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       Dear Mr. Pollitt,

              It is getting close to the end of the school year. So that means that it is getting really nice out side. I think we should not have homework any more because the nicer it is getting outside the more kids want to go out side and play. Not everyone wants to stay inside on a really, really nice day and do homework. So please, please, please dont give any more homework on a beautiful at the end of the year. Thank you!!









        If any of you have not noticed, but it has been extremly hot lately. And on hot school days like this I think we should not have a full day of school. Well, at least a half day of school. I think this because some schools dont even have air conditioning. For example, my school. In some rooms in the school there is air conditioning but there is not that many. Another reason that I think school should be canceled or at least a half day because of the weather is because she people cant take the heat so they might calasp, or throw up. So ant principle that is reading this, please, please, please make hot days liek today a half day at least!!





         There are two more primaries left. One is in South Dakota and the other is in Montana. So far, Clinton has won 1,915  of the total delegates and Obama has won 2,070. It will be a close race as the winner trys to earn 2,118 delegate votes. People are guessing that the final win will go to Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton, however, is not leaving the race without fighting for the last primary.






           Hey everybody!! Yesterday i went to coney island to go on rides and then that night I saw the movie Indiana Jones  The Chystal Skull. And it was SOOO GOOD!!!! I like toatlly recomend it!! On a scale to 1-10 I GIVE IT A 11!!!!!!!!!







         In my class, we are fixing up our school garden. Today we went out side and pulled out all the weeds in the pavement. Hopefully when we are done the garden will look asome! I think the reaction of the school when we are finished with the garden is going to be amazing! Hopefully they will kepp it clean. One way to keep it clean is to not eat food in there. Alot of people have the habbit of throwing trash on the floor. We dont want that happen. I hope the garden comes out beautiful!!




                 Hillary Clinton's hopes to  become the next U.S. president might be over. Barack Obama passed her in superdelegate votes. Clinton has 271 1/2 votes and Obama has 276. Other candidates may have given up by now. Hillary Clinton, however, is asking voters " to stay with me." She is askihng people to come out and vote so she can make the U.S. a better place for future generations.






                   Mary rides her bike between home and school 8 times a week. The distance is 3/4 mile. How many miles does she ride each week.





              If I owned a racing horse I would name him Sparks For Cash. Sparks would be a golden brown with a dark blonde mane and tail. His body would be sleek but strong. Sparks's legs would be long and muscular. Although he is spoiled, Sparks would have a gentle and amazing personality. When Sparks runs on the track, first you see him then you don't, like a "spark." Sparks always places in the winning circle and brings in the "cash." Because he lights up the track like a spark and always earns lots of money, the name Sparks For Cash suits my horse just fine.  





            Does any one know what sring fever is? Becasue always here people say that they have the sring fever. I dont know what that mean!? Does it mean that it is the time of year where eveyone is sick and gets a fever? Is it when spring come and people are so excited that sring has come?? I think it is the soncond chose. Alot of people get sring fever because it gets warmer and they dont have to wear long pants everyday, AND  (everyone loves this part of spring fever!) you get to play outdoor sports!! do you have anyspring fever??





             Hey!! I was going to come on earlier but I had get ready for school. It is 7:47 right now. I miss the bus so I waiting for my mom to put on her shoes to drive me. Hopefully I wont be late for school!! I have to go! Bye!! :)






          Hey everybody! For home work, i have to do current events. I have to do current events on something that involves politics. My artical is about McCain saying that he does not want a big government deciding on the families health care. He wants Familes to make better health decions. ( A quote from the artical, "They want the government to make the decisions, I want the families to make decisions") John McCain said that the health care in the U.s. are to expensive. He saw that there were 2 trillion of the nation that spends on health care.

Here is the website taht u can learn more about this artical.







               Hey eveybody! For h.w. I have to do current events. Here is an artical about a man who lost balence in shea stadium and falls down 4 stories (tradic :(  )  down.Unforchanly he died. His daughter told cnn news that he was not sliding down the escalator. he just lost his balence and fell. How scary is that. His daughter was right there on his death.







