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     Hi everyone. your journals have been great. i was one of Mr.Pollitt's students last year. i'm in the middle school now and having a great time. don't worry 5th graders, at first the transition may be tough but you will make through just fine. trust me the year goes by quick.





                                                                         Jon A.











                                                                                                     The Westing Game



                            We have read the Westing game and also have just finished the movies. For homework we have to type 2 paragraphs on the movie and book, so lets get going.


           The book was not the best. It was very confusing at some points. At first i really didn't like the book because it wasn't that exiting an really didn't have any action. In the middle it started to get good. There was alot more action and the start of some mysteries. At some points it was really spooky but others it was fine. I also thought that with all the mysteries our note taking really helped us out.



             Now the movie was the best. It deffenitly was not confusing and was nonstop action. I liked the movie alll the way through, there wasn't one time when i wasn't enjoying it. The only part that wasn't good in the movie was the discises. They were really ovious and they cold have been better, but over all it was great!!!  

















                          Tere are only 2 days left of school i am so exited!!!










                                                                        Current Events



                   The article I read was called Pedro Martinez back on the mound. It was about Martinez starting back up again after his surgery. He was back in the bullpen tossing balls and on the mound throwing pitches to the catcher. He said that every time he gets fustrated he says to himself "its never been done, its never been done". He also that "somebody has do do it" is his answer. The article also said that he has been watching alot of baseball, and he said the way the Mets have been playing has made it easier for him not to feel as if he needs to rush back. He had also made a comment that as for the Yankees, Martinez isn't surprised by their struggles. He also said that as for Boston, it is the pure pitching that is holding them on.









                                                 Community Park



                    For the group project I would like to create a community park. We would pretend we bought some property, and have a certain amount of money that can be used for creating this park. We could put indoor outdoor pools, food court, activity center, reading center, fields, playground, bird sanctuary and more. This park would be open year round except for the outdoor pools. We would have entertainment at least 7 times a month. We would also have clubs for people to join. This would relate to education because in creating a community park math skills would be important because you would have to figure out measurements and working with money by keeping track of all expenses. Also it relates to science by the different kinds of birds in the bird sancuary and the nature all over the park. I think if we choose this idea for our group project it will be alot of fun and will take team effort!!!   








                    Last night and also this morning my dad was on TV, on the internet and in newsday. He has a really good case and is going to take alot of effort. I am really proud of him because he always tries to get his cliants what they want.BFN!!!










                    I think that Mr.Pollitt should get a new projecter. The reson why I think this is because even though he doesn't really want to spend alot of money, but still you can get a new state of the art projector and than also get replacement bulbs. If he decided to just get another bulb it wouldn't make sence because there is only a month let of school and starting pretty soon we won't really be in the classroom that much anymore. Also since the projecters 6 years old it might be outdated and if the new bulb went out maybe in December of next year if you bought a projecter you would already have the replacement bulb. Another reason why is because with a state of the art projecter the lamp life might be longer then the old one because companies come up with ideas everyday. This is why I think you should get a new projecter.












              If I were to make up a resturant it would be a pizzeria. I would have all kinds of pizzas. I could imagine people flying in and out just to get some pizza. My busiest days would be at lunch time. I would order pizza every day in ever way. I would be at my resturant 24-7. My resturant hours would be from 10:30am to 11:00pm. I would have about 25 workers working in my resturant. I would walk around all the time have some people ask can I have some wine. I would ask what age, and if I had no answer they would be in the polices cage. My restruant will be called "Adrians." My resturant would have two floors. If I were lucky sometimes there would be a crowd and others it would be mello. I would be kind to all my costumers talking and laughing and having a good time. Also I will have take out and deliveries and have my workers driving ferories. Finnally I would call it a day and haed home were I wish to stay. My resturant would wait for the next day and hopefully have succsess along the way.






 The Ultimate Ride


             If I had to create a ride it will be similar to this....


    The Ultimate Ride will be one of the smoothest rides ever. The best part is that the chain doesn't make that "chhchhhchhhchhhchhhchh" sound when it is going up. It is now a smooth and easy chain and track all the way up. Now were was I........... oh, yes. The Ultimate ride will be a roller coaster which is obvious to me, since I am in love with roller coasters. It will start by going up on an incline approximately 200ft high. Then it will make a turn and go down straight into a tunnel where it will twist twice and loop twice. Next it will go up again and come to a fake cliff that is blocked off so the cars can't get through. Then it starts to move backwards into a long tunnel at a speed of 70 mph and comes out of the tunnel backwards and up onto a hill. When the cars are fully on the hill, the cars will stop for a moment while the track in front of them shifts. Once that is completed, the cars will go straight down a steep hill and spiral upward. It will then stop at rest tracks and go up even more. As the cars are rising up a strange tunnel gradually appears. Once all the cars are in the tunnel the chains stop and that will eventually make the cars stop. The best part is when the chain drops the cars quickly backwards and then stops. It repeats about 5 times. Since it is not so far up the hill the tunnel may go back to where it started coming up, so as they hit the 4th snd 5th cycle the tunnel will go back under. Once they start going back up again the tunnel appears and this time the cars don't stop, just as the cars go by water from the tunnel squirts them. The trick is that the tunnel was following them underneath the whole time and just fliped itself to appear on the tracks when it was going up. So as the chain moves backwards the tunnel moves with it so that way everyone gets sprayed. After the tunnel, you drop right into the station and that is the end of the ride. Now some people are wondering, how do the cars stop so quickly. Well the cars keep going and they go through the station and back up the hill. Then since it doesn't have enough power to go up again it rolls back into the station and finally comes to a complete stop. The ennnn....Wait Wait!!!.One more thing the name of the ride is called "The Ride". I know,........ what a strong and meaningful name.







