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on May 1, 2008 at 5:12:37 pm
                                                                                                                                                         Spring Fever
i actullay dont know wht\at spring fever is.  I think i can give you a good dispription.  I think spring fever is when everyone cleans out stuff to make their house nice and tity.  Also i think it means is having fun and playing out side.  Spring is the most active seaso besides summer.  Well that is what i think spring fever is.     P.S.  Dont comment me about my speling mistakes i can find them on my own. . . . thanks 
Hey everyone.  Today i have to write about pollititcs.  My artical is gojng to be about  Barack Obama and John McCain.  In this artical McCain  charges Obama is insentive to poor people. McCain Belives that Senator Obama repeated his opposition to giving low-income Americans a tax break, a little bit of relief so they can travel a little further and a little longer, and maybe have a little bit of money left over to enjoy some other things in their lives. The Arizona senator deflected questions about his record on the Bush administration's tax cuts .  He initially opposed them but now backs extending them by again criticizing Obama.  As you can see things arent looking that good for Barack Obama.  Heres the .com http://www.newsday.com/services/newspaper/printedition/monday/nation/ny-usmcca285666283apr28,0,5430106.story
Hi everybody.  Today for my artical i going to be writing about the new hit shiow Biggest looser.  Ali Vincent was the first female contestant to win biggest looser.  She came along at 244 pounds and left as 122 puonds.  Do the math and figure out that.  Well if you dont want to ill tell you.  She lost 112 pounds.  The artical ays she almost cut her boddie wiwght in half.  Sorry Mr.Pollitt i know you wanted to watch it but it was a really good artical.  As you can see Ali Vincent is a very happy women.  So when you read this make sure to goive a  round of a plause to Ali Vincent.
I have for hw to write a report on the best book ever called the Westing Game. If I had a 5 stars to fill in on how much i liked the book I'd give it a 5 star.  This book is about a rich man named sam westing.  He trys to make a Little game out of chess.  There are 16 heirs and 16 chess pieces.  If you like mysteries  you will surley love this.  In the beginning it is alitle rough to follow but it turns out to be a great story
Hey Guys!!! Today we had to clean out everything in our articles.  I did it the easy way and pasted it all onto word and spell checked it.  Well for all you hockey lovers I am glad to say the RANGERS have won against the Washington Capitals 4 -1.  The game was awesome.  Well That’s all I have to say for now but ill be on later.
Hey.  Today we learned about roots and shoots.  These are 2 facts that I learn.  Did you know that roots and shoots wasn't Jane Goodall's idea.  The second fact is that is that these modle inspires thousands of people to help with roots and shoots.
Hey everyone today I have to tell you about the new govener.  Well fisrt off he is going too be new York’s govern.  Second he is Blind.  It was a shock for me.  His name is David Patterson. He is 53,and was born on may 20 1954.  He was born in Brooklyn and has a wife and kids.  
Hey all you wiki readers.  For today I have to write an artical about polliticks.  Well hears the article. . . . . . . . .http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/03/04/march.4.contests/index.html#cnnSTCText
So the new big hit is that Texas and Ohio could change all the poles around allot.  Obama is in the lead with 20 points ahead of Hillary Clinton.  And john McCain is likely to be the republican party candidate.  Obama is in the lead by 2 points in Texas and Hilary is ahead by 5 points at Ohio.  Well if you want to hear the rest of the artical go to the link at the top. 
Hey all you people out there!!! I'm going to tell you about my hockey game last night.   The best thing was that we won!!  WE the Flames won 7 to 5.   For the game I had a guest come.  He got to see to of his best friends. .  . . .
Kenny and I.  The special guest was Luchuano.  After the game he said that he may join the ice land house team in a year or two.  During the 3rd period a kid from the other tram push Ryan and was that a mistake.  Ryan is a big and tough kid.  The guy that challenged him was mentally challenged but he was good at hockey.  Well i have to go back to work.  Talk to u soon.     P.S.  The fight broke got broken up by the refs.  P.S.S.  It happened twice.  :p  :)  :(
Hey Everyone Its Wexler.  AKA Jake.   This is my summery about my article. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22718574/
This man stole a boomerang and returned it 25 years later.  He stole it in 1983 when he was young and foolish he said.  He got it from a now closed under ground museum with mining tools and artifacts.  In the 25 years he returned the boomerang by mail and with a letter confessing that he stole it.  If you ask me is a little nutty but at least he did the right thing.    
Dear Mr.Pollitt,
                        I think that you should not change the room around. I think that the desks are fine the way they are. I admit that I like the idea of the tables but we would have to get up a lot more often and it would waist time. Also I think you want to spend the week off relaxing instead of moving every thing around the class room. If we did move to tables people would talk a lot more because more than 4 people are at one table. That is my opinion about changing the desk into tables.    
