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its gina writing under tina's login because we are with eachother I MMISSS YOU SO  MUCH MR. POLLITT<3 I LOVE U











The Westing Game    

                                                     We read the book and watched the movie The Westing Game . There was a lot of different things in the movie then in the book. I am going to tell you some differnces I found while watching the movie and reading the book.         

                                                     One difference was Sydel Palaski was wearing purple and white stripes in the book, but in the movie she wasn't wearing it. Also another one was Turtle was a little more into the clues and more into the game. In the book she was less into it. Another one was Denton Deere was barely mentioned in the movie. In the book Denton Deere was in the book a lot.

                                                       The one I understood better was the movie. I understood the movie better because it was easier to understand because you saw a picture of the scene and didn't do it in your mind.

                                                        The book and movie were both excellent. I totally recomend this book to anyone that likes solving clues. I also recomend read the book first before you watch the movie.








Today is Wensday and we finish school Friday. I am kind of happy we are going to the middle school next year. I am in the mood to change the style of working. Like they change teachers, and i like that. Thats why i am really not that sad leaving Stratford.





6/6/07- Homework    



Current Event  

Did you Hear?  


                                   My article is about a  little boy that drowned in his next door neighbor's pool. This is such a tradgety! If you want to hear more about this crazy thing that happend keep on reading. You'll find a lot about what happend.

                                   The little boy was only 3 1/2 years old, thats really young. It happend Wensday morning. Wow, it's sad. The neighbors lived on Auborn Avenu and said he was found at around like 9:00 a.m. They heard screaming and sirens as they were leaving there home. The police carried him from the pool in the backyard onto a strecher. The pool he was in was an inground pool. The boy's house was only a couple houses down away from the pool he drowned in wich he died in. The boy who died used to have a up ground pool but they got rid of it because the other son wich was a teenager also drowned and died in the pool.  

                                  I am happy if you learned a little about what had happend. I know, it's very sad. But it happens.






                    I am happy that our group is writing about the salon. It's nice because you can do any type of salon. That's the nice thing. Also it would be very fun to work on. You would have to use your creativity, that would be really fun because the salon you make can lead you to different topics. I know what I am going to do already for the Salon. You can do hair, makeup, and other things, if you don't like those girly things then you can do a skateboard salon and be a salon that makes skateboards. Thats why I like this project because you can work with peoples likenesses.


                       If we work on it for 2 days for 3 peorids i think we would get it done. That's also another good thing about it. It won't be like one day but it wouldn't take us to the end of the year that we wouldn't be able to do any other projects. Those are some of my reasons that we can do the salon for our project.

                        Having a salon it also incorperates money and adding (Math). Also it can incorperate sience because if you are doing a spa and need to do fashiels and massages you need aleo, and thats a plant so that could incorperate sience. Out of doing a fun project you will actually learn something out of it. Those are some of my reasons that we can do the salon for our project.




 The Picture 



                         Once there was a picture, the frame it was in was magical. If you touched the frame it will go up in the air and fly. Most people thought it was really cool. But the girl who owned the picture frame was used to it. In that picture frame there was a special picture. Only that picture would make it fly. If the girl put another kind of picture in the frame it won't fly. A lot of people that went in her house wanted to buy the picture frame and the picture but she was a smart lady and she knew it was going to be worth a lot of money in a couple of years. I bet your wondering what the girl's name is. Her name is Alissia. The picture frame was a nice rust color. It matched perfectly with her house. I would want that picture. It's cool how that picture works. I never knew pictures could be so magical.




What should Mr.Pollitt do?


We don't know what to do! We have this projector in our classroom and the light bulb went out. We are all thinking, should Mr. Pollitt get a new bulb or get a new projector. I have my thought down already and I know what he should do.

                                           I think Mr. Pollitt should get a new light bulb. At least, that's what I would do. If you think about it, a light bulb for the projector is a lot of money. If a projector light bulb is $350.00 because that's what it rounds to and a projector is $600.00 because that's what it rounds to, if you get the light bulb you can save all the money that you would of spent on the projector to get a smart board. What last longer a smart board or a projector? If you said projector your wrong! The right answer is smart board. It's not like we don't have anymore projectors in the district. If all the teachers get smart boards next year of course there going to give you a projector with it or else you can't use the smart board.

