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Smokeing and how it affects your lungs

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                      Smoking and how it affects your lungs



Somking is one of many harmful things that can happen to your lungs

Smoking damges your cillia witch is little hairs inside your broncia tubes that remove unwanted matter fuel.

Smoking can give you lung cancer and emphysema ( a desice that makes it hard to breathe).

When you smoke it cuts off a life spam which (cuts off a year or a few of your life). also

when you smoke you can some times get dizzy out of no were. It also causes fainting and sometimes you cant breathe.

Drugs and  alcohol are also very damageing to your lungs. alcohol drugs and smokeing can also be very adicting so it is hard to stop.



Smokeing alcohol and drugs can have diffrent affects on diffrent people. By that i mean if i try it and i feel fine you might try it and die. Also it can have more of and affect on a 13 year old and less of an affect on a 17 year old. Also you need a permet to buy drugs but some people (store workers, bad pople on the streets)give them away but they put a little drop of somting that can kill you in it. so take my advice and never do that! You can die very very easily. 








Broncia tubes -


cillia -


lungs -


cancer -


emphysema -












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