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November 21, 2008

Hi everyone I'm in 6th grade now and I don't like it tha much. I don't laugh at all . . . because Mr. Pollitt isn't there. It's wierd to think just one year ago I was just beginning my year in 5th grade. I'm in the Drogin, Egan, Chase cluster. Oh yeah and what I said in the last entry, MS is not that great. I really thought MS would be something special. All it is is tests, homework, and paying attention. Yep, and that's the story of my life.


On the bright/dark side, I have a CC meet coming up and I'm super nervous. I'm excited too, but they only qualify the first 20 people out of like 200. If I qualify, I get to go to the championchip in Virginia!!! It's this Sunday and I think I might explode.


 June 27th

10:55 am

Today is the last day of school!!! HAHA Mr. Pollitt, none of the girls cried. (Well atleast I don't think so.) I am soo happy to graduate. The only thing I'm really going to miss is walking to school. If I forgot a book in the past, I could just run back and get it. Now, it is tuff luck. But at the Middle school I think you can keep your text books at home. And I will miss my former teachers. (Mr. P, your now offically my former teacher! No longer my teacher.) The Middle School will be great!!!


Hello! For homework we must write who we want for Vice President. If John McCain is president, I would want Rudy Gilaini for vice president. I would want him because he  









Seven Day Forecast


74°F 60°F



82°F 62°F 








72°F 67°F



79°F 68°F



82°F 67°F



Hello! Time for . . . current event type of thingy: 


                                               DEMACTRATIC NOMONEE

I think the democratic nomonee should be Senator Oboma. We have a patern going of Clinton's and Busch's. I think Oboma will do a better job handeling our country. He seems like a peacemaker. That is good, because we don't want any wars. Also, I don't think America is ready for a women president. So, I just think Obama would be a better president.




 Hello! It is 6:32 p.m on May 22nd. I'm gonna talk about the next few days. OK, so tommorow is Friday and we don't have school! Tommarow I am going to Heather's cousins house. They are baby triplets and we are going to babysit them! On Saturday and Sunday it is the weekend. On Monday, it is Memomrial Day. I am marching in the parade with my Girl Scout Troop. On Tuesday, we go to school like usual. On Wedsnday, we get to school at 7:00 am. we are goin to COLEBROOK! Oh, gotta go! :) ByeBye!


May 5th, 2008

Hello! As you know, the Kentucky Derby was this Saturday. So, for homework Mr. Pollitt wanted us to come up with cool horse names. His names were a horse and something with four legs. Here are mine! 

My first name is HAIR. I would name a very furry horse this name. It would be funny when the anoncer says: "AND HAIR IS TAKING THE LEAD . . " It sounds like hair on your head is in the race. My second name is BEN DOVER. "AND BEN DOVER IS LOOSING THE LEAD TO HAIR . . ." These are funny names, but not as good as Mr. Pollitt's. "AND A HORSE IS SPEEDING UP! OH NOW SOMETHING WITH FOUR LEGS IS IN THE LEAD . . ." Mr. Pollitt can think of some great names! My final name is I'm in the lead. "AND I'M IN THE LEAD IS IN THE LEAD . . ." Hahaha. I like the last one the best. I'm curios to see what everyone else wrote! (HAHAHAHA)


We have SEVEN things for homework! I only have done one! So now I'm going to do another, which is making up a word problem. Here is mine:


Lisa is eating breakfast. She eats 2/12 of the box of Toasted Crunchies. She decides she's more hungry, and tripples what she ate the first time. How much did she eat in total?

(Go to the bottom of page for answer!)




Hello! This is what I think of SPRING FEVER!

    Spring fever:

a listless, lazy, or restless feeling commonly associated with the beginning of spring.
This is what I found on dictionary.com I dissagree with this. When I get spring fever, it's usally in school or when I'm doing work inside. This is because I want to go outside and play. I don't want to be inside. You are almost desprate to get outside.Right now I have spring fever! I know I have to study for our English test tommorow and our S.S. test next Thursday; but I just don't want to. (Well I don't mind the S.S; but the English is annoying to study for.) I want to go OUTSIDE! Maybe I'll study outside. Well, I know I'lll get distracted so it's better to stay inside. The one thing that I do agree with in the definition is a restless feeling. Sometimes, it's so bad you want to SCREAM! It usually happens when you've been inside the classroom for a long time. But I think it's different for everyone. It is probably different for every kid


Wednsday, April 16th 2008      4:30 pm 



This articale is about Pope Benedict XVI. He met President Busch on Wedsnday. 9,000 people stood on the south lawn of the White House to welcome Pope Benedict XVI. Some people held up signs that read; "We love you pope of hope." Why was there all this excitment? Because it was Pope Benedict XVI's 81st birthday. Also, this is the second time a pope has visited the White House. The who people stood on the lawn sang two verses of Happy Birthday to Pope Benedict. Pope Benedict XVI had a busy week. Tonight, he will meet too speek to U.S bishops. Tommarrow, the Pope will celebrate mass at the Nationals Park. He also plans to celebrate mass on Sunday at Yankee Stadium.