      Hey guys! Today in school my class finished a book called The Westing Game. It is a mystery about a rich man who dies and his heirs have to figure out who killed him. But the cool thing is that one of the hiers is the killer so the are given clues. This book is a little complicated. But the book is ASOME! I toatally recomend this book to anyone who loves to read mysteries. When i figured out what happened at the end of the book i was so shocked! If you want to know why I was so shocked then you have to read the book! I hope everyone enjoys! Bi!!!








     Hey every body! Guess what? I got my braces! The colors I got are  light blue and yellow I hope that in about 3 years when I take the braces off then I will have perfect teeth. Alot of people think that when you are getting your braces on they hurt but they dont hurt one bit!! I actully got to see them put the braces on! They let mr hold a mirror so I can see what they are doing! It is really cool! so for those of you who need to get braces do not have to worry a bit! The only thing that my sisters said the might hurt is getting the braces tighted. But i dont want to worry you about that.

       Today is my first soccer practice of the season! I need to get back in the soccer mode. Scince winter has just passed I was not able to hang out with my friends to go the field to play soccer. But now scince it is the soccer season then i dont have to worry about not getting enough excerice or somthing like that.









        Hey everybody!!! Tonight is the KCA ( Kids Choice Awards!) I really want to know who wins the awards!! I want the song Girlfriend to win an award!!







 Hey everybody!! Sorry I have not been on in a while. I have kinda busy latly. But Guess what?? Our school play is coming up. The play is Willy Wonka Jr. And I am a Oompa Lumpa!! It is kinda funny right? I can't wait! My family is also very excited! I can't wait till the play!!







                     Hey everybody!!! Did any of you hear about the new governor?? His name is David Patterson. David Patterson is legally blind in both eyes. In case one of you guys dont know what it means, I am going to tell you. Legally blind means you are not requierd to pass a eye test. I am not so sure but I think David Patterson took Elliott Spittersers place. Sorry I have to go. Bye!






Hey everybody!! Sorry I have not been on in a while. I just wanted to say hi!! Everybody, guess what!!? I got a cell phone! I got the orogaimy ( others call it the duo flip). I got in the color black. Anyway nothing is really goning on other than that. See you Guys later!!





               Dear Mr.Pollitt,

                     I don't think you should make the desks into tables because if we are haveing a test then we can not spread out the desks so no one looks at each others paper. Another reason is that we would have no place to put our workbooks, binder,and pencils. These are the reasons why I think you should not make the desks into tables.


                     From, Nicki














          As Mary opened the manhin door, the police were standing there.

Hey everybody! For homework we had to make up a sentence. If we were to make up a story right now then this is probably what it would be. I hoped you liked it!! Bye!! 








             Apart of my homework, I have to write a word problem. It is going to be about fractions. Try to Figure this out. Linda and Jack went pumpkin picking for Halloween. They got 18/24. 6 of the ones that they picked they did not like. What is the fraction that is left over


              This one is kind of easy. You can do it!! 







     Today in school, we read a book about respect. The book was called You Are Speacial. It was about little wood people and they would have a box of  stickers. They had golden stickers and a box of gray dots stickers. If you had smooth or shiny wood, you would get a golden star. Also, if you were talented or you can do cool stuff, then you also got a golden star. But if you have chiped paint or unsomooth wood, or you had no talent then they would give you a gray dot sticker. For a project I thought you could probably write about a time when you thought you would a golden star and a time when you thought you would get a gray dot sticker. Try getting this book and read it! I thought it was vantastic! See you later!













This link is going to take you to a video on youtube.com. This will show a video about the Wright Brothers and how they made the first plane ever. I think this world would not be the same with out them! Be sure to watch it!!










Oh my gosh! Can you belive it! The Giants made it to the superball! They are playing the Patriots. When i tcomes to football, I really dont care who wins so I root both teams. But this year I really want the Patriots to win!!!!! 





