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       Dear Mr. Pollitt,

               I think that we should have no more homework becuase it is getting much nicer out and alot of people want to go outside and hang out with there friends instead of staying inside doing homework. I also think that we should have no more homework becuase most of the stuff we will do we will forgot over the summer. Thats why i think we should have no more homework.








       If it was a really hot day i think we should have schoo off. i think that we should have school off because Mr. Pollitts class room is on the second floor and hot air rises so our room is really HOT!! so, i think that on really hot days we should have off becuase going to school on hot days is like a punishment its so hot and we cant get ice pops at school or cold water to keep you cool. so, on a day like today i think that we should have a day off!






          Today we went to stweart school for there opera. i thought it was ok. as in ok, out of 5 stars i would give it a 3 1/2. i thought that the singing was really good and so were the coustumes.  there wasnt much excitment in the vioces though. I thought that the singing and scenary were really good.  so that is what i thought of there Opera, The Magic Flute. Bye!





       today for homework we have to decide who we think would make a good vice-president. i thinik that mayor bloomburg would be a good vice president for Barack Obama. i think he would make a good vice president because he works good with other people. He is also good with money and finances! bye!






    Today for home work we have to write our reactions about who would be our canidate for the democratic side. I think that Obama should be the canidate becuase clintons husband was already president so they want someone new. I think that clinton should just drop out becuase bill clinton was aleady the persident and she has a good job now and shes got alot of money. so, i think she should just drop out and that obama should become the democratic cinidate.








         Today for hw we have to write to the prestident about energy.


                   Dear President,

       I think that we should have more solar powered houses because then we dont have to pay for power and if you have solar panels on your roof then you get paid for helping with the power. I also think that we should use hydragin for cars becuase you wont have to pay for gas anymore. There will also be no pollution in the air. Thats why i think that we should use more solar energy and use hygragin in cars.









5/14/08                                    What I hope the schools reaction is  to the clean coutyard


          I hope that they like the way the coutyard will look. I think its going to come out looking really good. I also think that if we should donate or make something to put in the coutyard that it should be a bend with all of our names on it and in the middle of it I think it should say " The Pollitt's Class 2007-08".








    My article is about Laura Bush and how she just wrote a book with her daughter Jenna Bush. They both used to be teachers and wrote a book about a kid that thinks hes to cool to read. But, one day his books come alive and he relizes how fun it is to read. Laura bush says that with a little bit of imagination the charactors can come alive to.




5/5/08                                                                                                                     MATH PROBLEM


Caitlin need 1/4 a cup of sugar and 3/4 times more flour how much flour does Caitlin need?










5/5/08                                                                                                       horse name


             Today for homework we had to come up with a cool name for a horse. I came up with "the afro".I think this name is funny because if there was a a horse named "The Afro"  and it won people would be screaming "THE AFRO WON!!!!" and it sounds weird. I also think that it would be a funny name because

 if someone made a poster it would say "GO THE AFRO!!!!" and that would be funny.




