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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago


June 20, 2007

   Hey again wiki readers. A while ago I read the book "The Westing Game" and today I watched the movie. So that is why I am going to be writing about some differences and some similarities.

     Some differences were that in the movie there was no Flaura Baumbach who was Turtles partener. Also in the movie Angela has a husband Denton Deere, but in the movie it is Edger Plum the laywer. Then Chris didn't have a brother in the movie in the book he did, Theo. Also one of Chris's hobbies in the books was bird watching in the movie he liked computers. Also in the movie Turtle was partnered with Chris, but it the book she was with Flaura Baumbach. Finally in the movie the first bomb was at a party. In the book it was in Mr. Hoo's kitchen. Oh and I almost forgot in the movie Mr. Hoo's resturant is on the first floor and there is no coffe shop.

    Some similarites from the movie and the book are some of the partners. Like in the book Otis was partnered up with Crow. Also in movie and book Turtle wins the Westing game. Another similaritie is that when Angela was opening a present a bomb went off and then she was in the hospital. Also in the end Angela does go to medical school in both the movie and book. Finally Turtle always kicks people in the shin. Hope you like my differences and similarities.




June 20, 2007

   Hi everyone I'm sorry I haven't been writing on the wiki as much as I should. Since school is almost over I guess I just never really had the time. So how have you guys been? I am great just a little tired. I am really going to miss Stratfrod and 5th grade. It has been such a great year and I don't want it to end. I think that this is the most I have ever laughed in my life. Mr. Pollitt has just been an amazing teacher. On the other hand summer is going to be awesome! I am going to get to hang out with my friends and only like a month and a half until I go to my beach house. Oh my god I can't wait till August! The only bad part about going is that I have to come home. Then after I come home it is like 3 weeks till school starts again. Mabey next year will be just as good a year as this year, but it is going to have to be pretty amazing to do that. Well I have to go. Have a great summer!!!




June 6, 2007

     Hey everyone! I just read an interesting article called:

"Looks a lot Like Earth" 

    Do you think there is life beyond Earth? I am not sure if I do, but hey who knows anything is possible! Well a couple of days ago astronomers found a planet outside of the solar system that people might be able to live on. The planet is call Gliese 581c. Scientists say that they do not yet know if there is water on the planet Gliese 518c. This planet is located 120 trillion miles away from earth!! That is a far away planet, but it won't stop scientists from studying it!



 June 5, 2007

      Hey everyone sorry I haven't been on in a while, but it was because I was in Colebrook! Anyway onto what I am going to be writing about:

Designing A House

    Well for the last three weeks of school we are going to be doing different projects with the people at our table. One of the possibilities would be to design a house.

     This project would probably be related to math. We would draw a layout for the house with all the mesurments of the room and the bed or drawers. Then we would go shopping, but we would have a budget of about like $200,000 mabey more. So we would try and find the furniture that costed the leats and that would fit the right mesurments for the space we gave it. I would say since there are five people in our group that we would do a group of two and three.

     I would have to say that if we had about 3hrs each day to work on the project it would take one mabey two days to do the layout and mesurments of the house. Then I would have to say about two or three days to do shopping. So if we were to say two days for the layout and three for the shopping it would only take the group five days which is not to bad.

     I hope after reading this that you think desiging a house is a good project idea. Feel free to tell yes if you like the idea or no if you don't in a comment.






May 22, 2007

      Hey everyone! Today I have a question for you. Would you rather buy a new computer projecter which is $600, but could come with an extra bulb or would you rather buy a light bulb which is $300. Personally I would rather but the light bulb because it is almost the end of the year and next year we are going to have a new projeceter. I don't see a point in dropping $600 on a projecter that you are only going to use for a limited amount of time. I mean this projecter is 6 years old and next year we are just going to get a new one. What are you going to do with the old projecter next year?? Give it away let other people use is, I personally think that is just a waste of money. It is like getting a hamburger and only taking a bite and then throwing it away, if you weren't going to eat the hamburger then why did you get it in the first place? I know the light bulb is going to run out sooner or later, but we arw only going to need it for less thabn a month!! We have so much going on in schoolk we are barley going to be in the class. We have the olympics, Colebrook whichis 3 days and the 5th grade pool party. I know the pool party is only 1 day, but we build up to the olympica for like a week and we are at Colebrook for three days. That is why I would rather buy a $300 dollar light bulb instead of a projecter.