So now that I'm (almost) done with my homework, I will share with you well, what's been going on! Spring is approching, and I outgrew all my shorts and a lot of tops!! I'm finally growing! Yippee! During the break, I am going shopping for summer clothes! 

The play was on April 3rd and 4th. I do very good. I have to say, being a candy shop kid wasn't that bad! I am SO happy it's over! The worst part of the play was the week before it. The WHOLE fifth grade had to stay after school until 4:oo during rehersal!

We are doing Constitution Works in class. We are going to the court house soon. I am a Government Lawyer. It sounds cool. Sami L***** Lawyer.

I got a concusion two days before Easter. I was at my friends house and I tripped over a pair of shoes. I banged my head on the wall, hit my head on the stairs, rolled, and banged my head on a table. My mom picked me up 30 min later. That night, all I did was THROUGH UP. It stunk. At 5:oo am, I was really thirsty. My mom told me to take a sip of water. I did and threw up. At 9;oo am, I went to the pedeatrician. They told me to go home and if I threw up again, go to the E.R!!! I got home, drank some Gatorade, and in 5 min I was in the bathroom pucking blue vomit. My mom took me to the hospitol. I got in, (still had an ice pack!) and they gave me an I.V, a catscan, and a few other X-rays and tests. I then found out I had to stay overnight in the hosptol!!!!

Well, G2G! Byebye!



This is my articale(s) for the president nominee. I wasn't sure which to use so . . .










1-6-08 Mike Huckaby and Mitt Romney have not droped out of the race. No one did. Huckaby and Romney should drop out. They are doing bad. If they did, It would give more votes to John McCain who is doing very good. McCain would have much more votes. Ron Paul should drop out too. He's doing bad.


If you can't see my entries, go down!








GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!


New York Giants Logo 4 Professional ...SuperBowl XLII-- New York Giants ...



Yellow! Orage! Coolio! It's January 30th! For homework we have to list idea's for the book we read today.

My idea is to make a comic about the book. We can color it, and decorate it any way we want to. I think this is a great idea because we never write any comics. Maybe we could put everyone's together and make a comic strip! OH NO! GOTTA GO!!!! BYE!!!! :) 




Hi! For homework, we have to find one articale about technology. Here's Mine: http://www.epanorama.net/links/videobroadcasting.html#cable



What's up? It's Saturday,Jan 19th. I'm turning 11 in a week and a day! I'm very excited!!! :) Do you like the bamboo? I think it looks fake-ish and un-real. I like real bamboo better. Mr. Pollitt is going to change it next month. That's GOOD. :)


1-16-07  Hi! Guess what part I got for the play! A Candy Shop Kid. I really wanted  main part. Oh well. For homework, we have to do spelling poem or story. Here's mine:


           Diana lived in a very small house. She called it a patched shack. She was thankful for it, because it was the biggest house in the town. Her favorite things inside were her jacket, racket, and her fact book. Her brother loved his catcher's mit and his tree branches. They lived in a canyon.One day the canyon town was robbed. He called himself the brass grasper. She was SO mad. Everything was stolen.

                                                  THE END :(



      Hey everone! What's Chillen? Homework time. We have to write a current event and then something else which I will explain later. So . . . Current Event! I am doing it on a Mammoth Discovery. www.timeforkids.com/TFK/teachers/wr/articale/0,27972,1702945,00.html Scientists have recently found a mammoth discovery! It is the frozen remains of a six month old mammoth. This discovery might help scientests why this species is extint. I think this is pretty cool. I think this has something to do with why the species died, or how. It has been frozen for 37,500 years. That's along time! Read the articale to find out more!!


    Homework two- In class, we are making webpages. I am doing mine on sewing. Anyway, we have to link two websites that have to do with the subject.









Hey everyone! It's Sami :) I'm in a happy mood! :) Yey! Cool. I don't know what to wright.

So . . .  Here's LI's weather! Bye!


n/a n/a 30°F -1°C   


39°F 3°C 27°F -2°C 


40°F 4°C 29°F -1°C 


41°F 5°C 34°F 1°C 


36°F 2°C 24°F -4°C 


34°F 1°C 17°F -8°C 


23°F -5°C 17°F -8°C




Hey it's Jan. 10th. I'm really upset. :( I had play auditions today. I TOTTALLY messed up. :( My song was "I want it know" by Veruca. This is how it should be sung (sang??):

I want a feast!

I want a bean feast!

Creambuns, and donuts, and fruitcakes with no nuts,

so good you can go nuts!

Give em' to me,



I want a party 

with roomfuls of laughter, I want

a ton of ice cream, and if I don't get the things I am


I'm gonna SCREAM!


I sang it like this:




Ton of ice cream and donuts!

And if Idon't get the things I am after,

I'm gonna SCREAM!


So, the last part was good. But the first part I didn't know what to do. I came in the classroom, and I was really upset. Mr. Pollitt said he would talk to the music teacher. So . . . what do we learn from this lesson kiddies?

