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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago

June 20 2007

     I thought the book the Westing game was better than the movie. They messed a lot of theings up in the movie. They forgot the character Mrs. Baumbach, and they got the partners wrong. It gets me really annoyed when I read a book and then see the movie and in the movie they mess up on a lot of big things like that. The movie also messed up on the story line too. Mr. Wexler wasn't even a stock broker. He was a foot doctor. And they forgot about Denton Deere. He was who Angela was supossed to marry. In the movie she was going to marry Edgar plum.  I have a better visual of the story when I'm reading a book then when I see the movie. When I'm reading I get to picture the story the way I want to. A movie makes you see the story the way they want to. Also they forgot that the Sam Westing Turtle found in the manisoin was a wax dummy. And worst of all they got the name wrong! The name of the stroy was The Westing game not get a clue! 


June 20 2007

      My last days of  Startford fill me with emotion. The emotions are excitement,sadness and nervousnes.  I'm excited because I'm going to the middle school. I'm sad that I'm leaving Stratford. And I'm nervous about the middle school. When I get my list over the summer I want to go into the middle school and go over where my classes are.  So anyway my last days at Stratford have been good to me. I haven't had homework since maybe a week or two weeks tops ago. We just had a pool party yesterday. It was fun. I got to see all my friends and we played in the pool all day, except when we were called up to the hill to have lunch. We went with the Stewart School kids too.  I t was a little crowded because there were so many kids there. Before we went to the pool though we played kickball with our school buddies. It was boys verus girls. The boys won 7-6. My friend Conor made the final out by making the final catch of the game. The girls got last licks. Well this is my lat entry. Hopefully next year you'll see some new typers here.


June 19 2007

     Sorry I haven't been writing anything in such a long time. Well Saturday I had the championship baseball game in the American league and we won that. I tried out for the Garden City swim team. I called and asked one of my friends what team I made because he could look at the results and I couldn't because I was busy. I made the B team. We have a pool party at the Garden City Pool today because every year the fifith graders get to go to the Garden City Pool for a pool party. I'm going to doulble check the results while I'm there. I made the B team last year and that was my first time trying out. My time was either a minute and six seconds or a minute and two seconds. I had to swim two laps last year. I had to swim four laos this year. This is how it works.8 and under kids have to swim one lap. 9 and 10 year olds have to swim two laps. 11 and 12 year olds have to swim 4 laps and 13 and up have to swim 6 laps. Thats just to tryout though. You have to swim free style.

May 24 2007

                                                                                   The Picture on a baseball card

    There are many different types of pictures on baseball cards. A player can be making an amazing save or might be in the middle of hitting a home run. I personally like seeing pictures of Yankee players on baseball cards. I'd like to own a baseball card with a picture of Derck Jeter in the middle of hitting a home run. The most boring baseball card picture in my opinion is when the player is just holding the bat and smiling at the camera. I like to see action in pictures. I have 400-600 baseball cards with players' pictures on them. The pictures on baseball cards also help me identify the players. When I get a new pack of cards I always look at the pictures before I read the names. Not even for major league baseball players there is no such thing as a perfect picture. 



May 22 2007

    I think that we should just get a new lightbulb for the projector. It would just be a waste of money if you bought a whole new projector. If your regular household lightbulb went out would you buy a whole you thing where you screw in the light bulb or just buy a new light bulb. That's what I thought. You would just get anew lightbulb because it is cheaper then having a whole new thing installed. So why don't we just get a new lightbulb for the projector instead of buying a whole new projector.

May 14 2007

   If I had my own resteraunt it would be an italian resteraunt because my family is Italian. We would be famous for our pasta with tomatoe sauce that isn't too juicy. Our location would be New York City because there are so many people there. We would also be a five star resteraunt. No one could work there until they have had at leat 2 weeks of training for their job. The prices there would be a little high because I would have such a fancy resteraunt. My family and friends would eat free there. If I had some money after paying all my expenses I would donate that money to charity. I could do a lot of things if I had a resteraunt. 