May 17, 2007

   Hey eveyone! Tomorrow is Constitution Works! I am the Chief Justice! C.W. is when we go into a court room and do a case. The case we are doing tomorrow  is the Denver Dispatch vs. The U.S.A goverment. I am kind of nevrous about tomorrow, what if I sneeze and the microphone is on? That  would be embarrising, but I don't think that would happen. The two teams are very strong and either one could win. For the Denver Dispatch Sara is the chief lawyer and for the Goverment Tara is the chief lawyer. Hahah Sara and Tara. Last, but not least I am the chief justice for the supreme court. Well I have to go to gym wish me luck!






May 16, 2007

  Hey, how are my favorite wiki readers? Good I hope! Well last night was open house and I had a great time. I got to hang out with my frineds and walk around the school, but today is probably going to be a better day. Today is my sister's birthday! She is going to be 15! I honestly can't believe it. It dosen't feel like she should be 15 yet. I mean my other sister is almost 18 and as of today Catherine is 15.  I guess it is all happening so fast. My sister is so lucky she gets the coolest phone for her northday, she is getting the CRAZOR. It is like the RAZOR, but a little bit smaller. Well I have to go work on some stuff.






 May 14, 2007

     If you could have any type of resturant what would it be. My resturant would be like a bar and grill. I have always been a big fan of buffalo wings, hamburgers and french fries. Who isn't?

     I am not sure what my Bar and Grill would be called so I will do that at the end. On the meanu there would obviously be hamburgers, french fries, buffalo wings, all different types of drinks and more. Here is a quick draft of what the menu would look like. There will be like 5 or 4 things to each subject.










Hamberburger / Cheese burger


Buffalo Wings





Ice Cream- vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip


   That is only a very quick menu, just some thoughs of what could actually be served. It also dosen't inlclude soups, apetizers, salads and all that stuff and please do you think that my dessert menu would only have three different flavors on it. Now I think I have a good name for the Bar and Grill, now I know it may not be that creative but here it is: Emily's Bar and Grill. I know it may be very, very simple, but sometimes simple is a good thing.

      So if my resturant does open up please take a seat at Emily's Bar and Grill and enjoy the food.








May 7, 2007

      Have you ever thought about what an ultimate amusment park ride would be? Would it be a rollarcoaster or something like a pirate ship? Well today I am going to be desining one and it is going to be a rollorcoaster!

         Alright first we have to start with the basics, the basics being the seats. My seats would be the type that let your feet dangle and they would not be in groups of three or four. There would be one seat in each row so the line of seats would be really, really long. About fifteen seats I think mabey twenty. They cool thing about doing that though would be if you were in the back then front could be at the top of the hill already. Now that you hae a picture of the seats in you r head lets move onto the actual ride.

        When you first would leave the station you would go down a medium sized drop in to tunnle. As soon as your set was out of the tunnle you would start climbing a high hill. Once you were at the top you would make a HUGE drop, but once you dropped you would go right back up and do two loops in a row. After you were done with the loops you would do about five or six quark screws then do some little drops. After you did those you would go up a big hill again and drop. After that you would finally go down in circles and go back into the station.

       Now you know what type of rollarcoaster I would design. I hope you would actually ride it.






May 4, 2007

    Have you ever thought about what you wanted to be when you grow up? Well I haven't really either that is why I am going to tell you what job I definetly don't want to do when I grow up.