 This is a website for people who play tennis! I love playing tennis! It is one of my favorite sports! What is yours?







http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/01/15/missing.marine/index.html In North Carolina a man in a truck killed a woman 8 moths pregnet. Her name was Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean .  This was done in front of a motel but no one new. Marine was 20 years old when this happened. The family burried her in thier backyard for memory.






http://stratford.gardencity.k12.ny.us/fifth%20grade/pollitt/pollitt_home.htm If you click on this hyperlink it will bring you to a sports artical. This artical is about Venus Williams vs. Sharapova.  sharapova missed a backhand. then after a long time with no misses, Sharapova hit the ball into the net. then Serena Williams did a asome forhand and wont the match!





 Hey everybody!! In school today, my teacher Mr. Pollitt, thought of a idea. If you have ever read the book frindle then you know what I am talking about. I am going to use the word sorry and transfor it into ops. Ops sound like oops so if u do something wrong you say ops. This word is a replacement for the word sorry!! So that is my word! Can you try to spread my new word around?


   From Nicki






                 A tigher in the San Fran zoo jumped a 12 and a half foot wall. then it atacked a 19 year old boy and injured 2 other teens.  The police walked in when the tigher was attacked. then the police shot the tiger. The tiger is now dead. the police think that the tiger might of had a metal problem. that was my curent event for today!





                     Hey everybody! Again. Do any of you know that today is my last day in school until winter vacation! I am so excited!!!! I wonder what i am going to get for Christmas! What I really want is a skate board. I want one because I always have to steal my sisters skate board. If i ask my sister to use her skate board, she always says no. So I steal it. I have to tell u some thing relly important!! If any of you guys get a e-mail that says life is beautiful, DELEATE IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!  If you do open it willsay " your life is no longer beautiful!". the person who sent is a hacker and when you open it the hacker will get you name and your password! DONT OPEN IT!!!!!!! I dont really mean to scare you but i want you guys to be alert.












        Hey everybody!! Sorry I did not go on in a long time. I was very busy planning my holidays with my family! How about I tell what I am doing for the holidays! On Chistmas Eve I am going to my aunts house in New Jersy! It is a long car ride but at least I will have fun when I get there. I   hope when we areu there we will be able to open presents early! We will probably be there until late. Then, on Chistmas day I will be going to my grandparents house and  see all of my relatives and also have fun. My grandma always makes here delious meatballs at dinner. Once you take one meatball, you always have to take an othere one!  Maybe when I go to my grandparents house I think my family will bring my wii! But I am not sure if we are going to bring it because there will be alot of  little babbies there. So I don't know. And then there comes New year and once again I don't know what we are going to do.



From Nicki











                       In a chinese zoo in china, a 15 year old boy jumped in the out door exercise area for the pandas. If was feeding time for them. A bear named Beijing charged at the boy and bit his legs. The amulance came and took the boy away. There were pieces of flesh left behind.





11/ 20/07



              In Kansas City,Missouri a 44 year old devorced took away thier kids for a weekend.  To get revenge for the wife breaking up with him, the husband killed the kids. He never told anyone just untill the police found some bones in the forest where he killed them. Finally he admited that he killed them. He now Has 38 years in prison. The man is thing about exucution.







    What's up everybody!! I just wanted to show u this really funny picture!




Always rember to smile!!



  HI everyone! Sory that I not been on for a really long time. I just got back from the doctor. I had to the flu shot. OOOOWWWW! A way to try forget about the pain is singing a song. That is exacly what I did. It goes by really fast if you do that. Sorry got to go










Hi every body! Sorry I was not on for the past  couple of days. We do not have school today because it is election day. Scince it is raining, there is really nothing to do. So I came on here. I have been very busy this week. hpefully I will be able to relax over the weekend. I am sorry but I have to go.








 Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite time of the year! But, I don't really like scary things.I

like being funny things. Like last year. I was a granny.This year i am being Mary Kathine Gallerger. You won't who she is unless you have seen the movie Superstar. It is a really funny movie.

   After school I am going to trick-or-treat with my best friend and a few of my other friends. Hopefully we will get alot of of candy. I also hope that we get know homework. If we do, i am going to use my homework pass. My best friend is being a geek. so is my little sister. But she is not trick-or-treating with us, she is going with her best friend. I ama going tolike something.I also hope that we trick-or-treat for a long tine. If we  my friends house right after school. We will probably share the cady.If we don't trick-or-treat for a long time then we get more candy. Sorry, got to go.

        From Nicki

             HAPPY HALLOWEEN




   Today for homework we are supossed write a math problem. See if you can figure it out.good luck

      Dan worked 18.5 hours at the recording studio last week. He earns $5.75 an hour.How much did he earn last week working at the studio?










    Myron Nelkin, the owner of the G.C. Hotel,passed away in July. He built the present hotel in 1983. His family has decided to sell the G.C Holtel. They are selling it for 37 million dollars. THe Nelkin family is looking for a buyer who will keep the hotel looking and running just like they do.




 Hello everybody! I am right now just finshing my homework. my birhtday is coming up. It is on the 27th. Then it is halloween. I don't exacly know what I am going to do for a b-day party but I will think of some thing.





Hi it is me again, Nicolette. My teacher wants us to write of what we think the meaning of mature means. I think mature means that you should take responsiblity over your actions.  you should not scream over some one when they are talking, you should not fool around when you are suposed to be paying atention, and you should be role modols for the younger kids. Thst is what I think mature means.Thankyou








My reaction to this artical is that I think it is ridiculas that gas might be $4 a gallon. Some people agree with me on my reaction. I think it is bad enough of what we have to pay now. They should not be increasing it more. I hope they do not do this.






One way to use the pod cast is as a study tool. We can record the information from review sheets on to the pod cast and then study by listening to the recording. Another way to use the pod cast is as a help with writing assignments.  We can record ideas for paragraphs, listen to our ideas, and then write from what we have heard. We can also dictate exactly what we want to write and then write from our dictation. Also, the pod cast would be a way to keep a ''spoken'' journal. Instead of writing our entries, we can record them and save them for the future. This would be a great way to look back at ourselves as 5th graders.





     Today is Monday. Monday is not my favorite day. I am always so tired and some times I get really cranky. The thing  I really  don't like a Monday is school. I never really met any one who would like to do a whole bunch of work for 7 hours. I rather hang out with my friends. 


      From Nicki







A Historic Shipwreck is Found

Divers locate the remains of the oldest American shipwreck near Alaska

By Vickie An


A team of divers has discovered the wreckage of an American ship that sank off the Alaskan coast 139 years ago. The vessel, called the Torrent, plunged to the bottom of the waters in Cook Inlet, when powerful tidal currents rammed it into a reef south of the Kenai Peninsula. It is the oldest American shipwreck ever to be found in Alaskan waters.


An illustration shows the Torrent crashing into a reef off the coast of Alaska in 1868.

The wreck occurred in 1868, less than a year after the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. At the time of the wreck, the Torrent was carrying women, children and more than 100 U.S. soldiers. The soldiers were on their way to build the first American military fort in Alaska. But before they could find a suitable site, the 576-ton vessel struck the dangerous reef. Documents from the period indicate that all 155 passengers on board survived.

Artifacts Large and Small

Maritime-history enthusiast Steve Lloyd led the four-person team that located the Torrent. The group found the wreckage in July, but delayed announcing the discovery until officials could document the site to protect it from looters.

Among the wreck's larger artifacts are two anchors, a short-barreled cannon on wheels, and sections of the ship's wooden frame. The vessel's smaller items are less visible. Objects such as portholes, shoes and plates, are buried beneath giant beds of kelp and hidden among huge boulders. "It's like walking through a field of tall grass and undergrowth looking for a baseball that you've lost," said Lloyd.