May 6 2007

     I think that The ultimate Amussment Park ride in the worl Is Strom Runner. This magnificent ride is located in Hershey Park Pennslyvania.  It has facts about it that you will never believe!

     The Amzing ride goes from 0-72 mph in two seconds! It lauches sraight up 18 stories and then down 18 stories. Storm runner was built in 2004. It has a magnetic break system.  The ride starts out when you come out of the loading station. Then it slowly takes you out of the platform and you wait a few seconds. Then, suddenly you lauch from 0-72 mph up! The ride contains all sorts of loops, twists and sharp turns. The screams of the people on the ride echoes through out the park[talking from experience] . You must have a height og 54 inches or higher to ride Storm Runner. 

     I have not been on this ride yet. But when I go on this summer, I'm sure it will be a ride I will never forget.


      I want to be two things when I grow up. I want to be at first a corprate lawyer and then I will become a politician. There is no way I'm changing my mind on what I want to be.These two subjects have always interested me. If you keep reading you will find out more about what I want to do when I grow up

       The first job that I will explain is the corprate lawyer job. A corprate lawyer works for a company. The company I want to work for is the car company Ford. And lets say someone sues Ford for whatever reason, I would represent Ford in court. Then eventually I would go on to study politics. An example of a politician would be George W. Bush.  A politician is a person that works for government. These are what the jobs I want are.

I also have reasons why I want this job. The reason I want to be a corprate lawyer is I have always been interested in law and court. In fact, one of my hobbies is to watch court shows. And I also love to find lupols in things. The reasons I want to be a politician is I love politics. To me, politics are the most interesting subject on earth. I also like to have coversations about politics. Now you know why I want these two jobs.




May 3 2007

     My arm really hurts from yesterday, because I threw it out. My friend Chris and I were playing catch and I threw like a really fast ball and my elbow hurt really bad. I can still throw with it but it will hurt. Anyway on American Idol last night I was happy and sad. I was happy that Phil Stacy was voted off but I wanted Chris to stay on. I htought Chris was pretty good. Next week if La Kisha gets voted off I will scream. I can't wait for one of my favorite shows that will be on tonight. Surviver. I love that show. What the players are doing to make sure they win is the best part of the show.

April 29 2007

     I know what I would do with a brick wall that was ten feet long and twelve 1/2 inches high. I would make more of them and sell them to the military. I would tell them it is a battering ram. And since the wall might break when the military uses it they will come back and ask me for more  and soon I would be rich. The military could also use it for propellars for helicopters.  And maybe the military could buy a bunch of them from me and some cement. What they would do is, take all the brick walls they got and cement them togetherto make a wall. Then they  could use it as part of an obstacle course that solders in traning would have to do. I could also make some rectanglur holes in my brick wall and it could be used as a ladder for construction workers. And back to the ideas with the military,  maybe the military could also use some of the brick walls to make a wall protecting a small base or camp. And maybe a community would buy a lot of the brick walls and make a building like a school or chruch. And a paintball place could buy some cement them together and it would surve as a hiding place during a paintball game. And maybe someone wants to build a brick road for cars or something. They could use my ten feet long tweleve inch high walls. They would go to the place where they were planning to build the road and, take the walls and lay the walls on the space where the road is supposed to be. And maybe someone will need a really big window frame. They could use the brick walls as the frame. And that same person wants a huge door, to get into their room. We would take at least ten of my walls and cement them together, put it where the door would go and presto! we have a brick wall door. And after that,that  person also wants us to make another house for him out of our brick walls. I would be simple. Myself and my crew would get all the brick walls we would need and first make the four surrounding walls of the house. Then we would make the roof. If we come to a time where we need to bend the brick wall we would bend it. One of the crew members would simply put it on his knee and bend both sides with his arms. For another person who has a big clock but needs arms for the clock, we would sell him three of my brick walls [one hour hand, one minute hand and one second hand]. A Library might also want a huge book made of bricks. We would make the pages inside first and carve the words into the brick and then make the cover and back of the book. With a brick wall that is ten feet long and twelve and 1/2 inches high the possibilities are endless.

