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Mr.Pollitt I think we shouldn't have homework on the last week of school because kids like to hangout with their friends in the summer. We also need a break from homework because we are grduating from Stratford and it can be like a goodbye gift , sort of. Also we need a little break from homework. I'm not saying you give us a lot of homework I'm just saying no affence to you people dont like homework. So look into your heart and say should we get homework.





If it was a really hot day and we had to go to school I think we should get the day off. Then we wont have to stay in a hot room all day. Some people might not bring in waterbottles and pass out. Or we can at least get airconditioning in our rooms. Maybe we can at least have a half day.





Today the 5th grade saw the Stewerts opera and I think it wasnt great. It didnt make sense because in the real magic flute they were in China but in this they were in Egypt. Also there were so much random sceens. The peoples vices were good though. So I really didnt like the opera.





I think the vice president should be Barack Obama because he is a smart man but dosnt always make the right choices. For an example Obama is saying he will take the soldiers out of Iraq but then we might get attacked. The annoying part is that Obama and Hillary are still in the fight and I want the ballets to begin. It would also ve cool because he will be the first black nominey. Thats why I think Obama should be vice President.



Dear President                     5-15-08 

In stead of using gas we can use hydrogen energy. We can go four times as more miles then using regular gas but that is if we use a big gas tank. The small tanks you can go 25 miles and if we use a big tank we only have to fill it up once a month. Make sure you watck out of howmush you put in then somthimng bad might happen. We wont be polluting because it's just steam.




If we change the courtyard I think more classes would go out to it. They can study animals and if there are nests in it. It can be a place were people go study science. it might be a great place for litutcher circle. We can make a bench that would say, FROM POLLITT'S CLASS 07-08.





My horse's name would be Here it comes because that would be really cool. It would also be cool because it would sound like now here comes Here it comes. But if it wins a lot of races then the name would be like describing it would win. The coolest thing would be if it was number 1 that would be really cool. So that is what my horses name will be.




I think spring fever is when people get excited about summer. People get excited because summer is when theres no school and you can hang with your friends more. You also get to go outside more beacause it dosnt rain a lot. You also get to go out side more at recess because it gets nicer. That was what I think spring fever is.





My reaction to this article is that Im very surprised. .It's cool because this girl survived a plane crash.She was on her way to go meet her brother.If there wasnt a hole everyone would have died on the plane. After the crash she went to the front of the plane and found a man crying. After that she was fine.





I think that The Westing Game was a great book. In the begining it was so confusing but at the last ten chapters it starts to get so good. I mean when I figured out who the person was it was so surprising. There were also a lot of cool surprises in the book. So if you want to figure out the secret it is going to be awesome.




Hey buds  guess what I got on my pacer test a 63 ins't that awesome. But there is one bad thing I was one away from tying my 1st record and 2 away from beating my record I would have been so happy if I did two more laps but my throat was practiclly closing in. So i fell on the ground and almost threw up. So I will try better in middle school seeya.













This entry is a secret. When you are done reading this you can tell it to your friends.


Whats up wiki readers sorry I havnt been on in a long time. I heard Drew has been talking about me.I want to talk about Shugugah and Hector I am the illastrater of the book its gonna be awesome. Let me interview Drew now.

Dear Mr.Pollitt

 You should change the room because it would make a lot of things easyer. Say if someone is talking a lot to someone you can just switch the seat you dont have to change desks. It would also be easier for people to see the smart board. It isnt a big deal for tests also because you can just put folders up. That is why you should change the room.





One day Fred was taking a walk till he tripped and hit his head and it was all black.






Osmosis- the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane.






Joe has 100 apples and gives Jake a quarter of them. How much apples did Joe give to Jake.






We might beable to make a project of You Are Perfect. We can probally say if you get more gold stars or grey dots. We can also say why we got the silver dot or gold star. We will also make a writing piece. I told you my idea aeeya later.








I got this awesome new game. It is called World of Warcraft. It's awesome because Jake, Luciano and I have a group in it and we can talk to eachother. But you have to pay fifthteen bucks a month, but it is worth it. It's also cool because you can get money and get new armor and swords. But this is not a game with levels you just walk around and do stuff. You can pick if you want to be a bad guy or good guy. On the good team you can be a Dwarf, Human, Night Elf, and Gnome. On the bad team you can be a Ork, well that is all I really know. Oh yeah I remember you can be a rat sorta thing. You can also name your character what ever you want. I just told you a lot about the game see ya later.
















