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Heyyyyy! Long time no see!  Just wanted to say congrats to Mr. P. for being the computer teacher.  Looking back, 5th grade was pretty fun, and a year to remember.  The Middle School, is awesome!  It is great because of the fun teachers, getting to buy lunch, and moving around from class to class.  My core teachers are Mrs. Shea (ELA and S.S.), Mrs. Nardone (Math), Mrs. Fusci (science), and Ms. Donner (Science).  Okay off school.  Onto baseball!  Our first season (Lightning) we finished 12-5-1, and got to the semi-finals.  Our second season (this past spring) we went undefeated, 10-0, and won the championship!  If I do say so myself, we are the most dominant team for our age in our town.  Last September, we went to a tournament in Maryland called Ripken.  We had 3 games, the first one we won, but the next 2 we lost.  But the really horrible part is, the team we beat went on to win the championship!  But it's okay because we did really well for our first tournament.  Next season we have 4 tournaments planned. 2 Ripken (Maryland), Sports at the Beach (Deleware), and Baseball Heaven (out on Long Island).  Please wish us luck!  Sorry, got to go.  Hope I could come back soon, but the Middle School and other after-school activities keep me booked.  Bye!




















Hi guys, I just wanted to give you an update about my new team, the Long Island Lightning.  In September we are going to a tournament in Maryland, I think.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Getting to lead on the basepath is really fun.  Believe it or not, running on the bases is probably the easiest part.  I think that my batting average for this season so far is somewhere in the .500's (If you don't know the terms of baseball, batting average is how many times you hit the ball out of 10, so I hit it a little more than half the time and that's pretty good, not to be a bragger :)  In the start of the season I've mostly palyed outfield, and I'll tell you, I'm NOT the best outfielder.  Then finally, I got a chance at second base, and not to brag again, but I was eating up the ball!  Now I am at second base, and happy to be there.  I also play a little 3rd, and I pitch.  Our record for Lightning is 10-5-1.  Not bad.  But we have a doubleheader against the second worst team in the league, (not to put anyone down.)  So a finish in the season 12-5-1, is pretty good.  But we are aiming for the playoffs.  The top 4 teams make it to the playoffs and there are 12 teams in the league.  Right now we are in 4th, (according to www.ncyaa.org.)  I can't wait for the playoffs and the tournament.  Let's go Lightning!













Dear Mr, Pollitt,                June 12th

I think this should be the last day of homework because the weather is getting nice out and kids want to go outside and play.  Also, kids might have sports games and practices, or instrument lessons, so they might be busy.  If we don't have enough time to do it then we might get it wrong, or even forget it.  Did you know the GC Pool is opening this week, on Saturday, (June 14th, one day before my birthday)?  I think we shouldn't have homework so we don't have to worry about homework at the last minute.  I also don't want to worry about homework on my birthday, at my party.  Since it is our last few days in Elementary school ever, and you want us to have fun and enjoy it, I think you should give us no homework.







I think on hot days school should end early.  Our cousins in NJ had school end early the past few days, it's the same here and we didn't have the day off!  Yesterday in Garden City, NY the temperature at 1:50 p.m. was about 103 F and felt like 109 F!  I think the school should look at the forecast for the day and if it's over 100 degrees, we should have a half-day.  Then we could relax, maybe go in the sprinklers, go in a pool, play with the hose, or water guns.  Or we could watch TV, go on the computer, or read.  We should at least have air conditioning!  Cheap GC school district!













The Stewert Opera was pretty good.  If I had to rate it, it would score about a 30 on a scale of 50.  The play was called "The Magic Flute" and the main characters name was Pamino.  I actually knew both Paminos.  One because he used to go to Stratford and he is on one of my travel baseball teams.  The other I know because he used to be one of my friends in Hemlock.  I thought the singing was pretty good, especially the Queens.  Overall, it was a little better than my expectations.









Even though Obama and Clinton are rivals, I think Clinton would make a good vice-pres for Obama.  Vice presidents are supposed to have qualities that the president does not have.  So now Clinton can get woman voters, and working class men.  I think they could make a great team.  I'm gonna have to go with Robbie on this one.


P.S.- Obama clinched!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    









I am writing in these colors in honor of the United States and the democrats in the Presidential Election.  I think that Barack Obama has it clinched tommorow.  Wrapped up in the bag, knock on wood.  Even though Obama lost to Clinton in Puerto Rico, he still has the lead in delegates.  The only reason Clinton isn't dropping out is because the Super-delegates can change their opinions, and switch their candidates.  The delegate count is:


Obama            Clinton

2,072              1,916                                                                                                                          






Camp Jewel, Colebrook Connecticut!!!



Sorry it's a little hard to read but these are the official colors for Camp Jewel Colebrook, Connecticut!  I'll tell you more about Colebrook later, because now I have to go.  Bye!









Current Events, New York Times-








Soooo........ Mets crush the Yankees in the Subway series.  I hate to gloat like this, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I'm done.  No wait it's coming back, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Okay, now I'm done.  Anyway, Mets beat the Yanks, and are in 2nd place in their division.  Yesterday, the Mets won 11-2.  It's great!