                           I really want to know if Mr. Pollitt is going to get a new projector or buy one. I hope he takes my advice because it will help save money.





          "If you owned your own resturant"   


                                        If I owned my own resturant it would be a italian cafe. The name of it would be called Gina Bella's cafe. When you would walk inside it would feel like your in Italy. For the kids we would have Italian Ices and Galatos.  My resturant will be hudge. I will have all italian things on the menu. All the people that work there must be Italian so if some people are Italian they can talk to them in the Italian language. I will have all tile walls and a painting of the Italian gods up on the ceiling. When I have a party of 20 or more they will be upstairs in one big room. When you walk upstairs the bathrooms will be their and on your right will be one big room and on your left will be another big room.My name Gina Bella's Cafe will be on a banner outside the resturant in italian colors wich are green white and red and in bold print. When people are coming for dinner we will have nice soft italian classy music. But when it's lunch time we will play all the fun italian music so people can get up and dance. That's what I would do if I owned my own resturant.




5/7/07- essay 




                                                                                             The Ultimate Amusment Park Ride 


                                   I want to make a new amusment park ride. I want to make a cool one that everyone would go on.

                                              I want to make a ride that can have claws and when people are walking it will pick you up with the claw and flip you upside down and do cool things.. maybe spin you and fly you up in the air and back in the claw.

                                              I would want to make the ride because a lot of teenagers will want to go on and it sounds really cool. I would like it when the teenagers have fun on my ride because it would make me feel like I did a really good job on making the ride. It would either grab  you with the claw or you can wait on line. The ride will cost you $12.00 to go on if you pay or if you buy tickets it would be worth 10 tickets. The rides name is called The Claw.The ride will be 20 minutes long of non stop fun and scary things that could happen. All I would do is press a button and the whole machine will start going machencally wild and the people on it will be safely tucked in into this blanket that would stick to the claw so they won't fall out. Also if they decide to throw up the blanket will be throw up proofible so that will mean that it won't stain the blanket.

                                                That would be so cool if they made a ride like that one. Would you like it? I would!


5/7/07- Homework


                                       This girl from another state wrote us a letter to write letters to 4 different states. In our classroom the debate was about if we should do the project or not do the project and why. I am going to mention why I don't want to participate in this project.

                                       I don't want to participate because we would have had to write where we live and how our school and community is like and I don't like sharing that with strangers. The person that we will be writing to will be a stranger because I wouldn't know her.

                                       Also I don't want to do the project because we have other things to be working on.. like liticure circles and consitution works. For consitution works we still got to descuss our argument for the case. Thats why I don't think we should do the letter race.




5/4/07- Morning


                            In this essay I am going to tell you what my carrier is in the future. I definatley want to do this job. It's my favorite thing to do and thats why I am going to follow my dreams.

                             When I grow up I want to be an  Interior Decorator. I love decorating houses and picking out stuff. I love doing it with my mom. We hired a girl from Ethan Allen to decorate our house but the girl said I don't need to come. She didn't want to come because my mom and I were good and we were picking the same stuff as us. She came but only came 7 times. Everytime I she came I was there with them because I was very intersted because I knew that was my future job. When I decorate I take my time and i need to be 100% sure to pick the fabric I pick and the coloring. When I decorate I make myself into a prfessinal decorater. If my mom would need help she would come to me and ask me. Usually I would pick the same thing as her because we have very similar taste.

                             When I become an Interior Decorater I want to go to collage at F.I.T- Fashion Insutue of Techonlagy. I want to go their because people that I know that became an Interier Decorater told me it was an excellent school for Interier Decorating. I want to go their for all my years in collage and learn everything that I have to learn to be one of the best Decorators. That is the collage I want to go to.

