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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago

September 11, 2007- 8:14 p.m.


Oh my gosh!  Look how long ago July was!  I am now in sixth grade and I won't be doing as much wiki-ing do to homework and studying and relaxing from hw and studying.  (Mr. Pollitt- Mrs.Drogin said she still has a picture of you and her in your Halloween costumes.)  I do miss Stratford but changing classes is fun.  Oh my gosh, Mr. Pollitt, I still say "Mr. Pollitt says. . ."  to my parents.  I am taking German as a language this year and my name in German is Karin.  I know how to say some stuff and that is my favorite subject.  The social studies this year is also very cool.  We are learning about the Iceman which is a guy someone found trapped  in ice.  He died in the Alps and scientists found out he was alive about 5,000-5,300 years ago!  We will also learn about the mid ages and Egypt and child labor.  I love buying lunch and the pizza is really good and I normally don't like pizza.  A new thing in my life is that I got a snake named Xena.  It is a corn snake and it will get up to 5-6 feet.  To every person reading this, please do something to show your respect to the people who have died in September 11.   I have to go. . .I MISS YOU MR. POLLITT!! 

                                                                                                       See you later!!



July 18, 2007- 3:59 p.m.


Hey again.  Sorry I haven't written in a while.  I had no time.  So when I just logged onto the computer, I  thought maybe I  could write a little something.  First of all, tomorrow I am going to be at my friend's house, Megan.  I am sleeping there until Sunday because we mom is going to my sister's dance competition in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  My dad is going to Cooperstown with my brothers.  The reason I am not going with either of them is because Megan is taking my somewhere.  She went there last year and now she is inviting me.  She says it is really fun.  It is a two week sleepaway summer camp called Camp Bernadette.  I am kind of nervous because I have never been to a sleepaway summer camp.  THe longest I have been away from my mom and dad is when they went to Florida for their anniversary or something.  I had to sleep over and people's houses for like three nights.  The second thing is that I am going into sixth grade, which is when you start going to the middle school, OH YEAH!  I am going to get so lost.  My brother said he learned it all PERFECTLY by the end of the second week.  Third of all, HI MR. POLLITT!  I am going to miss you!  I will visit next year if they let me into the school.  (They are probably going to make it very clear not to though.)  My last thing to say is that there was a thunderstorm and my basement got a flood!  ugh!!  (Nevermind!  I have one more thing to say!)  Me and my sister switched beds.  Now I have a smaller bed but now I can fit a ballet barre and a mirror so I can dance in my room.  She has a bigger room so she doesn't have a problem with a bigger bed so she can also fit a ballet barre and a mirror.  Since the basement won't be okay for a while and thats our usual dancing spot, we have a great place to dance!  Now I have to go!  Bye! (Bye Mr. Pollitt!)

                                                                                       CAMP BERNADETTE!!!



June 20, 2007- 1:04 p.m.


I am back again, but for homework.  IN class we read this book called the Westing Game.  It was a really good book so we decided to see the movie which was called, "Get a Clue."  It was almost exactly the same though.  For example, Angela's boyfriend was Edgar Plum in the movie but in the book, her boyfriend was Denton Diere.  But in both, ashe ends up not marrying them.  Also, there was Chris Theodorakis but there wasn't his older brother Theo.  There aren't any other changes that I can think of right now.  But those are some differences.

       I think I liked the movie better.  I don't know though.  The book head everything, it was so good.  But maybe it was just the voices that Mr. Pollitt used.  I liked the movie because it was very visiual and it explained everything better.  I am in the middle of the book and movie.  The book was confusing and thats most likely because I really wasn't reading to myself, I was, but there was someone else saying it aloud.  So I got a tiny bit confused.  The movie explained things but it didn't have all the characters.  (But as a compliment to the movie, they used the characters they had and used them like there wasn't another character.)  I liked both!  So that is what I think of the movie.

(I think I might add on to this.)'

                                                                                                 -Cya in the summa!


June 20, 2007- 8:34 a.m.


Sorry for all the short entries unless you like short ones.  My elementary school time is almost over and it has been fun.  The pool party was so fun!  We got pizza from Plum Tomatoes and we got to hang out with kids from the other school and everything was fun!  I went in the pool for a long time.  It was the coolest thing ever!  THe last days at Stratford are goinbg to be hard but hey, the day will seem to go by faster in the middle school, not that they are slow with Mr. Pollitt!  It was fun here and Next is middle school, then high school, then college, then way from home, then I die!  AHHH!  I have to slow down!  I have to work on something but I will write a lot during the summer.

                                                                                                        Love ya!



 June 19, 2007-8:46 a.m.


I am so so so sorry!  I have not been writing for a while and don't worry, a little voice inside my head is saying tisk tisk tisk.  I am so sad!  Fifth grade is almost over and I am going to miss Mr.Pollitt.  But! We are going to the pool today for the fifth grade pool party!  It will be so much fun!  The last day of school is Friday and then, MIDDLE SCHOOL HERE I COME!!  I am so happy! That last statement, the one in capitals, was really cheesy but I am so excited!  CoLeBrOoK has gone by, the field trips and the fun have also been finished besides the pool party.  We are finaly done with elementary school.  I have to go bye.'



June 6, 2007


Hello!  I am doing a current event on an article called After MTV, Paris Checks In.  It is on Paris going to jail.  She came into the Century Regional Detention Facility at 11:30 p.m.  She will stay there for 23 days.  Paris Hilton just wanted to do her time and the support of her friends, family, and fans helped.  Paris is in the special needs part of the 13-year old jail and she is apart from the other 2,200 inmates.  In there she does not have a bunk mate.  That was my current event paper in a nutshell.  Now I will tell you about more imp. . .well I guess homework is important, then now I will tell you about other things.  We got a lock for our lockers which we are using for the middle school next year!  My combination couldn't be easier.  It is so much fun.  Also tomorrow, we are having middle school day to practice for next year.  We each get a schedule and every school bell we would change classrooms and classes.  It sounds like a lot of fun!  I already know two other people in my schedule group.  (I am group C, tell me if you are too!)  I think I am in gorup C, Mr. Pollitt didn't tell us yet.  But a kid in my class saw my name under C, so there I go!  I am so excited!  AHHHH!  I got to go be tired so bye!

                                                                                                        TTYL (Look down on my entrys to see what it means)


 June 5, 2007


Sorry I haven't been writing for a while, I have been. . .busy.  In the computer lab, my idea for a project would be designing a room.  It could be a math project for the measurments of the furniture and room and we could also look on line and see how much our furniture and decorations would cost.  If it was a bedroom, we could see what kind of bed by prices there would be.  If it was a den, we would see what furniture there would be and what kind and size the TV would be.  If we made a kitchen, we would see how much and what appliances we would have.  This would go around math.  If we wanted, It could also be about Science.  Most of these things could be envirmently friendly.   It could be so cool to design a room because my table is a girls table so we could do the coolest things with it.  This is my idea.  My sister needs the computer now! Bye!

                                                                                                         Sorry this wasn't long if you liked it long!


May 23, 2007- 1:46 p.m.


I am going to write a topic essay.  It is called, "The Picture."  So here I go!


     There was a girl named Julia who lived in the country.  It was a beautiful place.  All day she would go outside and read a little.  After whule, she read a new book everyday!  She read a lot.  Before reading, she would adjust her glasses, get into a comfotrtable spot, and then start reading.  After a while, during the day, she got tired of reading.  The problem was, there was no other kids her age in the country.  In fact, she thought there was only one family.  The kids were six though.  later on in their life though, they moved to the city.  So Julia became lonely and had no kids to babysit. 

(May 24, 2007-1:59 p.m.)

I will keep on writing.  Everyday, I will add more!  So in the story right now, Julia is getting more and more lonely.  Right now, it is Friday.  No school today or Monday!  Four day weekend!  Right now, I am at my beach house.  It is the BEST place EVER to be!  I love it here and I love the beach!  Megan slept over last night!  A fifth grade school trip called Colebrook is on Wednesday.  It is an over night trip and its from Wesnesday to Friday.  It is really going to be fun!  By the way, when dates are in parenthisis it means that I don't want to split up the writing.

                                                                                     Type tomorrow! 




May 22, 2007- 5:55 p.m.


It is really not like me to not write for this long, it's just that I have a lot of stuff to do!  Okay, my teacher has a projector and the light is going out.  I am going to tell you what I would do with my money, buy a new projector, or buy a new lightbulb for the projector.

       With my money, I don't know what I would do.  Would I buy a new prjector, or a new lightbulb?  Well, if I bought a new projector, the projecting style of it would probably be better.  It would show a much more clear picture.  If I bought a new bulb, I wouldn't have to go and get a whole other projector and hook it up again.  I could just put the bulb in.  The question is, do projectors come with a bulb?  Getting anothre projector though, would be like having a swing on your swingset brake and buying a whole other swing set.  All you would have to do is replace the swing.  But then again, doesn't everyone want better quality thesse days?  Also, with the bulbs, I could buy more than one to last me many more years.  If I get more then one projector, I wouldn't have neough bulbs so I'd just have "good for nothing" projectors.  I think I would just buy new bulbs.  But sooner or later, I would have to buy another projector!

       That is what I would do with my money, what would you do with yours?



May 17, 2007- 12:40 p.m.


