 ft long and  4 ft wide. if i had a wall like that i would us it for to keep somthing or someong apart if some alwasys gets in fight u can us it to keep them stay away from each other . You can alos use it for if your in the olymipics n ur trying to do a high jump use it to jump over,  Or somthing like that but why would u make a wall for no aperant reason that is just really stupid. Who wouls make that any way but i gusse these are going to be a few reasons why you can also use it for a little spot were u keep somthing in i guys. Because they never said the brick wall had to be inside or outside. But you still probaly want to use it for outdoors. Thats what i think a brick wall is used for.



April 23, 2007

Today we went to buddy day buddy day is when we go to the middle school and we have a partner and they gives us a tour and they bring us to there classes and if they have a sest that day gusse what we have a test that day i think that is unfair but it dose ot count on are real scores so it is ok. It's not a big deal. My friends took it and she got 31 out of 35 and hats good they said it would really be a 90 % will i now it's 90 something. And meeting all her friends was alot of fun they were all really nice and i ate lunch with them and one of them said your the coolest buddy i met so far. and also i saw alot of people i new there it was really cool and also for GYM WE WENT ON WAVE BORADS i feel of once and i did not get the hang of it. well i got to go i hope to see you soon . CYA , TAYLOR






April 11, 2007

Hey whats up ? today i am going to tell you what i did on my vication!!!!! for my vication i want to punta cana you probaly know as The Diminican Repuplic i stayed at the hotle The Parides Real it is a five




          • hotle it should bc it is a great hotle i am going ot tell youn what i did !!! The first day Friday i hanged out with my cousins bc they were they only ones there we new that day because i came at night we just relaxed that nightn and ate dinner at the buffet it was very good and we had a ball. on saturday i woke you and ate breakfast watch i had the same every day egg omlet with bacon in it and bacon on the side. and then i went in the pool with my couison meghan and we hanged out and meat new friends and we hanged out in the pool like the hole day. On sunday i tanned for awhile and did not get that much out of it i dont not think i am tan. On Monday thats when a bunch if are friends came the Pervetes, Matones, and i forget the other last name. and they day Nicole and Sam tanned so me and my couison just tanned with them and then we went in the pool with marcy and richie and we went on the blow up ice berg also that day i went parisaling and i got my hair breaded and i also went banna boating. The next Day the sokolivces came and i had theybhad a kid a year younger then me she was really nice her name was joanna and they had a kid maria and eric. On thursday my cxousin wen t back to ocean side and i hung out with joanna that hole day and we entered into a fashion show and that night we also went to hibachi and had them coom in front of us was really cool and he let use help him cook. On Friday i just hang out and then we switched rooms and e got a bigger room. On Saturday wen woke up early and went snorkloeing it was alot of fun i touched 3 fish and i saw dora from finding nemo and i was trying to translate but it did not work out that well well i have to go and gusse whatt TO BE CONTINUED...........









March 12,2007

Heyyy!!!!!!! Whats up????? I am so excited because are play is coming up soon and everyone is like getting there coustems. My coustom is a leatered with long sleeves and these baggy pants that go ontome of the leatered. It is like that so i can move around. Everyone is so excited about the play and can't wait. Also i have more exciting new we had 2 soccer games on saturday and i scored so did 2 other of my team mates so it was 3-0 and we won. And then we had another game and i scored and we won 1-0. Also on sinday we had a game and i scored again so the we won that game 1-0. after the sunday game i want to my friend carolines house for her birthday. Are 2 other friends came to there names are Haley and Kathrine. And we had so much fun we played the Wii and we tryied downloading songs for carolines ne ipod but it did not work. Well g2g see you real soon cya.








Febuary 16, 2007

hey whats up??? Today a teacher on are school is getting married today my nextdoor neiberogh is going after he comes backwe arte going to play in the snow and finsh are fort and slide on the ice it is going to be soo much fun and maybe go to the golf crose and we will go down the huge hill maybe ill have a friend ova and they come down to the giolf corse with us well g2g







Febuary 15, 2007

Heyyyy !!!!!!! Whats up was your week i am so excited today because we have are second winter break. For the break i am going to my winter house and i love going becuse we go hiking and we rost marshmallows itis so much fun and all my cousins. We always go on thanksgiving last year when we went it snowed and we all had so much fun this year we wet and it did not snow so we were mad it but when we left started to snow so that was another reasonmwe got mad.






February 7, 2007

Hey !!! Whats up Today i have basketball and ccd i am going to curch with another ccd class and all my friends are in that class after that i haev basketball even though e are not in the champion ships we are srimiging another team in are town then we are going to have a huge pizza party thats what i am gong to do today.