Complain and you get what you want! (Just Kidding of course!)  But I'm still real upset. Hopefully Mr. P really does talk to her. Hopefully he's not lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriosly wish Mr. Pollitt was there. He would let me sing it again!! I was SO embarresed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So anyway, I am almost positive I got a 100% on the socail studies test today!! Thats good. The state test was real easy today, and so was the nouns test yesterday. I really hope I get 100%'s!!!! It will really cheer me up. :)


Have you ever had the feeling that something good should happen, but it never does happen?!? I have that feeling right now. I know since I must up the audition, something good should happen. But whenever I have this feeling, nothing does happen. Hopefully it changes. Sometimes I don't get the world. I don't get it at all. But I don't understand anything right now. It's just, . . . BLAH! No words can say what I am feeling. A mixture of sad, confused, worrried, nervous, and something else.    $+%+^+&+*+()+_+- =  ?






 Cutie Chicks!


Hey I'm back. This time for current event! UGGG! On sports. So I chose the artical "Rojer: I'm Done" from the New York Post. (Hold on let me read it . . .) Ok. The articale is about Rojer Clemens. His trainer said he took steriods. Clemens was on 60 minuetes last night. He said he didn't take steriods. He said it's all false. I half belive him and half don't belive him. My questions are: 1.) Why doesn't he get tested for steriods to see if it's true? 2.) If it's true, why would he lye about it on TV? 3.) Why would his trainer say that? Wouldn't he get in trouble for giving him steriods? And if its false, why would his trainer lie about it??????? I think he should get tested. Its crazy. Why doesn't he get tested??? What do you think about it? Comment to tell me what you think.





Hello! It's Jan 9th. In this entry, I am going to make up a word for Ttillop gnals. My word is:

Esto- it means (word) we should use this word because it is much cooler than its meaning. It's meaning is so boring. This word is more updated!


Noekula Kittens...



1-3-07 6:58

I just finished my homework. Well not just, about 20 minuetes ago. I am going to talk about our 5th grade year a little. Our School, Stratford is a 2nd through 5th grade school. I'm lucky, 5th grade is a speical year. First, in October we went to an opera. Next, in May we go to Colebrook. Colebrook is were we go camping. Yup, that's right. The whole fifth grade goes on a camping trip. Lucky for me, I'm an active Girl Scout. I go on a camping trip with my Girl Scout troop about four times a year. In my troop, there are only 6 girls. I like that. We can do more things with less people. And cookie season is coming up!! Last year I sold 300 boxes of cookies! Anyway, back to COLEBROOK! So, we go for three days. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Next, we have a fifth grade play! The additions are next week! I AM SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSOSOS VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The play is Willy Wonka Jr. It is a version of Charlie and the Choclate Factory. I am trying out for Veruca Salts (the spoiled brat who wants a squirrell), Violit Bealragarde (The gum chewer who turns into a blueberry), and Mrs. Bealragarde (Violit's mom). I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! {: (: [: But I'm afraid something will go wrong at the addition. :( I am additioning on Thursday morning next week. I am afraid I'll sing bad because its early in the morning, and my voice won't be warmed up! Any suggestions? :)




1-2-08 3:47

Yellow! What's up? This is a Current Event! My topic is Is Iran Dangerous? I think to determain if Iran is safe, we need more evidence. In the articale, it says Iran has stopped making necular wepons in 2003. Many people thought they were making nucular bombs. Many countries think Iran was secretly building illegal bad weapons. Do you think Iran is dangerous? Do you think they are building nuclar bombs?






















 Hi. Its Jan 1st, 11:30. I just got up. OH MY COWS! I havn't wrote on the wiki the whole vacation!!! Where does the time go??????? Okay I have alot to tell you!


1.) To explain the last entry . . . I was sick for the third time this year, with a fever. I was sick for two days. Next, We went caroling.***It was fun. We sang Rudolph, Santa's Comin' to Town, Winter Wonderland, and a few others.


2.) We have second grade buddies. They are the Albigs. My buddy is Kiera. Our class made cd's for them. They have everyone in our class' favorite song. They came to our classroom yesterday for 15 min. We gave them our cd's.


3.) Our Lunch Inn. Everyone brought in a food or drink. It was a buffay. At the lunch in, we gave our parents Tradition Cookbooks that we made. Each kid wrote about a tradition there family has during the holiday season. Each kid also brought in a recipe for a food or drink they make during the holiday season. The lunch Inn was GREAT! It was so much fun.


