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I got bored

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Hey wiki readers I know I have already added a entry on my online journal today but I was bored and I thought of a good story to tell you guys. The story is about my soccer team the Garden city Flames. One time we went to konneticet for a soccer tournament.The hotel we stayed in was called the double tree. It was a pretty cool hotel, untill the Garden City Flames checked in there. Before I tell you what we did there let me explain some of the kids on our team and there personaletys. Well actually that would just be a waist of time we all are crazy 5th graders that love mischef. The night we all checked into the hotel we had to go to bed because we had a game the next morning, but as we all went to sleep we all thought of everything we were going to do that weekend. In the morning we got up at 8:00 am to go play soocer. We tied, but it was a good game. When we got back to the hotelwe relaxed to get ready for the next 2 games we were going to play that day. We had 1 hour of freedom to do what ever we wanted in the hotel so we spent the first half hour swimming in the pool. But we all knew how we were going to spend the last half our before game time. Tripple d that was the code name for it but most people know it as ding dong ditch or as ring and run. What ever you call it this is how it works someone rings a pesons door bell and then you make a run for it. IT IS HILARIOUS, but it isnt that funny if you get caught. Luckly we didnt get caught this time. Then we went to our next 2 games we won both of them! We hade the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted after that. We mostly spent it relaxing and doing alot of team activities like mini golf. Untill Timmy (one of the players on our team) decided to do triple d again. This time I went with them but I only watched. This time we got caught. But it was way worse then just getting plan old caught this time the guy that we did it to grabed Timmy by the hair and yelled "STOP KNOCKING ON PEOPLES DOORS AND RUNNING!" Obviously our team told the manager of the hotel but apperiantly the guy checked out 1 hour ago. We didnt really believe that but what could we do. Another crazy thing we did was throw all the pool towels into the pool and then the pool was filled with all the little fur things from the towel's! The hotel got really angry at us for that one! We finished the tournament going 3-0-3. 3 wins 0 losses and three ties. To finish of the tournament we had a big D.J. party! That was so much fun! We didnt do much there but it was fun. The only thing trouble wise was a rumor that went around about me liking this girl on the A-team but me and one of my good friends chris put the rumor to an end and had a good time!  



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