Febuary 6, 2007

GUSSE WHAT i never told you my part in the jungle book i go Shanti she is also hide behind a cocnut tree and try to help mowgli and i throw cocints at people and i blind fold sher can the tiger. I get to sing in for the jungle and i sing being cocnut tree.Thats my part in the play.







Febuary 2, 2007

Today we will be interviewing my teacher Mr. Pollitt


Q: If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

A: I would use it to buy my house and my classroom.


Q: If you had one thing u wanted one 21st century thing to be in your classroom what would it be?

A: I would so a plasama screen with a smart board.


Thank you for those two great questions Mr.Pollitt To Be Continued...............




January 31,2007

Did you here what happened in the news today. If you didn't good thing you came to my blog. Did you here about the 2 puppies named Magic and Merline that were rescued by the Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center in Huntington LI. The puppies were only five ounces and three days old when they were found. The both were unable to eat because they had a Cleft Palate which makes it impossible to chew food or eat on their own. They were hand feed by shelter workers at the around the clock. This week they were strong enough to have surgery to correct the cleft palate and they are said to be doing great. See for your self.


Merlin and Magic. Cya,



January 26, 2007

Hey whats it me again !!!! So what did you do will i was gone. If you said nothing i wonder why DUHH maybe because i wasn't her!!! So is it true that you were bored with out me? Yes or no if ypu said no OHH NO YOU DIDN'T !!!! Well i got to go (g2g)






January 24,2007

Hey whats up it's me again I am going to tell you my favorite thing to do. My favorite thing to do is to play soccer and hang out with friends. During soccer i am with friends so it works out perfectlly. The reason I like soccer is beacuse it is a very active sport. I love soccer beacuse it fells so good when you score a goal. This year my soccer team just won the divison one first place. We were all really happy and excited when we won. That is what my favorite thing to do.





January 23, 2007

Hey whats up i am chillin' with my BFF Tara and Gina !!! Holla !!! We are all writing on the PB Wiki it is so cool we call it are online Journal is also like a blog. Me and Tara are working on are 21st century classroom protject !! Feel free to coment me i would love to read what you think of it !! Cya,





January 22, 2007


Hey whats up today this is my first time writing on the wiki and i am so siked !! I no right from the start that this is going to be a very excited project. I have been so excited for this since I heard about it I was like when are we going to start. Let's see what me foot can do u8jrt5tlk know that skill.

Ta Ta for now ,



Comments (17)

Anonymous said

at 6:47 pm on Jan 26, 2007

Hey Taylor! I love your online journal but whats with the writing that you wrote with your feet? I love it! -Tara

Anonymous said

at 10:27 am on Jan 27, 2007

hey Taylor i see a few mistakes in the first paragraph. but other than that it's great-Tina

Anonymous said

at 8:38 pm on Jan 27, 2007

Love your writing B.F.F.L.

Anonymous said

at 12:58 pm on Feb 2, 2007

nice journal- Ginaa

Anonymous said

at 8:28 pm on Feb 2, 2007

nice wiki- Gina timpano
The puppies look so cute I feel bad for them

Anonymous said

at 9:33 am on Feb 6, 2007

Hey Taylor! LOL! BFFF!!!! Love the writing! It's the best!
I love the puppy story!!

Anonymous said

at 12:39 pm on Feb 7, 2007

Nice wiki Taylor! Ican't wait to see what you write next!!

Tootles For now!! -Tara

Anonymous said

at 11:17 am on Feb 10, 2007

Hey Taylor love it but i really can't read 2/7/07.

Anonymous said

at 8:30 am on Feb 12, 2007

Love the new writing piece- Tara

Anonymous said

at 11:09 am on Mar 9, 2007

hey taylor love your wiki- gina

Anonymous said

at 7:50 am on Apr 30, 2007

Gina: You have a lot of spelling mistakes.. Good wiki though. I love your back round colors with the lime green

Anonymous said

at 5:56 pm on Apr 30, 2007

Check some spelling mistake! But great wiki! Love It!


Anonymous said

at 7:38 am on May 3, 2007

i love your wiki!! about my birthday !! bffl

Anonymous said

at 6:57 pm on Jun 5, 2007

taylor, you have a lot of spelling mistakes!

Anonymous said

at 8:33 pm on Dec 1, 2007

Nice stuff Talor, I'm not Rocko call me Murphy.

Anonymous said

at 8:33 pm on Dec 1, 2007

Nice stuff Talor, I'm not Rocko call me Murphy.

Anonymous said

at 8:34 pm on Dec 1, 2007


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