                                                                                     Your Best Student,
                                                                                                Jake Quattlander
        It Was a dark night when the mysterious creature crawled through the grass!!!
Febuary.6                                                                              The Changes about the Presidential Election
                              The only Change I could see in the candidates is that John McCain has taken the lead in for the most states.  I think that if the other candidates for the republican party that aren't doing good drop out so John have a better chance at getting the rep. If they do he will defiantly get shot at president.
Jan.31                                                                               Math Problem                         
                     Greg Has 10 dogs in the shelter.  Aileen comes and buys 5 for her pet store.  What fraction shows the number of dogs in the shelter now.
Jan.30                                                                                          The Story idea                                                        
                         Today after reading the story i have a very good idea for what we can do.  They idea is to draw a picture of a wooden doll.  After people come around and either give it a gold star or gray dot.  That is my famous idea for the book.
Jan.28                                                                                       Invention Link
                           Hey everyone!! I have the best invention link ever.  If you want to see it click here.   http://youtube.com/watch?v=roZC_d0v1ak
Jan.23                                                                                  Current event  
                           Yesterday the Rangers shut out the Atlanta Thrashers.  The Rangers are only 1 point away from having the final spot in the playoffs.   At first the rangers had a loosing streak and then boom.  They are at the garden and win a 4 nothing shut out.  So the rangers will make the playoffs if they keep there game faces on there unstoppable.                           http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/ny-sprang235548477jan23,0,2783647.story
Jan.16                                                                              Spelling Poem     
                                                                           For a fact some people can't act.  For If can you may as well be thankful.   The rank on someone a becoming an actor is 1 in a billion.  Some have claimed that some canyon grasped their ankle and shot them into the sky.   Now they work as a sample speed stacker in the cozy shack.   
Jan.14th                                                           Current events     http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22563650/
                                     My reaction to this article is a little wired.  Glowing pigs are going to be the future hit animal.  This pig was cloned and then gave birth.  The scientists think that the future breeding of pigs for human transplant organs.  If this made the pigs glow in the dark imagine all the other animals that they could do it on.    
                                                                     The Simpsons Best websites.  http://www.synergizedsolutions.com/simpsons/profiles.shtmlhttp://www.area51newmexico.com/simpsons/simpsons_characters.html
 1-2-08                                                                                                    Current Event Reaction  http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/01/02/maryland.hospital/index.html
My Reaction to this article is sad.  I think it is sad because Kevin Poke broke out of a hospital and shot two police officers.  He is in jail for a long time and a plus 40 years for car jacking, kidnapping and many more crimes.  That is my reaction to this story.
11-29-07                                  Anything 
Have you ever thought about watching the Simpons?????  Well you should.  It is a great show and has allot of good laughs.  It is on every weekday at 7:30pm on Channel 5. It will have some imapropate parts but they usually don't.  Another thing is if u like that you'll love the games.                   
                                               Sherlock Homes                                           
The book I just read was very interesting.  Homes had to stop a man named John Clay from stealing gold.  I would of never solved that mystery.  I was Peter Jones.  I thought the book wasn't the best but it was pretty good.  I would recommend it to allot of other people that like mysteries.
                                    Current events     http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/7438018
         This article is about rumors or trades inside the NHL (National Hockey League).  In this season many players got traded to different teams.  Two players Blake and Smolinski asked for not to be traded by there stats.  It had nothing bad about the rangers so that is good.  I hope I can go to games this year.
                                         Spelling   Nov.7
             Once upon a time Joe Macintosh a very wealthy boy had the worst Halloween.  After about 80 houses he stuck his hand and got stuck by a needle.  Also Joe started bleeding. He walked it off and went to the creek called spook creek.  Everyone he knows doesn't go there because they claim they saw someone with a rifle.  After Joe saw that hen ran to go and tell the Head chief of the police but he found him knocked ensconces. That gave him a fright.    Know he feels a cold feeling almost like a freezing thing.  He got so scared he took a flight to California and dose ironing for people.                                         
                        Today is Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is going to be so much fun.  I am getting allot of candy this year because i can feel it.  The only thing that stinks is that I have to get a politic spanner this Friday and so I can't have any thing sticky or it will fall out like when luchuano lost his in second grade.  Every year I see a new pumpkin so this year I hope to see a big one.  Well, that’s it .  Look out I scare allot of people.      
 Math Journal
                               A family is going to a picnic in the Pokenos. They have to drive 30 miles to get their.  Their gas tank holds fuel worth 5miles.  How many times do they have to stop at the gas station in that time.