 5/1/08                                                                                                 spring fever
                        Spring fever means that you are excited for spring. I am a little excited for spring becuase after spring comes summer which means theres no school. I think that Caroline is excited for spring becuase she always wears shorts even on the really cold days. I also think that Caroline is excited for spring becuase she seems so hyper in school and she seems excited to go outside for recess. Well, that was my paragraph about Spring fever!
4/28/08                                                                                The Battles Go On
                        This artical is about  Hillary Clinton getting more votes from Pennsylvania then Barack Obama. It said that the victory helped her stay in the race for  the Democratic Party nomination for President. The als say that Barack Obama has 73 delagets and clinton had 82. Even though Clinton is winning Barack Obama has more sspending money than clinton. Barack Obama has $51 million and Clinton only has $32 million but riased $3 million overnight after winning the primary.
4/16/08                                    Why the amazon is shrinking
        This artical is about how the amazon river is being threatened for deforestation. They said that the Amazons deforeststaion is on the rise and its moving into new areas. The Brazillain Officals banned deforestation in the worst-hit areas. They said those who ignore the law will be fined. They also worry about the goverment no being able to enforce the ban.
4/10/08                                              The Westing Game
       I thought that The Westing Game was a really good book. It was kind of hard to understand in the begining but as you go farther into the book it gets so much better. I also liked the book becuase every chapter left you with a little mystery. I also liked the book becuase you have to try and figure out the mystery so by the time you get to the middle it starts to get fun becuase your trying to figure out the mystery.  I loked the book and i cant wait to see the movie!
3/17/08                                                       2 jane goodall facts
1. On roots & shoots day of peace people wave big doves in the air.
2. The roots and shoots day of peace is held on September 12th when people express their love for peace day.
 3/17/08                                                                             David Patterson
            Today for hw we had to write about David Patterson. So, here I go. David Patterson is the new, New York governer. He is also the first black man to hold the post and be blind legully in the top seat. His vision is 20/400 so he can only see a little. He also plays basketball from time to time. He is 54 years old and will become the 55th governer of New York State. He is taking place of Elit Spitzer who rezined last week.
3/4/08  Running on Fumes Only Tex., Ohio wins today - or split - can keep Hil's Prez hope alive From the daily news March 4th 2008
   This artical is about: The Texas and Ohio Primaries and whether or not Hillary Clinton has a chance to stay in the race. Most believe that if she wins in both states she has a good chance of winning for the Democrats and today will begin a seven week battle between her and Barack Obama. If she loses in both states it is believed that her race is over and she will be pressured into dropping out of the race. If there is a split some of Hillary's aides say she may consider dropping out. She is expected to win Rhode Island all though Obama is hoping for a win in that state.  
      Over my vacation I did some things. I mostly was on my computer the whole vacation because no one was home. I watched some TV and movies too. When my friends got home I hung out with them for a little and we watched a movie at their house. I also made a big snow ramp with my friend in her driveway. We got her sleds and went down that it was really fun. On sunday I went with Caroline ice skating it was really fun and i didn't fall once! I had lots of fun over the break and I wonder what I will do next break!
     For homework I have to write a sentence that would be a good begining to a story. Here is my sentence: One day in a far away land lived a lived a beautiful princess named Mia. Well, there is my sentence I hoped you liked it!
  For homwork we had to see if any of the canidits dropped out. No one dropped out 
but I think someone will drop out soon. Check cnn or newsday and even google tomorrow to see if anynoe will drop out.
1/31/08                                 Omosis
1. Physical Chemistry, Cell Biology.
a. the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane.
b. the diffusion of fluids through membranes or porous partitions. Compare endosmosis, exosmosis.
2. a subtle or gradual absorption or mingling: He never studies but seems to learn by osmosis.
1/31/08                                                           Math Problem
           Caroline buys two thrids of apple juice on the shelf. There are 2 wholes on the shlef. Then Antonia goes and buys three fifths of the apple jucie. How much apple juice is left on the shelf?
1/30/08                                     The Idea About The story
    The Idea I came up with is to give a piece of contrution paper to each kid and they wirte their name on top. Then you pass it around they room and everyone writes one thing nice about the person.
1/30/08                     My Birthday Party                                                                                 
                  On Febuary 2nd I am having a small brithday party with three friends. We are going to go to  the movies to see the Hannah Montana/ Jonas Brother concert that they turned into a 3D movie. After that I am going to Gosho's they place were they cook in front of you. After that i want to have a sleepover but   my Mom said she would think about it. I am really excited for my birthday party with my 3 friends. before    the movie started we were going to go to the Harlem Wizards game but we are not anymore because my   friend who is coming to my birthday party cant go to the wizards game because she has a soccer game to go to.
1/28/08                                         Macbook Air
Youtube video of the Macbook Air.
1/23/08                                  Hannah Montana Movie Tickets Not Easy to Get Either
        This artical is about the popstar Hannah Motana/Miley Cyrus. This artical said that her concert tickets were really hard to get and they made her concert into a movie. But they said that the movie tickets were not easy to get either. Every one is a little mad that they couldn't get concert tickets but when they heard about the movie they said it made parents happier. Then when they tried to get tickets to the movie and they couldn't they were really mad. They also said that on movietickets.com this movie was the best seller and they were selling thousands per day. I hope the poeple that wanted the tickets get them.
1/9/08                                                    Goose Bumped No More
This article is about former Yankee relief pitcher Rich Gossage. Yesterday he was selected  to the Baseball Hall of Fame with 86 percent of the votes. They will soon announce witch team he will represent in Cooperstown. He believes he will be representing the Yankees because he played for them the longest and had the most success with them.   He played for the Yankees from 1978-1983.  He also played for other teams like the White Sox, the Giants, the Rangers and so on and was on 9 all star teams. He was baseball's most intimadating relief pitcher. It took him nine tries to get into the Hall of Fame and he has finally received enough votes to fianally have a place in Cooperstown.  Gossage is thrilled and relieved to finally have made it.
1/2/08                           Police examining items for signs tiger was taunted


In San Francisco zoo two boys named Paul Dhaliwal and Kulbir Dhaliwal were taunting a tiger and the tiger jumped over the wall and scratched one of the boys and killed the other. As soon as the tiger jumped over the wall one of the brothers ran to a cafe at the zoo trying to tell everyone that a tiger had escaped and finally someone called the police but by the time the police got there the other brother died from the tiger. They said if the zookeeper acted earlier the boy might not have died and the police might have not shot the tiger.