How I think the rest of the school will react to our cleaning up the courtyard is..... good.  I heard Mr. Wollis saying that he would like to help.  I also think the rest of the school will look up to us because we are 5th graders.  I think the Pollitt class of '08 should donate a bench that we could make, out of leftover wood.  We could also all sign it.  I am really looking forward to the rest of cleaning up the courtyard.








Current Events-








    As you can see Barack Obama wins in North Carolina!  Obviously!  He got 65 delegates and Clinton only got 50 delegates!  Things are starting to look up!  Knock on wood, but it looks like Obama's got it in the bag!







I also need to make a math problem with multiplying fractions.  Here it is-


Max has a pie and there are 25 children.  Each child gets 2 1/4 pieces.  How many pieces are there altogether?







I think a good name for a horse would be "yurmomma."  It would be really funny when the commentator says "and it's yurmomma rounding the course, running like a bullet, and there she goes..... she wins!"  That would be hilarious!  And here's a quote from Jared D, the jockey "She's a smart HORSE!"  Get it, get it?!  Ahhhh, I crack myself up!









Ahhhhhh, Spring Fever.  Everyone gets it, no matter who you are!  It's when you are looking forward to Spring, a little too much.  Everyone gets excited, for the good weather or the sports, especially baseball.  Or, even if you want school to be over.  Spring Fever is great, but can sometimes get a little out of hand.









I'm depressed..... Hillary Clinton won in Pennsylvania :(  I'm soooo upset!  Here's my reaction to this article-








I can't believe Hillary clinton won in Pennsylvania!  She also won in double digits, by about %10.  I also think that in this article only has Clinton supporters, especially at the end, when they had their quotes.  But Obama still has 8 days until the North Carolina and Indiana primary.  Here's the standings in delegates- 











Hi! Current Events time!-







Here is an article about Clinton and Obama facing off in a key state, Pennsylvania!  Obama is still in the lead in overall delegates, but anything can happen in the state of "brotherly love" (I think!)  I still want Barack Obama to be the democratic nominee, and the president of the United States!  Hillary Clinton leads Obama by about 5 points, and she was ahead of him by double digits 2 weeks ago!  This is going to be a great debate! 












April 10th, 2008


I'm writing in these colors in honor of my new baseball team, the Long Island Lightning.  Our first game is tomorrow.  I really hope we do well because I don't want to be on a losing team again, no offense GC Slammers.  Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for our first game!  I hope it doesn't get rained out because it's supposed to rain on Friday.  Anyway, wish me luck!











Here's is the link for the protesters in San Francisco from Tibet, about the Olympic Torch:













For Jeb we need to find a case about anything.  Mine is about Roger Clemens, here it is:






I am also going to bring this article into school, because I think that's what Mr. Pollitt wants us to do.  Anyway, I've done an article similar to this and it's about Roger Clemens claiming that his ex-trainer, Brian McNamee didn't inject him with performance enhancing drugs, or steroids.  But McNamee says that he did give Clemens steroids.  I think it is bad for McNamee both ways because if he's telling the truth he goes to jail, but for a shorter time.  If he's lying, he goes into an even worse prison for a long time.  I don't know if it's just that I'm a Yankees fan, but I think I believe Roger Clemens.






Over the break was really fun!  My friends came over almost every day of the week.   Also, on Sunday it was Easter so we went to Mass, my Aunt came over too.  On Tuesday, my Mom, brother, and I went out to lunch.  My Dad wasn't there because he was working.  After that I had baseball practice at 2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. and after that I had baseball practice in the batting cages from 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.  So overall, I played baseball for 4 hours!  Today I am really sore!  We got to go, bye!





Hi!  Here is my article on any of the presidential candidates, and I picked Barack Obama!  











Now I'm going to do my two facts on the Jane Goodall "Roots & Shoots" Program.  Here they are:


1. Dr. Jane Goodall talks and educates young children

2. Goodall says a lifetime working with animals and watching their habitats disintegrate in the face of poverty, development, war and bad politics has made her campaign for different reasons.










Today for Jeb we need to write a paragraph on our new governor David Paterson.  He is taking the place of Elliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York, who was recently involved in something we are not aloud to talk about.  Anyway, Paterson is legally blind in both eyes.  But that doesn't stop him or even slow him down.  Did you know he went to Hofstra University School of Law?  I didn't, so he can't be that bad.  Gov. Paterson was the former 74th Lieutenant of New York State.  I am looking forward for David Paterson's future as the 55th New York Governor.







Hi everyone!  For extra-credit, March Madness this year officially starts on March 15th.  Three traditions for St. Patrick's Day are that there are parades in Ireland (obviously!) and a big one in New York City, and every year they dye the Chicago River green.  Bye!