April 23 2007

     I think that we should continue to have classes inside for two reasone. One, kids might doze off or not pay attention due to their surrondins. I also think that we shouldn't have classes outside is because if it is too hot how are the students going to stay cool? What if it is really hot outside and one of the student s has heat stroke? These are my two reasons why we should continue to have classes inside.

April 22 2007

     Today we had buddy day in school. Buddy day is when we go to the middle school and you are asighned a buddy and you go to there classes with them so we can see what it will be like next year. I went to four periods. I went to a double block of ELA,gym and lunch. Lunch was awesome! I can't wait for the middle school next year. 


April 11 2007 

     My break was awesome! I was in Disney world for a little bit.My whole family went with my grandma. She turned 80 but the regular person would say she ooks like she is 60. It was kind of a birthday present for her.  I went on Tower of Terror a couple of times.  A week before last Saturday Myself , My dad, my mom and my little brother went to a Yankee game[my big brother is a Met fan]  We had great seats and we were at the game where A-Rod hit the walk off grand slam. I lost my voice after all the cheering I did. I'll tell you something, A-Rod isn't the same player he was last year. For Easter, My cousins came over and we played kickball outside for most of the time. We also did an egg hunt. I only found two eggs. And two days ago I went to Gamestop and Toys R US to spend my giftcards from Christmas. I got A new Baseball game for my PS2 [play station 2], I got a toy lightsaber and my brother and I payed half each for the computer game Rome Total war. It is rated T but it is over rated. There are no bad words just fighting. ANd I also saw some funny videos online. That about covers my break. See Ya! 


  March 21 2007

     Today I got up at 6:45 in the morning today because I had to go into to school at 7:15. My group and I were working on a project that we are entering for the "I'm a Green nation" contest. I also might be getting a haircut today after school.  Well, my only wish is that, I hope the rest of my day goes great.


March 12 2007

  Today I don't feel that great. I feel tired and sick.  I didn't have dinner last night so my stomach is upset. I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep till 3:00 p.m.  As I write this entry I  keep yawning. So over the weekend I had baseball tryouts. There are two leagues. Theres the American and the national. The national is the better league to be on. On Sunday I heard that I have a good chance on getting on the national league.  Then on Saturday I got up at 8:00 in the morning because I had to go to boy scout senior patrol leader Ed. We went  to the animal shelter to build a cat walk on the rafters for the cats. That took about 5 hours. Then I had a basketball game and we won and if we win the next game we will get third place.  ON Sunday I went to the batting cage and got my first wooden bat for little league and thats it basically.

March 9 2007

             Right now I am hoping to read the book Inheart before my next book report. It is a pretty long book though. And by long I mean about a good 500 pages. I have only read a little over a hundred pages. Since the begining of the book I have ed it. It is all about a girl named Meggie. She is 12 years old and lives with her father she calls Mo. They both are crazy about books. One night though when Meggie was reading a book she glanceed out the window and saw a man waiting patiently at the fornt door.  scared she runs into Mo's room and tells him about the strange man outside the door. He quickly runs down stairs and opens the door. The first words that came oout of the stranger were "Hey silvertounge long time no see". Mo had addressed the man by the name of Dustfinger. That is all I am going to say about the book. In case you want to know what happens next youll have to read the book. 



March 7 2007

The day of my big trip is coming up! The big trip that is comiing up is my trip to Disney World! And one of the best parts about the trip is that my grandma[my family calls her Inda and it was her birthday yesterday] is coming with us! One of my favorite rides was the mission space ride. If you have never been on that ride I will explain what you do. First you get inside a mini space ship that holds five people. Each of the five people are assighned a job that will help us through outr journey through space. When it starts the mini spaceships starts to spin but all you feel is the g-force and your monitor is showing you looking at the sky on a rocket ship. It is the coolest ride ever but if you don't scary rides I do not suggest this ride to you. Well I guess I got nothin left to write hopefully I willl write to you before next month. 