        I   am also going to tell you where I want to work at. I want to work at Ethan Allen. I love their furniture and everything they have. When I get my house I like traditonal old things with the rust in it. Ethan Allen has all different styles and I love it. With the traditonal stuff I like things with ships in it. I don't want it to look like I had a hammer and banged it against the furinture! I want it to look like I bought it from a very good company and I am.  I want to work at the office in Ethan Allen and meet with people and also I want to go to peoples houses if they need help and give them advice if they need help.

      I gave you plenty of information of what I want to be when I grow up. So I hoped you enjoed this long essay I wrote! Thank You!!





5/3/07- Morning  

Today Tina and Taylor are coming out to dinner with me for my birthday! I don't know wear to go so I am going to ask Tina and Taylor! Tomorrow ( Friday) is my birthday party. My friends and I are going to see the movie Kickin in Old school and then for pizza and ices and back to my house to do things. I love it being my birthday!! It's really fun! cya,








                Today's my birthday!! I am so excited to go home and get my gifts! My mom told me that I got good gifts so that makes me more excited!!!!!! I am 11 years old today. My family is taking me out to dinner where ever I want. I don't know what to choose! I love when it's my birthday and I get a lot of phone calls saying happy birthday Gina! So it's really fun.  



4/27/07- Eassy     

What Can you do with a  brick wall 10ft. long and 1ft. 1/2in. tall?


                        My class was doing math and we heard this ridiculous thing about a man building a wall 10ft. long and 1ft. 1/2 in tall. We figured out the size and it was so small. My class was thinking what can you do with a wall 10ft long and 1ft 1/2 in. tall? In my story you are going to know multiple ways how you can use the small wall he is making.

 The way you can use the wall in this paragraph is by using the wall as a seat to sit on. This man probably needed a place to sit when he is outside so that's why he probably made it. This person most likely likes to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air so apparently he would of made it small.

                       Another way this person can use the wall is putting his flower pots on it. Assumable this man likes to look at flowers so he can use his 10ft. long and 1ft. 1/2 in. wall to put the flower pots on. Putting flowers on that small wall is very pretty and beautiful. To make it look decorative you can put all different kinds of flowers and colors.

There is a lot of things you can do with a 10ft. 1in. 1/2in. wall. But I only mentioned two ways you can use that wall. If you are so interested with it, jot down a couple of ideas and write a paragraph on it.



4/26/07- Today is my sister’s birthday. She is 18 years old. Also today I am at my Aunts work. It is really fun. We got to make t-shirts and do a lot of activites and see what they do when they work. I had been to my aunts work before so it’s so it's not surprising to me. I love seeing how people in business life work because my mom works for a school and my dad own his own construction business. So I never saw anyone in my family sitting down on the computer for there work so I think it's really cool. See you tomorrow!! Bye




4/24/07- I have to write if I like the classroom outside or inside. You are going to here what I say so read along. In the summer it is so hot outside and you just want to go outside to get fresh air. That's when I think we should have our classroom outside. If we have it outside we would enjoy the nature and enjoy the outdoors. We go outside in the Pollitt's a lot and I think I focus better. A lot of people say that if we are outside we can't do a 21st century classroom but I don't really care because I don;t think that is important it all depends about if you are comfprtale outside of inside and I am comfortable inside. It's good to stay outside to get some fresh air. When you are in your classroom inside you feel like your trapped in one classroom and feel that you can't get out. When your in the classroom there is a lot of germs but when your outside it's nice because there is no germs and you feel the feeling that you won't get sick. In the winter when it would snow we would wear thease school jackiets that the school would buy for every kid and a tent with holes that would keep fresh air in but also would make it that wouldn't get cold. When it rains so your work won't get soaked the roofs will be so thinck. We will make them extra handy. If it's a nice day and people want to be in the sun you can take the roof off. So it is perfect! There wouldn't be any problem. I really think that our classrooms should be outside.




Today we went to buddy day and it was a lot of fun. My buddy was really cool and she was really nice. I loved the ELA teacher she was very nice. I liked walking around in the hallway and going to gym with Sam and riding the wave board. I was with Taylor in every class and it was really fun. The lunch was really good to. I had the breaded chicken with the chiro and Snapple.  The ELA looked hard when I was in there; they were talking about these weird things. The teachers seem really nice there so I am looking forward to go to the middle school next year!