      When I grow up I DON'T want to be a doctor, but not like a doctor that you go to for a check up I don't want to be a surgeon. I know that they make a lot of money ((i think)) but it would gross me out to do stuff like that. Most people say that they wouldn't want to be a garbage man because they think it is a gross job and they don't make a lot of money but they actually do, but I can tell you one thing for sure I don't want to be a surgeon for many reasons. Read On!!!s

     I guess it could be kind of cool but when you actually have to do sugury ewwww!!!! This would definetly not be my first choice for jobxs. I would never EVER be able to do that not even if you  payed a lot of money it would be too gross for me. I would probably pass out or mabey worse, but who knows maybe when I get even older I might want to do that type of stuff. It might be different if I know what I am doing, but for now a surgeon is not that job for me. Right now I think it is far from it ten to one I am not going to want to be a sugeon, but you never know, hey I am still only a kid I have time. time.

    So now that you know what I DON'T want to be when I grow up what job would you hate to have? A garbage man, also a surgeon or mabey a regular doctor? What would you hate to have as a job?







May 3,2007

    Finally it is May!!!!!! I can not believe that school is almost over! AH!!!! I am going to miss Stratford, but I am more nervous about today. Today is the day of the band concert. I know that I shouldn't be that nervous because it's not like I have a solo like my friend or anything, but it can get a little scary. First Orchestra goes then tha Jazz Band and the Band. I am in the Jazz band and the regular band. It should be fun once it gets going though. We also have to do 3 shows!! One in the morning, one in the afternoon, then one at night.

      Now that I have told you about the band concert I want to share an interview with you. Today I will be interviewing Casey. Here Are some of the questions I asked her:


Q:Are you upset that school is almost over?

A:Sort of because I will miss Mr. Pollitt.


Q:Are you nervous about the concert today?

A:Kind of because I think that my reed will break


Q:What is you favorite name for a girl?

A:My favorite girls name is Amy.


Q:What is you favorite day of the week?

A:My favorite day of the week is Thursday because that is the only day I don't have dance.


Q:If you coould have a life time supply of anything what would it be?

A:I would want dance supplys so my mom wouldn't have to come to the store with me, it's annoying!!!


Well thats all for today. Keep checking for more interviews.





 April 30, 2007

    Hey everyone! Today I have a question for you. What would you do with a brick wall that was 10 feet long 12 and a half inches tall and 4 inches thick. Well I would use it to train ants. I would make a course on the wall on there would be obstacles that they would have to aviod or work they way around. After my course they would be strong (for an ant). I mean think about what else are you going to use it for? Are you going to sit on it? That would just be a waste of a perfectly good brick wall. Why not really use? I mean if you want to be like humpty dumpty and fall of a brick wall then I guess yeah that is what you could use it for OR you could train ants with it. It might sound strange to you, but to me having a wall to train ants would be something special. For some of the obsticals I could tape sticks to the wall and they would have weave their way in and out, but that is only one of the MANY possibilities. I mean hey what else are you going to do with that wall stare at it and all day you could keep saying "Ah what a beautiful wall" or you could be busy training ants.







April 24, 2007

     Hey everyone! Hows it going? Well today I have a debate topic.  Go on ahead at start reading:

Doing Classwork inside vs. outside

Well you probably already guessed, but I would much rather do the work outside for many reasons.  One being because for some reason I find it a lot easier to focus outside. I know it may be a strange thing to hear, but that is the way I work.  Another reason being because when you are outside you aren't in a hot classroom, ooutside the enviorment is better.  Also if you are outside on a nice spring day that would be nice.  Honestly I don't see a down side to having class outside. Do you???





April 23, 2007

    Hello wiki readers! How are you all doing? Well today I went to the Middle school for Buddy Day. Buddy Day is when a 5th grader goes to the middle school and is paired up with a 6th grader. The 5th grader gets to see what the middle school is really like because they follow their buddy around for 3 periods. I went to ELA, tech, kand lunch, but ELA was double period. I had a lot of fun and now I am excited about the middle school. I would have to say my favorite part was probably lunch. We had the optoion of buying, but I didn't. Well I have to go, have a nice day!