February 16 2007

     Today I am going to my friend Anthony's party. Usaully I would be excited about this but I am supposed to be captain. I never like being captain. Anthony told me the people he was picking and I told everyone else. Me and my BIG mouth. I really wish I could go back in time and make sure that he never told me. I guess it is not so bad. Its just I really wanted to be on his team. I just hope I get Jordan on my team. I am hoping that he does not pick him first. I have just really been feelying bad latley. I keep geting almost a heart attack because I keep thinking what it would have been like and if I had no friends on my team. I have known Anthony and he might let me be on his team because he is a nice guy. I am just like really nervous cause I like being on my friend's team when I play at Q-zar. Tommorow is my birthday. I am not good at holding a grudge so he will probably be on my team for the video game tournament. Well that is all I have to write today. see ya. P.S. Anthony if you are reading this I hope you will cahnge your mind and let me be on your team.

February 7 2007

   This Sunday is the blue and gold dinner! The blue and gold dinner is a special dinner for all the weblos in cub scouts. It is when you cross over to the dark side! No just kidding, it is when cub scouts cross over to boy scouts. I am so excited! My friend Alex is coming to the troop I am going to. I hope that my friend Zach will also come to my troop too. He is still deciding. I think he is though. The bad news for my big brother is that he is also in the same troop that I am going to.That is really all I have to write today. SEE YA!

February 6 2007

    I got a yard for my webkinz last night. A webkinz is a vitrual pet. First you go to a store[Raindew is your best bet] and buy a webkinz. There will be a tag on it. What you do next is you turn the tag inside out and there will be a code. You then go to Webkinz.com and go to first adoptation. Miss Birdy will tell you the steps in order to adpot a pet. Then you are given a one room house and the fun begins. You are also given some special items that are worht a lot of money. If you have any questions you can look it up on your webkinz guide. I have four rooms in my house. I have 2 bedrooms, 1 other room and a backyard. You can do a lot of things in webkinz world. Some things you can do are you can go gem hunting, you can go to the arcade, you can play your friends in tournament games, you can go to a job and make money, you can buy games for your house, you can have a themed house or room and a lot more. I like sending gifts to my friends. The only bad part about that is that you can't talk to your friends. But you also have to take care of your webkinz at the same time. You have 23 bars down on your screen. They say happyness, health and hunger. And right now there is a panic in webkinz world. There is a burglar on the loose. The suspects are Miss Birdy and Doctor Quack. Webkinz world is one of the best places to be on the internet.  

January 30 2007

     Have you ever had one of those days when your really tired? Well today is one of those days for me. In my book I am up to the first battle. If you don't want a sneak peak on what is going to happen in my book... DO NOT READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH

     The first people that will be in the first battle are Michael and Anthony. They had already planned to attack each other but they did not know their capital ships would crash! Then King Zamous decides to play along in the game and He then sabotages Anthony's ships and almost kills him. No one knows this but King Zamous was born a wizard and he then hipnotizes Anthony into thinking Michael did it. I haven't yet planned the rest of the chapter but I'm working on it. Gotta go SEE YA!

January 29 2007

     My weekend was awsome!On Saturday I didn't get to sleep in because I had the klondike derby. The klondike derby is a big event that tests all boy scout knowlogde. This was the first year they let cub scouts do it so my pack went to it. Thomas is in cub scouts and is in my pack but he did not wan tot do it. I felt so bad for him. The following is what you do in the klondike: you are given a map and a compass and there are nine stations that you need to get to. Then  you have to use the map and the compass to find your way to each station. You also need a sled and the sled has what you need to complete each station. At the station you are given what they call golden nuggets. The nuggets are things that increase your final score.. We got second place out of like 30 packs there!. That was one of the best days of my life!


