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on June 5, 2007 at 2:29:43 pm


 My group is going to designe our own stadium. This relates to school work by all the mesurement you need to do for the feild, all the seating, all the food pricing, and all the stuff you need to buy, to build the stadium. i think this projet will take at least 3 days. Another projet that my group is going to do is, build a mall. This will relate to school work by all the taxes that the stores have to pay, all the build involes math. I think that this projet will take 5 days. That is what my group is doing.












Nick Giannone                                                                                                               5/24/07





                                                                                                                                                          Topic essay                                                                                                              












I think that you should just buy a new light bulb. One reason i think you should just buy a light bulb is because  if you buy a new projecter it coast more then just the bulb and they will still have the same amount of years. This is what it is like, if the net on a soccer goal is ripped, would you buy a whole new goal, or just buy a new net. It is also like, if a tire is flat on a car would you buy a whole new car, or just buy a new tire. It would be a waste of money for me just to buy a whole new projector, when you can buy a bulb for half of the money of the projetor. That is why i would just buy a bulb instade of a projetor, and not waste my money.








If i owned my own restraunt


               If i owned my own restraunt it would be called Babes. It would be a yankee them restraunt. It would have a bunch of memorbles hanging on the walls, like jersery, autographed balls, and much more. I would serve a bun a stuff. If you want to know what i would sell look at the menue next.






Motzelle sticks

Baked Clams

Shrimp Cocktail

French Fries







Dr. Pepper

orange soad

Cherrie Coke

Cream Soda

Mountian Dew


Ice tea








Chesse burger



macronnie and chesse

Chicken Fingers





Hot Dogs

grilled veggies




Ice cream, vinalla, choc, cookies and cream, mint choc chip, cookie dough, coffee

Ices: Cherrie, lemon, blue berrie, rainbow, coconut, pineapple,chocolate





That is my ratraunt menue. My restarunt would be a chain like McDonalds. it would be all over the usa. The first babes would be located in the bronx, acrosse the street from Yankee stadium. That would be my restraunt.

















        Today is cereday in my school. Today I am a New York Yankee baseball player. In this entire i'am going to tell you why i want to be a baseball player. If you want to read more read the rest.

         My job involes 2 mane tesks. You have to hit and feild, I love to do both and i'am good a both. A lot of people think that baseball is very booring, but it is the most involed sport ever, and the most funnest sport ever. I want to be a Yankee when i grow up because i love the yankees and they are the best team ever, and also i live in New York . That is what i was for crereday.









 Yesterday i lost to the worst team in my little league. We played the mets, and we lost to them.  We were in first place, but now were in second wich is not so bad. All we have to do is get into the playoffs and were good.









                                  What would you use a 10ft. long, 12.1/2in. high brick wall for.


I would use a 10ft.long 12.1/2in.high brick wall for it to hang on the wall and put autograph baseballs on it. It would be use full to people who collects baseballs, for intence my dad. we have tons of balls and now where to put them, So we keep them in the attic. My dad really wants to show the balls off to people so i think that would be usefull.


          It would also come in handy to painters. It would come in handy to them because when they are painting something high they need something to put there paint on and there rolly thing and brush on. so all you have to do is screew the wall onto the wall and you have a paint holder. So the wall wil come in handy for that.


                  Another thing it would be usefull for is for sports. It would work by you kicking a soccer ball agianst the wall and the ball bounces back to you, it would also work if you wanted to shoot a hockey puck agianst it and it would come right back.



                 Some people might think that the wall is not useful for anything but it is if you think about it, like all the thing i told you that it is useful for. That is what you would use a 10ft.long, 12.1/2 in.high wall for.




I think that we should work inside. One reason why I think we should work inside is because there is no distractions and kids pay attention instead of tanning while doing work and listening to the story. Another reason I think we should work inside is because in the winter it is to cold and in the summer it is to hot. That is why I think we should work inside, but if we did go outside i would not care.




I think that the middle school is going to be awesome. Today at buddy day I had E.L.A.,chorus, and lunch. In ELA we went over a book that they were reading in class,in chorus they were practicing for there consert coming up. At lunch i ate half of pizza, a Snapple, and a churro. I wanted to go to gym because they were riding the wave boards and the wave boards are so cool. I cant wait till the middle school.



My brake was very good. On Saturday my cousins sleept over. On sunday i had baseball prctice.Then on monday my dad was preparing to open his new resturant called plum Tomatoes and i ate some luch there. On tuesday one of my good freinds brendan took mr to adventure land and i won 2 basketballs. After that i went to my dads restraunt agian and had some lunch. Then on wednesday my dad had a trial run for the restraunt and a my family was there. Then On thursday my dad opend to the public.  When it is lunch there is aline out the door but at diner it is a little slow. My dad said that they have to build up diner. Also on thursday i went to the yankee game and i was freezzing. They yankees were playing the tampabay devil rays and the yankees lost unforenitly. On friday i went over my cousins house. Then on saturday i was just playing with my freinds. On easter i went to my uncles house in munsey park, manhasset. Then i Monday i went to my dads other restraunt in Rockaway beech. Then  On tuesday i played with my freinds and had baseball prctice. That was my vacition.