April 11, 2007

    Hey everyone!! How were all of your vacations? Well mine was amazing. I will start from the begining. Well the first day I had off I went shopping for my Easter dress. It turned out that I got a black and white one. It is so pretty. I also have to wear that dress for my sister's graduation. Then once we were done with getting my Easter dress we went to the mall beacuse my mom needed a bath mat for her bathroom because she just re-painted it pink. We also peeked into Abercrombie, but I didn't get anything there. Then on Tuesday I helped my mom clean the house when my friend Sarah called. Sarah, me, and the other girl Grace she invited went to go see Meet The Robinsons. I thought it was a pretty good movie. After the movie had ended we went back to her house and played outside until my mom took home Grace and I. One Wednesday I just hung out with my dog and mom. On Thursday my sister's started their brake so we ended up going to the mall for them. Then my sister Catherine had some friends over later on in the day. On Friday I think the only thing I did was go to church because it was Good Friday. Then on Saturday I went into the city with my family to see my grandparents and Aunt. We went to the Strand bookstore and ate at the Heartland Brewery. They have the most amazing buffalo wings and hamburgers there. Don't worry my vacation is almost over. On Sunday it was Easter so I put on my new dress I told you about and went to church. Then about an hour after church I went to my Aunts house for Easter dinner. My cousins grandma and grandpa and of cousrse my family went. Then on Monday we went to Rhode Island. We took the ferry over. We stayed in Newport and on the first day we just kind of got the lay of the land. Then my last day of vacation Tuesday I did some stuff in Newport and headed for the ferry and went home. So that was my vacation!





March 30, 2007

   Hey everyone! How are all of my favorite wiki readers doing? The play The Jungle Book last night was so much fun and I am kind of sad it is over. (In case you forgot I was a flower in it) I mean I have gotten so used to the after school rehersals and not doing a lot in class because we were down stairs practicing fot the play. I am gonna miss that, but it was really fun while we were doing it. Both the AM and PM cast were GREAT! And I don't even think anyone messed up once. I didn't even really notice, but the play really drained me out. I couldn't get out of my bed this morning I all most missed my bus! In the end it was all worth it though because the play was great and I think that everyone had tons of fun. Everyone was on the stage for pretty much the whole play. They were either on the stage or in the risers. I was on stage the whole time except for one scene and in my book that is great. I think that everyone in the crowd loved it and Miss. Stillwell our music teacger did a fantastic job putting it together. She really did a great job. She picked an awesome play that included all of the kids.






March 28, 2007

    Hey how are all of my wiki readers doing today? I am so sorry, but I am going to have to make my entry short today because I have soccer practice at 5:30pm and I have to go get ready soon. I can't believe that our school's play is tomorrow. I am a little excited and nervous, but I think everyone will do great, we have all worked so hard. I have also come to the conclusion that it is finally srping time. It is warm out and almost time to put all those jeans away! Well I have to go get ready for soccer. Have a great rest of the week and enjoy some of this beautieful weather and get outside!





March 24, 2007

    Hello wiki readers! Happy Saturday!! I hope your Saturday is going well so far, even though it is only 8:34am I know mine is great. Soccer is in about two hours. I am going to go but have a great weekend and make sure you guys check out the digitial newspaper. All the information is in my last entry.






March 23, 2007

    Hey how are all of my wiki readers doing today? I hope good. I am so happy because for the past few days it has actually started to feel like spring. All the snow is starting to melt and it is getting warmer outside. So what are all of my wiki readers doing tomorrow? I have a soccer game against the Tigers tomorrow at 11:00am. It should be a lot of fun and I hope we win too because if we do then we go to the next round in our tournament! We weren't allowed to play last Saturday because St. Pauls (the soccer fields we usually play on) were coverd in snow and ice. I almost forgot to mention that some of our digitial newspaper is up. Only that it isn't on the wiki. You have to go to Mr. Pollitt's homepage and then it says "Pollitt's Gazette" on a link. It is going to turn out to be really cool. Oh and sorry I changed the colors on you guys again I just thought that the green was to bright so I put a backround on it. I hope that helps if you had a problem before. So are any of my wiki readers doing anything run over Easter break. I think that I might be going to Rhode Island, but my family is not sure yet. I hope whatever my wiki readers do that they have fun. I am so excited because the play is on Thursday! I think that everyone is going to do great. My flower costume i so cool too, but so is everyone else's. We have worked so hard and I think that it is going to be a great show to watch. Well I hope that all of my wiki readers have a fantastic weekend. Also be sure to check out the digitial newspaper. REMEMBER: it is NOT on the wiki it is on Mr. Pollitt's homepage and under the link "POLLITT'S GAZETTE". Have a great weekend!!!