Well, well, well!  What do we have here!  Another new vistor?  Oh!  And there are also my original visitors here!  SWEET!  Before I tell you more about my trip to the court house for Constitution Works, (see last entry), I will tell you another Online Journal to look at!  Look at Julia's!  When the page comes up when you click which one you want to see, Julia's is right before mine!  So check it out when you are done reading this!  She told two stories in a row!  Anyway, back to the Constitution Works!  As I said, we were learning about past cases and how each of us get to pretend we are lawyers for the Denver Dispatch, lawyers for the government, and Supreme Court Justices.  I do have a good argument as I said last time!  I improved it so I think it is much better.  I really think that the Denver Dispatch, my team of lawyers, are going to win!  Our cheif lawyer is Sara, she also has a online journal.  She is really nice and I am one of the people that voted for her.  She is a really good lawyer but she wasn't in school for the past couple of days.  So our back up cheif lawyer is Julia, the one I was talking about.  She would also make a great cheif.  (To tell you the truth, I really wanted to be a cheif lawyer, but, still being truthful, I am very happy that my friend has cheif lawyer and my other friend is back up cheif lawyer.  They are both so happy!!)  (Yes!  I beat Julia in the long parenthesis contest!  It wasn't really a contest but back to the subject --->.)  Anyway, I think my whole team of lawyers is strong.  But the government lawyers are strong too! Haha!  (Well back to the parenthesis contest!  It really isn't one but whatever!  Julia and I are good friends so we are having fun!  Hahahaha!  Sorry!  Let me cut this short!  I need to end my story!)  So, that is my idea on Constitution Works.  So, better get ready.  (I am getting ready because today, I am going to my friend's house!  It is going to be so much fun!  I also have to give my dog Dolly a bath really really badly!)  That's enough of the parenthesis contest!  I am sorry!  We just get competitive.  Don't worry!  I am NOT a competitive person.  Julia isn't that competitive, (just kidding Julia.)  Tina is joining in now too but I quit!  Well, I need to tell you something else but I really don't want to bore you with the weird things I am doing and the things I might tell you about!  So- bye!

                                                                                                                        Hope you aren't bored! xoxo Bye!


May 16, 2007- 8:51 a.m.


Hey again!  I am really excited for Friday because that is when my class and I go to the court house.  You see, we have been studying the constitution and studying past cases.  So now we have to pretend we are lawyers and Supreme Court Justices on the case of The Denver Dispatch Newspaper.  Some people are lawyers for the government and some for the Denver Dispatch.  I am a Denver Dispatch lawyer. I have a great argument too!  I might as well interveiw someone right now!  I will interveiw Taylor, (who also has a wiki.)


Q. What is your favorite kind of pet?

A. My favorite kind of pet is a dog.

Q. Which person on American Idol do you perfer to win, Melinda or Jordan?

A. I want Jordan to win

Q. What are you going to do during the summer?

A. I am going to sleep away camp, basketball camp, and I am just going to hang out.

Q. What is your favorite color?

A. My favorite color is blue


Thank you for doing this interveiw!  I took a survey on which American Idol person everyone wants to win in my class.  Instead of just Melinda and Jordan, I put Blake in my survey too!  In my class, (a couple of people are absent), there are twenty five students altogether including the absent people.  Four voted for Jordan, four voted for Melinda, and eight voted for Blake.  Some people are at instrument lessons too!



May 13, 2007- 4:42 p.m.


Happy Mother's Day!  I gave my mom a card and a beanie baby.  My sister also gave her a card but she gave her a bracelet and a necklace. 

        If I had my own resturant, it would be a very nice one.  I like to go to resturants that have, like, stuff.  Like at St. James, they have a giant moose head, and at Applebees, they have things from the past, like in the 1900's, and in The Rainforest Cafe, there are animals and forest stuff.  I would want my theme to be the 50's.  There would be pictures on the wall of old shows and people and paintings made then.  There would be music playing from the 50's.  There would also be a juke box, and awesome things to eat.  On the menu, the food would be called different things.  Like the hamburgers would be called, Super Sockhop Burger, and soup would be, Lucy's Chicken Noodle Soup.  This resturant would have steaks and a kids menu, and soup, appetizers,  desserts, and drinks.  This would be a great resturant for families to go to.  Instead of parents taking kids there or parents leaving kids with a babysitter to come, the whole family could go for a family meal.  Many people would come to this place.

       Now, what to name it?  I would name my own resturant, Casey's Sockhop.  It would be a very cool resturant and everybody around town could go.  It wouldn't be a one location resturant.  It would be all over the U.S.A.  And if it gets big enough, maybe there could be some in other countrys.  I picked a 50's theme because it has some cool stuff.  Like those shows and that music.  The music is really good, most of it is at least.  I would definatly make this resturant because it would be awesome.

      I would make this resturant because it gives families a place to eat together.  It doesn't even have to be families!  Maybe if you are eating alone or with your kid or with your husband.  I think this would be a really great resturant.  I would make sure all the waiters and waitresess are nice.  The cooks would have to be reallly good.  This is what my resturant would be like.


                                                                                                       Gotta go! Bye!



May 10, 2007- 8:02 a.m.


Well, hello again!  I think I forgot to tell you about my dance competition.  I will make is really short.  I went to Connecticut, did ten dances, then got my awards.  I forgot the awards.  I think it was six golds, three platnums, and one high gold.  Oh, yea!  That was it!  Now, I have no clue what to tell you.  I will type more in two minutes if you are  reading this now.........back!  We are in the computer lab and we need to get work done.  I am done with my work so don't worry I can type now!  Our assignment is to pick your favorite book.  My favorite book was P.S. Longer Letter Later.  It is really good!  More than really, extremely good!  I love it!  Then we picked a favorite character.  I picked Elizabeth.  Her friend moves away and the whole novel is made out of letter and that is how they tell the story.  I might type Eliza*beth sometimes because in the story, her friend Tara*Starr wants her to change her name to Eliza*beth so they could have their own little club called * friends.  It is really good!  There are problems in Eliza*beth's family but not in Tara*Starr's, except the fact that she moved away from her best friend.  Tara*Starr finds new best friends and a better life and a boyfriend and Eliza*beth is reading her letters sad because she has big problems.  Our writing assignment was to write a letter to the character....it would look like an e-mail.  And then, we do the reply pretending we are the character.  I pretended her e-mail address was Eliza*beth9874@*friends.com.  (That is not a real screen name or e-mail address.)  Then I used my screen name/ e-mail address.  It was a really cool writing piece.  The next book in the series is Snail Mail No More.  My friend told me that was about e-mailing.  Well, I have to go!

                                                                                           See ya!


May 7, 2007- 7:29 p.m.


I am going to say why I don't want to take part in the Great Mail Race.  I was thinking, maybe it was a good idea to write a friendly letter but then I realized, we are kind of already doing that with our second grade buddies and the Flat Stanley's.  For a while, it sounded boring to write a letter and then that person writes a letter.  It also sounds cool to write it to another fifth grade class in a different state, but I thought about it, and I decided that I didn't want to do it.  This is why I do not want to take part in the Great Mail Race. 

   I actually want to do another interveiw to my friend Heather.


Q. What is your favorite thing to do?

A. My favorite thing to do is dance.

Q. Why do you like doing this?

A. I like doing this because it is fun and I love it.

Q. Do you have a favorite actress, if so who?

A. I do not have a specific favorite actress

Q. Who is your favorite singer?

A. Hop Along, Queen Ansleis


Thank you Heather!!  I hope you are reading this because happy birthday on Wednesday!  Anyway, I have to go, so bye!



May6, 2007- 7:54 p.m.


I just got home from Baskin Robbins.  Since they changed the service, it has been terrible.  When I got their, most of my favorite flavors weren't in stock and all the toppings where almost done!  I had cookies and cream.  I was happy they had that in stock.  Anyway, I have a dance competition tomorrow and I am not doing my solo and duo in this one.  I wish I was though.  My sister also has a dance competition tomorrow!  (Good luck!)  I taught her a front limber so she could know it when she comes to my dance studio.  A front limber is a handstand and then you flip into a bridge.   I am going to teach her a front walkover later.  So, tonight is a relaxing night.  I was just watchin a movie.  Next time I write on the wiki, I will be doing an interveiw to one of my friends.  I am going to type it up here so you can see just like I did to Emily!  (See below.)  Iam just going to watch one of my brother's baseball games on tape so I gues I will type whenever I can!

                                                                                              See ya Later


May4, 2007- 8:14 a.m.


Well, I am back on he wiki!  I have a few jobs that I want to do when I grow up!  Today is career day in my school so I am writing about what I want to be when I grow up!  I want to be a pro dancer.  I also want to be a dance teacher.  I could do both, or I would have to pick one.  I also want to be a teacher.  Any grade would be fine.  Last, I would like to be a nurse.   My grandma was a nurse, and I always like helping people so that is also a great career!  These are they careers I want.

    Now, I will tell you why I want these careers.  These careers are all great to have.  You get a lot of money in all of them.  I really love dancing!  That is why I want dancing jobs!  Dancing is a really great sport and I hope to keep doing it when I grow up!  Teaching is a thing that I have always wondered about.  I think it would be fun.  I would try not to be a bad or mean teacher.  The nurse is a great thing because, as I said, I get to help sick people until the doctor comes in.  My Grandma learned a lot from it and I would too!  This is why I want to do these jobs!

     Which one?  Which one would be great for me to do?  I love all these careers but I can't decide which one to pick!  I will write more later...oboe lessons! 

                                                        Be Back during the day!



May 3, 2007- 3:23 p.m.


I am back!  What's up my good people?  Hahaha.  Anway, I am going to tell you another story!  Like the last one.  It is homework so read it!  We have to wirte saying what would be an awesome amusement park ride!  So, let's begin! 


  Tina and her friends love to go to amusment parks.  One day, they saw a guy explaining a contest!  They came over.  It was a contest on who could make the best ride.  This contest was called, "The Ultimate Anusment Park Ride."  When she and her friends got back to Tina's house, they all started working on designs for the ride.  The winner got $10,000 dollars and two year free pass to that amusment park. 