A Significant Find

About 2,500 ships have sunk off the Alaskan coast since Russian explorers began navigating the area in 1741. Experts say the Torrent discovery is significant because it occurred during the transition from Russian to American power. "It's the very beginning of (the U.S.) presence in Alaska and the establishment of order," explained Judy Bittner, an officer in Alaska's State Historic Preservation Office.

The Torrent is being considered for listing in the National Registry of Historic Places. If enough funding can be raised, archaeologists hope to continue studying the wreck.




             Hi everybody! Yesterday I went to see the play Wicked with my grandparents. It was my first time seeing it and it was my grandparents first time seeing it too. We all thought it was great! I thought it was the best play I saw so far! It is mainly about the good witch ( from the wizard of oz) telling how the wicked witch became wicked. I think on a scale from 1 to 10, it is a 11! I totally recamend that you see this play!


From Nicki





              My class and I are making a book of scary stories. I am going to list 5 things that should make a good scary story.


  1.  You need a spooky town name.

  2. you need a creepy setting
  3. you need a scary part of of the story
  4. you neeed at least one spooky charater

      5.you need a creepy house in it


Now I am going to write a paragraph of my  ideas for a story.



    Once there was a swamp in a town called Goosebumps. Not alot of people lived in this town because alot of strage things happened in this town. One of the rumors where that no one lived in a manchin on a hill but there where always noises and crashes coming from the house. Some say there is a creepy, unwanted  soul is in the hause and others think that there is a unknown creature in there recking the house.








Hi again. I just came back from the dentist. I am now packing for my trip for tomarrow. I have to go!


From Nicolette









            Hi everybody I just came on because I wanted to say hi. Not alot has been happening. I just finished my homework. I was thinking of using my homework pass but I did not. I didn't use it because I thought I could use a different day when I really want to do something or go some where.


            This weekend  I'mgoing away. I am going up state. I am going away for Columbas day. This is my second year going up state for Columbas day. I am hopeing to have alot of fun again.


                       BYE FOR NOW!







                 This a story about foot steps. You may think it is a little creepy.


                           One day when I came home from school, my front door was open. I went to see who was in there. In my front doorway, there was paw prints. I walked through the house but there was no one there. I went up stairs and into my bedroom. As I steped in, I saw that everything was a mess. There was  paw prints in my bedroom too.I ran down stairs to call my mom. When I was running down the stairs, I heard some one talking in a different language on the phone. I walked down the rest of the stair case slowly and quietly. Then I stoped again and saw more paw prints, and thinking, '' Why is this person in my house.'' Then I walked down the stair case all the way. I turned and looked at the man and he looked at me. I saw that he was in a police uniform.




                  A tiger in the San Fran zoo jumped a 12 and a half foot wall and killed a 19 year old boy and injurd 2 other teens. The ploice think that the tiger  had a mental problem. The police walked in when the tiger waz atacking someone so the police shot the tiger and now the tiger is dead.



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at 3:23 pm on Oct 19, 2007

I reallly like all of your writeing it is reallly good. I especially the one about Wicked! Great job keep up the good work

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Anonymous said

at 7:08 pm on Nov 8, 2007

HAPPY B-DAY! I know it kinda late but i frogot to tell you at your party. It was so fun at ONCE APON A DISH!!! Devens duck looked so funny but in a cool way!LOL!

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at 3:05 pm on Nov 22, 2007

Hi I like the cat picture!

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I will keep on smiling! In fact, i'll never stop!

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i love me!! lol! not really. well yes!lol

Anonymous said

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i love me!! lol! not really. well yes!lol

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at 1:34 pm on Dec 21, 2007

21 entries, Nicolette.

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at 4:02 pm on Jan 2, 2008

cool writing! awesome! Do you like pizza?

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at 8:48 pm on Feb 1, 2008

Hi. I love your writting. Keep on going!

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hi niki

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