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          the weasting game book was better at parts and the westing  game movie was better at parts but over all the book was much better it had more deatails and was much more longer and was there to cofuse you there was more to figure out and thats was i like being able to figure out on your own not when it is all right in your face it was much more thrillen also the movie was so shourt. that is what i have to tell you about the westing game movie and book.


            my idea is to  creat a skate park along with your own skate board and also with this our group will teach a lesson on NRG what we will have to do is go on line and find out prices for ramps and land and stuf price it all out and put it to grther then we do the prices for our skate boards and costum them after we will think up our lesson for NRG and that is my idea


the pictuer

hey im kayla murphy and im hear to tell you about the picture and you may be asking who i am or what i do well hey ill tell you im top noch ditecktive kayla murphy i love the wild life it great the only one i love is my pup sparks hes great well you know about me but i want to know about t6he cace ok ok im josh peking i was sleeping with my family i did not mean for any body to get heart i did not realy he went crazy he did its not my falt well talk to me what happend sir  well i was sleeping well i was sleeping i heard a loud noies  then something broke then the alarme went of right away i new what they were after it was harble it was terible i new i should not have told any one they were after the million dollar picture i new i had to do something and do somethingfast but what the guy is problay far gone by now.  


I would rather to keep the  projector and just get a knew lightbulb than getting a hole new projector thats just a wast with all thoes projectors sitting in the basement of the school just get two projectors instead of getting one projector thats like braking an arm and saing get me a new one even better thats like braking a mouse on a computer and saying get me a new computer there for i say you should get two new light bulbs than getting one new projector !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what do i want to be when i grow up? well eather a soccer player a docter or a travle ageint I want to be a docter because i think it is cool to save peoples lives i eathe want to be a pediatrician or a cergent in the operation room. i want to be a soccer player because that is what i lover to do and i would like to play pro and get to play on the US power.  i also want to be a travle agent because my aunt is and she gets alot of free trips it seams like a fun job!!! that is what i want to be when i grow up!!!!!!!




The question was do they Pollitt's like it better outside or inside? As one of the Pollitt's answered its fun to go outside to read a book or do a little work but not always. It may get to hot and also how can we do a 21st centry classroom when were outside. It's nice to go outside and get a nice breaze, but all day for 7 hours.  


buddy day was great  and i had an aousem buddy named molly frist I went to ELA I had miss Reid she was aousem i got in right after the test that was a good thing then we read a book i ffor get the tittle but it sounded cool also it was stooped story day?!? what every there was some pretty stopet storys it was also somones nationality day or somthing like the and we got brownies then after ELA wI had Gym we got to use the wave boards they are so cool and one of mollys partners in Gym helped me do the wave board i do not know her name but she was very nice after that we had lunch I got a choro and pizza mmmmmmmmmm!!!! I met mollys best friends and saw my old nabor mary Geln and some other sixth graders I knowthen we went home.


everyone just got back from there brake it  was so fun i went to boston and drove a duck on the duck tours i also went to the boston libary that was cool. it was freasing and i only stayed there for two days so there was not that much time but it was so fun i also went to fashma hall that was realy cool another cool thing i did was go to the zoo but my faviort two things of all is when i walked on milk and when i drove a duck. i also went to a ranger islender game it was so cool but the rangers lost any way when the game was over me my brothers my mom and my aunt waited after the game and wegot the rangers to sine our jerseys and hocky pucks it was so ausom moost of the time if i did not have anything to do i was helping my poppy build or out side playing roler hocky foot ball or other sports weell some times we were inside playing xbox 360 or stuff but but most of the time out side or building.  


yesterday we finshed the final proformence of the jungle book I had so much fun! miss stilwell was a great director i was a prickly pare and got to tie up sheirkan it was great my good friend was one of the main parts balloo and she did great htis play took alot of hard work and alot of team work but we pulled it off and it was a great show. the end


hi there its kayla again and I just whent on a cruise it was great there was a water slide a chocalate bufy and  I made a toun of friends it was so fun. I was on the ship carnaval conquest and went to ochorios Jamaica cozumel mexico and grand Cayman it was the best. in Jamaica I went on a catimarin in grand cayman I went to a beach and in cozmel I went on a submearn it was ausom BYE!!!!!




          hi its kayla again and im hear to tell you about webkinz.com it so fun and cool. well first you start off getting a webkinz at a local toy store its a little stofed animal with a tag that says webkinz on it. then in side the tag is a code go to webkinz.com and go to adopt a pet then you name it choos its gender and then you will havee a webkinz to play with on line you make it a house gig it some toys and its set. theres an arcade were you can get money to by all the toys. and theres also the gem hunt and you keep them to and once you colect all 30 you can get the crown of wonder. hope you have fun. 



          hi its kayla again bye!!!!!



hello there my name is kayla i think the wiki is so coll but i like writing better than typing so im not that excyded about this. im looking fowoard the most for doing the news paper and also the 21 centry project. some things about me is  i love playing sports including soccer lax and football i have two brothers and so far my scoll year is going good Mr. pollit is the best.


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Anonymous said

at 9:38 pm on Jan 26, 2007

heyy Kayla! I love your wiki. keep up the great work.

Anonymous said

at 8:18 pm on Jan 28, 2007

Hey Kayla I love your wiki so much. You spelt a couple of things wrong but other than that your wiki is amazing!

Anonymous said

at 5:55 pm on May 1, 2007

Kayla, your wiki is great keep adding new entries

Anonymous said

at 5:56 pm on May 1, 2007

Awsome job! You rock!

Anonymous said

at 7:51 am on May 4, 2007

hey murphy i love your wiki it is awsome and have a happy birthday and i hope u love your locker lol and i ALSO WELL IDK I JUST HOPE YOU HAVE A HAPPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !~!~!~!~ LOL TAYLOR BFFL

Anonymous said

at 7:02 pm on Jun 5, 2007

Murphy!! Puncuation!! There's no puncuation in your sentences.

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