3.) My vacation. After the lunch inn, I went home with Heather. She gave me the little kinz penguin webkinz.  We hung out awhile. Then I went home. The next day, I had violin at one thirty. I also made Christmas presents for my family. On Sunday, I went to my family's Christmas party. My cousins and Aunts and Uncles and Grandpa were there. It was at my Aunt Cindy's and Uncle Rich's house in Cranford New Jersey. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even tell you what state I live in!!! I live in New York. The Empire State. Anyway, the party was fun. On Monday, it was Christmas. We did our tradition of going to Target and buying gifts for our secret santa. We also made cookies for "Santa". They were sugar cookies In Christmas shapes. Tuesday was Christmas. We waited until 10:00 AM to open our presents. we opened them in age order, one at a time. !!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't tell you I have 3 brothers! Zach is the oldest, 16. Then Scott, who's 13. Next is me, 10. And then Danny, 9. Danny went first. We finished presents around 12:00. I got a sewing machine, an MP3 player, a dancing penguin speaker that you hook up to the MP3 player, and the big penguin webkinz. And some other things. Suprisingly, I didn't get any clothes. I LOVE the sewing machine. It has 60 stiches. On Friday, my parents went to a wedding. It was my cousins wedding. There was no kids invited, so me and my brothers went to peoples houses. I went to my friend Ariana's house. Why didn't I go to Heathers? Well, me and Heather were best friends in preschool. Then we sort of seperated. We wern't really friends anymore. We became best friends again this year. My family planned this in the summer, so it would be REALLY weird if I went to her house and I havn't talked to her in 6 years. So back to the wedding. Ariana and I went to the gym program on Friday. We went to McDonalds for lunch, and Mama Thereas for dinner. The next day, we went to Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. I saw Laurel there. It was a really good movie. On Sunday, we went to the Bronx Zoo. I loved the monkeys!! I want a squirrel monkey. Did you know squirell monkeys need toys to play with? They had ride on toys! Ariana's mom droped me off that night. I was so happy to see my mom and dad. This is their story. They left at 7:30 am. the taxi took them to the airport. Their plane left at 10:30. (AH! I have the hiccups!) They had a cross over flight. (How do you get rid of hiccups?) They got off the plane, (hiccup!) and waited FIVE hours to board the next plane. They got on the next plane. It only took 30 min. (Hiccup) But they had to wait 2 hours to land. It took another 2 hours to get out of the airport. (hiccup) They were late for the rhersal dinner. Three hours late. The wedding was the next day. (Hiccup)They said it was a great wedding. They came home the next day.(Huccup) On New Years Eve, we did our tradition of having my moms friend and family over. At 1:30, I went to sleep. (Hiccup!) I was SO tired. Now I am SO mad school is tommarow. I won't wake up tommarrow for school. (hiccup) I wish we had one more day off. Just one more day! What a bummer. (HICCUP!!!!!)






 Hola! It is Friday December 21st! I was sick yesterday and the day before. But now I'm better! Today is the last day of school before the big break. We are going caroling today. We are meeting are 2nd grade buddies, the Ailbigs. We also have our big HOLIDAY LUNCH INN!!! Everyone's parents make a dish to serve at the lunch inn. Then the parents come in. For Christmas I am going to my Aunt's house on Sunday. We are staying home for Christmas. We'll be going to art in a few minuetes so BUBYEA! I'll try to write during the break!!!! :) Sami (:






12-12-07 Hello again. One part of our homework is doing a National News Currenent Event. http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/teachers/wr/article/0,27972,1689776,00.html

Her's my Summary!

There are many new inventions of 2007. One of them is a plastic film. All you have to do is put it on dirt, and it actully grows a flower! Amazing right!?! The film holds seeds on it. Another great invention is a dress. But, the twist on this is the're are sensers in the dress. The sencors are against your skin. They feel your body temperture.  Your body temperture tells your mood. Then, the dress changes colors acording to your mood. Pretty cool huh? You can tell if you upset someone without asking. Third, you've probably herd of the IPHONE. I thought the IPHONE was just a reagular phone with email acess. I was wrong!!! It's actully a walking computer. You can go anywhere with a hand- held computer in your pocket.  More than 1.4 million IPHONE's have been sold so far. WOW! One of the first flying toys is now out! FLYTECH Dragonfly. It is a toy that flys! It has a remote control. You direct it with that. It is very light weight. It weighs only one once! It is very sturdy though. It cost $49.99. Those are just a few of the new inventions. Add em' to your Christmas list!




Hey! Its 12-10. Today is brother Zach's Birthday! He turned 16. He's going to get his learning permit soon. It scares me!! Anyway, this is HW. Have you read the book HOLES? If you havn't, Its a REALLY good book. You should read it! Its by Loius Sacher. So, at the end of the book, you're probably wondering what happend to the Warden. Well, my realistic answer is she went to jail. But thats boring so I'll make up a good ending.


            The Warden was really mad the loot was Stanleys. So, after she sold Camp Green Lake, she got a job. But before that, she changed her idenity, so she wouldn't get arrested. her new name was Fola Barlow. After a few years of her job, she had a lot of money saved. She bought back Camp Greenlake. Then, she stole 180 gems that were VERY valubale. She put those in a sucase. She addresed the suitcase to Madame Zeroni. Last, she burried it, long and far. The camp re-opened. Once again bad boys dug holes to build character. This time, they dug 10 foot holes. And years went on, and Fola Barlow died. She past the camp through the family. No one saw the sucase again.