March 14, 2007, 

      Hey guys!!! Today I think that I am going to be talking a little bit about my friend Grace. She is in the same grade as me of course is is one of my best friends. Grace and I both play soccer and basketball too. Grace is really nice and kind. She is funny too. So there you have it. A little bit about Grace. So what are all of my wiki readers doing today? Well I told you yesterday but just incase you didn't read it I am going into the city with my mom to see my grandma and grandpa. They have an apartment there. So I hope all of you readers have a great day! I am going to go get ready!! Have fun today!




March 13, 2007,

    Hey everyone! How are all of my wiki readers doing today? I hope good. I am so happy because tomorrow I have no school. I am going to go into the city with my mom!!! Well I have to go get ready for basketball soon so I only have a few more minutes left. Some other sports I play besides basketball are soccer and I run track. My soccer team is the Lions and I run track for St. Anne's. Next topic. I am so excited because the play is almost here. I think I told you but just incase you forgot I will tell you again the play we are doing is The Jungle Book and I am a FLOWER in it. I am so excited. Oops I forgot I have to go get ready for practice. Have a nice rest of the week. Bye for now!




March 11, 2007 

      Hey everyone! Only 10 more days until spring!! I am so happy! As I said before I am so sick and tired of the winter. I just want it to be warm outside. Today was Daylight Savings too. So how as your weekend so far? Mine was pretty good. I had soccer yesterday and we did A LOT of running, but it's ok because I like to run. Now I am watching TV with my sister. I am so excited about St. Patricks Day, it is only 6 short days away. Oh yeah I almost forgot, but I hope you like the new colors I gave my wiki. They are more springy. Sorry if the green is to bright I have been looking at the differrent colors but this one seems the best to me. Well I have to go soon so I have to start to wrap it up. I hope all you wiki readers had a great weekend.





March 9, 2007

     Hey Everyone! I am so happy because we are done with state tests for the rest of the year, but I am also angry because IT IS ONLY MARCH 9!!! I want it to be spring so badly. I want it to be 60 degrees and sunny out. I want to be able to go outside and run around in shorts and a t-shirt. I HATE THE WINTER!!! It is always so long and so cold. I mean I like the snow and all, but this year it has just been cold there hasn't been like any snow at all. Ughh. Well getting of that topic what are you doing for St. Patricks Day? I am going into the city with my family and cousins. It is going to be so much fun. Yhe only good thing about the winter is Christmas, my mom's birthday and St. Patricks Day. Or at least that is what I think. I could do without everything else. Well I have to go type something. I am going to change the colors on my wiki too. Can't wait till spring!





March 7, 2007 

      Hey I am back! Sorry I haven't written to you guys in a while! I have to go soon, but I just wanted to say hi. Don't worry from now on I will be writting a lot more. Just like my friend Casey. In case you haven't read her wiki it is REALLY long.






February 11, 2007

       Hey I am back. How is your weekend going so far? Mine is ok. I am still tired. Are you going anywhere for the February break? I think I am going to go to my Grandma's house if everyone in my family is healthy. Well I am going to go comment now. Have a great weekend!






February 7, 2007 

      Hola! Whats going on? I am so tired (still) and I have to go to basketball and CCD today. I JUST WANT TO GO TO BED! I think I am to tired to type so I am going to go now. Goodbye for now. WAIT one more thing. If you haven't checked out the 21st Century Classrooms you really should. They are awesome!




February 6, 2007

      Hey everyone! Today is Tuesday and I am so tired. I had to wake up at 6:30 because I had to go to Jazz band. I like Jazz band, but I hate getting up early. I also have to go to play practice after school. I am a flower in The Jungle Book. I also had play practice yesterday too but today I am going to be a lot more tired today. The good part is that I don't have to go to soccer or basketball today. I just want to go to bed. I am so tired! Well I have to go now!





January 31, 2007- Homework 


     Hey eveyone! I hope you like my summary! Get reading!