       "I am going to make a roller coaster, but not just any coaster, the best ever!" Tina's friend Emily said.       "I am making one of those bumper boats but with obstacles and places that you have to crash into someone." Lila, Tina's other friend said.  Tina didn't want one friend to win and the rest to be sad.  So she explained to her friends.

        "Guys, how about we create it together?  I mean, then all of us get two year passes and $10,000 dollars!  Come on, plus it would be fun!"  Tina explained.  Her friends looked at eachother and then nodded and smiled.  

        The next day they all met up and talked about the ride.  They all said that a good idea would be like a roller coaster/bumper boat.  It would be a three cart coaster.  The carts are actually bumper boats that fit four people.  It would be a roller coaster that had upside downs, loop-di-loops, and drops, big drops, big loops, and lots of upside downs.  Then, later on, at the end, the three boatswould go into water.  There would be this certain thing that unhooked them as the came down.  Then, one person in the boat could use the wheel andsteer into people.  Then, when the wistle blows, the bumper cars come to the ending of the ride and the people get out.  Tina and her friends new that this was the best idea, ever!  

         They all went back to the amusment park and dropped off their entry.  The next day was the happy day.  It was  Wednesday and they were all at Tina's house.  When Tina's mom picked up the phone, Tina and her friends heard a lot of noises. 

          "Uh huh, uh huh, really?  They did?  They... ... ...  Oh dear!  What.. .. ..news!  Thank you... ... ... Bye."  Tina's mom hung up the phone and walked over to the three friends.  "Get our jackets and shoes on.  We are going to the smusment park for the initiation!  You guys won the contest!!"  The three girls screamed and ran to get their jackets and shoes on.  

         When they got there, they all got up on stage and told the man that they were honored to win but they  needed three passes and $30,00 dollars. If not $30,00 dollars,then they would split the $10.000 dollars.  They ended up with three passdes and $30,000 just as they had asked!  Tina and her friends rode that ride whenever they could!   The End!


I hope you liked the story of Tina and her friends making the Ultimate Amusment Park Ride!  I have to go now!  See you soon!

                                                                                           Bye Now!


 May 3, 2007- 8:20 a.m.


Hey again!  I have to find another thing to say besides hey again or hi again!  Anyway, next time I will say what's up my good people!  That sounds nice.  Hahaha.  I have an idea!  I will interveiw someone who also has an online journal.  I will interveiw, Emily!  Here is the interview!

Q. Emily, what is your favorite color?

A. My favorite color is red.

Q. Do you play an intrument?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. What instrument do you play?

A. I play the saxaphone

Q. What is your favorite part of the wiki?

A. My favorite part is being able to have an online journal.


Thank you Emily for donating your time on the wiki to this interveiw.  Now, I will tell you about a fair in my town called the Septa Fair.  I love going to fairs in that certain place because I see all my friends and we just hang out and get ice cream and listen to music!  It is so much fun!  I am going with my friend Megan and we are meeting my other friends at a awesome ice cream place called TCBY.  THen, once everyone is there, we will go around and do all the things that i mentioned before.  I love the fairs on that street.  Everyone does in my town!  I am leaving early though to go to dance.  But at least I got to go!  I am happy about that!

                                                                                                         I have to go bye!


May 1, 2007- 8:38 p.m.


I am watching American Idol right now and Blake was just on.  He is the beat boxer.  He just did really good!  I was never really fond of his singing before.  Anyway, my ankle really hurts!  I can't even describe it.  It was hurting a long time ago because once in dance, I landed wrong in a leap and that is what made it hurt.  That happened two months ago!  I just sat on it.  Now it really hurts!  Anyway, my school's band, jazz band, and orchestra concert is Thursday.  I told my mom today because I didn't know anything about it until today.  The band teacher keeps saying she handed out a slip but I didn't get a slip.  They probably handed it out on the lesson day.  But they had the lesson on a different day and didn't tell me they were changing the lesson that week.  Oh well, I guess I need to figure this stuff out by asking her stuff everyday.  I got pajamas at the Rainforest Cafe and they have a half eaten cartoon cookie that says, "One Tough Cookie."  I thought it fit me perfectly!  Hahahaha.  I am going to go now! 

                                                                                                            Bye- Bye


April 30, 2007- 8:38 a.m.


Hi again!  I will tell you my weekend.  Friday night, I left for my competition.  My stomach felt better on the car ride there.  That night, I did my solo on stage!  It turned out that I got a gold!  The next day, I had my duo, (the rest are group numbers), Steamheat, The Overture, Neutron Dance, Sweet Dreams, Do Your Thing, My Strongest Suite, Boot Camp, Bohemian Rhapsody, Ballroom Blitz, and The Wedding Singer.  These are the names of the songs and on most of them, I got a very good score!  Everything except for my solo was on Saturday.  On Friday, we had some food when we got there because I didn't have lunch so we went to Applebees.  Later on, it was dinner so we went to Cavo-The Crepe Cafe.  I had an omlet and we ate it in our hotel room.  The next day, Saturday, we had room service for breakfast.  I got pancakes and Apple Juice.  For lunch, I don't think I had any lunch.  For dinner, my mom brought applebees into the dressing room.  I only ate half of it.  I was hungry that night, but my mom found something for me to eat and I felt a little better.  Sunday, the next day, I forgot what we had for breakfastm, but we went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch!  I wish they didn't close in Garden City because it is the coolest place on earth!  They sat us at a table near the gorilla, (fake.)  Everything there was fake, they were animals though!  But, they had technology in them!  So they moved and swang on branches and the butterflies flew and the crocodile opened his mouth and the giant elelthants moved their heads around!  My favorite partwas the thunderstorms!  Every thirty minutes,  lightning would flash and all the animals would go crazy just like regular animals would!  Then thunder sounded!  It is the coolest thing!  The animals looked real too!  My sister took a video on the phone with the gorilla moving, we showed it to my brother and I ask my brother if it was a real gorilla.  He said yes.  Then I explained everything ot him.  Time to go!

                                                                                                     Write to you Later!


April 27, 2007- 9:13 a.m.


Hey again!  Today is Friday!  I am not feeling to well, I have an upset stomach.   I am getting ready to go to my dance competition tonight!  This will be so much fun!  When I come back ad write on my wiki page, I will only tell you what I got, not for which dance because that takes way to long!  I had dance everyday this week and now it is time to show my stuff!  Hahaha.  Anyway, in class today, we get a pizza party, brownies, a double block of recess, and candy bags!  I have to miss it though.   At 9:00 p.m, the juniors, my group, the seniors, the small fries and the GC company are going to this big pep rally!  It is an hour long so we will be done at 10:00 p.m.  At that party, I will be wiped out by the time I go to my hotel room.  I don't know if there will be a computer there so I probably won't be writing all weekend.  Off that subject, did you hear the thunder storm last night?  I was asleep, the last thing in my dream was a door closing and thats when I woke up to a giant clap of thunder!  Then a big lightning flash.  At one part, I thought someone was a taking a picture.  My dog, Dolly, didn't cry or jump around like dogs do when storms are coming.  She just layed in her bed.  I would look down at her, if she heard me, she would look up.  During the storm, she did the same thing!  I was surprised at how brave she was!  I have to go! Bye

                                                                                                   Bye- Bye


April 26, 2007- 7:06 p.m.


Hello again everybody!  I am going to tell you some kind of story.  In class, we were doing some math problems.  One problem's answer had to do with a 10 foot long brick wall that was 4in thick and 12 and a half inches tall.  Sounds weird doesn't it?  Anyway, our teacher, Mr. Pollitt, said it would be a good topic essay to do.  The essay would be on, what would be the use of that big of a wall?  Well, I am going to write my essay on my wiki, cause I am suppose to.  Here we go.

      I was at summer camp one year and my counselor gave us a puzzling question. 

     "What would you do if you had a brick wall 10 feet long, 4 inches thick, and 12 and a half inches tall?"  he said.  "Natalie, do you have an answer?"  That was me.  Why did he have to pick on me?  I thought and thought.  I wasn't very good at creative questions, I always thought my answers were dumb.  Then the lunch whistle sounded.  I was saved by the whistle.  "Everyone must think of an asnwer, when we come back to this activity, we will share our answers!"  he said while we were leaving. 

    On the way to the cafeteria, I thought.  I loved track.  I loved running and hopefully winning, I loved jumping over the hurdles, and I especially love the roar of the croud when I win!  It makes me feel very good inside.  Then I thought of another thing I loved.  I loved art!  I would sculp things and draw things and concentrate in the class.  I must say I am a very good asrtist.  In the school, sometimes I see my paintings on the wall with my sginature, Natalie McLamb, on it.  I would need two brick walls!  I would use one as a hurdle and the other one to create an artistic drawing. 

      The next day, we all went back outside and my campy conselor said, "Okay, I glued building blocks the size of bricks together.  These are each about three ounces so they really can't hurt anyone.  There is one per person.  Does everyne have an idea?  Let's start sharing," he said.  As he went around, I thought about which one I wanted!  This was hard.  I wanted to grow up to be a track star.  I had made up my mind.  Until I thought, it would be the perfect thing to do art with.  When it was my turn, I explained my case.  The counselor didn't know what I should do either.  He thought that maybe, if he had enough, he could make another one for me! 

       The next day was when we started the project.  The next one that came in was a little bit bigger. 

       "Jumping a foot off the ground isn't so exciting." he said.  This one was three inches taller.  She loved that.  She hugged the counselor and started her projects.  She  had th perfect hurdle and had to decide what kinf of art she wanted to do!!  The end.

So...how did you like it.  I might add more over the weekend.  I will be at a dance sompetition over the weekend though!  So I don't know if they will have a computer at the hotel!!  Oh well, Got to go bye!



April 24, 2007- 8:54 p.m.