Hello! Today is Black Friday (November 23) I guess I'll tell you about my Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving was great! Even though we didn't do much, it was pretty fun. In the morning, my family watched the parade. We mostly wathched channel 2, but ocasionally we switched the channel to 4. My favorite part of the parade was when the people sang "ocrisafabulous", (I have no clue how to spell it, or prononce it!)  from Mary Poppins.  For breakfast, we had cinamon rolls. They were really good. They have this icing stuff on them and cinamon . . . MMMMMMM! Then, we started to cook. In the morning, we made the apple and pumpkin pie, the applesauce jello, prepared the turkey, and some more things. The rest we needed to make later, cause it needed to be hot. For lunch, we had cheese and crackers. Then, we cooked the rest of the stuff. (mashed poatoes, stuffing gravy, cooked the turkey, cramberry sause, fruit bowl, veggie plater, green beans, etc.) Finally, at 4:30 we ate. Every thing tasted great!!! After our Thanksgiving meal, we watched The Incredibles. At around 7:30, we ate pie. We were stuffed! there was alot of left overs, though. We watched the end of the movie, and went to bed. It was a good day! Okay, change of subject. Did you see I added more to my story about Atty? Its not finished yet, so I think I'm going to add some more!                 I just finished "Because of Coffee" read it and comment if you like it!!!






Photo: A wild turkey



November 22 Thursday

Hello! Today is Thanksgiving! We are staying at home, and no one is coming over. It is pretty boring. what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Well I am going to write about what I want for Christmas. A cell phone, an mp3 player, an arubec cube, ugg boots, movies, etc. I mostly want a cell phone. It would make me feel safer. There are very bad people in the world. Say I was at the park and there was a strang man there. I could call my mom to come pick me up. Or If I was at a sleepover and in the middle of rhe night I wasn't feeling good. Then, instead of having to bother the parents, I could just call someone to pick me up. Werever I was, I would be safer with a cell phone that is why I want one (and some other reasons.) AHHH! I am watching TV as I write this, and there was just a cell phone comercal. It makes me mad!!!! Well, I got to go. bye!



*********************************************************************************                                                                        ~


November 20th, Tuesday  


   Hey! This is my new current event. Television produrs, filmers, writers, and actors are on strike. They want to be paid for TV shows online. This has lead to many reruns.People's favorite TV shows will always be old. People will get mad, wich will lead to more problems in the future. I think this is noncense. Producers just want more money. Get back to work producers! You can't earn money if your not working. If you want $ from internet shows, you must earn it yourself. That is my opinion. Bye Bye. Later.~ ~  


The holidays are almost here! Everyone cheer! Look at these cute little penguins! Happy Chanukah! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwnza!


... it is to be!





Hello! I am back. its 6:14 ON Wendsday. I wanted to write this: (:   :) ^: Do you know how to make a right side up smiley? the third one kind of looks like a nose. :) They took away the smiley faces. I am trying to figure out other ways to do smileys.  

... high quality smiley faces ...





Wendsday, November 7th, 2007 5:15

Hello! This is spelling homework.

On Halloween night, It gave me a fright

When the chief was hit by rifle.

He started bleeding, but he said he was all right.

I asked him if he needed anything, a needle he replied.

So I gave him a needle, and he went to the creek.

The chief rolled up his sleeve, washed the blood off, and sewed up the scar with the thread from his shirt.





Hi! I just got back from a girl scout ice skating thing. I did really good. We started playing tag, and every one who was playing was scared when I was it because I was such a fast skater. Well, thats it for now 



Wendsday, October 31,2007 11:02


Whoo! I jusy  got back to school from two three days of strep! I am feeling


better.  So anyway, this is what I am doing for halloween. Heather's (AKA


 Tuchi, because Tuchi is part of her last name) mom is going to pick Tuchi,


Kathrine, and me up from school. Then we will go to Tuchi's house, get our


costumes on and do our hw(which i hope we don't have!) Tuch and me are being


pajama girls, and Kathrine is being a hippi. After that, we will start to go


trick or treating with Heathers mom. At seven, we will go back to Tuchi's


place and eat pizza. When we are finished eating, we will go trick or treating


 again. I want to get the class list and go to everyone's house. Well, at nine


o'clock, we will go back to Tuchikinz's house, and Mrs. Tuchi will drop us off.


And that is the end of Halloween. I wish we could sleepover at Tuch's but it is


a school night, so we can't





"Hi! I am the baby penguin with the beach ball in the picture. That is my dada. He likes to swim!"





Hi! Mr. Pollitt made us "SING" today when we were supposed to be in the computer lab. It was, well aqward. You know? Mr. Pollitt was making us sing "Somewhere in my Memory" from Home Alone. It is one of our chorus songs. In chorus, we sounded terrible. Two people were singing. So, Mr. Pollitt was mad therefor, we had to sing. Turns out, we were the problem. The girls wouldn't sing. In the end, there was one boy and all the girls singing, and he was louder than us. Singing isn't one of my hobbies, and its not exactly my favorite thing to do. So, I'm glad thats over!





Greetings! The opera is tommarrow! I'm very excited! I am sitting next to Heather (AKA Tuch,Tuchi,tuchi Tuchi,Tuchi Tuchi Kinz, etc) and Laurel.(AKA Miss Fishy Bones.) I am wearing a black and whith dress. And red shoes! The opera is called "The Magical Flute". We went over it in music class, and it seems a little odd. But, I think I'll enjoy it!!




