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May 24, 2007, 1335 hours                                    Topic: The Picture

     Wouldn't it be cool to have taken the first picture of something? Of earth from space,

May 22, 2007, 1517 hours  Topic: Would you spend your money on a new bulb for an old projector or a new projector?

     I have never thought much about buying a projector for myself or even wanting to spend that much money at once. But if I were to either spend my money on a new bulb for an old projector or buy a new projector, I would probably buy a new projector. I know that is more money, but a new projector is offically yours. Also, if something goes wrong (which it shouldn't because it is brand new) you have a warrenty for about a year or two. Plus, you are able to get a replacment bulb when it runs out. That gives the projector a good ten years to work unless something happens to it. Next, by the time the bulb runs out you can probably get the same projector for about a hundred dollars because it will be so outdated. Finally, if you wanted to take the projector anywhere you wanted you can. So, if I were to spend my money on a projector bulb or a new projector, I would buy a new projector.

May 17, 2007, 1240 hours

     Hello! Tomorrow we are going to Constitution Works. I am on the Denver Dispatch lawyer team, which was my first choice. If I wasn't that I wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice, because I just didn't want to be on the government for some reason. I think that we have a good chance but the other team is really good. So far two other classes' have gone and both Denver Dispatch won! Horray for my team! So I don't want to be the first to let our side down. There isn't much more to say, bye. (Wish our team good luck!)

May 14, 2007, 1504 hours                  Topic: Your own restrauant

     I have never wanted to own a restrauant when I grow up. But, know that I think about it, it would be pretty cool. Again, I think before you make a restrauant you have to make a name and a location. Located in seventh street Garden City, New York, would be Justin's Cafe.

     There wouldn't be too much question about what I would put on my menu. First, for breakfast there would be assorted muffins, pancakes, donuts, scones, waffles, french toast, toast, crossaints, steak and eggs, eggs, breakfast sandwhiches, breakfast burritos and hash browns. Then for lunch and dinner there would be a lot of different sections. First there would be sandwhiches which incluedes hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, itilian subs, cheesebugers, panines steak sandwhiches. Next would be seafood: shrimp, salmon, grouper, crab/ lobster, and halibut. Then would be assorted meats: chicken tenders, buffalo wings, steak, turkey, pork, roast beef, and lambchops. Pasta is a common thing that I would have on my menu: spegetti, fetticine alfrado, and just different pastas with chicken and different toppings. Since that is all the dinners, I would arrange the appetizer menu. There would be shrimp, nachos, calimari, bread, mozzelera sticks, and assorted fruits. Finally, there would be salads which include a choice of chicken, shrimp, or plain. Ceaser, Greek, house, and garden. That would be everything for main coureses. Now for my two favorite parts: other, side dishes, drinks and dessert. Other would be things that I like that don't really fit in anywhere. There would be fried rice, satay, egg rolls, and make your own, which is you tell what the cooks to do; how to cook it, how long, the ingredients, whatever. Next are side dishes. I would put in white rice, french fries, onion rings, chips and salsa, baked/mashed potatoes and different sauces. You might ask why drinks would be one of my favorite things. It is because I love soda, actually I crave Coke and will take all chances to have it. So, of course there would be Coke, Sprite, milk, chocolate milk, whatever alchohalic drinks adults like and they usually have at restrauants, water, orange soda, and you can have free refills and lemons/lime for any drink. Finally, I would have a big dessert section. There would be one ice cream section: regular ice cream (bowl or cone) in Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla, ice cream cakes, bars, and sandwhiches. Next would be dry desserts including brownies, cookies, candy bars, chocolate cake, fruits with chocolate dip, and melted chocolate in a cup so you can just drink it. Wow, I have a big menu, but this would be the menu for my restrauant.

     I would have to think a lot about what I would make the inside of my restrauant. First, there would be a section for pets where I would have a few cages and tow big pens for cats and dogs. I would try to make the whole theme cheerful so the walls and ceilings would be yellow and green. Along one of the walls there would just be a bunch of spaced out televisions for while you are eating and in one corner they would be turned on to baby/ kid shows for kids and toddlers. In that corner there would be couches and armchairs for people to sit while waiting. In one section there would be a catering room for parties from 15 -35 people. Another side would be a bar for adults and also if you just want to eat there. The rest of the room would be tables and chairs for diners.

     I might not know a lot about restrauants and the food business, but if I were to own a restrauant, this is it would most likely turn out to be, except more realistic and might actually fit a real budjet.