Monday was my birthday! I think I forgot to tell you that.  Anway, I am going to tell you about a school related thing.  My class and I had to decide if we wanted to have class outside or inside.  I don't really know what I want.  Outside has air and nice sun.  There are also shady spots and sunny spots so you can pick where you want to sit!  Inside is good because you can't sit in wetness, unless you spilled something.  You also have a place to out your books.  Outside, if you forget to bring something to sit on, it is a definite that you are sitting in the grass, with the bugs, and the ants, and the worms!  I always feel like they are going to crawl into my pants or hair!  What is bad about inside is that the air conditionar, to me, is like artificial air!  Outside there is fresh air!  Inside, it is boring, outside, there are a lot of sights!  I guess I can't decide.  But so far, I have to say outside.  Outside, you can bring a blanket so i is no problem!!  I have to go.



April 23, 2007- 8:11 p.m.


Oh my gosh, again!  I shouldn't stop writing everyday!  It is just that I have no time!  I am at dance and when I come home I am exhausted these days.  I just want to relax until my competition this weekend!  It is in Atlantic City, New Jersey!  (Mr. Pollitt, can you come? Laugh)  Anyway, today at dance, I had ballet and lyrical.  My musceles sort of hurt.  I stretched very hard in lyrical!  My musceles hurt when I was doing my wide scale.  A wide scale is when you hold up your leg.  Today in school, I couldn't catch!  I usually can catch!  But I dropped almost every ball!  I lost my thunder.  Hahaha.  Now I am going to tell you something about Buddy Day at the Middle School in my town!  My class went to the middle school and got paired up with person in sixth grade.  Girls got paired with girls and boys got paired with boys.  It was so much fun!  I am so excited for the middle school!  First , my buddy had English, (of course I had to go with her.)  Since only some of the sixth graders get with a buddy, the teachers don't change their schedule.  So I had to take a grammar test on pronouns!  Half of it was easy.  Some of it was fair, and other parts werer challenging!  I think I did really good though.  At least, I did my best!  Next, we had Spanish.  The whole entire class, the teacher was talking, of course, Spanish.  She rarely spoke English.  So the whole time I was sitting their listening to a beautiful language not knowing what anything meant.  I learned the rico means rich and el langua means tongue.  Hahaha.  Well, better get going!

                                                                                                                      Good Bye 


 April 15, 2007- 3:27 p.m.


Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that I haven't written in a while!  Herer are the things that happened.  My birthday was on Monday, Tuesday, I had dance, Wednesday was the same as Tuesday.  On Thursday, I didn't do anything, and today I have dance.  For my birthday, my mom made a cake that looked like my new dog, Dolly.  It is absolutly adorable.  All my dogs are adorable but the cake was really cute.  I went to Once Upon a Dish one day and painted a late!  I painted the word dance on my plate and dotted it with poka-dots.  It looked nice.  My little brother drew Kaa and my mom drew flowers.  I am watching a commercial now.  The show that is on though is the Mets game from last night.  I am watching this because my brother is sick and he controls the remote!  Anyway, there was a moment of silence at recess today because of the Massacre at Virginia Tech.  That was such a sad day.  Well, time to go. 

                                                                                                  Bye- Bye


April 14, 2007- 7:11 p.m.


Hi again!  Guess what?!?  It is my older sister's birthday!  She decorated the basemement and has a lot of her friends over.  She is now fifteen years old.  She is so excited because next year she gets her driving permit.  I gave her a present, a beenie baby lamb and a small, squishy, light up duck.  I had dance today.  My competition is coming up soon!  You probably hear that from me a lot these days.  I need to go now!  Sorry I am not writing so much! 



April 12, 2007- 8:07


Hello everyone, and welcome back to the wiki!  I am watching the show survivor right now.  I used to watch it all the time.  Now, I am sort of getting bored with it.  I watch it very rarely now.  I didn't have dance today.  I don't have dance on Thursdays.  I went in the basement today and turned on the music and danced with Dolly though!  Does that count?  If not, oh well.  Guess what?!?  My birthday is very soon!  I am so excited!  I can't believe it came this quick!  I bet it will be a great day.  I am going to One Upon a Dish, the painting place.  You pick something to paint, then you sponge it down with water, then you paint it however you want!  It is so much fun and I can't wait!  My little brother is so excited for the Friend or Foe spongebob episode!  He keeps saying, three more days, or something like that!  Well, it is time for me to leave you haning!  Check into tomorrow for another blog entry.


                                                                                                                Your fellow wiki fan


April 11, 2007- 9:16 a.m.


Good morning wiki readers!  Well, vacation is now officially over!  Before I start what I am going to type, I am going to tell you what I did yesterday since I has no time to write yesterday!  My friend Megan called to invite me over but I couldn't go over to her house because I had to go to D&B's.  I decided to invite her so she could go too!  She has only been to the old D&B's which was Jillian's but they are the same thing!  SHe hadd lots of fun!  In the end, she had 600 tickets to spend on a prize and I had 1,196 to spend.  She got a grow your own Stewie from the show Family Guy, a Flinstone's tie, and a rubber finger puppet!  She also won a really pretty watch from a sort of crane machine.  To sum it up, the machine only had jewlery, but there was one with toys.  We had luch there too!  I got pasta with butter and she got, her usual, chicken fingers and fries.  Then, we went back to D&B's because we didn't buy our prizes yet!  We only got the little price thing that said how many tickets we had!  My mom thought it would be a good idea if we ate and then got the prizes.  I got a bear, a rubber finger puppet, a squishy yellow duck, and binoculars.  After that, my sister, my brother, my brother's friend, and my little brother wanted to go to Steve and Barry's.  So my mom took them there and Megan and I went on the Merry-Go-Round right outside of it.  She was wearing her Flinstonse's tie on the Merry-go-round and I was holding my bear that I had named Harry.  (I had gotten a bigger bear before that looked exactly like it and named it Hansel, so I decided to make another name that started with a H.)  Then, when we were done, Megan bought my brother, my little brother, my sister, herself, and me punching balloons!  She is so nice!  Then my mom bought a punching balloon for my brother's friend.  Got to go!  Have to work on the newspaper!



April 9, 2007- 6:57 p.m.


Well, her we are again!  How was your Easter?  Guess what?!?  I had a great day today!  I was watching Shirley Temple movies!  The reason why was because there was a Shirley Temple marathon yesterday!  My mom and I missed it all!  Shirley Temple was a great actress, singer, and dancer!  She made a lot of movies, her first one was when she was three!  My mom says that now she is like 80 years old.  She was excellent though.  My sister is making dinner tonight from the cook book that she got in her Easter basket.  Uh oh, it's dinner time!  Check in again tomorrow!

                                                                              Have a great day!


April 8, 2007- 9:50 a.m.


Hello wiki fans reading on this lovely Easter morning!  It is Easter and I found my Easter basket right away.  I went into the living room, looked behind a little table and found it!  I am getting better at this!  Dolly was shivering this morning so I put on a bathrobe and put her inside with her head sticking out.  (Smokey, my other dog, likes that.  I think Dolly likes it.)  Dolly likes to squeeze her little head into tiny corners, so when she went inside, she put her head back inside and into an arm hole!  It was so adorable.  Cooper was take on a walk this morning.  Cooper is my other dog!  Soon I will have to get dressed for church!  Then, away to the Easter Parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a really pretty dress.  Now I have three friends riding in my car!  Catherine, Megan, and Kaitlyn! I am on the computer because everyone is testing out the stuff they got and I already tested a few things!  I don't want to test everything today!  That would take the fun out of it!  Well, I am going to go listen to my new CD!  

                                                                                                                    Bye Bye!!! 


April 7, 2007- 6:47 p.m.


I am back again!  Did you miss me? Just kidding, haha.  Easter is tomorrow!  I will tell you what my family does on Easter.  In the morning, we sit at the top of the stairs until our parents say come down.  Then we look for our hidden Easter baskets.  We would open them at the same time.  Then we would have breakfast and go to church.  After church we go to the Easter parade.  I don't go to watch though.  Unless wtaching is waving to people.  My grandpa owns many old fashioned cars and brings a few in to the Easter parade.  He drives the bunnies.  My family and my cousins get to ride in the cars while a parent drives us.  The parents are usually, my mom and dad, my cousin's mom and dad, and my other aunt and uncle.  It is so much fun!  I get to invite people in the car too!  Only three people though.  This year I only have two!     It is MUCH better then no one though so I am happy to have my friend Megan and my cousin Catherine in the car.    I hope your Easter goes just as great as mine hopefully will!  I hope I see you reader sin the parade! 

                                                                                            See ya


 April 6, 2007- 3:46 p.m.


Hi again wiki readers.  Dolly, the new dog, is doing great today!  Everyday except for today andMonday, Megan, my friend, has come over.  It was a good week.  Yesterday, I saw the movie Blades of Glory.  It was really good.  It was also funny.  The best movie I have ever seen is still Eragon.  My sister tells me that it just ruins the book at parts but she still loves it.  She has read the book like five times.  Hahaha.  I want to read the book.  I am reading the Series of Unfortunate Events.  I keep stopping though, but every time I stop, its either because the book was misplaced or I only have one book and I don't want to take it out of school.  That is what is happening right now.  My brother has the whole series except for book nine.  So I keep leaving it in school thinking that I have one at home.  Then when I get home, I remember I don't.  Anyway, my birthday is coming closer and closer!  I just can't wait.  My sister's birthday is two days before mine.  (Like her birthday is one day and then there is another day, then there is my birthday.)  She is four years older then me though.  All the girls in my family have their birthday in April.  Isn't that strange?  I think it is, but I think its more cool then strange.  I have to go give Dolly her  special sugar!!

                                                                                                  Thanks for reading! 