January 25 2007

  Today is just a boring day for me. I have no big plans. I just have mathletes after school and I am just staying home..I 'm just a little depressed right now. I guess it is because the play at school. My dad booked tickets for Florida and disney world and we are leaving the day of the play. My school is really getting into it  and I feel left out. My best friends got some of the main parts. I am happy for them its just....I wanted to be part of it you know? I forgot if I told you this or not but I have started a book. I will usually it  when have spare time. It is about a galaxy where you can be a warrior, a wizard or a bender. I forget if there are more of those because I have not been writing some of it for a long time. So it is about 5 guridans that have all those powers and more. So the king of the galaxy is losing his power over his kingdom. So one day he goes to a prophet and the prophet says you will get great power but then dethroned by the gurdians. So the king makes a plan to pin all the gurdians against each other so that they will destroy each other. Then while they are fighting he will take over so that he will once again rule the galaxy more then he ever imagined to! Was that a great book idea or what? I feel a little better now after talking with the readers. Do good in school and SEE YA!

January 24 2007

    Its me again here to tell you about my favorite band. I am a diehard Beatles fan. Yeh I know what your thinking " oh this guy has no taste in music because he does not like green day or another modern band". I will just say to you face I don't care if you think that the Beatles stink they are my favorite band. I like some modern bands but Beatles are my favorite. See Ya tommorrow!

January 24 2007

 What is up.My birthday is coming up soon. My mom said I might get a Wii game system. For anybody that does not know what a Wii game system is, it is an interactive game system. For example when you play boxing you rreally throw the punches! I have tried it, and I have learned two things about it. The first thing it is not easy to play, and second it really gets you moving! After I played it at my friends house, I was sore all around, but it was worth it. Just so I don't give you the wrong idea about how I was sore, I was playing for about three hours with my friends. See Ya!


January 23 2007

     Hey reader! Its me again! I'm sure you want to hear from me again. I'm almost done with the 21st century classroom project. I'm sure you want to see.Well I have basically nothing to write today so... See YA!

January 22 2007


 January 21 2007

     Hi my name is Matt. Me and my classmates have just began entering our first entrys to our wiki blogs. I would just like to say hello and hope you enjoy whatever you are reading on the website.  I will be telling you about my life as I go through my entries and maybe talk abo ut other things. It is a Monday and a had a terrific weekend. I found out that my brother made it into Chaminade. Chaminade is a very good high school to go to in New York state.  To celebrate we went to Don Peppes which is a fancy itallian resteraunt with great food.  I really don't want any of my brothers knowing but I am writing a book whenever I have free time. I really like to write. I would say that writing is one of my strenghths in school. When I grow up I want to become a corprete lawyer. Then I probably will go into politics and then I want to run for senetar of New York. My first entry ends now but I have many more to go. 

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at 4:01 pm on Jan 27, 2007


Anonymous said

at 9:51 am on Jan 29, 2007

Pena I am really into your book. I want to read it when you are done. You are a great writer so it is probabily going to be good. I feel bad that you are not in the play.- Anthony P- Lil' Kinz

Anonymous said

at 9:52 am on Jan 29, 2007

thanks Anthony but Albert why did you write Yo?


Anonymous said

at 5:15 pm on Feb 14, 2007

I cant wait to read the whole book it sounds great

Anonymous said

at 5:16 pm on Feb 14, 2007

matt that was me nick who wrote that last comment

Anonymous said

at 10:07 am on Feb 16, 2007

Sup Pena I'm just dropping to ask you when your book will be ready -Prez -Lil' Kinz

Anonymous said

at 10:19 am on Feb 16, 2007

Yo whatz up dawg!!
YOur GAngsta FRiend geo

Anonymous said

at 10:23 am on Feb 16, 2007

I don't know what to say!
GAngsta pal GEo

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at 10:51 am on Feb 17, 2007

hey what up tiffiny jst telling u r not in the group any more lol -stephen

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at 11:50 am on Mar 20, 2007


Anonymous said

at 7:52 am on May 4, 2007

Very colorful page Matt

Anonymous said

at 2:14 pm on May 22, 2007

Loving the writings -Tara

Anonymous said

at 12:35 pm on May 24, 2007

PUBLIC ADDRESS- I am not writing the book anymore

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