May 7, 2007, 2012 hours

     Today we were asked to join The Great American Mail Race. Truthfully, I do not want to do it. Firstly, the letter that we read from another student wasn't really convincing that it was going to be an interesting project. Their first sentance was "I live in a city." The entire letter was about that boring. Next, the letter explaining what the project was wasn't very convincing. It made the whole thing sound like it was meant for Kindergarten, even though it was adressed to a 5th grade Social Studies teacher. Finally, I don't really see the point of mailing letters to random towns to random social studies classes. It is just something to encourage using the postal service or at least have across the country one time pen pals. All in all, The Great American Mail Race seems really pointless and boring.

May 4, 2007, 814 hours

     Did you know that today is Stratford School's career day. It's when you dress up as the job you want to have when you grow up. When I grow up I think that I want to be an archeteict. But, you never know. If I couldn't be that then I would probably want to be a lawyer. These are the things that I would want to be, but I also have my reasons why.

May 3, 2007, 1511 hours                   Topic: The Ultimate Amusement Park

     I have a lot of ideas from other amusment parks and just imagination about what The Ultimate Amusment Park should be. I have been to a few amusment parks, so I would want to create similar rides. But first I would have to come up with a name for my park. I am not good with coming up with names, but I would probably name it The Eighth Wonder of the World.

     As I said, I would want to base some of my rides off of some of other rides from other amusment parks, these are some of the parks I would use: Disney World, Valley Fair, and Six Flags. From Disney World I would want to use the Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and The Rocking Roller Coaster. From Valley Fair, which is my personal favorite theme park of all I have ever gone to, I would try to copy the Wild Thing, The Corkscrew, The Steel Venom, The Foam Factory, Excalibar, and Power Tower. Finally, from Six Flags I would try to duplicate the Kinda Ka. I know that these are the specific rides I would want but in Valley Fair they have a lot of cool things. For example, there is an entire section of the huge park which are pools, rides, slides, and all different things, creating a whole new mini water park! It is so cool to be able to go to a water park by just paying for an regular amusment park.

     Next, we have to think about actually running the Ultimate Amusment Park. First, entrance to the park I would say around $30 for adults (18 and over), $20 for young adults (13-17) and $15 for children. Anyone who is 3 or under would be aloud to go for free. I think that this would be reasonable. Next, I think that most amusment parks probably make as much money from food and snacks and those kind of things as the admission tickets. Since it is sort of annoying how everything is so expensive, I would make the prices a lot lower than other amusment parks. For example, some rides or activities are extra money if you want to do them. Every activity would be free, because you are paying to get and do the rides in the park you shouldn't have to pay extra unless it is like a claw machine. At Valley Fair there is rock climbing that you have to pay extra to do which is really fun. Things like that would be free in The Eighth Wonder of the World.

     Before I said that everyting is so expensive, so if at a normal amusment park cotton candy is two dollars for a bag, it would be fifty cents for the same bag. Plus, every month there would be a half price day in which everything is half priced. From the admission tickets, to soda, and even arcade games. Since everything else is set in my park, I would throw in some more rides and roller coasters. If you didin't like rides you might want to try one of these other thing: arcades, laser tag, "T.V. time", where you can play video games, watch television (movies, shows, sports, ect.) and do everything you would do at home with your own television, water slides, pools, animal rides (elephants, horses, camels, ect.), scuba diving in which you could see different fish, dolphins, manatees, safari ride where you can see different animals, and a lot of other things. 

     I know that everyone's opinions are different. But, this is my opinion of what would be the Ultimate Amusment Park.

April 29, 2007, 1543 hours                Topic: What would you do with a brick wall ten feet long, twelve and a half inches tall, and four inches thick?

     What would you do with a brick wall ten feet long, twelve and a half inches tall, four inches thick. At first, you would say, use it as a fence or something. But look again; it says twelve and a half inches tall. Meaning, a foot and a half an inch tall. I wouldn't know what to do with it.

     First of all, I don't think I have any major use for any brick wall at the moment. So, unless I got it for free, I would not have this wall. Anyways, for say for some strange reason I did. You wouldn't use this wall for a fence or a wall surronding your house, so I would think it would be useful for a garden border. In my backyard we have a mini garden and I would say that the front of it is around ten feet. I'm not sure if a foot would be too tall for a garden border but everything else would fit. Since besides watering we don't really have to do anything with the garden it would be fine to reach over a foot to dig and pull weeds. Plus, you can always just step over the wall to do all the gardening from the inside. This way, a ten foot long, twelve and a half inch high and a four inch thick wall would work to surrond a garden.