Junk Food: Just Say No!

    The ariticle "Junk Food: Just Say No!" is about how schools are now going to band junk food and other things like candy from the cafeteria. They are also going to band any foods with more than 8 grams of fat and more than 2 grams of saturated fat. The article also says they are going to make the crust of pizza whole wheat and the bun of a hot dog whole wheat too. Now more people like fruits and Vegabtables more than they do french fries. At least 17 states in 2005 and 11 in 2006 signed some form of nutrition law. These rules will go into effect in the fall of 2007.






January 31, 2007

     Hey everyone! I am so happy today because it is the LAST DAY OF JANUARY! I would have to say that January is my least favorite month. I'm not really sure why though, I guess because it is so dull and gray. Since I have nothing else to write about I guess I will interview Taylor C. Lets Begin!


Q: If you could have a million dollars what would you do with it?

A:Go shopping


Q:If you were stranded on a dessert island and you could pick one thing to have what would it be?

A:My cellphone


Q:If you were the last person on earth would you like it?

A: No


Q:Do you like the wiki? What is your favorite thing on it?

A:Yes and the digital newspaper


Thanks Taylor, that was a great interview! I have one more thing to say. If you haven't looked at the 21st Century Classroom be sure to do it. They are so awesome! Toodles!





January 29, 2007

      Today is Monday! I don't like Mondays at all. They are so boring and I'm always so tired on Mondays. All I want to do is get back into bed and fall asleep until Tuesday. I also have soccer again today. I had it yesterday too. So I have back to back soccer, lucky me. Now I am not really sure what to say. Oh yea our 21st Century Classrooms are FINALLY done so be sure to look at them. I think everyone did an amazing job on them. Hope you do too because everyone worked really, really hard on them. Also our Digitial Newspaper should be up and running soon so keep an eye out for that too. It is also Valentines Day and my mom's birthday. My mom was born on Valentines day. I don't know why but I like Valentines Day a lot. Mabey it is because of all the candy hearts and chocolate or something else. I'm not really too sure. Well I have to go.





January 28, 2007

      Hey everyone I'm back! How is your weekend so far? Well since you can't answer me right away I will tell you about mine. Yesterday (Saturday) I had a basketball game that we won 22 to 19. We played Guess Who. I know it's a weird name but I liked it. My mom coaches the team. I told you about it before, it is the GCAA team. We are the Wildcats. Then when I got home I had one of my BEST friends Annie over. We had a lot of fun. Then once Annie left my mom and dad left too because they were going out to dinner with my uncle for his birthday. So then I pretty much watched TV and then went to bed. I know, such an exciting day. Today all I did so far was go to church. I have soccer later on though. Well I have to go now.




January 26, 2007 (Still)

      Hey!!! I'm back! What should I talk about now? Humphry. . . . . . . . I will talk about my beach house. A.K.A my favorite place in the world. All the people on my moms side of the family rent a beach house in Avalon, New Jersey and all 22 of us stay there for the first two weeks in August. Words can't even explain how much I love it. When I try to tak about I get way to excited! When we go to the beach house once we all have woken up my uncles start to make breakfeast. Which by the way is amazing! Then we all go down to the beach for the whole day unless if there are a lot of flies then we don't stay too long. I love going to my beach house and I just don't know how to put it all down on paper. Well I have to go!




January 26, 2007

     Hey I'm back! I really have to firgure something else to say when I start writing this. "Hey" is so boring and saying it over and over again is annoying. I was just finding some websites for this project about global warming I am doing. Yesterday I did nothing which was very enjoyable! I think today I am going to talk about my favorite sport. Basketball! I love basketball so much! I am on a GCAA team and I also play for St. Annes. My mom coaches for both teams. My St. Annes season ended already but I think GCAA runs until March. I'm not really sure. Um... now I am lost and don't know what to talk about. I will talk about the summer. I know it is far away, but a girl can dream! I have to go!




