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Mr.Pollitt I think you should stop giving homework. The reason is that every one wants to go to the pool and beach. Also every on wants to play outside or with friends. No one wants to get stuck doing homework. Furthermore some kids have sports. So, they want to do the sports not the homework. That is why you should stop giving homework.






I think stratford school should get air conditioners. The reason why is that we are getting into the ho weather and that the weather can get up to 100 degrees. Or the other option is that we get a half day. That means you can cool down in your house with the air conditioners.












The opera at Stewart was okay I guess. The name of the opera was called The Magic Flute. We went to go see it in October. I think the one at the Opera Hose was a little bit better than the one at Stewart school. That is my opinion about the opera at Stewart school.


rating 4 1/2 stars









There are a few more primaries left Hillary clinton is in Montana and Barack Obama is in north Dakota. I think Obama s going to win because he has good suggestions for the country. He is leading in delegates and he will win after the primaries are over.









The reaction for when we are done with the court yard will be amazing. Students and teachers will be amazed for what we done with the court yard. The reason is that we are going to be planting flowers. Also we are taking out the weeds. We are also going to put bird houses around the school. That is what I think the reaction will be to the court yard.









A good name for a horse would be Old Man Jenkins. The reason is that is you imagine watching a horse racing and you hear Old Man Jenkins has taken the lead. Doesn't it sound like a man is running in a horse race. There is my horses name. Don't you think it is pretty funny.








Math problem:


Panda Town is 51/3 miles long it is 31/4 miles wide What is the area of Panda Town?











Spring fever is good and bad. It is good when you are outside. This is good because you get all wild. It is bad when you are in school. This is bad because you will get all wild in the classroom. That means the teacher will yell at you.









The article I just read was called COPS: DOGS USED IN FIGHTS. My reaction on the article is sad. The reason for this is that people are not aloud to have a dog fight. Also dogs can get really hurt. Also it is not funny. That is my article.








SORRY I have not gone on the wiki in a while. So here is something to make it up to you.


Today we finished the book THE WESTING GAME. I think THE WESTING GAME was the best book I ever read. My favorite character was Turtle. My favorite part on the book had to be the hole book because the hole book was outstanding. So if you happen to see THE WESTING GAME in the book store,by it.









Hi it is me again. Sorry I have not gone on the wiki in a while












The article I just read was called David A. Paterson. David A. Paterson became New York's first black governor, the first black governor in America's history, and America's second blind governor after Bob C. Riley of Arkansas











The article I just read was called NAFTE,integrity questions dog him.


In 2006 Obama brought a strip of land from Rezko to explain his yard. Reporters retorter that he has repeatedly failed to answer such questions.









:0 :p :-0 :-) :-(





Once there were three kids who went out camping...... ( to be continued )









None of the candidates drooped out of the race to become president










Mr.Pollitt watched the Super Bowl beginning at 12:00. The game was 4 hours long. He watched 3/4 of the game. How many hours did he sleep for.









the tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane.







The article I read was called UFOs? Nope. They were fighter jets, Air Force says. First my question is are there really UFOs out their? My opinion is that the F-16s were on a nighttime training mission over the Brownwood Military Operating area on January 8. All of this happened in Texas. But still how can people think jets fighters are UFOs.






















This is my homework.


Once in school I was at recess in school next thing I know I was on the ground. Also I heart my ankle. I also ripped my jacket. So I got a patch on it. After school I went to the shack . There I was sitting on a brass seat. Thank goodness it was Friday. So the next day I went to the Grand Canyon for the weekend. After the weekend I was at school. I said to myself If I had to rank that trip 1 to 10 I will give it a 9. That day after school I went to baseball practice. I play catcher. I mostly grasp the ball. The next day hasn't really been the best so far. I brought my racket to school. You will here the rest next time.


P.s. This was fake.








I just read the article Icy freeze appears stone cold from todays Newsday. My opinion is that the Giants can tough it out. Even though that the Giants have not played in single degree weather in a long time they could win the game. I recommend this article for people who like football. The people who like the Giants will love this article.





















The article I read was called The New Year is still a zero. Even though I'm a Islanders fan I chose This one because the article is about the Rangers. That means their recored Is still zero after a few games. It is about the ragers losing all of their games.






In class Mr.Pollitt wants us to make up a new word to replace an old bad word. My word is going to be trickmyster. That means you've been tricked. I think we should use my word because If you trick Mr.Pollitt or any one else you can say you've been bambozeled. It also sounds really funny.
























The artical I read was about banding people smoking in Pairs,France. I think it is right to do this because smoking is bad for your health. Also France has 14 million people smoking.








This is Chris on the wiki. I am going to tell you about my vacation. It was really fun. I saw Alvin And the chimpmunks. It was really funny. We also went to my mom's friends house for New Years Eve. I stayed up all night. My mom's friend has a son that is really nice. I could lift him up with one hand. My mom's other friend came too. She also has a son that I can lift up with one hand. They are both really light. To keep us busy we played alot of games. My favorite game is when someone hides a tiger and you have to go find it with a toy stick that comes with it. It was really fun.








On the break I am going to the city. I am going to see How The Grinch Stole Chnristmas. The next day I am going to my grandpa pizza place. I think he makes the best pizza ever.