On saturday I have my first baseball game.




today is monday. my dad is proboly going to take me to play baseball. i did not get the starberrys yet but i want to get them tody or tommarrow. Or today my dad might get me my baseball stuff for the season.


today is my cousins birthday. It is at a rockcliming party and then we are going to samba grill. I might sleep over his house. Im going to give him 100$ for his birthday because he is saving up for wii. He wanted me to give him a ipod nano but i gave him one last year so his mom told us not to get it for him. Then he asked me to get him a phone but his mom told us not to get it for him because we go it for him 2 years ago


today i whant to get the Starbury sneakers today. They sell them in steve and barrys at the mall. They are only for 7 bucks. I want to get them in all black like my brother. My brother got them as a joke to play baseketball in with all his freinds. They look so silly because they also were the long socks. My brother is really good but his team doesnt care if they lose and they just fool around and my brother is going to proboly jion the high school team.


Yesterday i was sliding down my hill on my front lawn. I had a bunch of kids over. But when my mom left and my grandma toke over watching me she came outside and started yelling at all the kids and said     GO HOME GO HOME GET OUT OF HERE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In that artical i thought it was wrong for people to just throw away there snakes. I think it is wrong because it is in dangering the the community bye the snake eating animal animals. Those animal that are getting eaten could depend on peoples lives. I think the people who throw away there snakes should have to go to jail.


On friday im proboly going to go to my freinds house it is going to be so fun im going to chace some kid all around the block.


 My baseball season is right around the corner. We all ready have begun practice indoors. I have a private hitting coach. I play on a team could the express. They are a travle team that  me coach is the manager of. My team is very good. We won the whole thing at COOPERSTOWN ALLSTAR VILLAGE.The team we versed in the championchip game was the San Franandio Vally BLACK widows from CALIFORNIA. They were really good but we were better. We also played  teams from teaxes and states all over the USA.


Today avery scary thing happen, but it was a lie. At 1:00pm today there was a 911 call in BOSTON that sad there were bombs set up all around boston. When they got to the place were the bombs were the bombs were not real. It was a HOAK. They 2 under 2 bridges and 2 two mor, one along the Charles River and on in a subway. the massachusets governer thought that this was not funny not funny at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last night i had the pinewood derby. I did bad. The first run the car did not even move. GTG bye ( GTG mean got to go)


Today I have a pinewood derby race. The race is at a chruch. First you get just a block of wood with weels and 4 nails. You have to mack ma car. Next you have to carve out the car. The you have to get a disine. I did a model of a FERRIE. Next you have to sprae paint the car and put the disine on it. I painted it red and put the Ferrie symbol on it. Next you have to shalack it and greese the weels. Then you hand it in to your den leader. My den leader is my aunt. Next you race it. If you win at the church you get to go to the mall to race it agiants all of the other car wins in the other den.


Today we had music. Then we took our Social Studies test. I thought it was pretty easy. I love Social Studies but must kids dont like it they think it is so boering. There are only a couple of kids who like Social Studies in my class. After school today i have to get stuff for my pine wood durby car. Im might go to my friends house tonight . In a couple of minutes were going to recess and lunch. I think my mom gave me a butter bagel with butter and a yogert. I not sure if a really want to go to my freinds house i really want to go to my cousins house to play wii or go to my others freind house to play wii. Today i missed band because i frogot to bring my intrument so my music teacher is really mad and i think im going to get a bad report on my report card. Today we are getting our report card im so excited. 


.My favorite tv show is csi miami. it is about a crime that took place and a team of csi agents has to find out the pearson died and who killed the pearson. The main chracter is the head csi edvestigaters named Herasheo. CSI is on every monday at 10 o'clock at night. CSI is great. Herasheo almost died in one because he got shot in the shoulder, but his wife died in one.  I think csi is the best show ever


Today we had chours. We are doing the Jungle Book for our play. I did not get a mane part but i dont care. today i have basketball practice.  Im practiceing a nother team. Im not in the mode  to really go to night because im so tired. I watched american idol last night. It was really good. I recorded it because i have DVR. a lot of the singers are very funny and dont know how to sing a then they think they have the best voice ever and they strat cursing of at the juges. it was very funny i wish it was on all the time.


My favorite sport team is the New York Yankees. They are so good. They have one 27 world championchips. They have the best players on there team such as Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguze, Robinson Cano, Jasion Gaimbi, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Bobby Abrue, and much more. They have bine my favorite team for 6 years. My favorite team before that was the New York Mets. I love the yankees.


 Hello agian today I have ccd. i really dont want to go to today. my mom is the teacher so i really cant get a way with any thing, but some times she makes it fun. We have some snakes and watch some movies but even if we did that today i still would not want to go. Im really tired and i want to play fifa when i get home. I might get playstation 3 in a couple months or xbox 360 or wii. i really want to play basketball when i get home. I have basketball practice on thursday and i have game on staurday. I am really good at basketball. i usally score 12 points a game.


Hi everyone my name is Nick.  The football game last night was awesome. The bears and the colts are in the SUPER BOWl. I really want the Colts to win. The Colts have never made it to the super bowl with Payton Manning, they always lost in the playoffs. I think this is the year there going to win. I really wanted the Chargers, Saints, or Jets, but the Jets lost in the first round, the Chargers lost in the second round, and the Saints lost in the playoffs.











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