12/21/07                              Winter Vacation

Over the Christmas vacation on Christmas Eve I am going to my grandma's house to celebrate my birthday and Chriatmas with the family. On Christmas everyone will come to my house and we will eat dinner at my house with the same people we saw on Christmas Eve!

I can't wait to wake up on Christmas and see all of my gifts under the tree and this year my uncle is here and he is staying at our house so he will be here on Christmas morning! I can't wait!!!




12/10/07                                What Happened To The Warden?


   I think that the warden got put into jail because of all the bad stuff she did. Like, she tried to take the chest from Stanley. Another thing that I think happened to her is she got put in a nursing home so she doesn't do anything bad or go crazy because she wants the treasure chest with the money in it. That is what I think happened to the warden.



10/31/07                                          Halloween

Today is halloween. I am so excited to go trick-or-treating with my friends Charlotte Clement and Christina Cella. I am going to be a japanese person at school and at home I am goignt to be minnie mouse. 


10/29/07                                    math  problem

I have 62 cupcakes and I have 16 hungery friends. If I give the same amount to each friend  how many cupcakes would each friend get?           





10/25/07                         The Opera

I am really excited to go to the opera because we acted it out and now we get to see it with all the real actors and we get to see them sing. The only thing is that I have a fear of heights so I hope that we are not that high up. I am also excited to see what the coach bus is going to look like because I have never been in or seen one before. The opera seems like a fun field trip to me but maybe not to other people. Another thing I am excited about is that I get to sit next to Jen! I hope I have a lot of fun.




10/21/07                                   Ashley Tisdale 

Yesterday was great. Me and my best friends Katie and Sarah went to the mall to see a singer Ashley Tisdale. They know her personal manager so we went backstage. After we went to meet her. She is so nice. I was so happy I was able to meet her. I got her autograph and it is hanging up on my wall. It was the best weekend I ever had!!



10/18/07                                          Mature

           Mature means to act your age. For example if you are a baby you will probly cry a lot but if you are 10 you should act like you are 10. Today in the classroom a lot of poeple were acting immature. They couldn't control laughing and they were calling out and being loud during a lesson. Next time I think that we sould act more mature.






10/17/07                  13-Foot-4, 900 Pound Gator Cought In Sandford




This story is about an alligator that was cought in sanford. It was a 13 feet long and wieghed over 800 pounds. It was cought on Tuesday night. It was living in Lake Monore. They cought the alligator because there were missing pets around the same area that the alligator was in. They said "the next stop for the alligator is the meat processor and that  the value of his meat would go for $1,000. 




10/16/07                                               podcasting

                     I love the idea of podcasting I think it will be very fun. I can't wait to start the scary story's and the bullying project. I also think it is cool that we could change our voices and then listen to it. I also think it is cool that you can make it adio or make a movie. I am really excited to start the podcasting!!!


   10/16/07                                                                      Ideas for podcasting

Some of my ideas for podcasts are we could make a podcast on how the podcast works or a podcast about our favorite place to be. Another one of my ideas is to make a podcast on our old teachers or to make a podcast on a person we admire or our best friend.



10/16/07                                                   bullying

Bullying is very mean I had an asembally about bullies and now I know almost everything about them.There are 3 diffrent kinds of bulies there are emotional bullies, physical bullies, and internet bullies.



 10/11/07                          Dog Saves Family From Fire Blammed on Cat 

After reading the article about a dog saving his family from a fire in their house. I thought that what the dog did was very smart, he was able to save his family from a fire. I also thought is was not smart of the guy to leave on a kerosene lantern while he was sleeping because his cat knocked it over when he was sleeping. The dog,Thumper was smart enough that he woke the guy,Cote up. Thumper woke Cote up just in time that he could dial 911. I think that Cote should give his dog a big thank you!     




10/10/07                                    scary  story  ideas

Today I have to write 5 things that would be good in a scary storys. This is what I think is good in a scary story!