     Of course, there is not only one use for this wall. For example, is the wall cemented together? If it isn't, I might try taking it apart. If the bricks were half a foot long and three inches one eighth of an inch tall, four inches thick then the wall would be made of eighty bricks (I think). With eighty bricks you can probably do a lot. For example, I know that my sisters sometimes try to knock down my door, meaning that they are trying to get in my room. With eighty bricks and a little bit of spare money I could buy a pallet with wheels and put the eighty bricks on it. They wheels would have stops on it so I would roll over the eighty bricks to my door and when they tried to push the door open, I would just have to help keep the bricks in place. The whole thing would act as a giant lock and even though that I don't have a real lock eighty bricks, I would think is pretty heavy.

     I have always wanted a pool. Maybe my parents will get one of those blow up pools one day for us. If they did, eighty bricks would come in handy. First of all, it could serve as another ladder to get into the pool. My cousin has one of them and I hate the ladder. That would be useful for me. Another thing is building steps but making it around a foot or two higher than the top. If you haven't guessed, it is for us to jump into the pool. I don't like diving and it would be too dangerous to do so anyway, so it works out for me.

     Even though I thought up of three things that I might do with a brick wall ten feet long, twelve and a half inches tall, and four inches thick, it still is hard to find things to do with a brick wall that short and that long... expecially if it is cemented together. I know what I would do with it. What would you?

April 24, 2007, 1610 hours                 Topic: Debate: Classroom inside or out?

     Yesterday, we (our class) started going outside to do work on the school lawn. I really like it, but would I like it every day of the school year. Think, everything that we do in class we would do outside! That would be pretty cool. Actually, maybe not. What if it gets to be really cold outside one day, like twenty degrees? Of course we would wear jackets but would you want to sit in that the entire day? I wouldn't, because I'd rather have hot than cold. But, even if it was really hot outside, around 105 degrees? I may like it better than cold but either way I don't want to sit in that weather doing school work. So, actually, I really enjoy going outside but in truth, I would rather have a permanant classroom inside.

April, 23,2007, 1512 hours  Topic: Middle School Buddy Day

     Today we had Buddy Day! Buddy Day is when one fifth grade class goes to the Middle School for the first half of the day to see what it is like. We get paired up with the same gender sixth grader and go to their classes. If they are taking a test, we do it too. I found that Middle School isn't that hard, and I still might be able to pull off no studying. My buddy was Robert, and it was his birthday today. He was really nice, and was also in Mr. Pollitt's class last year. Our first class was ELA. It is usually a two period class but we got to the MS at nine o' five so we missed the first period. ELA was easy and I could have easily done the work and the book we were reading was pracitally fourth grade stuff. There were a few things I didn't understand but that is expected because a sixth grade classroom is not a fifth grader's natural enviorment. Then, we went to tech., which is wood-working and things like that. Our teacher was nice and the class was pretty fun but a little bit boring. Finally, we had lunch at 10:40! I thought 11:20 was early. For lunch I brought five dollars and I bought two churros and a slice of pizza. Since the churros were two for a dollar I gave one to my buddy. I had two dollars left over so I was going to buy an ice-cream but the machine wasn't working. Then we went back to Stratford. The MS was really fun and I am excited for next year. Bye!

April, 11, 2007, 912 hours

     Hi. Today is Wednesday, the first day back from vacation. As you know, I went to Sanibel Island. It was great! I was really sad when we had to leave. For the first four days it was in the eightys and ninties. Accidently, on the first day we used old sun screen so all of us got sunburned. Then it rained on the fifth day and was in the  high sixties and low seventies. All of those days we went to the beach. Plus, that afternoon (Friday/the fifth day) we went to a farm team baseball game, like we do every year, since the MLB stadium is too far away from southern Florida. It was Miracles vs. Reds. Reds won in the bottom of the twelfe inning 3-2.  Then, on Saturday we went to the Big Cypress National Reserve. It is bordering the Everglades. There we went on a canoe ride. It was supposed to be five hours but we turned back early because someone's canoe flipped over. It was really fun. Since it ended early, we went to Naples and just looked around. Unfortunatley on Sunday and Easter, we left Sanibel. We got back to New York around one in the morning on Monday, since we drove. Yesterday we just relaxed and I hope we go to Sanibel next year too.