January 25, 2007

     Hello again! It is 4:38pm and I have nothing to write about. Let me think. . . .hmmm. . . . . AHA!! I have it! In school today I was so happy because it started to snow. The only thing bad about when it snows is that it never sticks for more than 2 hours. It really bothers me!!Oh ya I almost forgot! I have more good news! Most of our 21st Century Classrooms are done so you have to remember to check them out! Right now I am watching TV with my sister. To be quite honest I am not really sure what we are even watching. I think it's Reba and the Real World Reunion. I have a question for you. Do you watch American Idol? I do. It's a good show. That was my question. Now what should I talk about. Ok um. . . I will talk about webkinz! Webkinz is so fun and simple! First you have to go to a local store like a Walmart or somwhere like that. Then you go to www.webkinz.com and go to I am a new member. Then you type in the secret code on your webkinz. After you have done that you are all set! One of my favorite things to do on webkinz is to play the new game Polar Plunge! It is awesome! So if you are looking for something fun to do buy a webkinz today! If you have any questions there is a column on www.webkinz.com where you can send in questions and they give you back an answer within one or two days! Webinz is so much fun. I think I have covered everything. Well I have to go study for Social Studies and do the rest if my homework. Keep checking the Pollitt's Wiki for more!





January 25, 2007

     Hey I'm back! Sorry I wasn't here yesterday! Today I am going to be telling you about one of my good friends! I'm going to be telling you about my dog Angus! Angus is a black scottish terrier and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! I think that the hardest thing to do when we got Angus was decide his name. My dad (of course) wanted to name him Angus so that is what it turned out to be. Angus has a very unique personality. He loves the rain and snow but HATES getting his bath. When I say hate I mean it too! When you put Angus in the bathtub he will sit there for a couple of seconds and then try to jump out. One time my mom was going to give Angus a bath so she brought him upstairs. Angus heard the water running and immediatly ran downstairs. Angus is a small dog too so running down stairs was hard for him. Also Angus loves to go for walks! The strangest thing about Angus though is that we have a little wood space in between my living room and office and no matter what time of day it is or if Angus is tired or not he will always jump over it. Angus is also extreamly bossy! He will just bark and bark at you for no apparent reason. Even though Angus is bossy I love him more than words can say.






January 23, 2007

     Hey it's me again I'm back! I hope you all enjoyed my first entry I know I had fun making it! I'm not really sure what to talk about so I will tell you what I did yesterday. Umm. . . . well I got up and went to school. Then once I was home from school I had a snack then started on my homework(my sister was on the computer so that was the only thing to do). Then I went to soccer (ughh). I like soccer it's just that I guess that I would rather be home. I guess that was my day. I know pretty boring. Belive me I would know! Well I have to get to work on some writing. I'll be back later.





January 22, 2007

     Today is my first day using the wiki and I am so excited!!! Oops I almost forgot to say hello. Sorry about that. Well anyway now that we have that out of the way I want to say I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!! At first when my teacher Mr. Pollit (he is awesome) told us that we were going to be using an online wiki I was like of thats kind of cool. I really didn't think much of it, but know that I am actually on it and editing I think it is one of the coolest things! You probably think that this is going to be a boring page, but you just wait this page is going to be AWESOME! I am getting off task again sorry. So any way...... what was I going to say? Oh yea I remember now. I was going to tell you about the wiki. A wiki is an awesome thing and I think that I am going to be getting a lot out of it. Time for gym! Keep in tune with my wiki there will be more coming soon!





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Anonymous said

at 9:36 pm on Jan 26, 2007

heyy Emily! I love your wiki. You write so much and it is very interesting. I love how you sign off too.

Anonymous said

at 9:32 am on Feb 6, 2007

Hey Emily. I just want to say that I love your wiki. You write so many things- Sara

Anonymous said

at 9:32 am on Feb 6, 2007

Love it Emily! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said

at 7:37 pm on Feb 11, 2007

Hey Emily! Unfortunatley I am not going anywhere for the February break. By the way, it is okay when you made a typo when you commented on my wiki. ~Casey~

Anonymous said

at 9:19 am on Aug 14, 2007

Hey everyone i dnt feel like writing this in my wiki b/c it is short.... anyway i cnt believe that middle school is almost here it is going to be so different i also miss mr. pollitt

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