J-rod here,                                         3/12/08

Today we have the day off from school because it's "Superintendent's Day" (I think) and Parent Teacher Conferences.  Today I have piano lessons.  I am doing some new songs like "Blue Suede Shoes," "Heartbreak Hotel," "When Doves Cry," and my newest song "Bohemian Rhapsody."  I am also doing my NYSSMA piece which is called the "Giraffe Who Liked Mozart."  Anyway, talk to you later. 











Hola!  Commo estas?  I just got back from play practice, and for Jeb we have current events about politics.  Here's my link:





This isn't really an article, but it is the overall polls for the democratic candidates so far on March 4th, 2008 at about 4:40 p.m.  As you can tell, Barack Obama is ahead so far, but Hillary Clinton is leading in average delegates in Texas and Rhode Island according to this website (CNN).  But not to worry Obama fans, these are just the starting polls.  Sen. Obama is leading in average delegates in Wyoming, Vermont, Ohio and Mississippi.  Some people call it "Super Tuesday Jr.," or others even think it's more important than Super Tuesday.  It's looking good for both candidates, but who will pull off the win?












What's up everyone?!  I'm back from the Dominican Republic!  Over there was probably the most fun vacation that I could remember.  We went to the beach and pool almost every day!  The reason we went because it was my Mom's birthday, on the 27th (of February).  On my Mom's birthday we went to a place called "Ocean World."  It's like "Sea World," but only better and much less crowded.  They had snorkeling, and different animal shows like sea lion, bird and sharks.  I'll tell you more later.







Hi guys.  For Jeb we need to write a beginning sentence to a story.  Here it is, 

"Rick thought everything looked the same in Singletown, except for one thing.......... himself.












Hi guys!                         2/6/08

Sorry I haven't written in a while, and I have great news.  The Giants won the Super Bowl!  I had faith in them since the beginning of the season!  Anyway, back to the subject.  For Jeb, I need to tell you if there were any changes in the 2008 candidates, from Super Tuesday (yesterday) to today.  So far, there have been no changes in the candidates.  The most recent person who dropped out was John Edwards.  That is your update on the presidential candidates, for the 2008 election.  Bye! 











This is the meaning of the word "OSMOSIS"-



the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane.
b. the diffusion of fluids through membranes or porous partitions.


The other part of Jeb is a fractions word problem.  Here it is-


Ryan and Jack have different sports balls.  Two eighths are baseballs, three eighths are basketballs, one is a laccrosse ball, one is a tennis ball, and one is a soccer ball.  Which sport has the most amount of balls? 






In school we read a book called "You are Special," it was a pretty good book.  I have two ideas for projects.  One is pretty hard, but it should be really fun.  We should all get star stickers, and only star stickers, to give to other people if they are being good.  My second idea is doing a writing project, on how many stars or gray dots we would get on average.  Or you could write if the stickers don't stick to because you don't believe in anything other people say, just what you think.  Those are my two ideas of how we could do a project on the book "You are Special."





This entry is in school, and I just finished spell-checking my whole journal!  I feel sad for Joey because he needs to go through over 100 entries!  Luckily, he is a really good writer so he doesn't make that many mistakes!  Last night I had Religion (CCD) and I had baseball practice in the batting cages.  Our team is having a raffle for the Super Bowl, to raise money for a tournament and our uniforms.  It's really hard to sell them because they are $50 a ticket!  But I sold 10, and other people have sold less than 7.  One person sold about 40!  I can't wait until the season starts!  I'm sorry I keep repeating that, but I'm just so excited!  In Vaddadon (= school, from tillop gnals) we made websites, and mine is about baseball.  I just finished it a few days ago, and I am really happy the way it came out.  I have a few different sub-pages including- The Basics, MLB Teams, Equipment, Statistics, Positions, My Recomendations, and References.  I worked really hard on it, and looked for all the information possible.  Wow, this might be my longest entry, right beside my Scary Halloween Story.  My third longest entry is probably my Thanksgiving summary.  So the standings are 1st- Halloween Scary Story, 2nd- This, my miscellaneous entry, and 3rd- My Thanksgiving Summary.  I really do not know what to write about because I told you everything that happened yesterday, and about my baseball team.  I know!  The school play/musical is Willy Wonka Jr. a combination of songs from both the 1st and 2nd movie.  I got the part of an Oompa- Loompa!  It is what I wanted to be from the beginning, and I didn't even need to audition.  It's going to be really fun, to see all of my friends perform.  The cool thing is, my really good friend, Kyle, is one of the two main parts, Charlie Bucket!  I am really happy and proud of him.  This article is getting really long.  Okay, the time in the Computer Lab is ending, so I need to save and say goodbye. :(  Goodbye everyone and you have witnessed history of Jared's Online Journal.  Bye! 









Hello everyone!

For Jeb we need to find a graph.  Mine is a line graph.  Sorry the link is so long, I searched it on Google so that's why.  Enjoy!





 Jeb is a link for an invention, here's mine:




It's really cool, check it out.




HI!                           1/26/08

Today I have a busy day, because first my parents are making me go for a haircut.  I disagree with them, because my hair is not long at all.  Next, I have a basketball game, but I am only going to play for one half because I have Lightning (my new baseball team) practice.  Today practice is really important because former MLB player Jose Visciano is coming!  It's going to be really fun!