October 23, 2007  4:24 pm

Here is my latest current event!


The Garden City Hotel is for sale! Mryon Nelkin, the hotels owner past away in July. They are looking for a responcible owner who will continue to run a luxury hotel. It is being sold for $37 million dollars. That's alot of money! Did you know that this is the fourth Garden City Hotel? The original one was built in 1874 by Alexander T. Stewart, Garden City's founder. Mryon Nelkin re-opened the hotel in 1983. Also John F. Kennedy and his wife stayed there. This articale is very interesting!




Oct. 20,2007 10:06

Hi! it's me again! Here is another story.

     Bluey the fish, wanted a new life. He was born in a fish tank in the Dorna's house. Every day when John jot home from school, he would feed Bluey. Bluey didn't do anything but that. No one even glanced at him. He never got new toys, only the castel that came with the tank. Bluey wanted an adventure. He wanted the ocean.  Anything besideds this, he thought. One day John came in with his mom and said "Blueys getting old, we should donate him to the circus." Yes! I finnally got to leave this dump! He thought, the circus, cool. A few days later, He was in a magic show. When it was finally his turn, the magicain anonced,

"Ladies and gentalmen! I will now cut this fish in half!" Oh no. Bluey was panicing, big time. As the saw came down into the fish bowl, he wanted to scream. It was the end of his life. Oh no. Oh no. The saw cut the plastic tank in half. Yes! it missed! He thought. Oh no he was out of water. Then, the end of his life happened. The magican started to puul down the saw. Why do I have to die like this? Why!?! Why!?!, he thought. the saw split him in half. He was in pain, much pain, when the magican snapped his fingers . . . and Buey became alive again!! And, he was twenty years younger! The crowd gave a large applause. Bluey was so happy. An hour later, when the show was finished, Bluey got on a bus. He was driven somewhere. Oh no. Bluey thought. Not another magic show. They came to a stop. He was unloaded from the truck, and the driver put him in water. Yes! His dream come true! The ocean at last. Bluey lived the rest of his life happily in the ocean. 

                        The End 





Hi! This is Sami! It is Friday, October 19, 2007. 5:47. I am going to write a story. I like to write fiction stories. So I will make this story fiction! (I am not sure if I should use those commas. I am not a certified comma member person. I do not have a licence to use them. In other words, Mr. Pollitt doesn't want us to use commas unless someone taught us were to use them. But I'll keep them there. ) Anyway, here's my story.

Because Of Coffee

    Addie (5) woke up one morning and smelt coffee. YUCK! Who was drinking coffee? Her dad never drank it. Maybe someone was visiting. So, she got dressed and went to the living room in their apartment. There, she saw her dad sitting next to a pretty woman.  She had a long, red dress on. White pearls around her neck, her hair pulled tightly back in a very neat bun. Of course, she had a cup of coffee in her hand.

    "Hey There!" Addie said politely.

"Hi." the lady said.

   "Addie, I'd like you to meet your future mother!" Her dad said.


Addie was in complete shock. Addie's mother had died of childbirth. She never wanted a mother. She loved her dad and that was it. Why didn't her dad tell her he was dating this women? Why didn't she meet her before? How come her dad goes and marries a women and she didn't even get suspicious? Her dad marries a woman and  she doesn't even know her name!

    "Uh, daddy, can I talk to you privately for a minute?

Her dads smile dissapeared.

    "Sure honey. If you'll exuse me sweet heart -" her dad said to the lady.

    " Oh go right ahead!" she said.

They walked into the kitchen. Her dad closed the door. Then Addie burst out in tears.

    "Oh Addie, whats wrong?" her dad asked.

Addie couldn't speak for a few minuetes.


    "Oh and more good news, she's pregnant!" her dad said.

    "DAD!", Addie screamed even louder, sure the neibors could hear her.

She ran out of the apartment, didn't even bother with the elevator, ran down the stairs, and away. She kept on running, down the streets of Manhatten. She finally stopped when she was out of breath, and it seemed her legs were broken. She hid under a bench. Addie burst out into a set of fresh tears. She would never go back, never ever ever. She decided to go to California. She didn't know were it was, or how to get there, or even how far it was, but she knew it was very very far away. She was now poor, no food, no home to go to. All she had was the dress she was wearing, her sweater she grabbed on her way out,  and Mr Snuffles, the teddy bear she got when she was born.(She was carrying him, like always.) When the tears finally stopped, she said to a man,

"Excuse me sir, wich way is California?"

"You can't walk their silly! Your very little. Say, were are your parents? I can call the police." the man replied.

"No please do not call the police! I can't go home, I really can't!"

"I can't help you then. I have to go to a meeting but if your curios, California's that way."

He pointed, and Addie started running.Twenty minuetes later, Addie was out of breath. She sat on a the curb.  Hmmm... Is this California? Addie thought. She didn't feel like asking anyone, so she started to walk. She new California was near the ocean, so if she was in California, she would soon find the ocean.