  • the name of a lake, Shadow Lake
  • shadows walking
  • footsteps walki g behind you
  • goast  saying boo 
  • crooked sidewalk
  • little kids screamimg
    Those are the things that i want to be in my scary story!!!!!!!!!
    Here is my scary story:
    There once was to little girls named Caitlin and Katie it was Halloween night and the were trick-or-treating on there block. They were walking to there friends house to trick-or-treat and Katie heard a weird noise but Caitlin did not Katie looked down the block and she saw a shadow she told Ciatlin but she thougth Katie was crazy. Katie got scacred so she ran to her Mom and Caitlin told her mom she told them that she heard a scary noise and saw a big shadow. At first she did not belive Katie but then Katie told her mom to look down the block and her mom could see the shadow too. Caitlin and her mom look down the block again and did not see anything Katie and her mom tried to picture what the weird shadow was but the could not figure it out. Catlin and her mom left they got scared because Katie and her mom saw this weird shadow but Caitlin and her mom could not. When Caitlin and her mom left Katie and her mom went down the block to get closer to the shadow. When they fianlly got to the end of the block it was gone. Katie's mom said that there was a really scary lake, Shadow Lake no one ever swam in it. Katie and her mom hopped in the car and drove down to shadow lake and there was the shadow swimming in the lake. They got back in the car and drove straghit home. The next day Katie went to Caitlins house she told Caitlin what happend last night. She told Caitlin that her and her mom went to Shadow Lake and saw the shadow swimming in the lake. Caitlin thought Katie was still CRAZY that she saw a shadow swimming. Caitlin told Katie that it was impossible for a shadow to swim. Katie thought maybe it was a dream and it seamed real but it wasn't. After a while Katie went home and told her mom the crazy dream she had. Katie tried to explain to her mom the dream and when she was finally done explaining to her mom her mom said it was a real story and it happed last night. The next night Katie and her mom went for a walk down the block and on there way they saw this guy dressed in all black he asked them if they had a place he could stay he told them he was new here and didn't no were to find a hotel around here Katie told her mom to say no because it reminded her of the shadow her mom didn't listen to her and told they guy he could stay in her house. The guy said thank you so much, my name is Fred and he was new here. Katie's mom took him to the guest room that night she made hot cocoa for him he went to bed a few hours later when he went to bed Katie's mom went up stairs to her bed and tucked in Katie and went to bed. In the morning she went down stairs to check on Fred and he was gone and they window was open alll there was, was a shadow waiting at the window. And the rest is a mystery?¿ 





10/1/07                                                     footsteps

One day i was watching tv with my babysitter. We were watching a show called a huanting. These people lived in a house that was 100 years old. They just got back from vacation and they thougth somthing odd was going on in there house. Only two peolpe live in this big house a mom and her daughter. One day the girl and her mom were down in the basment and there lamp started shaking and they could hear a little girl screaming and her footsteps.They also heard big feetwalking across the basment. They said the most comin noise was footsteps going up stairs. After the noise would never stop and they were everyday noises the moved out of the house because of all the scary noises. If I was them I would have done the same thing.







                                                                 my dog                                                                                              

I have a dog. His name is tucker. He does some really crazy things. He eats everything he can get to.He ate barbie dolls,stuffed animals, sticks, acorns,grass(when he is board),water bottles, shoes,garbage, and alot of stuff‼

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Anonymous said

at 9:01 pm on Oct 20, 2007

I think you are VERY mature and you act your age. Also very good paragraph.

Anonymous said

at 7:03 pm on Nov 8, 2007

i <3 your neckleace that you made at girlscouts!!! The that i made has alot of mastakes. one day can you help me make one.

Anonymous said

at 8:32 pm on Nov 20, 2007

I can't belive that were sitting next to eachother!

Anonymous said

at 3:08 pm on Nov 22, 2007

I like your writing jess! I didn't know you had a dog!

Anonymous said

at 7:51 pm on Jan 3, 2008

Good writing! It is so cool you met Ashley Tisdale!! I love your haircut! It is very pretty!

Anonymous said

at 3:43 pm on Jan 30, 2008

Hey Jessie! Have a Great time at your B-day party!! I know how much you love the Jonas brothers and Hanah Montanah so I am geussing you are very excited! Have a great time!

Anonymous said

at 9:02 am on Feb 26, 2008

Heyy Jessie!! I love ur entries!! c ya la8ter!!

Anonymous said

at 5:34 pm on Jun 5, 2008


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