For Jeb we have current events, free choice:




This article is about a man who killed his cellmate, because he thought he ate his snack cake!  Talk about paranoid!  He was sentenced to another 25-65 years in prioson.  19 year old Benny Rochelle was in court from another drug-related inccident when he noticed his cake was gone.  He killed a man named Jose Estrada, and threw his head down on the concrete jail cell!  This is a very sad story...........










Hi everyone!

I am doing this font color in honor of the bamboo backround, I love it!  The class could vote on either pink, or bamboo.  Pink Love is next month, for Valentine's Day.  I can't wait for the long weekend, it's going to be awesome.  By the way, this is a salute to Martin Luther King Jr., "I have a dream...... that I will rule the world! MWAHAHAHAHA!"  Sorry, that was random, Merry Weekend!







For the first part of my homework, I need to find two websites about baseball, my website topic.  Here they are:





These are two great websites about baseball.  ESPN, and MLB.  Now on to my second part of homework, current events.  Today's topic is National News. 



This article is about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, two democrats in the race against republicans for the presidency of the Unitied States.  In perticular, this article is about Clinton and Obama fighting for the African American votes.  And they are accusing each other of being raisist.  I would think they African Americans, would vote for Obama, considering he is the first elidgeable African American president.  Personally, I would vote for Barack Obama.  



For homework we need to make up a word that means something else.  For example, in the book Frindle, a "Frindle," is a pen.  My word is "Jeb," and it means homework.  I chose this word because it is quick and easy to say.  It is also unusual, so nobody will forget it.  Now on to my 2nd part of my homework, current events.  This time it's on my favorite subject, Sports!  Here it is:    




This article is about baseball and the problems they are having about steroids.  Roger Clemens claims that he did NOT take steroids after his trainer said he injected him with them.  Now Clemens is throwing a lawsuit against his trainer, Brian McNamee. Other players that were named in the Mitchell Report included: Paul LoDuca, Andy Pettite, and Barry Bonds.  I think taking steroids is wrong, and it is a bad influence to kids.  It is also unfair to other baseball players.






I am writing this short hello from Robbie's house.  So, Hello!  When we played Guitar Hero 3, I won!!! And It's my first time playing!  It was awesome!  But, I got to give Robbie his "props" (credit). Bye! 




This is my Current Events link: 



My reaction to this article is that people should not live next to active volcanoes.  The lava could burn their homes, or even kill them.  It is dangerous and unsafe.  I also agree that such a massive evacuation wasn't necessary, considering that the volcano didn't really erupt with lava.  Just with smoke and ash.  This article teaches you that all volcanoes are dangerous, even if they haven't erupted in years. 









This entry is in school,                               1/2/08

         Tonight I have piano lessons, and baseball practice.  I might have not told you, but I joined a new travel baseball team.  It is not for GCAA, it is for Long Island.  Our name is the LI Lightning.  We are playing on a bigger field, with leading, and pickoffs.  If we are good, in a few years we could go to Cooperstown for a tournament.  Don't worry, I'm still playing for the GC Slammers.  Some of our games could end at 10:00 p.m.!  I can't wait until the season starts.  I hope we are good and play as a team.  Most of my friends from the Slammers are joining this team too.  We need to learn new things too, like picking off a runner when he's on base.

           My piano lessons are sometimes fun, when we play good songs.  I've been playing piano since I was about 6 years old, but we stopped for half a year because we needed to find a new teacher.  I also play the saxophone, and I am trying to teach myself how to play the guitar.  Out of those 3 instruments piano is the easiest.  If you don't play an instrument, you should try the piano!










HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE!!!!                                            1/1/07




Last night was very tiring,  we stayed up untill about 12:30 in the morning to watch the ball drop in NYC.  Only my Grandma and I could stay up that late!  When we went to the city earlier in the day for lunch, it was crazy because of all the tourists that came to see the ball!  There was still about 8 hours left untill they dropped the ball, anyway!  I hope 2008 will fun and filled with excitement.  I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!






Hey guys, Christmas was fun!                                 12/31/07

Today is going to be fun because my family and I are going to NYC for lunch.  We are going to China-Town and eating Malaysian food.  I can't wait! 

P.S.- Happy New Years! 








Sorry I haven't written in a while, I went to the doctor and found out that I had the flu!  So it's Wednesday, and that means story or poem using 10 Spelling words.  Here it is:


It is the holiday season and relashionships blossom.  Take that special someone shopping and try to spend more than a quarter!  Try buying some clothes made out of cloth.  It may not cost a dollar, but it's worth it!  Make sure you get a jacket with a collar, to keep their bodies warm.  Of course, you could look toward offering them a hat and scarf too!  Try to make this holiday season special!   






Some people like swimming in a pool of risk.  For example, some people slip into a ditch for a living!  I don't want to lose my limb and walk on a limp for the rest of my life.   I could break my wrist or something!  I would like to strip off my clothes, into my pajamas.  I would also like to enjoy a pitcher of skim milk, sitting in my kitchen. 