10/24/07                                     The spelling story.
                     Once upon a foolish 4year old boy named Jimmy touched his pupil wondering what would happen.  Jimmy found out the hard way.  He was cute until he had that incident.  He sits on his stoop  to choose a new friend for his own.  He is smooth and can amuse them but not enough.  Jimmy is loose with the kids because he ahs been lonely for 2 weeks. he is surely to find one when his mood is strong.       
10-18-07                                                                                 Maturity              
                 If you want to know what mature means you got yourself a deal.  Mature means to act your age and not doing goofy things like talking like your 3. It also means to be ready for big things.  If your mom leaves you in charge of the house while she’s out that is being mature enough to do that.  My mom wouldn't let me cross Nassau Boulevard.  But now she thinks I'm mature enough to cross it.  Lastly it means that you don't call out in class and you raise your hand.  That is what I think to be Mature is. 
                 My reaction is save the tree.  Anne Frank is a famous person and if the cut down the tree people are losing a piece of history.  Also I think the class could maybe write a letter to the owner of the trees Henric Pomes so he will never cut it down.  The people of Nederland want to keep it and so should we.  That is my reaction to the article.
              I think pod cast are going to be so much fun.  I want to do a lot with it like study guides and sometimes make them for fun.  The one faze that I want to say really badly is "Brothers don't shake hands brothers hug."  I also like how you can change your voice. It is cool. 
I'll download everybody’s and show them to my parents and siblings.  
  Bullying other people means allot.  I've been bullied by bigger kids than me in and out side of school.   If you call your family members names you are likely to be a bully at school
10/11/07                                                                      My reaction:        http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/europe/10/11/diana.inquest.ap/index.html           
                My reaction to this article is sad.  This artical is about Princess Diana getting into a major car crash. This happened 10yrs ago. As you can tell from seeing these pictures she died in the car.  All of the French police men where at this crime scene.  Diana's companion Doti was also killed in this accident.  As you can see I feel very bad about this.  Paris authorities in 1997 inspect the damaged Car that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were traveling in
A photograph of the crash site in Paris 1997 
                                     Once upon a boy made a horrible mistake.  There was a Scarest cosume contest in THUNDER TOWN.  Jonny Mifross  Dressed up as an axe man for the contest.  He had the whole gig.  An axe, a mask, and a metal chest.  As it turns out Jonny wins but when he touches his axe a jolt of lighning came from nowwhere and struck him.   That moment he stared changing.  His mask was stuck to his face his metal armor was real metal not placit and worst his AXE became real.  Jonny went for the judges but they ran.  So did everyone else.  Within 5 minutes Thunder town was dezirted.  Except for Mifross he parcently waits for a victam to come.  Nowone ever came back but 27yrs later a family came.  BUN BUM BUNNNNN!!!!!   
                           Scary Story tips                                                                                      
Hey all you Wiki readers!!! I have a story to tell.  Once when I was playing the Wii in my basement I heard foot steps.  So I looked around and saw nothing. The foot steps got louder so I ignored it.  Around five minutes later I saw something or some one fly down the stairs and I got really scared.  I was stupid enough to put my feet on the top of the coach and the thing grabbed my feet and pulled me over the couch and held me up.  It turns out that my dad did all of it.  I yelled at him for that.  So now I keep an eye out for him whenever I'm in the basement.
         Hey all you wiki readers.  I have some things to say!!  1st I want to say LUCHIE why aren't I in your ridicules scam.  I pull all of those prances on my sisters.  Also today I was supposed to go to soccer practice but I fell down my stairs so i couldn't go. 
Today I played with Joe and my other friend Jack.  At first we played with my neighbor Braden until he got clunked on the head by my fence.  Apparently he says that I Joe and Jack punch the gate but none of us where by it.  Or were we??.  Anyway he left after that.  Then all of us got bored so we played kickball.  I kicked it and it was about to hit a cop car so we were yelling STOP!!!!! STOP!!!! It did stop but the ball hit the wind shield.  Finally after the wacky game with pitches called the mucus ball or spit ball and booger ball, he came out.  Brendan says he hates us but I drought that.  He'll be back tomorrow I know it?? :)   =) 
The new Wiki is awesome!!!!!  This year is going to be so much fun!  Mr.Pollitt is the is the best teacher in all of Stratford!  I can't wait for Colebrook...but I can wait for the opera.  At recess I play soccer with all of my friends but not Gorge because he is in 2nd grade. Other wise from school I will play with my friends Jack, Luchie,Joe,Justin and Gorge.  I will also watch the Simsons or see the Ranger games.  This year they are going to kick some butt. The Islanders are.


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