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Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 8 months ago


12/1/08-hi mr. pollitt! i haven't seen u in sooooooooooo long! i miss u sooo much! i have to say u r my favorite teacher!


im in 7th grade now exciting!-cool thingys-



3/17/08-  Hi Mr. Pollitt! whats up. i wanted to say hi and that i miss you and want to visit and to say...

 Happy St. Patricks day!!!





I Miss You Mr. Pollitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/12/08- Happy almost Valentines Day Mr. Pollitt!!!!!!








Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!!











Hi mr. pollitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really miss you!!!! Me and julia want to visit you soon!!!! when can we?




Merry Christmas!!!!!






      In the Westing game the book there are more characters than in the movie.  The movie is missing Mrs. Baumbach, Theo, and Mr. Theorderakis.  Also in the movie Mr. Hoo's Restruant is on the 1st floor.  In the book it's on the 5th.  In the movie Hoo likes the idea of Hoo's on first unlike in the book were he doesn't like the idea.  In the movie Angela is marrying Edger Plum.  In the book she's marrying Denton Deer.  When you see the movie everything is different then you think it would be.  Mr. Westing is much older.  Turtle doesn't have her braid she just kicks people.  Also Chris is the one that plays chess but he does it on the computer.  You never see Sam Westing die like they say in the book.  My personal opinion was that the book was better.




   A Picture


Taking different types of pictures

of cats on beds and cows in pastures


Pictures have stories for people to tell

Some are bad but some are swell


Pictures can be digital

or some can be original


to take a picture you just click

it's really, really, really quick


to make a picture you have to think

 to make a picture that will sink


a picture can be black and white

or other color not so slight


the things we have in different pictures

depend on the people who make the fictures


every picture is quite original

even if it's made or digital


   I was sick over the weekend. I had a stomach viruss. Right now I have to do my home work though. 

Homework- If I had a six year old projector with a broken light bulb I would have 2 options to fix my problem. one option would be to buy a new lihgt bulb, the other option would be to buy a brand new state of the art projector.

   By just buying the light buld it would cost me around $300. A brand new projector would be around $600. So by buying a new lihgt bulb I could save money. On the other hand, by buying a new projector I could have something up to date so in the next 2-3 years I don't have to buy a new projector. I think buying a new projector would be the smarter idea.





   I'm a JUSTICE!!!!!!! A supreme court Justice to be presice! We have Constitution works tomarrow!!! I hope D.D. (Denver Dispacht) and the Government do good!! My friend is on D.D. It could be either way with who wins becuase they're both strong teams. 




5/14/07-Home work agian!!!

    If I had a restruant it would be the best!!

    The name of the restruant would be  . It would be located in Garden City on Nassua Bolivard. It would be Italian!! On the menu there would be some great food!!! There would be lasangia, pizza, pasta, rizoto, and so much more!! All the food would be cooked by a gormay chef.

    Some of the money made at the restruant would go to charity. also at the restruant you can donate money and clothes. This would let everyone have a chance to do something. Our logo would be "Eat and save a life".

    When I grow up I might get a restruant!!


5/7/07- Homework

   I have come up with 2 Amusement Park ride ideas. They are both very unique and will be great rides if they are ever made. These rides can be for everyone.

   My first ride is for all you thrill seakers out there.  If you like fast and crazy then come on the Lollypop . The name doesn't sound fast but the ride is. You will have the time of your life. The  is the fastest roller coaster ever. It's fast and also crazy. There are 10 loopty loops and 5 cork screws on the ride. So if you ever see a ride named the Lollypop you know who made it. 

   My other ride is a slower ride but not too slow. It's caled A Piont in Time. It's a roller coaster. It doesn't have a million twists and turns though. As you ride you are taking a ride through history. At one piont you're in the revolution, at another you're seeing the Wright brothers. During this ride you feel like you're in it.

  My ride ideas need improving but I think they're good.




    Alot of people think they already know what they want to be when they grow up. I'm still not sure. There are so many jobs to choose from!

    I'm planning on having a full collage education so many jobs will be open to me. I could be so many things. One job I think I like is a fashion designer. I could also be an interior decorater. Both jobs are very creative wich is my middle name.

    These jobs are both interesting and thats why I like them. I would like being a fashion designer becuase I love mixing and matching and I also love clothes. Most likely my friend Julia and I will be partners in fashion. I would want to be an interior designer because I'm very picky when it comes to furniture.  When ever I'm in a furniture store with my Mom  we always have a different style.

    These jobs are really nice but they might not happen. Still I'll be happy with whatever job I get.



   Homework agian- Hi! My name is Ashley Ant!  I live in Antville NY.  To protect us from the outer world we built a brick wall that's 10 feet long and 12 1/2 inches high.  The wall was really good until the day when the Wilsons moved in the house behind us. No one had lived in the house for years, but that day when they moved in was the worst day of every ants life.  

   It was a normal day in Antville until we saw a big van pull up in the front of the house.  It had some wierd lettering that said M-O-V-I-N-G_V-A-N. None of us knew what it was. Papa went to see what was going on. When he got back he had bad news. He told everyone that we either had to move or get the people that were moving into the house to move.  We made the decision ond it was the people in the house that had to move.  After we decided we had to build a later that was 12 1/2 inches high.  That took us a little while but we made it.  The F.B.I.A. went up the ladder and into the house.  My Papa is part of the F.B.I.A. so I sneeked into his bag and went with him.  When we got there, the F.B.I.A. took out cloths they hung them selves by string and looked like millions of little ghosts.  I wached as Mrs. Wilson walked in. She screamed at the top of her lungs and so did the rest of the family.  The hopped in the car and drove away.