Current Events Link........                               12/12/07






               This article is about the NY Jets trying to steal the NE Patrots signs by spying on them.  But, that was last year.  This year the Patriots tried to steal the Jets signs in the first game of the season.  The punishment of the Patriots; was head coach, Bill Belichick, getting fined $500,000 and an additional $250,000 for the Patriots.  The Patriots also must surrender a first-round draft pick because they made it to the playoffs.  The Packers also claimed that the Patriots were trying to steal their signs also.  The NFL's rules state that you are not aloud to have seperate video cameras in the coaches booth, or any other team facility.  I think it is the wrong thing to do.








      Today I am out of school because I have a headache, sore-throat, and a pretty bad cough.  I wanted to go to school, but my Mom didn't let me.  I am being serious.  I have nothing to do and in the afternoon I have my Religion mid-term test.  I also have baseball practice in the batting cage.  I hope we aren't doing anything important in school today, besides P.E., which isn't that important.  Bye!






Guess what?  We just finished reading the book Holes, and need to write "what happened to the warden."

            It was a hot summer day and the ex-warden of Camp Green Lake had just finished doing her community services.  She settled down in Southern Florida in a small apartment.  Instead of trying to clean her record like other Camp Green campers, she took another route.  She drove all the way back to camp and searched for days, months, 6 months and 17 days to be exact. What was she searching for?  She was looking for that same hole that Stanley found the golden tube and a treasure chest.  Even if she did find the hole, she woudn't have found anything because Stanley and Zero dug for an extra few feet.  The warden said she would never stop looking until she died.  What happened to her?  Nobody knows ..... there were no witnesses.  She could of climbed all the way up to the top of God's Thumb to try to survive on dirty water and onions or just buried herself in a random hole to stay there and pass away.    










Hey!                                                          12/5/07

      This entry is in school, while we are waiting for the Albigs (our buddies).  We are doing different countries New Years celebrations.  I have the Philippines.  I think I hear the Albigs.  Bye! 







Current Events link, here we go again: 







This is really amazing....... not that surprising, since all animals in the monkey family are almost as smart as humans (maybe smarter).  Before this I didn't even know that Ham (a monkey) went on a spaceship into space!  Two monkey's Baker and Able also went into space and lived!  But Able died 4 days after they landed on my birthday, (June 15th) :(  Luckily Baker survived and died at the old age of 27, for monkeys.  I really got to show this article to Tom.  Once again I say I am not surprised about these animals, but I sure am amazed. 






Now I am going to write about my Thanksgiving.................. As most of you know I needed to leave early on Wednesday to get to Ohio on time.  When we left the drive was crazy!  It's a good thing I don't get carsick anymore! :)  Overall, the car drive was 12 hours long, but we stopped for dinner, and ran a few errands.  So it was really about 11 hours long, but it should of only taken 9-10.  We got to my cousin's house at about 11:30 p.m. and went to sleep at about 3:00 a.m.!  The next day I was sick ^+^!!  I had a severe headache, stuffy nose, and a sore throat.  It was not good!  I couldn't spend any time with my cousins and play with them!  There goes the perfect Thanksgiving! :(  But things looked up the next day, because I got better and we visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, we saw where the Cavs play, where the Indians play, and we went bowling!  On the last day we had to leave early in the morning.  We couldn't say a proper goodbye though because we were all half asleep.  This Thanksgiving was definetly better than last years!







Here is a current events link for homework:







            In the first part of the article they tell some hazardous toys.  I disagree with most of the toys they put on the list, because if you think about it any toy could hurt someone.  In the second part of the article, it tells you that between 1990 and 2005, over 166 children  choked to death on some toys.  I think that it's the parents fault that the child choked for not watching them.  I also think that it's a boy's nature to get hurt, on a skateboard or inline skates.  The only thing I do agree with is not sending lead-painted toys to the U.S.  Some of the paint could be toxic.  Overall, I do not agree with this article.   







        Today I have a 5th grade mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Church.  Just for the record, I'm Catholic.  At the mass I need to read the 1st Reading.  After the mass, I don't know what I'm going to do.  I don't like Sunday's because it's the last day of the weekend.  At least this week will be much shorter.  I love Thanksgiving!  For the last 3 years our whole family has went to our family in Ohio, it's our tradition.  This year it's only my Mom, Dad, my brother Adam, myself, and maybe my dog.  Last year our whole family got the stomach virus.  My brother and I threw-up the whole ride home.  It hurt, a lot!  I hope this Thanksgiving is better than last years!









J-rod back again!                       11/12/07

      Here are some pictures of my favorite sports teams:


 I play no favs!