April 4, 2007- 9:34 p.m.


Hey everyone!  Yesterday was my mom's birthday!  We went to Orchid for dinner, then to TCBY for desert.  Guess what?  We renamed our puppy when we got it.  We decided to name it Dolly!   Don't worry, that is the final name!  This morning, she started barking and crying at 4:50.  I cleaned up her buisness.  Then I stroked her back, put her in her bed and went in my bed.  Then she started crying again.  I did everything I could, but the pup kept barking!  So I went downstairs at 5:00.  I went back up at 5:30 because she was asleep and she would probably sleep again in my room.  I slept for an hour and then she started crying.  It was 6:30 a.m.  My mom usually woke me up for school at that time anyway, so I decided to go downstairs again and stay downstairs.  When my mom came down at 7:00, I decided it was breakfast time for the little puppy.  I gave her food then I put her sugar in her mouth.  Then I fed her her vitamins.  I had to different vitamins to feed and the second kind, she wasn't fond of.  Right now, she is sleeping on my mom's lap!  I can't believe Sanjaya in American Idol is still in.  Sanyaya, if you are reading this, you seem really nice.  I know you don't like being made fun of!  I understand, but I want someone worthy to win the American Idol title.  People who are voting for Sanjaya so you can laugh in his face at the end are extremely rude and I will give you a piece of my mind!  Well, I should go to bed.  I have an early morning ahead of me!



 April 2, 2007


Hey again everyone.  I got the puppy today!  Instead of naming it Lady, we decided on the name April!  It is so tiny and adorable!  I gave it sugar.  When its a puppy,  you have to give it two fingertips of this sugar that comes out of a tube.  It looks like toothpaste and they lick it off your finger.  If they don't, you open its mouth and put it in.  The puppies can do the rest.  It's tiny white and fluffy, (the dog, not the sugar.)  The thing that stinks is that I have strep throat!  I really wish I didn't.  I haven't been feeling good  since Friday so I went to the doctor and he said I had strep!  I don't like this at all.  Id on't want to get the puppy sick!  I have to wash my hands extermly hard so when I give it its medicine it doesn't get sick! Well, I'm going to go give it a good brushing!

                                                                                                See you Later!


April 1, 2007- 6:35 p.m.


Happy April Fool's Day!  I jave huge news to tell you!  I am getting my third dog tomorrow!  It is going to be a girl Maltese named Lady!  I am so excited!  We are getting it tomorrow!  I am just so jumpy right now!  I hope tomorrow comes quick because I won't be able sleep tonight!  Over the break, my family wants to see the movies Blades of Glory and Meet the Robinsons.  No dance this week!  All week, I can hang out with friends and hang out with the new dog!  Yesterday and today we have done the most research that we have done.  Actually the day before yesterday too.  But, we have been  researching even when we weren't sure if we were getting it yet.  Anybody watch the Kids Joice Awards last night? Did anyone watch the re-run of it this afternoon.  I hardly watched either of them.  I watched a couple of the winners but for the rest I just went out of the room.  Well, I got to go! 



March 30, 2007- 8:13 a.m.


Heyy everyone!  The play went great!  Everyone did an excellent job.  I am buying the DVD and can't wait to "see" how everyone did!  The songs were on tempo except for The Battle, but we got right on tempo later.  Congratz  to all the characters for doing a great job!  Congratulations to King Louie, Shere Khan, Baloo, Bagheera, Mowgli, jungle ensemble, prickly pears, rocks, voltures, monkeys, elephants, Colonial Hathi, the Baby elephant, Kaa, and so many more!  The stage crew did a great job too!  I am going on a field trip to the Vanerbuilt Planetarium.  We are going with our second grade buddies.  I think we will sit in a big room and be surrounded by a big dome that shows what it looks like in outer space.  (At least that is what the planetarium I went to when I was little looked like.)  Everyone in our classes are ready for it.  We have been learning about the earth and stuff for a while.  Guess what?!?  A lot of colums are up in the newspaper!  Go check it out!  By the way, we are leaving for the Vanderbuilt at 8:30 a.m.  Oh my gosh!  It's almost time.  Got to go down to the lobby!  (Melissa, feel better!)



March 28, 2007- 5:52 p.m.


Hi again wiki fans.  I am so excited.  The Jungle Book play at my school is tomorrow.  Remember when I told you that I am Kaa in the play?  Well, I am in the a.m. cast so if you bought a ticket, watch the Kaa snake.  Remember though: If you do not have a ticket, you will not be allowed in!  It isone of the huge rules.  My teacher said that even people who are droppingthings off for let's say a third grader couldn't come in because maybe that person was lying and went right into the play.  Let's clear this up too, you also can not have a baby come in and say, "Oh, I will just have this child sit on my lap!"  Let's stop with all the rules and do some relaxing exersizes.  Breath in, breath out.  I don't have to go to dance today because I have  a religion class.  I don't have dance tomorrow though.  I do have dance on Friday though.  Oh, but tomorrow I will have Megan over.  I have mentioned her in a lot of entries so you kind of know who she is.  She is in the classroom next to mine.  I need to talk about the play tomorrow because I am just so excited.  When we bow at the end, we come after stage crew.  When we sand our song at practice, I accidently hit Mowgli in the head with my giant costume.  The costume looks like a giant slinky with fabric that conects the slinky medel wired.  I was like, "Sorry!"  He didn't really care though because he was still acting like he was in a trance.  Well, I am goingto see if dinner is ready!  I am starved!

                                                                                        Type to you later!


March 25, 2007- 8:56 p.m.


Sorry I haven't been writing for five days.  I had my dance competition yesterday and I just got back about two hours ago from the one today.  It was so fun!  For my solo dance, I got a gold.  (I also got a scholorship!)  For my duo dance, I got another gold!  (By the way, when I say gold and high gold, I mean that we got a trophie that says high gold or gold on it to give to the studio, and a packet of ribbons where everyone in the group gets one.  Unless it is a solo.  Then the person doing the solo gets the trophie and the ribbon.)  For a jazz production dance with the younger kids called Steamheat, we got a gold.  For my gym/acro dance, (if you take a look at the last entry you can see what gym/acro means), I got a high gold.  There is an "open" category where, well, once I tell you the dance you will understand what "open means.  We did a dance where half of the group was in tap shoes and the other half was in jazz shoes.  (I was one of the people with jazz shoes.)  We got a gold on that dance.  We also got a plaque for second place on that dance.  For my group jazz number, we got a gold.  Almost done, only three more.  For another open catagory, we got a gold.  Then, for a modern dance to the song Bohemian Rhapsody, we got a gold.  Last but not least, for Ballroom Blitz, the group and I got a high gold!  That is the dance where we dress like zombies.  (Check out other entrys to see how we dressed for Ballroom Blitz.  (Remember in the beginning of the entry, like the duo part?  Well, my duo was the last dance of yesterday.  The rest of the dances were today.)  I have three more competitions left.  I am so excited because the last one is in Florida.  The competition was in Paramus, New Jersey so my mom and I decided to stay in a hotel to avoid traffic.  Well, I am getting kind of tired.  I better go read.  Bye everyone!

                                                                                     Bye- Bye 


 March 20, 2007- 12:31 p.m.


Hello my friends!  Check out our digital newspaper!  Nothing is really up yet though.  Our first articles will be up by the end of the week.  Right now, I am in the computer lab.  Our class came here because no other class was in here.  Our special today was music.  The play is very soon!  I can hardly wait!   I am in the a.m. cast if you want to know.  Enough about me.  How are you.  No answer, that is what I expected.  Anyway, as I might have already told you, my dance competititon is this weekend.  My mom and I have to go to Paramus, New Jersey for the competition on Saturday.  Since we have to go back on Sunday anyway, we decided to sleep at a Holiday Inn hotel.  On Sunday, I go back to the competition and dance my little heart out!  I love to dance.  It isn't like little kid dance though.  It is tough!  The hardest is ballet and acro, (which I explained in a different entry weans acrobatics or gymnastics.)  Ballet isn't just point your toe in your tando!  You have to keep your center and work.  If you are doing it right, you should feel a good stretch in your body when you come home.  My favorite sport is basketball.  I am not fond of the GCAA basketball though.  Well, I am going to go read my book!  See you another day!

                                                                                     Thanks for reading! 


March 18, 2007- 4:30 p.m.


How was your St. Patrick's Day?  I had dance.  Then a basketball game for GCAA.  I lost that game,  had fun playing.  Well, that day my ankle was hurting because the last Friday I hurt my ankle in dance.  Then I had a stomach ache.  My friend said suck it up as a joke.  Her name was Katie and she is very nice.  She is on my basketball team.  Anyway, today I had dance from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  I have a competition next weekend.  This is going to be a blast!  I can't wait to perform my dances again.  It just makes you feel all tingly inside!  (If you know what I mean.)   I am excited but I don't know why.  Anyway, I was talking to my friend but she went away and my sister wants to go to Lord & Taylor.  That is what is happening.  I am typing on my wiki and I am still in my dance clothes because I was watching old family videos from when I was five!  My little brother was just born in these tapes and my older sister was nine and my older brother was seven or eight.  (I forgot!)  Well, time to change!  See you later on, "Wiki with Casey!"  Ha ha ha!  .  (Smileys remind me; I also like this smiley, .  It looks funny, but sad.)

                                                                                                See you Later!!!!!!


March 15, 2007- 5:26 p.m.


Hello everybody!  It's time again to read Casey's wiki blog!  For those of you just learning about the wiki, I am a girl.  Glad we got that over with!  I am bored.  But I am talking to three of my friends on aim.  Taylor, (who also has a iki blog), James, and Heather.  Heather is from my dance class.  I like talking to my friends online because you don't have to talk to them on the phone and you don't have to invite them over if your parents say no!  I don't know what to talk about!  My favorite smiley is .  I could use it when I say, "I  my friend a letter," or in other words, "I mailed my friend a letter!  I have to go eat dinner.  I don't know why so early tonight though!