 4/11/07- Morning 

My vacation was very good. I went with my mom to see the movie Are we done yet. It was very good. The movie was funny and I just loved it. I was going to see the movie Blades or Glory or Are we done yet. But i decided to see are we done yet. Thursday I went to Nick's restaurant Plum Tomatoes. I had my friend Jackie over Tuesday and my friend Alexa over Wednesday. I went to my friend Tina's house Monday. Friday I was playing outside with my friends on my block. We were playing kickball. It was really fun. I was the only one getting homeruns. On Easter I got a lot of things, I got Abercrombie clothes Aerospostale  clothes and clothes from Macys and $50 and peeps. For Easter we went to my uncle’s restaurant Villa Parma. It was very good. After that we went to my aunt’s house in Cold Spring Hills. My uncle’s restaurant is in Syosset so it wasn't far away from my aunts house. That was my vacation.






Yesterday we had the play the jungle book. It went very well. the play was so awesome!! I loved being apart of it. When  I found out i was Kaa I was so excited!! The best part of the play was rehersaing the songs and blocking on the  stage. I thought everybody did an outstanding job. Each cast was awesome! My friend Jackie was Baloo and she did and excellent job. When the monkeys do freestyle a lot of monkeys do rock a paper siccsiors. The monkeys had a lot of face makeup on they looked like a real monkey. The snake which was Kaa did a great job and I was so proud of everybody. The teachers did such a great job with helping with the play. I am so sad the play is over but I don't care. I will probably do another play in my life because I love singing and performing. I think it is so much fun. 




3/30/07- Morning 

Today we are going on a feild trip with the second grade buddies to the Vanderbuilt Measumem.  I think we are going to learn a lot of new stuff. I think it is going to be fun.  





Today we just finished the math state test. It was very nerve-racking. Also it was fair. The test is over now. We have no more state test for the year. Which I am really excited about. Today was the 3rd grade science fair, all the projects were really cool.





2/7/07- Afternoon

Today I am going with my mom somewhere. I dont know where but somewhere. Yesterday my mom bought me dry erase markes for my white board and I got them at my house. I love writing on my white board it is so much fun and I  love the smell of the Expo markers. I wish they could invent dry erase markers that smell like diffrent sences. Like one watermelon for pink and like a chocolate bar smell  for brown. That would be so cool.    


2/6/07- Morning

I love going on webkinz world. It's so much fun. I get to win money and go to the wheel of wow. I have a wekinz and it is a cat. I am getting the pink poodle and the love puppy. Its so much fun to play and I love to go to the Curio Shop and go to them Gem hunt. I would say this site is for babys but I only like getting the money. I always spend it on a new room because I like to change  rooms. In my webkinz house she has a bedroom, a tecnologhy room, and a kitchen, and bathroom. My wekinzs name is Princess. Her room theme is lilly pad and it is really cool. I love going to the tourment arena and playing the webkinz super model.  


1/29/07- Morning

My favoirte store is Abercrombie. I love that store, it is so nice! People always say it is so loud in there but I think it is cool! I love blasting music in the car and in the house. Its awesome! I hate being a party pooper so I'm not! I like being wild!!! Me and Taylor go crazy sometimes, it's just the best!

Yesterday me and taylor went wild.. We were dancing and everything!! I love taylor! We have the best memories.



I love listening to music. It is my hobby. I always listen to it in my room or on the computer. I love the song I want to love you and the song We Fly High by Jim Jones. I love those 2 songs. I love to listen to Rap music. I just love it. Also i really like Ciara the song Get Up and Promise.

       Also I love to dance. I always dance in my room when I am listening to music. dancing is so much fun!! Me and taylor and jackie dance a lot when we are together. We just go crazy. Sometimes we have a singing and dancing competition. We have the best time when where together.