March 30, 2007, 812 hours

     Hello! Yesterday we had the play, the Jungle Book. I think we did really well and finally I think I didn't mess up at all. It was fun except that I hurt my leg and I don't know how. Also, my dad didn't come because he got held back at work since we are going on vacation tomorrow. I am really excited but sad that dad missed it. Today we are going to go to the Vanderbuilt muesem and I have no clue what we are going to do there. About this time tomorrow we should be having breakfast, but not in New York. We are staying in a hotel around Jacksonville, Flordia.  Personally, I think that it is too far to drive in one day but we are attempting it anyway. I hope that we are just leaving the hotel this time Sunday because we might be at Sanibel by one or two!! There is nothing else to say but I got a new game yesterday and it is one of the best games I've ever played. Bye!!

March 28, 2007, 1619 hours

     Hi. I don't really have much to say right now except that I am getting a hair cut. Then I am going to Gamestop to get something and that is it for the evening. Tomorrow is the Stratford play. Since I never said anything on it, I'll fill you in. I am in stage crew  since the play started in January. We have had two full dress rehersals in front of an audience now; one this morning and one yesterday morning. I am doing the CD cues/ working the audio (not the microphones) and I like it pretty much. At first I wanted to be spotlight and I still think it would have been cool but I like my postion. Today I messed up on a sound track and I should try to be more careful tomorrow. Plus, if tomorrow goes quickly than I only have Friday before I got to Florida!!!!!!!Bye! Oh! One more thing: If I didn't already know it is spring I would think it is summer. Yesterday it was llike 80 degrees and today it was a little bit cooler, like mid- sixties, but still pretty nice outside!

March 26, 2007, 1311 hours

     Hello! I am so excited for Sanibel now!! I've started packing and this year the car trip shouldn't be so bad because I have my DS, Palm, an activity pack I got from Christmas or something last year, the television in our car, and a game pack from my birthday. While we are at Sanibel, we are doing something we usually don't do; we are going to go on a canoe trip in the Everglades to see alligators and the crocadiles. I am a little bit nervous, but it should be okay. On Saturday morning we leave, maybe around "4:00 A.M." but we will probably leave at like 7:00 because we are never on time. On Sunday I had my violin recital  and realized that I get stage fright. So, I am going to try to be sick on May 3rd when I have my solo piece in orchestra, but either way it shouldn't be so bad in May because this place that I played is ten times harder than my solo in May. Bye!

March 21 , 2007, 816 hours

     I keep not going on the wiki for long periods of time (sorry). I'm going to try to go on more often. Anyways, I am getting really excited for Spring vacation!! My family and I are going to Sanibal Island, in Florida! It is not the first time, in fact I think it is the fourth. It is sort of a tradition now. Every year we go camping in Perwinkle Park, but hardly stay there. Almost every day we go to the beach. We always bike to the beach, even the one that is nine miles away. It is really fun. Also at Perwinkle Park there is a bird place. It is so cool since we have birds of our own. Nothing is really happening right now, we leave for Sanibal next Saturday and will get there evening on Sunday, because we drive to Flordia there and back. The only thing exciting right now is that a video game I've been waiting for is coming out this month. I'll try to talk again soon, bye!

March 9, 2007, 1025 hours

     Hello everyone! The most exciting thing that happened yesterday is that yes, I got my new Palm. It is sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!! I started to download everything but this morning something went wrong with the sync. to the computer. I think it is because I am trying to download things from my other Palm which is a different version so it won't work. Got to go! Bye!

March 7, 2007, 1316 hours

      Wow. I haven't written in a long time. I'll start with my vacation and birthday. On my birthday, I got a remote control boat, a Nintendo DS, a backgammon/chess/checkers set, a DS pack, a DS game, a elephant Webkinz, Coke, and gift certificates. Oh, and $60 dollars from Chineese New Year and two confetti shotters. On the 19 I found my Palm.....broken from getting put in the washing machine. The week before school I was out sick expect for Tuesday, which I really was sick but went to school anyway. I am really excited now because on Thursday I am getting a new Palm, called the Tugsten E2. It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom is picking it up at J&R in the city tomorrow. If you are wondering what a Palm is, it is a PDA, and in my point of view, the best. That is really it, so by for now!!

February 7, 2007, 1233 hours

     Hello everyone! Today is my dad's birthday and I am getting him $40 and putting it in a box with paper since it would be so messy with dirt. My birthday is in thirteen days and vacation is in ten. I can't wait for vacation or my birthday and the excitment is growing by the minute!! In Quest we just figured out we are going on some field trip in April. Time up already, Bye!!