Meanwhile, Addie's dad had called the police. He demanded a search all through New York City. He and the lady stayed in the apartment waiting for any news. "So, the lady said, we need a biger apartment for the baby. We need enough room for you, and me, we can share a room, of course. Then I suppose Addie will need her own room and the baby-" Addie's dad cut her off. "If we ever find Addie!" Her dad said, hoplessly. "Oh sweetie, don't worry! The head cheif at the police station is even searching"  She said. "Oh I know. But still, I love Addie and who knows were she is now!" her dad said. But, as Addie walked, she thought of how much she hated her dad. WHY? She kept on thinking, why would anyone do this to there daughter? She didn't understand. And for the first time in Addie's life, she wished her real mom was hear to give her a hug. To comfort her. To stop her daddy from marrying that evil coffee drinking lady.

    "Excuse me, little lady, is your mommy's name Kathrine?" a strang, plump woman asked. "Huh?" Addie said, suprised.

"You look familar. Have we met?" she asked.

"Who are you??" Addie asked nervously. She had seen a movie about not talking to strangers, but she was too curios to not talk to this woman.

"My name is Cindy Filo. I have a daughter who looks exactly like you. My daughter ran away. Her name was Kathrine Filo. Her dad, sister, and me lived peacfully together in Kansas. But she went to college in Boston, and she never came back. She never called, or wrote a letter-"

"Wait I'm not in California, I'm in Kansas?" Atty asked. She seemed like a nice lady.

"No, no. Your in Manhatten. I'm just visiting a friend." She said, "What is your name?"

"Addie" Addie replied, "Addie Zatop."

"Oh okay. Now what is your mommy's name?" What should I say? Addie asked herself. She didn't have a mother. "Um, uh I don't have a mom. Well I'm getting one. My daddy's getting remaried. I don't know my mommy's name. She died when I was bornded." Addie said.

"May I ask what are you doing out here? It's Sunday morning. Most people are at church, unless you went to Temple last night."

OHH! Addie forgot about church! She began running toward church.

"Hold on Addie! Would you like a ride to church?"

"Uh okay." Addie said.

Mrs. Filo hailed a taxi. She exchanged words with the taxi cab driver and Addie got in. They drove to chuch. As Addie and Mrs. Filo entered, Addie herd her name. Everone was standing up, eyes closed, head down. There hands were in a praying form. "-May the police find Addie Zatop, and let her be safe," The preist recided, "And let her not be harmed, and not be sad. May we find Addie soon. Lord, Hear Our Prayer." The priest finished. They were standing in the doorway, when Addie spotted her dad. "DADDY!!!" Addie shouted, running to to her father, and the lady that Addie still didn't know her name. "ADDIE!", her dad shouted. He lifted Addie up, swung her around, and huged her. When Church ended, Addie, her dad, the lady, and Mrs. Filo went back to the apartment. After Mrs. Filo, the lady, and Addie's dad talked a while, Addie's dad said, "Addie, this is your grandmother!" Wow, Addie thought. It's mom's mom. Grandma Cindy. Addie had met Her grandparents on her dad's side, but not her mom's. " Oh, and Addie," "Ya" Addie replied, "Her name is Mia." He said ponting to Mia, "And I'm sorry. Oh and Addie your going to hate this but were going to have to move. We need enough room for You, me, Mia, the baby, and Grandma Cindy." "GRANDMA CINDY IS MOVING IN WITH US???" Addie shouted, "REALLY??" "Yes, I hope thats okay with you Addie" Mia said. "YES!!!!!!!!!" Atty screamed.

         Well, this didn't turn out so bad after all. Addie thought, as she lay in bed. It was a week after they moved into there new apartment, (The one that was for sale in there apartment building. It had six bed rooms, so they made one Atty's playroom, and one the guest room.) and the night of her dad's wedding. They were married now, and Mia had a big belly! (It was only 2 months untill the baby would be born!)

                                                                             The End!





Hello! This is what I think being imature is. If you can't get through something beceause someone is fooling around or chatting, the person may be imuture. Also, laghing all the time is imuture. Calling out is imurture for a fifth grader. Fifth graders shouldn't be imuture. They should set a good example for younger kids. Alot of people have imuture moments. But if your being imuture, you have to try very hard to stop. Being mature is behaving. Being mature is setting a good example. We need to try to be more mature.





This is my current event.

This articale is about how Mattel and other toy componies are selling unsafe products. They were made in forign contries and shipped to the U.S. You may ask how they got into the U.S. Robort Eckert, Mattels boss said its beacuse of care less employeyes. They ignored the saftey rules. Now Mattel is in trouble, expecially with the holiday season coming. "We were let down, and we let you down" Eckert said. I think this is a very bad thing.





Hello! We are starting to do pod casts. I think pod casting is a great idea. I really like it. A good thing about pod casting is if we have an upcoming test, we just need to listen to the pod cast to study. Its much easier than reading from a text book! I love how you can change the voices. You can make it really HIGH or really low. Really-fast or   r e a l l y   s l o w. And, if we make stories, we can do audio pod casts, or video pod casts. I know I'm for something G-R-E-A-T !!! 