 April 30,2007

" Topic essay"



                       If I had a wall that was 10ft long, 12 1/2 in high and 4in thick I would make a.........


Idea number 1. Make a retaning wall for my mom's garden in my backyard. I think it would be helpful to my mom because it prevents thinks coming in to our backyard. Also if we painted a couple flowers on it, it would look really nice. It might get dirty, but at least it will have some taste to it.


Idea number 2. I could maybe make it a ramp for mulitiple things, such asa bike ramp, loading ramp, handicap ramp and maybe even more.


Idea number 3.It would be really cool if i can create this wall into an electric or gas Go-Cart. I would bring it to a car repair shop and see if they can trasform it. If they could i would be blown away. i could picture myself doing a millon things with it. I would picture myself zooming down the street, doing stunts, skiting and going at different speeds. If I could I would try and convince my dad to look for land for sale and open up a mini town and with traffic lights roads, pretty simular to Saftey Town, which was the the saftey trip we went on last year. Ahhh if I could!!


Idea number 4. The last idea I had was since I am getting a dog, I would start early on his/her's doghouse. Me, my dad and maybe my grandpa (AKA: Pop) would build it together. We will get actuall roof material for the top and us the wall for the sides, back and in the floor on the inside. I would get conffie carpet for the inside. Then I would hire an artist to paint the walls with a dog-like picture. Also if it would be possible to get a material that would protect the painting i woulfd get that. Lastly after i got my dog I would geta plack made with the dogs name ingraved on it and put at the top of the doghouse.


                                    Those are the ideas I had if I had a wall that was 10ft long 12 1/2in high and 4in thick!




April 24,2007

" debate"


                       If I were to chose if I liked going outside better then going inside or the oppisite I would chose going ouside. I would chose this because it nis nice to get fresh air, have a relaxing brezxe and most people love the sun. Also it is nice to have a change instead of staying inside all day. When you go outside, and if your reading a book even at home I would chose going outside because not just to go out but when you are reading a book outside in my oppinion it is relaxing too. Also when your outside it always calms down people rather then being in an rush or having said do this do that. So choose is going outside.





January 24,2007   Homework- topic "My favorite Sport"



         Hi!! Its me again, Jonathan!! I was wondering if you have a favorite sport!! Most of you probably do, and that is great. Sports are a awesome way to get exercie.


       My favorite sport is basketball. This is my first year playing on a team and I am really enjoying it. So far we have lost every gameEven if my teamates think we suck I think the complete opposite. I think our team works together and runs drills really well even if we may mess up. The only thing that I think we need to work on is passing, dribbling and shooting. My favorite thing about it is passing shooting, scoring and running drills. We have practice on Thursdays and usually have games on Saturday and Sunday. I think that it is a great opportunity to be with friends and get some exercise. I also like how our teammates aren't ball hogs. Sometimes we my have one person being one but mostly it dosen't happen. I think that the 5 most important things to me for basketball is passing, setting picks, running drills and taking shots when you have the chance whether or not you make it in or not and dribbling with your head up. You know you miss 100% of the shoots you don't take.


           So there you have it my favorite sport!!! I'll try to get back to you when I have the chance.   Bye for now!!






  January 22,2007


    Hi there! I am Jonathan and I hope you enjoy my blog. So have fun and get reading! This wiki is really awesome! I think that students will enjoy our website and enjoy the projects and writing we do and put on this website. I think that this is a good learning experience for us and maybe when we get older we can teach it to our kids or parents. When I first logged on I thought that this idea was going to be an awesome learning experience for me and my fellow classmates. I think that when I leave the Doors of Stratford in June this will be a memory I will never forget. I will still be visiting it in th future if it is stiil there and see the stundents projects and writing. I personally think that this idea will go really smooth!! I think that nothing in the Pollittt's class is boring!!!!! 





     January 29,2007


              Hi again. Today was my first day back after report cards were distributed. I was tomorrow.actually happy on what I got. My parents were also happy too. Today I really have nothing to say. I just feel empty today. See you







Comments (6)

Anonymous said

at 3:28 pm on Jan 27, 2007

I don't think anythings boring in Mr.Pollitts class eather. I like what you wrote in my faverite sport. P.S my team lost every game in basketball too.-Albert.S

Anonymous said

at 8:06 pm on Jan 30, 2007

I like basketball to but it is not my favorite. you have a spelling mistake. Anthony F.

Anonymous said

at 3:56 pm on Jan 31, 2007

I really like basketball too (but I like soccer better)Cool entries!

Anonymous said

at 7:58 pm on Feb 11, 2007

Even if I don't play basketball currently, I really like to shoot hoops and play around too!! -Justin

Anonymous said

at 7:27 pm on May 9, 2007

The light green and orage writting is hard to see.

Anonymous said

at 2:35 pm on May 10, 2007

You have barely anything written! Keep making more entries.

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