The article I read was about six young people were shot after they came off a school bus in Las Vegas. They do not know why this happened or if it was a gang that did it. I am sad this happened because the kids were innocent and you believe you will be when you are in school or on a bus.







In my class we finished the book HOLES. It was a good book. I am going to tell you what happened to the warden. All that happened to her is that she first got ran over by 20 elephants,15 rinos, and 39 zebras.


p.s. this was only my imagnation








The story I just read was called The Redheaded League. It was a very very good. My guy wased named Duncan Ross. I really didn't get to read. All though it was a very very good. If you like a mystery story you will love I mean love this book.




LigerImage:OrangutanP1.jpg Wolphin Kekaimalu at Sea Life Park in Hawaii.







The I read was about Browdway going on article strike. My opion on this artical is that I think that they shood put a stop this as soon as positpal (asap). That is my opion on this article.






Today im going to go trick-or-treating with Tom,Sean and daniel. Dan gose to stewart. It is going to be so much fun. I hope. I will see you soon. I hope




Mr. pollitt has twenty bagles. He ate five and half. How many bagles are left?




My artical is about a curfew on Halloween. I thenk it is notfair for kid under 19 have to trick-or-treat. On Oct. 30th 6:00am to 7:00pm trick-or-treating time. On Oct. 31 6:00am to 7:00pm. That is the artical I read.




I read an article about a Wiliwili tree that is dying off in Hawaii. The Wiliwilli trees have been dying off since 2005. A species of wasp from africa that has recently been discovered is the reason for the trees dying. The state wants to bring a new wasp to Hawaii to kill off the african wasp. That could take 3 months or 3 years.







I think a podcast is a geat idea. Hear are some great ideas for a podcast. 1. We could do a reviw sheet for


the podcast. 2. We could also do math problems. 3. We can do a power point (ppt). 4. Also we can do a book report. Those are my ideas for a podcast.




bullying is not nice. You can get in really big trouble. Also you might get a phone call home.







This is chris on the classroom Wiki. This is what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a chef when I grow. I want to be a chef because you get to make very good food. Also you get to make desert. Also Eddie and I are doing extra credit questions together. They are about animals.




My opinion on this artical is ok because the cars in my artical give off energy. Only one car is plug in gives off energy . The other car is not a plug in. The car that is plug in gives of energy and I don't like to give of energy. The other car dose not give off energy. That is my opinion on this artical.




How to make a scary story. 10/10/o7



  1. you need a scary town name.
    you need scary names for people:
  2. next you need a crepy name for a street.
  3. now you need a cool setting.
    last you need to make people for the paragragh



On a HALLOWEEN night in death street there was house that was scary and it was like a ghost town in the house. So one night there was a kid named dan. So on Halloween he went to the house to get some candy. Then when he rang the door bell no one answered so he went inside. There was webs everywhere. Then he called hello. Next thing you know a ghost comes ot and scared dan out of his pants. The next day he went to the same house with his friend phill. Then they went inside the house and went to the spot where dan got scared. So they went walking around the house. They saw BLOOD on the wall and they saw a dead body on the ground. Then he saw the same the same ghost that scared him. So they sart walking back to the door they came in. When they finaly get back to the door the door is locked. So when they are locked in the house they have to sleep in the house. The next day when they wake thedoor is still locked then they see the ghost again the ghost is pink and scared people by going wright though them. Then the door gets open . When they run home to their mommy like a little girl. Then he wet his pants to. Then he never went that house again. They say that this is still there.








Hi it's me again chris. Once I was walking along when next thing I now I hear foot steps. So I start walking faster and faster. Then next thing I now the foot steps got louder . Then I got scared so I stoped walking it was a dog.





Hey everyone this is chris on the class wiki. I think this year is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!. When I grow up I want a black pug I want to be a chef when I grow up. I am also a huge YANKEES fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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at 10:00 am on Oct 31, 2007

Sorry Tom I forgot.

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at 10:01 am on Oct 31, 2007

Hi joe

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at 10:04 am on Oct 31, 2007

Chis Chris chris I like the stories. great detail

Anonymous said

at 8:25 pm on Nov 15, 2007

Jake, whats your favorite wild animal and sport?

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I forgot the trvia tom

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Chris the trivia.

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Can I do it?

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You already did your weekly questions Joey.

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at 11:14 am on Nov 22, 2007

I meant the animal trivia. Since Chris is not here, and Luciano is not here to sub, can I do it? And also, Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said

at 11:15 am on Nov 22, 2007

Joey how long are you going to do this?

Anonymous said

at 11:18 am on Nov 22, 2007

Do what? Ask you? Don't know... I am just asking why can't I help? I love to help. Call me and we can discuss the questions tomorrow or something. Not today, though.

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H eh.

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at 11:19 am on Nov 22, 2007

What does that mean?

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at 11:20 am on Nov 22, 2007

I don't know.

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at 12:00 pm on Nov 23, 2007

The trivia Chris also heres the wiki for your favorite animal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Kangaroo

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Hey Chris. sigh. I'm so bored.

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at 6:46 pm on Nov 26, 2007

Hey Chris. sigh. I'm so bored.

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Chris whats up.

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Chris the trivia.

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I'll do the triva, ok?

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