Let me tell you about the most famous CATCHER in the MLB, Bob Henry. This man also HASN'T had a great life. In 1990 he was RANKED the most ANKLE problems in MlB hostory. This is a FACT from his old old book. When he grew up he lived near the Grand CANYON and was born with a mighty GRASP. Some people say he was the BRASS man. In 1968 when he was 5 he got sergery on his kidney. but it wasnt a big deal, the docters did it and PATCHED him up. Now he is very THANKFUL of hos life goodbye.









My Simpsons websites












My reaction is that im surprised. The story is about the candidents trying to help with health and education. All the candidents were campeding in a compitition to help kids. They also were talking to them about it. That was my reaction








Dear Mike thank's for the awesome note. I hope you like your cd and If me and Luciano picked cool songs. I also hope you are having a great 2008. I wonder what your new year resopution is. Well I will see you later










My rection is surprised because that is the first time anf football team won all there games. The bad part is that the Patriots beat the Giants. The Patriots must win the superbowl to be the first team ever to win all there games. If the Giants beat the Patriots they would have might not go to the superbowl. Well that was my reaction see ya.










In my class we are supposed to make up a word and here is my word. My word would be lingspel. I am chosing this word because im getting sick of the word spelling. I also bet everyone else thinks that word is boring. Also that word is more interesting than S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G. That is why I think lingspel should be a word.












My reaction is that Im am so glad about this. I was freaked the day I heard bout Iran making nuclear weaponds. Iran was either makin these nucleuor weaponds were to kill many people. The Iran presidant said the weaponds were for the iran nucleour program. That is what my reaction.
















Sorry I haven't been on in a month but that is all behind now right. Ok. I want to talk about the Simpsons I love that show it is the best. Me and Jake talk about that show all the time. The problem is Family Guy that is pretty imapropriat and people watch that more then the Simpsons because they think it is funnier I think there the same amount of funny. My favorite character I have to say is Homer he's just so funny.












Today in class we finished Holes the book it was a really good ending. I think at the end the Worden got arrested and I will tell you why. I think she got arrested because she made every kid at campgreenlake dig and said it was to help biuld character but she made them dig for treasure. Like one person said digging is child abuse i mean making kids dig that is so barbreiq. That was what I thought of what happened to the Worden.










Many chosen AMERICANS are a MEMBER of the Roast Moast club in a special Hara DESERT out of the country, they gather and travel there once a year. The head man of this club is GENERAL Moast he might have a low TEMPER but he is a nice PERSON. They WERN'T a club all the time they used to be a secret organization the club was INVENTED in 1973. Every year they also go to a CLERK and bye 1,000 lbs of Roadt Moast. At the end of every meeting you get a cool bicycle HELMET that says Roast Moast Club. Well I just told you about the Roast Moast Club you would be lucky if you got chosen.











Today we read a story about Sherlock Holmes and the Redheaded Legue. The story was about a man who was going to rob the bank with all these red headed people.There was a man Spaulding who was John Clay a murderer/ bank robber. The good thing Sherlock Holmes got the culpret!














My summary is about the movie and show creaters went on strike. When the writers got on strike we have to keep watching reruns and we wont like the show any more, maybe because peoplke would get sick of it . I mean its not a big problem because it happened before, so they might comeback but lets hope they dont stay on strike for 22 weeks. Now actors and producers went on strike with them. That was my summary about th creaters going on strike.














The House

One day a man came to another man and he was asking if the 2nd man wanted a house so the 2nd man said all right. So the 1st man gave the 2nd man the deed to the house. the man took a flight there to the house. So the 2nd man went to the house to take a view of it and he got a little frightend because he saw a long rifle next to the door. Then he went up stairs and he saw a picture of a man and he lokked like a chief so then he felt a connectoin with the rifle in the front door. Then he saw a piece of somthing in the master bedroom and when he went down stairs and heard a really scary creek. So he ran out of the house and went home. When he was ironing he thought of what happened that day.


















