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Digestive Notes 5

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 Sami's Notes:



(copied from http://dictionary.reference.com/ - reword definitions for workbook)


Pancreas: a gland, situated near the stomach, that secretes a digestive fluid into the intestine through one or more ducts and also secretes the hormone insulin.

Gallbladder: a pear-shaped, muscular sac attached to the undersurface of the right lobe of the liver, in which bile is stored and concentrated.

Duodenum:The beginning portion of the small intestine, starting at the lower end of the stomach and extending to the jejunum.

Acsending Colon: the first portion of the colon, begging at the cecum in the lower right abdonimal cavity and continuing upward along the right posterior abdonimal wall to aproxiamtly the lower ribs.

iluem:the third and lowest division of the small intestine, extending from the jejunum to the cecum.

Pharynex: the tube or cavity, with it's surrionding membrance that connects the mouth and nasal passages with the esophogus.

Transvere colon:the middle portion of the colon lying across the upper abdominal cavity between the acsending colon on the right and the descending colon on the left.

Decending Colon: the last portionof the colon, beginning at the upper left abdominal in the region of the spleen and contionuning downward along the left posterior wall to the sigmoid flexture

Jejunum: the middle portion of the small intestine, between the duodenum ileum.

Sigmoid Colon: an S-shaped curve of the large intestine between the descending colon and the rectum.

Rectum:The terminal portion of the large intestine, extending from the sigmoid colon to the anal canal
Anus: the opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal, through which the solid rufuse of digestion is erected.
Villi:A small projection on the surface of a mucous membrane, such as that of the small intestine.



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