February 6, 2007, 917 hours

     My birhtday and other holidays usually seem to come soooooooo slowly! This year it isn't for some reason, and I feel that it will be here in less than a couple of hours. Anyways, tomorrow is my dad's birthday and I think I am going to make him dig for treasure, literally. I'm going to fill a box with dirt and put a treasure chest in the bottom and put a red X marking the spot. The chest might be $50 or something. Did you see the Super Bowl? I watched some of it and I was glad the Colts beat the Bears. We went to my cousin's house and my and Nicholas played video games and watched the super bowl until around 2130. Then we went home (my mom couldn't come) and by the time we got home the Super Bowl had ended. It was really fun, and the best Super Bowl party I've ever been to. My uncle gave us a flying remote control plane for no reason also and it's too bad we can't fly it because it is too cold and windy outside. I opened the box and it looked really cool!!

     I have already started guessing what I am getting for my birthday. A remote control boat for my grandma, and a Nintendo DS from my mom and dad. I think that because my mom said I should really ask for one of those (DS) and it would be nice to have one, so I said O.K. From my grandma because my mom asked me if that's what I want from her, and I am happy with that. Bye!!

February 2, 2007, 1251 hours

     Wow! It's already February, one of my favorite months of the year! My birthday is in eighteen days and It seems so close, but yet so far. What I want is a remote control boat for when we go to Central Park to play the violin in the spring, summer, and early fall. The main reason we go there is to earn a little extra $ but we play by the lake. Boats are aloud there so I want to have one of my own. There a lot of other things that I want also. For starters, a new game for the Nintendo Wii called Excite Truck. I know where to get one and you can get a free Nintendo Wii driving wheel. There is also a few things that I could want but they aren't the top things on my list; The Nintendo DS, a PSP, and a Palm Treo.

January 31, 2007, 1518 hours     Topic: Current Events; Iran Friend or Not?

    We are not friends with Iran right now, and they may have made their move. While a meeting discussing new security in a place over in Iraq, stun granades were thrown and one soilder was killed. Four others were captured and shortly after murdered. Iraqi officals say they were were part of an organization supported by the Iran government to carry out assasinations and special operations. Finally, I think we shouldn't get involved in another war if we are already in one. As you can see, our current events is now up to date with your host, Justin Gong.

January 30, 2007, 1237 hours

     I'm still counting! Only three weeks exactly until my birthday/the 20th!! Sorry, I have to get off already.

January 29, 2007, 941 hours

     Did you see the new 21st century classroom that is up? If not, just go to the sidebar on the right side of the page and click "21st century classrooms" and try to scroll down and see mine in yellow (my picture is coming soon). Only three weeks/21 days until vacation, my favorite vacation besides summer!!!! My birthday is on the 20th/22 days left(I think)!

January 25, 2007, 1526 hours

     Hello whoever! Today I get a free day! Yes! Usually we would have piano lessons but we switched to Monday (unfortunatly we couldn't quit). I have a really annoying song stuck in my head and now I'm really bored because I'm at mathletes with nothing to do. Bye!

January 24, 2007, 1518 hours  Topic:"My Favorite Restrauant"

     Everyone is different. Everyone's fingerprints, personality, physical appearence and shape, and most importantly, likes and dislikes. The favorite that I am going to be writing about right now is my favorite restrauant.

     My name is Justin, and my favorite restrauant is called the The Blue Benn. The Blue Benn is a restrauant in Bennington, Vermont. It is a diner and it has the best breakfast, lunch and dinner. My personal favorites are the breakfast burrito and the french toast, both cooked to perfection! Finally, if you ever are in the area and you want stop by, it is across from a big field, and is a small diner. As you can see, The Blue Benn is an apetizing and delicious restrauant (at least if you try it yourself)!

January 23, 2007, 1241 hours

     Hello again! Nothing is really going on today, just school, go home and do whatever. I wish it wasn't so cold out. The only reason I love winter is for the snow, and we have hardly had any besides a few fluries!!  But, we have a chance of getting some on Thursday. I really want a two hour delay. You don't have to make it up in June and you still get it off!. I didn't eat my lunch yet and I am starving. I can't wait to get home, even if I have to go to MYO, my orchestra. I don't feel at home with everyone except one person being in at least middle school, if not in HS. But, I don't have a choice. NOOOOOO!!!! There is the smell of soup in the air and it just made me starve. I wish we had today off. I didn't want to get out of bed today...

January 22, 2007, 1306 hours                                         

     First of all, hello everyone!!!!! I am Justin, sorry I can't tell you the my secret last name, because it is a secret. This is the first time that I am using this, and so far it is really cool! It actually isn't hard at all to use, and I am really excited to get more in to it. If you have already looked, there is a lot more coming into this wiki; the 21st century classroom, the newspaper, and probably much more than that on the way. I think this is going to be a blast!! Oh, if you're wondering what to 1306 hours is it is the time, learn how to read military time yourself.

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