Today is Halloween booya!!!!!This year for Halloween Im being a Vicking with a tuxedo T-shirt and sunglasses it is so cooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!After school Im going to see my aunt and she is going to see my costume.Then after that Im going to trick-or-treat with a lot of my friends a lot. But every one is coming to my house it going to be awsome. So seeya.











10-29-07 Math Journal Problem

Jeff has 23 apples and Casey has 16 apples. Jeff gives Casey 19 apples and Casey gives Jeff 6 apples back then. They get twice the amount of apples that they had all together how much apples do they have in all.















I think the opera is going to be really cool. Mr.Pollitt told us that the Metropolitan Operahouse is five or six stories tall and there is an elevator to get to each storie. There is somthing that is relly cool that the stage go's up and down litterlty Mr.Pollitt said there are two stages so that means that they dont have to take ten or fifteen minute breaks to chang the stage backround. The interesting part though is they have a lobby on each storie so that is going to look wierd. But since the play is in german everyone gets there own translater so they could read what the people are saying. Its going to be really cool so BYE.














Im going to tell how to be mature in 5th grade.When you are in class you should always listen to the teacher.Another thing is you should never talk to someone next to you or near you unless times when your aloud to.The last thing is dont doodle in class because you will get in trouble and if you need to copy somthing important for a big test.That is somthings you have to do to be mature and there are more things also.













Disgrace Under Pressure



Sometimes the truth comes out a little too late. After years of denials, track star Marion Jones pleaded guilty in a federal court to charges that she had lied about using steroids. On October 8, three days after her guilty plea, Jones returned her five Olympic medals. She also agreed to forfeit all wins for the past seven years.

The former Olympian admitted lying to investigators in 2003 when they asked if she had ever used the illegal drugs. "It's with a great amount of shame that I tell you I have betrayed your trust," Jones said.

From September 2000 to July 2001, Jones used a steroid called THG. She said that her coach had told her she was taking flaxseed oil. Jones used the substance before the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, and continued taking it after the Games. By 2003, she says, she realized she was using steroids.

The admission marked a stunning fall for the 32-year-old star. In 2000, Jones became the only female track-and-field athlete to win five medals in a single Olympics. She won three gold and two bronze medals.

Jones is due back in court for sentencing in January. She is expected to be fined, and could face time in prison. Jones accepted a two-year ban from the sport. But the International Olympic Committee may impose an even longer ban and more penalties.


My summary is that the story is about a great athlete taking steroidz.The olympic athlete Marion Jones is a track runner that took steroids took make her stronger and faster so she can come in 1st 2nd and 3rd.Then she said one day about her coach saying she was taking flaxseed oil that she was using to help her.She is going to talk about this in court again in January.That is my summary about this story.








I think the podcast is really cool because you can reacord stuff and change your voice and your back round also.I think the video podcast is better because you can actually see your self doing something in your video.It would be a cool idea if you can do a bookreaport with the podcast you can talk about what the characters is like, like he can be actionie and you can talk about why he is actoinie or unhappy alot and explaine that.The really cool part is you can post your podcast on to the internet so millions or billions of people can see.That why I think podcast is really cool see ya later.












    • can efect your life because you can be really sensetive from name calling getting pushed around and more.There are usaully alot of bullies out there like on the streets, in your school, and in more places. So dont become a bully or else you wont have any friends.










There is a cool song called Kooka Bear and my friend Drew can sing almost the whole thing.Its a really strange song though it sounds like a baby song alittle.He said he was singing to a careaokie machine and he got a 1 the first time but the second time he sung he got a 100

on it,it was awsome.












World Leaders Meet in New York



The United Nations, in New York City, was a busy place last week. Members held their yearly big meeting, the General Assembly. On Monday, delegates discussed how to stop global warming. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that the problem is serious. "The time for action is now."

President George W. Bush spoke at the U.N. the next day. He called on world leaders to push for change in countries ruled by dictators, including Burma, Cuba, Zimbabwe and Sudan.

Hours later, Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told the delegates that his country would continue its nuclear power program. Many countries expressed worry that Iran wants to develop dangerous nuclear weapons.