Mr. Pollitt said if you want to write an entry you can so i am going to do that. I am going to write about my dog. Well if you don't know my dog's name is Gracie. She is a girl. Gracie is very, very spoiled!! We treat her like a little baby. If you don't know what kind of dog this is it's a Mini Shih Ztu which means she will only get up  to 7lbs and she is not getting any bigger. Her coloring is a tanish browinsh and white and at the bottom of her ears is black. Gracie has a pink bed and there is princess crowns all of it because she is a princess. When we take her out to go to the bathroom we put her boots on and her jacket. I just love my dog so much!


1/24/07- Homework

I have a lot of favirote things. Today I am only going to tell you one. My favorie food is pasta. I love pasta so much. I really enjoy  and meatballs. Mmmmm.. soo good. I love my speghetti with cheese on top. I always think you need cheese on your pasta.. thats what make it taste so good. On my speghetti I  like a lot of sause. My mom makes the best pasta. (If you dont belive me ask taylor because she had aten over when my mom made pasta). When we have pasta my mom always make meatballs and some other stuff i dont know what it is but its good so anyway I  love that. So that is my favorite food. Speghetti and meatballs with lots of cheese and sause.



I am really happy today because we have rehearsal today . I was studying the whole night yesterday for our Math test today on Geometry and we have a Social Studies test on Friday. I am going to study for Social Studies tonight because the test is on Friday and I need to know all the stuff that is going to be on the test. I love this wiki it is so cool and I love typing on it. Just a shout out to everyone we are going to Post up our 21st centruy writing so see mine if you like Purple and Pink cause my whole classroom is purple and pink.


1/23/07- Afternoon

Today I had a meeting with Mrs. Stillwell about the play with the Kaa's (( the snakes)) !! I was so excited! Tomorrow we have a rhersal with the main speaking parts and I have to go ( The Kaa's). I am really excited about this play because Mrs. Stillwell is thinking of great ideas and making it fair to all the kids in Stratford School!! Are you guys excited?? I am !! You can comment me and tell me if you are excited or not with the play!!


1/22/07- Afternoon


Hey what's up people in the Pollit's class!! What do you think about the wiki? I like it, do you? I am so excited about this wiki. Don't you think Mr. Pollitt is going to use this wiki a lot? I think so... !! I think the other teachers are gonna copy us about this wiki because it is so cool!! We always do cool things in our classroom!! What did you do this weekend? I did cool things.. well not really but its okay. So back to the wiki!! I love it so much!!


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Anonymous said

at 6:50 pm on Jan 26, 2007

I love your online journal I think it's so cool -Tara

Anonymous said

at 7:11 pm on Jan 26, 2007

Hey Gi i loce your online journal it is so cutie about gracie

ur BFFL Taylor

Anonymous said

at 8:34 pm on Jan 31, 2007

hey gi whats up i love your online journl and i love the part sbout me lol you right we do have the best times toghther love your best friend-Taylor

Anonymous said

at 7:31 pm on Feb 11, 2007

It would be cool to have dry erase markers that smell! Tell me when you figure out where you are going with your mom!!

Anonymous said

at 7:20 am on Feb 12, 2007

lol about webkinz may be u can make a link-taylor BFFl
hope u had a good time in aruba

Anonymous said

at 8:28 am on Feb 12, 2007

Hey G I'm going to im going to miss you while your n ARUBA!! I love your online journal

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at 7:33 am on May 3, 2007

happy birthday i am going to get you something juicy i hopr you llike it love ya bie bie

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at 7:50 am on May 4, 2007

Hey!! Whats up?

Anonymous said

at 7:51 am on May 4, 2007

I love your writings>

Anonymous said

at 8:03 pm on May 7, 2007

Hey Gina, I love your online journal. Wish I could ride THe Claw

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at 6:36 pm on May 9, 2007

Heyy! Nice wiki! LOL are girlfriend dance! LUV YA!! -Ta-da You are my timpano g
Im your Ta-da

Anonymous said

at 7:01 pm on Jun 5, 2007

my aunt maria had her babies at 6;30 i am goingto see them tomarrow. i can't wait

Anonymous said

at 7:01 pm on Jun 5, 2007

that comment was from tina

Anonymous said

at 8:59 am on Sep 29, 2007

awesome wiki

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