For homework we need to use 10 spelling words, and I am making a story.  Here it is:

       It was HALLOWEEN night here in Eddy Lueger land.  It was so scary, you could taste the FRIGHT in the air.  I went down to the CREEK, and you wouldn't believe what I saw.  It was a man BLEEDING!  I RIFLED through my pocket to find some kind of weapon, all I found was a little NEEDLE!  I was a pitcher for my little league team, so I knew my 60 mph fastball had to come in handy sometime.  I chucked it as hard as I could, and it hit him right on the SLEEVE of his left arm.  I took a whole PIECE of his arm off!  It was pretty EXCITING, but at the same time creepy.  Suddenly, I tripped and fell into the lake!  ALL RIGHT, all right, you got me.  I was making it all up! 








Wiki,                                                       11/4/07

        You can't guess what happened at my game.  We won!  And I made an amazing doubleplay by catching a ball in leftfield and making a throw home without any cut-off!  You should have been there, it was awesome!  What away to end the season!  Here's a link for the extra credit:








Hey!                                                          11/4/07

        Yesterday my brothers baseball game got cancelled and only the other team knew.  So our whole team showed up, but theirs didn't.  I wanted my brothers team to lose anyway, just kidding!  Today I have a baseball game and we are playing another GC U10 team.  I hope we win, and I really want to pitch.  See ya later!

P.S.- I might come back to write after my game, MIGHT.  







Dear Wiki,                                        11/3/07

            My Mom just got in a car accident!  It wasn't bad, no one got hurt.  Only the car got really dented.  My Mom got in an accident with 

 Somebody's  Mom. 


        Here's the true story:

         My Mom was driving my brother and his friend to their baseball game.  She's droping them off at the gate in Community Park and she parks.  A car is driving in front of her, stops and backs right in to her car!  Listen to this, the other driver lied to her insurance company and said that she was parked and my Mom rammed into her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The nerve of some people these days!     









          Today I have a soccer game.  I might not go because I don't feel like it. :)  Not that I'm sick or anything, I just hate soccer.  My brother has a baseball game today. That might be cancelled if it rains.  I also have baseball practice in the batting cages, at 4:00.  I have a bat called the Easton Stealth, it's really amazing.  I paid for it myself.  It was about $200, including tax!  I never use it in batting cages because your not supposed to use your bat to hit the balls they pitch to you.  You're supposed to borrow a bat.  The balls are like softballs, but smaller and yellow with dents in them.  Bye!    









J-rod here,

             Today is Halloweeeeeen!  I am going to be Count Dracula.  Everyone is asking me what I am being because they see my dress clothes on.  I can't wait untill after school to go trick-or-treating!  I am playing in the school band, saxaphone.  We have to play an anoying Halloween song repeatedly, and march around. 







          For homework, we need to make up a Math Journal problem.  I hope it's good.

         There are 131 people on an airplane with 200 seats, going to India.  79 people get off when they stop in Egypt, and 61 people get on.  But there are 17 flight attendants, who also take up seats.  How many seats are leftover?           









Dear Wiki,

         My brother has so many problems, it's not even funny.  For example, when we go outside to have a baseball catch.  We play about 10ft away from each other and he throws the ball as hard as he can!  And he throws it so badly,  more than 10ft away from me!  Then he gives me a look and says "what the ............., you should have cought that!!!!"  He has some real problems!  Just kidding, (or am I).....  










I'm baaaaaaaaack!                                                               10/26/07

    Tommorow my brother has a baseball game, and my parents have to go to a batmitsfa.  Which is a girls barmitsfa.  On Sunday, I have a baseball game.  Did I tell you that we won a game?  Ya, we beat Mineola 22-1!  It wasn't last game, but 2 games ago.  I'm not kidding!  It was a no-no, (no-hitter).  I know your saying to yourself how do you let off 1 run with a no-hitter?  A lot of walks.  Tommy I. pitched 2 innings and let off nada runs, then I came in and pitched 2 innings and kept the no-no alive!  Then Joe S. came in and he pitched 1 inning and kept it burning also!  So the score was 22-0 in the bottom of the 6th and Matt I. came and pitched for 1 and he let off 3 walks >:(      ( look sideways at the face, it's FURIOUS!!!)  At least we still won!  My dream came true, we did win a game!       







YO!                                                                                     10/26/07

       Just got back from the Opera.  It was pretty good.  The first part was pretty boring, but after the Intermission, it was better.  Because first of all it was much funnier, and it had better songs.  Overall, it was decent.  We also got to ride in coach busses.  That was one of the best parts!  Bye!   






J-rod,                                                      10/25/07

        Got some questions:


     1.  Do you play baseball?

     2. Do you like it?

       3. Why?

   Put your answer on MY comments page. Much apreciated!






Hey!                                                                            10/25/07 


       Tommorow we are going to the MET to see the play, The Magic Flute.  I can't wait to see it!  Not just because it is a total school waster :), but we get to ride coach busses, sit on a high floor in the MET, and I would just enjoy watching it.  I also get to sit next to Robbie during the Opera.  I'm totally looking forward to the Opera because I love showbiz :)  The only bad part is that we need to dress up well for the ocasion.  The good part about dressing well is that we could borrow Mr. Pollitt's shirt ties!  I can't wait!!!!   