Next: Burma's Monks Take On the Army



My summary is that this paragraph is about the world leaders talking about bad things in other countries.For example they were talking about global warming and how unhealthy it is to the world.Another thing is about dictaters torturing people in coutries like Burma,Cuba,Zimbabwe,and Suadn. The Iran President was talking about developing nuclear power witch

can be turned against the world.The U.N. leader said that "The time for actoin is know." to stop this.That is my summary about this articial.















We are making a scary story book and we have to list 5 things that make a good scary story....

  • 1 A town called HILLVALLY
  • 2 A man named Jack Westing
  • 3 A crazy guy from the Hillvally Menatal Institoution
  • 4 Jack finds blood in places
  • 5 Crazy guy finds him


One day a man Jack Westing was taking a walk in Hillvally and its a pretty nice place to live until one night. Then one night it was raining and Jack was sleeping then he heres someting and he went out side and the lights were on in a house so he walks over and no one was there so he got a little freaked because no one was in Hillvally.(To 1983) There once was a man he was in the Mental Instatution and one night he broke out and they couldnt find him for AFEW years so they stopped looking for him and hes been in Hillvally ever since ruining peoples night the people that ever went near his house property he would bring them back to his new home or he would kill them in there house!!!!(Back to 2007)Then when Jack ran back to his house he found Blood on his door saying YOUR NEXT.So he ran inside locked the door and every window but he knew the man can get in so he ran up stairs and hid. The Jack herd fooot steps he looks out of the closet. He sees a man about 6ft tall, 210pd, 1 lazy eye, ripped pants, and wearing an ripped straight jacket with something in his hand. So Jack ran out of the closet the man ran for Jack but the man was too fast for Jack the man jumped at Jack. Then the man says "Hello Jack I've been looking for YOU! Then Jack says "How do you know me." The man said "I'm crazy remeber." "Actuley I didnt know that your crazy."said Jack. "Lets get this over with ok." said the man. Then Jack scwermed out of the mans arms and ran. But know use the man still cauht him and he said "Remeber the boy from elemantery school Larry Bendingwerr." Larry is that really you. Then the man said "Enough chitchat, its time for you to go, GOODBYE." Then he takes the thing out of his and was ready to stab Jack. Then Jack slaped away the knife and got a hold of him and said " GO AWAY YOU CRAZY SIECO." No use the man got a hold of Jack again and then????? Im sorry I cant tell you but something happened to Jack and the man who knows what happened maybe Jack saved Hillvalley mabey he's dead know one will ever figure out what happened???????













When I was about 2 or 3 years old I took my 1st footsteps and my mom was so proud of me. (DAH WHY WOULDNT SHE BE PROUD SHES YOUR MOM.)So sometimes I keep on asking her when did I learn to walk. Because I usally forget when I learned to walk. But its ok she dosnt care. Sometimes I wonder if I can find out the day I learned to walk.Ok so seeya later.





Hi eveyone, this is pretty cool. I want to get a pug I love pugs and if I get one I will name it Jakson. I dont really know why I want to call him Jakson thats just a good name for a pug I think. The big reason I want a pug is because my aunt has a pug and hes really really cool even though hes fat!!!! I think thats enough about pugs for now. Sooooooooooo uhhhhh??????? Oh I know what to say this is another cool thing One of my best friends Jake is in my class we became really good friend over the summer going to a camp called LuHi. That camp is ok I think... I cant wait till 6th grade because my cousisn and my friends say its so cool.I think Mr.Pollitt is a really nice teacher and hes pretty funny.I like recsses I think it is fun because I play Flagfootball and soccer with my friends.Its funny because Anthony.P and Kyle.H are on my football team and were in Mr.Pollitts class.



Hey its me again its about maybe 2 hours after school. I just came back from Blvd.SCOOPS it was fun I went there with my friends well not suprising because I go there almost everyday.And eveyone got a free ice for winning athing with gumballs gotta go playin with my friends. Were about play wiffleball.



Hi everyone, tomorrow in early morning gym I hope I get a touchdown cause I want to win for once even though we only played 2 games so far.And guess what Jake is on my team.I wish Justin was on my team though, beacause he is a really good football player and he is also me and Jakes bestfriend .So Im mad they didnt put him on our team.BYE


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Hey Joe just saying nice scary story see yaa at school.

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hi joe like ur artical

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nice story

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