March 14, 2007- 8:36 a.m.


I know it is a little early to be typing but I have nothing to do!  Later I need to study and start writing my article for the digital newspaper.  There is nothing on so I have to watch Spongebob.  I am not the fond of this show but it gets funny at times.  I am going to tell you about something.  Boys might not care about this next statment though.  I got two new dresses.  I normally never wear dresses unless it is the last day of school or Easter, but thats why I got the dresses.  One is black with this sort of white desine and, well, you have to see it.  The other one is like pink and light orange I think and you have to see it as I said with the other dress.  Since today is a day off school because of conferences, I have nothing to do.  We might do something after the cleaning people leave or after my mom's conference.  (I hope it is a good one!  I don't know if I have been good or not .)  Ha ha ha ha.  Well, it's breakfast time!  I might right another entry today!

                                                                                                        See you later aligator's!!!

March 13, 2007- 5:30 a.m.


Hi everyone!  Check out the digital newspaper everyday to see if it is up yet!  We picked our jobs and everything!  I feel this is going to be super fantastic!  Read everyones column but  my jobs are recipes, a "Dear Abby" column, and fashion.  I am also they co-edidtor.  This is going to be fun!  In other "news", get it, ha ha ha ha!  (Sorry.)  I was just watching a video with all of Fosse's dances on it!  Bob Fosse was a famous dancer.  The dances I saw were very strange!  Read my last entry and you will see Steam Heat was one of the dances in my competition.  Steam Heat is a "Fosse dance" as I like to say.  The people who were dancing to Steam Heat did a good job.    I have another competition in two weeks!  I am extremely excited.  Every one of my dances is going into it!  All the dances in my last entry and these....Boot Camp which is my hip hop dance, Idlewild which is a tap with the juniors and the seniors dance company, my lyrical dance called Empty Garden, and my gym/ acro dance called My Strongest Suit.  Gym or acro is like a gymnastics dance.  I am so excited for it!  Got to go watch dances from when I was little!!!

                                                                                                                     -The Dancen Queen


March 12, 2007- 9: 51 a.m


Hey again!  Sorry I haven't written all weekend, its just that I had a dance competition!  This are the dances I did in my competition.  Bohemian Rhapsody is one song we did and it was a modern dance.  The next dance was Neutron Dance.  This was in the open catergory.  The open catergory is, well, you will understand.  Half of the class did tap and the other half did jazz in this song.  There is a example of open.  My next dance was a duo that I did with my friend Amanda.  We did the song Little Bitty Pretty One, it is a tap number.  The next dance I did was my solo.  It was a jazz dance and I did it to the song Life of the Party.  The next dance I did was Sweet Dreams which is a jazz dance.  My whole group did this dance.  The next group dance that I did was Do your Thing.  Do your thing is a tap dance.  The next dance was Steam Heat which I did with the my group and the younger group.  My last dance was Ballroom Blitz.  You would be scared out of your mind if you saw us.  We put black makeup under our eyes and wore black lipstick.  Then we put theater blood on.  It is this stuff that people use that isn't real blood but it looks like it.  My friend did it and she made me look like I got shot.  (We were all suppose to be zombies!)  Got to go bye!

                                                                                           See you later! 


March 9, 2007- 10:25 a.m.


Hi again wiki fans!  Today is the third grade science fair!  It is so amazing what third graders can do!  I am sure they had some help but they did the whole thing!!  When I was in the third grade science fair, my parteners that I worked with were Melanie and Megan.  We did it on earth quakes.  First, we found facts on it and glued them to a poster.  Then we took two wood blocks and covered them in sand paper.  Then we rubbed the sand paper together and it was called friction!  The third grade science fair is mandatory for the entire thrid grade.  The rest of the grades just come and look around.  When the three of us decided to look around at our science fair, we put up a sign that said, "CLOSED FOR NOW!"  It was a lot of fun.  Today was the last day of the fifth grade state math test!  State math tests are done for the year!  I got a new pen!  This is not random because my friend Melissa was just looking at it.  It is a pen with twisted pink and white pipe cleaners up the saide.  Then it has a feather and a bow.  On the feather and bow is a cotton ball with ears, googly eyes, and two mini cotton balls for a nose.  Then there is a feather in between the ears.  Can you guess what it is?  It's a bunny!    It wrrites so well.  Melissa has a pen too!  It has pink feathers on the top and it is very cute.  I got to go do a writing piece!  See you later!!  (Well, if I don't know you then I won't so, write you later!)

                                                                                                                  Talk Later!


March 7, 2007- 1:15 p.m.


I am really sorry that I haven't written lately!  I tried to write over the weekend but my computer was acting all weird.  I was like, "SIGN ME IN," and it was all like, "No!  You need to check your security thing!"  Anyway, how have you been?  I am in computer class right now.  Mr. Pollitt said that before we do anything, we can type on our wiki!  I really hope you are enjoying mine so far.  As a joke, one of my friends said my entries are to long and boring!  Well, hers is short but we are friends, we just always tease eachother in a friendly way!  Have you been recycling?   It is very important.  As I told you in an earlier entry, we are doing a contest.  (It is way to long to explain so scroll down!)  In the recycling contest, my group is the video group!  Anway, I am the camera person and I also work on the behind the scenes things like the back drop that will go behind the speakers.  Our director is Tara who also has a wiki.  Our script writer is Emily who, again, also has a wiki.  (Everyone I mention has a wiki.)  Fabrice is the anchorman.  Mat and Melissa are speakers.  Connor is the anchorman.  The rest of the jobs go to the second grade buddies!  I am going to tell you one more thing.  HAVE A GREAT SAINT PATRICK'S DAY MONTH!  As you already know, this month is the month that Saint Patrick's Day is in.  I am not Irish but I still wear a lot of things that have to do with Saint Patrick's Day!!  

                                                                                          Have an awesome day!  


February 28, 2007- 3:43 p.m.



Hey wiki readers!  Guess what?!?   It is one of my best friend's birthday!  Today is my friend, Megan's birthday.  I got her a beanie baby and wrote her a letter.  Then I cut out a crown for the beanie baby.  I left it at home though!  This was not the present I was going to give her at her party.  I just wanted to give it to her because that is what friends do!  She gave me a cupcake!  Her birthday is going to be fun!  I can't get there until 9:15 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. because I have dance until nine that day.  I will tell you the party she had in the middle of March so the people who weren't invited won't get mad.  I recommend this series of books- Miss O and Friends.  It might not sound "fifth grade reading level", but it is really good and it could pass as a fourth maybe fifth grade reading level.  It is really good.  I just started it.  I am reading book 2-Room for one more One part of the book I got really scared because something happened to Lanie the kindergartener.  I am not telling anymore because I want you to read the book!  Trust me, you will want to read more.  I can relate to Miss O.  Miss O isn't a teacher or anyone older then fifth grade.  She is a fifth grade student whose real name is Olivia but everyone calls her Miss O.  I can relate in small ways.  Miss O has blonde hair and a older sister who has brunette hair.  There is more in common because we are both fifth graders.  Harlie is one of Miss O's friends and she narrates the next book up which is the one I am reading.  Each book has one of Miss O's friends narrating besides the first because they needed to introduce Miss O first.  Miss O's friends are Isabella, Justine, Harlie, and her older sister Juliette who is one year older then everyone.  To find out more about each one go to www.missoandfriends.com.  It has games and when you first go there, look on the right of the page and you will see a picture of each of them.  click on someone's picture and learn about them!  Got to go do homework!

                                                                                                                            Talk To You Later (TTYL) 


February 25, 2007- 12:36 a.m.



How are you wiki readers?  I went to my friend's house yesterday.  (The friend's name is Megan.)  Usually, on Staurdays I am very busy.  As a matter of fact, I am always busy.  This week I wasn't though because it was VACATION!  It ends tomorrow though.  I wish I had a couple more days just to relax.  At least Friday is off.  I am going to keep writing my alphabet essay.  Don't get used to me writing short entries though.  I got to go!

                                                                                                            See you later!


February 23, 2007- 8:35 p.m.



What's up everbody?  I went to my friend, Margaret's house.  We had lots of fun.  Right now, I am watching Man of the Year.  It is a movie about a comedian that decides to run for president.  So far it is good.  Robin Williams is the star.  This is an awesome movie so far.  Today I went to the mall.  I got a lot of clothes.  I am so tired.  No, I am just bored.  I have no clue what to write about.  (I am sorry, I didn't do my Alphabet Essay Mr. Pollitt!)  I will do it now!



February 22, 2007- 7:11 p.m.


Hi my friends!  How are you doing today?  I am doing fine!  My friend Megan came over today!  We had fun!  We recorded a little video with my video camera that I got for Christmas.  You are thinking, "Give me one reason why a fifth grader should have a video camera!"  I will not lie!  It is a video camera for kids.  It is very small.  Not very very small.  Anyway, that was at the end of the day.  We tried to go bowling but it was a 20 minute wait for a lane.  We decided to leave.  Well, I am going to get some desert.  Toon in tomorrow for another entry. 

                                                                                                         Have an awesome vacation!!


February 21, 2007-2:42 p.m.