Today we went to an assembly about bullying. There are three types of bullying:

1.)  Pysical Bullying

2.)  Teasing

3.)  Internet bullying

The lady who was doing the assembly said she had a daughter, Mallory. Her best friend was Heather. One day Heather started ignoring Mallory. Mallory was really upset. Heather got a new best friend. Then, one day a year later when Mallory had more friends, Heather comes up to her and says, "I'm sorry Mallory. I'm sorry I ignored you. It was wrong. Will you give me a second chance?" Mallory said yes. Then the lady asked us questions like, would you give her a second chance? So would you?





Hey I'm back! Whats up? I geuss I'll tell you about what I just did. We are writing about technology in the classroom. I'm up to typing. I think its a good topic to write about. I am writing about a few things. I'll tell you one of them. Video Camera's in the classroom. If someone is sick, they can go on to the computer and watch Mr Pollitt teach! Then, they wouldn't miss so much.  We are having our computer class in five minuets. Oh and we have a sub today. Its not so bad, I just perfere Mr. Pollitt.






Hi! Whats up? We only have five minuetes. So, life is pretty good for


me. On October 26, were going to the Metropolitain Opera House! The


whole fifth grade is going!


 I'm excited because I've never ben to an opera before. We are seeing


The Magical Flute.  I think its in German. Bye


4 now!








 This is my summary /reaction. If you want to read the read article, click the link above.

            I think this article is interesting to read. Kids are over weight, so schools are changing the menu! They are selling healthier foods. I think they eat healthy foods at school, but at home they eat junk food. So parents should buy healthy food and limit their children to how much they can eat. Grocery stores should sell healthier foods. And, kids are used to eating a lot of ice cream and cookies for dessert. Parents need to tell their children to eat more dinner and less dessert. Some kids eat more dessert than dinner! Kids also need to relize thier overweight. Some kids are overweight and they just say, "Its okay. I'm only a kid." But being overweight can lead  to serios health problems. Kids need to eat healthier!





Oct 10, 2007 


We are writing scary storys! Here are five good scary story ideas:

  • there are two girls that get very excited for halloween

  • they are trick or treating

  • It is very late, they told their moms they would be back by ten o'clock

  • they stat walking home

  • then they dissaper into a dark black room . . . 

             Annie and Kate lived next door to each in Clarytown other for all thier lives. They were best friends. Thier favorite time of the year is Halloween. They ALWAYS went together. "So we really have to decide. Halloween's only five days away!" said Kate. They were up in Annie's room searching her closet. They had to decide what they would be. "I know I'm so excited! Now that were thirteen, we can go bt ourselves!" Annie said excitedly. "Anabel Mc. Lane! We have to decide!!!" Kate said irrataded. "I know Kathleen Sarter. Oh! how about Miss America girls!" said Annie. "Never call me Kathleen! You know how much I hate it! And no we can't be Fanta girls. Remember Willa and Becca are being that." "Oh ya. Well-" "OH MY GOSH!!!! I KNOW!!! WE CAN BE 50's GIRLS! You know with poodle skirts and-"Kate shouted "Great idea!!!" said Annie,"And we already have long pink skirts from the school play last year. We just need to wear black shirts and I have poodle patches we can sew on the skirts."  "Great!!" Kate said. "You're a genius!" Annie said.

           It was Halloween. Annie and Kate were runing around like crazy people. "Okay its six o'clock. My mom said to be home by ten. So if we leave at seven, we'll get tons of candy!" Kate said. "Okay" said Annie, "My moms ordering pizza. You can eat with us."





Hello! Mr. Pollitt gave us a crazy topic to wright about. So here goes . . . 




          I was home alone. Ma was at the nursery with little Ada (1 and a half) and and Pa out huntin. Becca (7) went 


to her best friend's house.  I'm 11. So any how, I decided to go to the school yard and catch


 baby rabbits, maby go to Davey's (11) my best friends house. So I was up in my room, putting


 on my sneakers. Then I heard a creak in the floor board. Maybe Pa had come home. "Papa", I


 called out. Nothing. No reply. Don't worry, I told myself. Then, I heard footsteps. Maybe a


 baby doe. Maybe Davey coming to play some stick ball. But no one called my name. I was starting to get


 suspicios, then CRASH!! . . .   




Sept. 29, 2007 12:09


Hi again whats up? It's Saturday and I'm really busy. I decided to add something real quick.


My Goals 2007 


1. Get good grades


2. Be more Organized (I really need to clean out my desk drawers at home!)





SEPTEMBER 28, 2007  7:40PM


































 BYE -A!




Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Sami and I am in fifth grade. Mr. Pollitt is my teacher. He is into technology, so he created this wiki for us!


 This is the first time im using the wiki. It is pretty cool. I bet that in a couple of


weeks though, I won't be so excited. Anyway, I have a good


class and a good teacher. I'm friends with all the girls in my class. We also have a


smart board in our classroom. I like the smart board. It is very diffrent from a chalk-board. It will be


 mounted to the wall soon! Bye for now. I will write on


the wiki later!





6/12, or 1/2



Noekula Kittens... I love penguins!




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