J-rod back again!                                                                                  10/25/07


                For homework we need to take 10 spelling words and write a story with them.  Here it is:


          Usually during class I can pay attention, but on Tuesdays, I can be less amused.  I'll tell you this, Tuesdays don't always turn out as smooth as I plan.  I hate it because it is the middle of the week and after school I have CCD.  I am always in a bad mood on Tuesdays, even if we don't have CCD.  Surely, everyone has one day they just can't stand, right?  You choose, any day you want.  I just can never be the star pupil on Tuesdays, I always need to be excused.  You might think I'm foolish for disliking Tuesdays, but I can't be bothered.  Aren't you starting to dislike Tuesdays after my little talk?







Here's another current events link:




               I am not surprised that Long Island has some of the most dangerous roads because they are the roads most traveled on.  To get from NY City to Long Island is hard because you need to go through the Midtown Tunnel or go to Queens and cross the Queens Burough Bridge.  The Southern State Parkway is the most likely to have a car crash with 68 fatal crashes.  I can't believe that there were 24,000 accidents on just 724 miles of road in NY.     



J-rod here, 

         Tommorow are the cogats.   Pretty nervous.  I hope Drew knows if he comes tommorow.  He's been sick all last week and today, Monday.

     On the animal extra credit, the person after me copied my exact words!  But I have proof I did it before them.  Yesterday we lost our baseball game!  I forgot the score but it was something - 9.  I was 0-0 with 3 walks.  Intentional, ( I wish! ).  I came in to relieve for 1 batter. Well, see ya! 









Dear Wiki,

                 Being mature means not to act childish at the appropriate times.  The definition of mature is fully grown or grown up.  Today some people weren't being very mature in class.  You can be childish at the appropriate times, but usually not in class.  An example is to laugh at the right times, not in the middle of a lesson.  In class we all need to be more mature.











      For homework we need to do current events homework and make a hyperlink.  Here it is:





         My reaction to this article is WOW!!!  This teaches adults and children that 1 man can do so much!  This is another article that people should know about.  Whem I grow up, I want to be like Al Gore and help not just the environmment but the awareness of global warming and other environment problems.  Live Earth also raised the awareness of people and helped raise money.   

        I also didn't know that Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize until now.  So that proves people don't make a big deal about important things like nature.       






Dear Wiki,                                                                                             10/16/07

           Mr. Pollitt told us to write about our opinion on Podcasts.  Here I go:

            This is the first time I've ever actually understood what a podcast is.  And I think it's really amazing.  I can't wait until we start working on it because I want to learn how to make audio and visual podcasts.  It would also be cool to change the voices of yourself when your reading your passage.  I don't have any ideas for some of the podcasts, but some other kids will have some really good ones and I want to hear theirs.  I can't wait to get started on Podcasts!     





Dear Wiki,                                                                                             10/16/07             


              My opinion on bullying, is that it is one of the meanest things I've ever heard of.  Our assembly today was all about bullies and how to deal with them.        






Dear Wiki,

              Our homework is to link an article for current events, and write a reaction about it.  Here's the link:  




                 My reaction to this article is that I agree with some people that we need to keep the population low, and I am also scared that some places are running out of resources like water, food or even clothing.  The more people in the world, the less resources there will be.  I hope that if we run out, I won't be around to see it.  It is also good that we are running out of resources, because that lowers the population.  But it is more bad than good.  It's scary that humans can  become extinct within 400 years.  This article really teaches you some things that you should be aware of.                










Wiki,                                                                                              10/10/07

      We need to write a scary story for Haloween. Which I already sort of did on "Foot Steps."  These are 5 ideas that make a scary story:

  • suspense, cliffhangers, and a surprise ending
  • scary names
  • Monsters (ghosts, vampires, warewolves, etc.)
  • scary pictures
  • a good plot (scary)

     Once there was a boy and he turned into a warepire (a warewolf/vampire) on Halloween night.  His name was Finbar Ruman.  When he was a baby, 12 evil witches had cast a spell on him.  It was all because of his mother.  She didn't believe in the story of the 12 witches and on Halloween night the witches came and said "You have made the witches furious, so we will cast the warepire curse on your son!" the witches shouted!  He turned into a warepire once every Halloween since.  He had friends as a normal teenager does, and wanted to go trick-or-treating with them, he went out and everyone thought he was wearing a costume, but he wasn't.  The only time he was vicious was for 1 hour, from 11:00p.m.-12:00a.m. and that's when he locks himself up in a cage.  So he went out with his friends and he didn't wear his watch, and he went out at 9:00.  So he thought he was safe because he had 2 hours to go trick-or-treating.  His friends were talking about this amazingly scary house that has a ride you go on and is a 5 minutes long if you go in it.  After they went trick-or-treating, they only had 5 minutes left until Finbar got vicious.  But they still needed to go to the scary house that his friends were talking about.  So since Finbar didn't have a watch he didn't know what time it was so he went into the house.  It was almost over and the time was 10:59 p.m that means he has 1 minute left!  Then all the other people on the ride turned into zombies (except for Finbar and his friends)!  Then the zombies said  "LOOK INTO MY EYES, LOOK INTO MY EYES!"  Finbar and his friends were backed into a room and then they heard BONG-BONG, IT WAS 11:00!  "ROAR!!!  GROWL!!!"  Finbar said. He turned into the carnivore warepire!  In the room they saw the 12 evil witches!  The witches said "You have been a good boy for the past 15 years, so we'll change you back!  Finbar Ruman, change into an eternal human!" they shouted!  Then 12 sparks of light came out of their fingers and Finbar turned back into his normal self!!!  Then one of his friends said "Whoa, it's not a costume!". 