Heyy again everyone!  I am going to tell you the last two ways to play.  This is the way to play the game when you want the game to be hard but not too hard.  This time, if the good-guy taps your shoulder once, you are bad-guy #1.  If the good-guy taps your shoulder twice, you are bad-guy #2.  If he/she taps your shoulder 3 times, you are the hero.  The hero does the same thing it always does.  The two bad-guys put their heads up at the same time when the good-guy says, "Bad-guy #1 and Bad-guy #2, heads up."  The bad-guys pick who they want to injure, (remember, just a game), together.  The rest of the instructions are the same.  If you want to play the hardest way, you bring in another character.  If the good-guy taps you once, you are bad-guy #1.  Twice, you are bad-guy #2.  Three times, you are the hero.  Four times, you are the head bad-guy.  The head bad-guy keeps his/her head up the whole game.  This time though, the bad-guys are on different teams.  Let's say bad-guy #1 picked a girl named Sally to injured, and bad-guy #2 picked a boy named Thomas to injure.  The head bad-guy picks which one out of the two that he/she wants to injure.  Now let's say the head bad-guy picked Sally.  If the hero didn't pick Sally to get better, then Sally goes to the hospital.  (Obviously she doesn't really go to the hospital.)  The rest is the same but you have to vote who the head bad-guy was and which bad-guy picked Sally.  Always remember- no peaking!  I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did!  Have a great February break!

                                                                                             Write you later!   


February 20, 2007- 12:34 p.m.



I am exhausted!  Well, right now, I am not, but I sort of am.  I had a sleep over at my dance school!  Everyone on te competition teams were invited.  Not everyone came though.  First, we danced for three hours.  Then, we had a pizza party.  Now it turns really fun.  We all got into our pajamas and set up our beds.  (I brought an air mattress.  People who didn't bring an air mattress slept on the floor or on a gymnastics mat.)  We played all sorts of games.  We had a lot of candy!  I was so hyper.  At 2:00 a.m, I decided to get some sleep.  It was hard.  In the other room, music was pumping.  In the room I was sleeping in, girls were talking, and a movie was on.  (We were watching Taledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  I will tell you if I spelt Taledega right later.)  I slept for two hours.  (That is what the girls said.)  When I woke up, it was 4:00 a.m.  We were playing a game.  I think it was called "Good-guy-Bad-guy" or something.  Here is how to play just in case you want to play.  First, get at least 8 people to play.  Next, pick who is going to be the "Good-guy."  The good-guy will come around the room and tap on people's shoulders.  I will teach you how to play the easy way first.  If the good-guy taps your shoulder once, you are "Bad-guy #1."  If the good-guy taps your shoulder twice, you are the hero.  The good-guy will say, "Bad-guy #1, head up," and bad-guy #1 would point to the person he/she wanted to injure.  (Remember, this is just a game, don't hurt anyone.)  The the good-guy would say, "Bad-guy #1, head down, hero head up."  The hero picks who she wants to save.  (It could be herself/himself.)  If the hero did not pick the person that bad-guy #1 injured, the person would have to go to the hospital.  (Not really, of course.)  Then all of the people vote for who they think was bad-guy #1.  I will tell you the harder way tomorrow

                                                                                                                    Have a great vacation!


February 18, 2007- 10:20 a.m.


Hey!  What's up everyone?  It is the first day of winter vacation!  I have dance today though.  I have it tomorrow too.  The only days I don't have it are Thursdays and Sundays.  Except today!  Last night, I went to my basketball party.  It was at my coach's house.  He would give us a medal, and then he would explain what each of our futures would probably be.  (He said I would be a dancer.  I would take over Dancing with the Stars and make it my family dancing show!)  Then, each of us would have a theme song.  It was so much fun!  Well, I have to go!


                                                                                                           Miss Dance (laugh laugh)


February 16, 2007- 8:14 a.m.


Wow!  What is with this weather??  First, it is warm.  I mean warm as in no snow and no freezing winds.  Now it is snowing!  Everything is so icy!  I am so excited about it.  My backyard has become a ice rink!  Anyway, our class and our buddies are doing this recycling project!  If I didn't tell you about the buddies, I will tell you now.  Our buddies are senond graders.  We meet with them.  Everyone has a buddy.  If we win, we go to albany.  There are four categories.  Technoligy, literature, arts and crafts, and video.  I am in the video group.  My group is making a news report on what problems are caused because people arn't recycling!  Please recycle and do anything you can to stop global warming!  I bet the polar bears are scared!




February 14, 2007- 8:15 p.m.


I think it is so weird that I am writing at exactly 8:15.  Anyway, hello readers!  Happy Valentines day!  I am going to tell you about something I read.  This article is in Scholastic News.  It is just like TFK, if you do TFK with your teacher.  This article is called Python Patrol.  Considering pythons are so big, it would be so cool seeing a python hatchling.  Python hatchlings can coil up in the palm of your hand!  Isn't that adorable.  Back to the story.  People care for this animals.  When they get to big, their owners put them into Everglades National Park.  This park is in Florida.  This python is the Burmese python.  Just so you know, the Burmese python is one of the largest snakes in the world.  I feel so bad for the snkaes getting dumped into the Everglades!  When the hatchlings grow six feet their owners don't want them anymore.  Wouldn't you be scared if your park's animals were being eaten by a snak?  This is the way biologists feel, but they already have few animals.  I think this is a good idea and you will too.  There is  a 2 year old beagle named Python Pete.  It is trained to use body language when it finds a python is the park.  I think people should just put pythons in mueseums or zoos instead of out in the wild.  Maybe pythons wouldn't be able to find food because it is so used to be fed.  The beagle idea is great.  To learn more buy the Scholastic News.  Well, got to go!

                                                                                                                            Happy Valentines Day!! 


February 13, 2007- 8:23 p.m.


Hello again wiki readers!  I am watching American Idol!  Do you like American Idol?  I love seeing everyone sing.  All the bad people probably get scarred for life from what Simon says.  This might sound weird, but Simon is funny.  He sounds mean because he tells the truth but the funny part is the he is so sarcastic all the time.  Just in case someone dosen't know what American Idol is, it is a show.  It is really a singing contest!  Whoever wins is the American Idol!  Simon Cowell, Paula Abduhl, and Randy Jackson are the judges.  It is on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.   I am going to go watch again!

                                                                                                                                         Bye-Bye Everyone!


February 11, 2007- 6:16 p.m.


I haven't been writing for a while again.  Anyway, do you remember what special thing that I wrote about that happened today?  DANCE COMPETITION!!  I got a gold medal on my solo.  The song for my solo is Life of the Party.  I got a high gold medal for my duo.  My duo is to the song Little Bitty Pretty One.  The next number was Sweet Dreams, a jazz dance.  Number is just another word for performance, in a word.  I got a high gold medal on this dance.  My last dance was Ballroom Blitz.  This was a tap number including the junior dancers and the senior dancers in my dance school.  We got a platinum medal on this dance.  My friend Amanda is the girl I did the duo with.  It was an awesome competition!!



February 7, 2007- 12:36 p.m.


Hello again everybody!  It is my friend Melissa's birthday!  I think she wrote it on her blog!  Say Happy Birthday even though she can't hear you!  Anyway, I had a bad dream last night.  I don't know why it doesn't sound scary but picture yourself in this situation.  There is a giant party at this ginormous (as I like to say) mueseum.  Unless it was a video store.  So me and my friend can do whatever we want there.  We were screaming and taking things.  Then this guy that looked like he had powder on his face came to us.  He also had white hair.  He was a ghost.  My friend was still running!  He caught me and then I woke up!


                                                                                               From, Scared

February 6, 2007- 9:17 a.m.


I am really really sorry I haven't been writing in my blog for six whole days!  I have to tell you about two things.  I am now out of CYO basketball.  My team lost by one and we almost got one more basket.  One second before the buzzer sounded, the basket did not go in.  We had no time to put it up again.  The next thing the team and I heard was....BBBBBBZZZZZZ!!!!  We were winning in the beginning, but then the other team caught up.  St. Joe's, (my team), was playing Sacred Heart.  Now my team is in third place.  At least we got far!  There is happy news though.  You know how much I love dance right?  Well I have a competition on Sunday in New Jersey.  I am doing my solo, duo, my jazz number called Sweet Dreams, and Ballroom Blitz.  The rest of my dances will be in the March competition.   

Did everyone like the Superbowl?  I was cheering for the colts and they won!  To tell you the truth, I didn't watch the game.  I was watching the T.V. in my kitchen.  I was watching Disney Channel and every so often I would go on the computer and talk to my friends.  I guess that is all I need to talk about for now.                                                    BYE-BYE!


January 31, 2007- 8:35 p.m.


Hello!  I am so tired.  I was just at dance.  I am going to tell you about a current event.  A current event is just news that has recently happened.  The current event I will be talking about is a car crash.  The singer Brandy was the cause of a crash that included four cars.  The crash killed a woman.  If the jury declares her guilty, Brandy has to spend one year in a county jail and pay a fine of $1,000.  The woman died in a hospital from banging her head on something.  That is the current event that I thouhgt was interesting.

                                                                                            News Reporter- Casey (Just Kidding)


January 30, 2007- 12:39 p.m.


I am so confused, readers!  I play oboe in my school and my band teacher wants me to play oboe in the school band next year in sixth grade!  I want to take band but I also want to do chorus!  Someone help me!  I can't really practice my instrument because I have dance and basketball! 




January 29, 2007- 9:41 a.m.


I am back everyone!  I don't know what to write!  I could tell you to go to the 21st Century Classroom button and read everyone's ideas and look at everyone's pictures......so I will!  Go to the 21st Century Classroom button and read everyone's ideas if you want!  I am going to recommend a couple of books to you!  First, the whole entire Series of Unfortunate Events series.  It is probably one of my top favorite books!  Next, I will recommend a book called The Naked Mole Rat Letters.  It has almost nothing to do with Naked Mole Rats though, so don't get creeped out.  It is about a girl whos dad is getting serious with a lady.  (The girl's mom had died.)  The lady works at a zoo and she took care of the Naked Mole Rats.  The little girl was sending the lady e-mails trying to get her away from her dad.  I won't say anymore because I want you to read the book.  There are a lot more books but I need to tell you some songs to listen to.  Highschool never ends is the best.  Then Year 3000.  Another song is Wedding Day.  It is from the Bradway show, The Wedding Singer! 