   That was the end of the Wilsons forever, after we had a big party and  I had the most ice cream!!


The End


   I'm sad becuase tommorow we are having a party and I have to miss it because I'm going on a field trip with quest.  We are going to have PIZZA!!!!!  IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!          Got to go BYE!!!:(




    today we have to write about a debate. the debate is between a class room outside and a classroom inside. homework- i think we should have a classroom outside because then children can get more fresh air. for the winter there would be a small hut.  this hut would also be where we have a smart board and computers. the school would have an outside outlit for the network and power conection.  outside there would be benches for the students and blankets to lay on. i think my outside classroom is a good idea.



I'm about to go to dance. but this is part of my homework so it has to be done. homework- today we went to the middle school for a day with a sixth grader(buddy day).  It was really fun!!! My buddys name name was Ashley. we went to ELA, tech, and lunch. for lunch I got pizza, water, and ice cream. it cost so much money. But the lady just told me to take the icecream even thoughI was 50 cents short. I think the middle school is going to be loads of fun!!! BYE!!! :) :) :) :)



   My vacation was good! The only bad thing was that I missed the PM performance of the Jungle book ( but I still did my solo in AM) and I missed the field trip to the plantarium. Also when we went to the Burksheres to see my cousins and I got sick again. On Easter I got candy and our old next door neighbors made us an Easter gingerbread house with a GIANT chocolate bunny!!! at the Easter party at my aunts house I got a huge amount of candy! On Monday I went to the mall with Julia and she got a little cell phone orniment but it didn't fit on her phone! She got really mad!! I also made her a ring tone that yells at her to pick up her phone! got to do reaserch! BYE!



   I can't wait until Wednsday! Wanna know why? It's becuase I'm seeing my cousins from Texas!!!!! We are going to the American girl doll store! I can't wait!!!! It's going to be so much fun!





     Hi agian! It's me! Last night my friend was nagging me to tell her what I got her for her Birthday. I said no to everything( even though she guist the right thing)! So she still doesn't know what I got her! Her Birthday party's tonight so she'll be finding out soon!  I have to go! See ya!  




     Hello and Happy Valentines day!! Today I'm doing a Homework assinment on the Wiki. I'm going to be writing about an article from Scholastic News called Python Patrol.

      Today I read an article called Python Patrol. When I read it I couldn't believe what I read! The article siad that when people buy Burmese Pythons and love them when they're little. Later on when the Pythons grow to be about 6 feet, people don't like them anymore. Since people don't like them they are just throwing them away in the wild. These animals would change the balance in the environment. I think people should think about the future before they buy a pet. It's not right what some people do!!

          Well Happy Valentines Day! Talk to you later!!



    At exactly 9:00 am this morning I turned 11! My mom got me the pig webkinz and I love it! Bye!



      Tommorow is my birthday!!! I can't wait for my birthday! My evil brother said he already got my gift. I'm a little nervous becuase I don't know what he got me. The good thing about my birthday is that it's in Feb. so I see so many hearts! See you later!



    O.K. I've known you for quite awhile, but you still don't know much about me. One thing you'd already know about me if you could see me is that I love to smile!! I also love horses! I have one evil older brother named James. I have to go. I'll tell you more later. BYE!



   I never got to tell you much about myself, so I've writen a paragraph to tell you about one of my favorite things:)!

   My favorite type of toy is a Webkinz! I really like Webkinz becuase they can be really cute and they're more than just a plush! If you go on to www.webkinz.com and you have a webkinz toy you can enter the wonderful world of webkinz!! Every webkinz comes with a special code that lets you gain access to webkinz world. In webkinz world you can play arcade games, join tournaments, and get jobs to earn Kinz Cash. You can use the Kinz Cash to get toys, clothes, decerations and more for your webkinz house. At your webkinz house you can make it any way you want. Thats alot of stuff but there's so much more!! 

( If you really want more information visit www.webkinz.com )



   Hello again!!! Today as an early birthday present my Mom's going to get me a Love Puppy Webkinz! I'm soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! I think they're really cute!! Do you have any Webkinz? I have two webkinz so far. They're both horses, but one's a Lil'Kinz. I have to go. BYE!




   HI! Welcome to my Online Journal! This is my first entry that I'm writing on the Wiki! Over the weekend I went to a lego competition. It was hard to see so I didn't know what was going on.  My cousins and I were bored so we went into another gym. The gym had really cool hiding spots! The most fun we had all day was in the gym! Besides that my birthday is in 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Comments (6)

Anonymous said

at 7:19 pm on Jan 28, 2007

I guess you love webkinz. Keep writing! You are doing great!

Anonymous said

at 7:35 pm on Jan 28, 2007

Melissa, you are doing so well. I like how youdid links to Webkinz.com. You need to show me how toy do that. -Meredith

Anonymous said

at 7:37 pm on Jan 28, 2007

Sorry, spelling (toy should be to and youdid should have a space)

Anonymous said

at 9:35 am on Feb 6, 2007

Happy almost B-day Smiley!
Your BFFL,

Anonymous said

at 2:22 pm on Feb 11, 2007

Hey Melissa! Happy birthday! I love your wiki it is really great! Keep up the great work!---Emily

Anonymous said

at 10:41 am on Mar 9, 2007

Hey Melissa! Great writing. Just so you know, check your spelling on your last entry. You spelled guessed wrong. But otherwise, it is fantastic! (Thank you! I just got the earings and thought they would be right to where in this month!)----Casey

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