Dear Wiki,                                                                                  10/1/07

    Mr. Pollitt gave us the topic "FOOT STEPS."  I don't know what to write about, so here I go.  Since my house is really old, the floor creaks, especially on the stairs.  I start to hear foot steps walking towards me, now they're getting louder and faster.  I start to hear screaming!  LOuder, FAster, LOUder, FASter, LOUDer, FASTer. Now they are turning into a SPRINT right towards me!  May I remind you it's Haloween night and pitch black inside the house decorated for Halloween, and I am PETRIFIED!!!!  Now I am starting to run away but they are still getting LOUDER and FASTER!!!  So I dive into a closet of my house and clutch onto my knees. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I see a guy with a knife in his head and blood everywhere! It turns out to be my brother in his Haloween costume! I'll get him back!!!!!





Hi everyone!                                                                                                                                                         9/25/07


 This is my online journal, I can't wait for all the fun things ahead of me in 5th grade! This is also my first time using the wiki. 


      This summer was all about baseball (mostly).  I did summer GCAA baseball and we only lost one game!  Now the travel season just started and I made the A team!  Our team is called the GC Slammers.  Last year we didn't do so well, and this year isn't looking so good either.  Last year we only won two games.  This year we lost both our games so far, the first one the score was 12-2.  I know, I know, we're pathetic.  The 2nd game the score was 7-4, not as bad.  I hope we actually win at least one game!


     Over the summer we also saw a lot of movies, like: Rush Hour 3, Mr. Beans Holiday, and Bourne Ultimatum.  We also went to Blockbuster and got the other Bourne Movies, MI (mission impossible), and Fast and Furious.  I love action movies, especially spy movies.


      I'll write more over the year. Bye!









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Anonymous said

at 5:47 pm on Nov 1, 2007

jared you did really good on the pacer to I think that you are really good at baseball and so does my brother. I think I am really good at track that how I got a high score and i do walk across america every day plus i am on a cross countrey team with jen I bet If i bet you in track you could kill me in baseball. like not kill destory me in baseball. Anyway I like all of your writeing peices that are really really good. Keep up the great work Laurel

Anonymous said

at 8:54 am on Nov 3, 2007

14th comment! YES. Not that it's important, it's just that it's cool.

Anonymous said

at 6:09 pm on Nov 3, 2007

OMG Sorry Jared. My mom got into a accident in August of last year. The guy was going so fast, and my mom's car stopped, and he just rammed into us. And the other guy didn't have the seat belt on his child. State Farm.... rocks.

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Hey Jared.

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Jared wazzza up man

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whos gonna start up the conversation

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nice job with the article i used my night homwork pass i cant wait till im 27 ill be built.

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Hey Jared. I just want to say, I am going to pick you out of one of my 3 people to comment on. Besides the people at my table.

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Hey Jared.

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What. Is. Up.

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What's up Jared?

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Whats up?

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at 2:33 pm on Dec 8, 2007

Nice basketball game, Jared. At the end of the game, did Jonathan score? It was close.

Anonymous said

at 7:00 pm on Dec 8, 2007

My team won my basketball game.

Anonymous said

at 7:12 pm on Dec 8, 2007

What was the score? Our game was 50-47. It came down to the last second.

Anonymous said

at 8:34 pm on Dec 8, 2007

38 to 26

Anonymous said

at 9:43 am on Dec 9, 2007

Good. We were beating them up and running up the score. We were saying "Russia" when the other team was shooting. They usually missed. We were winning by 20 points, and we lost it.

Anonymous said

at 10:08 am on Dec 9, 2007

That was a good game Joey! P.S.- Jonathan didn't score.

Anonymous said

at 11:02 am on Dec 9, 2007

I know. It was pretty close, though. Do you know #3? He doesn't do anything on defense. He just stands by the hoop, and all of your guys were playing man-to-man. He must've been playing zone, but I don't think your coach would have just 1 player do that. But, it was very close.

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Hey jared.

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Jar-Bear is better.

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no... you could be Joe-schmo, like Mrs. Dowden says.

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No, that is not me. That is JOE. I am JOEY, or JOE E.

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what does it matter...

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Happy New Years!

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U2 Joey!

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your secret santa was Tom mulligane. BB

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check my newest article J Rod

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I saw it, read what I wrote on your comments page, Robbie.

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Hey guys! I'm back from the Dominican Republic!

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I hope Obama wins the election.

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Me too Murphy, I want Obama.

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Praise the lord.

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