                                                                                                                                     I have to go!  See You Later!



January 28, 2007- 9:58 a.m.



What's up readers?  This weekend has been crazy!  If you read yesterday's entry then you can see what I did on Saturday.  Now it is Sunday and I still have to do a lot.  I have dance for a while and then another CYO play-off game!  I hope I win!  Right now, I am using my older brother's lap top so if he is reading, thank you!  I am not using the downstairs one because now I can stretch for the day because I am on the floor.  The kickline class was fun yesterday.  I also loved the sculpting.  We got to sculpt with something called Plaster of Paris.  We are making masks.  In kickline we learned the low kick, medium kick, and the high kick!  I had loads of fun in these two classes.  I can't wait until high school where I can possibly be on the kickline like my older sister!  I wish I could just relax on the days where there is no school.  Maybe cuddle up and read a book.  I can't though.  I have a weekend filled to the brim with dance and basketball.  Don't get me wrong.  Mr. Pollitt makes school fun.  He makes us laugh a lot.  Even my friend's family loved coming to school because he was fun.  It is just that I want to relax on the weekend. 


                                                                                                                         TTYL!!  (TTYL means Talk To You Later)



January 27, 2007- 7:46 a.m.


Hey again!  I'm back!  Todady is the winter program at the G.C. Middle School!  I am so excited!  I am all dressed for kickline!  I can't wait another second!!  Now, time to talk about my day today.  First the winter program.  Then I have dance at Broadway Bound Dance Studio for 3 and a half hours.  Then, I have CYO basketball!  Wow! If you think about it, that is a pretty long day.  I have had longer though.  Most of those days were competition days.  When I was five, (my first competition ever), I did a duo with another girl named Casey.  Just so you know, a duo is a dance that only two people do together!  Casey and I like to call ourselves Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I am Thing 2 because she was born before me!  That was at Attitudes in Motion and I miss my dance buds!  Luckily, I made some new ones but that doesn't mean I forget about the old ones.  This year I am doing a duo with my friend from Broadway Bound Dance Studio and we are dancing to Itty Bitty Pretty One.  For my solo, I am dancing to the song Life of the Party.  I have the solo and duo today inculding something called gym.  Gym is where you stretch a lot for and hour and work on a dance for another.  I am so sore the next day!!  Once I wake up, I feel it.    I have an idea!  Maybe, I could put a gigantic ice pack on myself.  I hope it works and I don't get frost bite!  LOL.  (LOL means laugh out loud for all you out there that don't talk to your friends through something called Instant Messaging.)  Well, I gotta go!

                                                                                                                                       TaTa! -Casey


January 26, 2007- 11:10 a.m.


How is everyone?  I will tell you about my pets.  First, I have a dog named Cooper.  Cooper is a Golden Retriever.  She is 4 years old and she is turning 5 in Feburary!!  My next pet is another dog, Smokey.  Smokey is a Yorkshire Terrier, or in other words, a yorky.  Smokey is a 1 year old but his birthday is in February, just like Cooper's!  Next onto my bird.  The birds name is Rose.  Rose is well.....let me think.  I had her since 1st grade so she is 4 years old!  I am sorry to say that I am like Tina, (who also has an online journal.)  Tina has a fish and forgot it's name. I forgot my bird's birthday!  Tell you more later!




January 25, 2007- 4:02


Hi everyone!  Did you miss me??  Today I will tell you about some of my friends.  These friends are the three first friends I ever met so don't feel left out.  First there is my cousin, Catherine who is my age.  People say cousins can't be friends because they are already your cousins.  (I was one of these people!)  Next, there is Margaret.  She is the girl who is going to the winter program at the G.C. Middle School with me.  Last but not least, there is Megan.  I used to go to the same school as Margaret and Catherine but then I moved.  Now I go to the same school as Megan.  The first three people in my class this year that were my first friends,(besides the people I already knew), were Tina, Melissa, and Julia.  All three of them have online journlals too.  You should check them out.  I recommend this to anyone who has a screen name.  Online, when American Idol is on, talk to your friends.  Rate each person on a 1-10 scale, (10 being the best), on their singing.  Don't be afraid to be a Simon when he is telling the truth and the truth isn't good!

                                                                                                                            Tootle-Loo for now!!


January 24, 2007- 4:07 p.m.


Hi again!!  I am going to tell you about my favorite things.  My favorite quote would be, "He's so hot right now."  Mugatu said this in the movie Zoolander.  My mom always would say that on a hot day if my brothers, sister, or I said, "I am so hot!"  My favorite televison show would probably be either Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That's so Raven, or Hannah Montana.  These three are great shows.  They are also very successful.  These three shows are funny and I would say they have very creative script writers.  I try to watch these shows whenever I can.  (I am at dance almost everyday so it is sort of difficult.)  Don't leave your computer yet!  I still have two more favorites to tell you.  I already told you my favorite book but this favorite is about books in general.  I love to read.  Read a book when you are done reading this.  So much goes through your mind because you are picturing so much.  When you're done reading the part you want to read, take the book down and all of a sudden, your mind goes clear.  The picture in my mind and all the suspense or action taking place is what I love.  My last favorite would be to danceDancing is my thing.  My two favorite sports are dance and basketball but I have been doing dance longer and just love it so much!  If you don't dance, try it and you will know what I mean.  Boys too!  There is a boy in my dance class!  These are my favorites.

                                                                                                                                         -Cya L8R (L8R mean Later)


January 24, 2007- 8:52 a.m.




Hey!  I'm back!  How are you?  Today, I will tell you about a friend I knew a long time ago.  Her name was Hikaru.  Hikaru's dad had to work in America for 5 years or so.  I am mentioning Hikaru because I always remember her when I am with my other friend who also knew her.  I remember the one day when we had Hikaru's going away party at my friend's house.  Now that she is in Japan, I miss her very, very, very much.  I also know another girl like Hikaru.  She wasn't from Japan though.  Her name was Rachael.  Another one of my friends did something called Project Children.  Project Children allowed you to bring someone from Ireland to your house for 4 weeks of the summer.  Rachael was my age.  She said that when she went to Ireland, she would remember me.   I miss those two.  I have pictures of both of them.  I wish they knew about this blog, then they would see how much I miss them!  Did you ever feel this way? (You could see what I mean by Project Children if you go to www.ProjectChildren.com

                                                                                                                               Later Wiki Lovers!


January 23, 2007-12:43 p.m.


Hi again wiki lovers!  I am so happy!  There is a school play in my school as there always is.  Only the fifth grade does it though.  We are doing the play The Jungle Book!  This is an awesome experience so far.  I am the part of Kaa the snake.  He is evil.  I am not the only Kaa though.  There are 12 of us.  We are going to be in one giant costume.  Six of us are in the a.m. cast and the other six are in the p.m. cast.  I am sorry that I did not put a lot about me yesterday!  I have one sister and two brothers.  Casey could be a boy name but let me assure you, I am a girl!  I have two dogs, 3 birds, (two of the three are my sister's), and many fish.  My favorite books are The Series of Unfortunate Events.  My favorite things to do are dance and basketball.  I have been dancing since I was two and I have been in dance competitions since I was five.  I got to go!! Love Ya!    



  January 22, 2007


Greetings to everyone reading this online journal.  This is my first online journal and I am so excited!  I hope you visit my journal entry page a lot.  This Saturday, I am going to a winter program at the G.C. Middle School!  I was supposed to go last Saturday but they canceled it due to a power outage in the school.  My friend and I are going together.  The classes I am taking are kickline and a sculpture class.  My friend is taking a cooking class then the sculpture class with me.  (I hope I will see one of you readers there!)  That same day I have CYO basketball on the St. Joeseph's team and dance at Broadway Bound Dance Studio. 

                                                                                                                         Bye-Bye for now! 

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Really great entrys, there long and I hope you write more. I want to read more. - Your friend Meredith

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at 9:33 am on Feb 6, 2007

I love Dance and basketball too! Great writing!
Your Friend,

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Hey Casey
I LOVE your wiki. Your entrysare really interesting. Keep up the great work---Emily

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Sorry Casey there is supposed to be a space between entrys and are. Sorry about that---Emily(again)

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Hi Casey :):):):):):):):):):):)! Guess who it is? Well while you guess, I love American Idol too! It's the best show!

Anonymous said

at 10:30 am on Mar 9, 2007

Hi Casey! I love your Wiki!!!! I didn't know you weren't Irish?? I thought you were! Well your clover earings are cute! Bye!

Anonymous said

at 6:11 pm on Mar 20, 2007

Hi! I love your wiki! And I didn't say yours was boring!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said

at 3:23 pm on Mar 28, 2007

Congratulations on your gold!!!!! You rock!!!
Your BFFL,

Anonymous said

at 3:27 pm on Apr 23, 2007

Hi Casey! You are so deticated to your writing. But you should check your spelling on your April 15 entry.

Anonymous said

at 4:16 pm on Apr 23, 2007

hi casey I think you should keep writing. the last time you wrote was april 15th. got to go! BYE Melissa

Anonymous said

at 7:07 pm on May 2, 2007

I know everyone says your earings are penguins but I think they're birds

Anonymous said

at 2:39 pm on May 10, 2007

Casey, your wiki is so good! You have the most out of anyone. how do you write so often-Sara

Anonymous said

at 11:50 am on May 17, 2007

I am going to look soooooo cute tommaroo. How about you?????

Anonymous said

at 12:00 pm on May 17, 2007

justin is cool tell him chain letter

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