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 Dear journal,

 Oh my gosh!!!! i miss u sooo MUCH!!! i heard Janett had the baby and u named it chase...not Rhombus:( But chase is still an awsome name. And you need to send me a pic. of him!!! and i cnt blive ur not a 5th grade teacher anymore. And ms.Migures gone????? When did all this happen? u not a teacher and no ms. migure!!! this is terible! i hope you read the wiki still beacuse i will still write on it even tho your a computer teacher. SOO bye!!!

october 4, 2008



Dear journal,

  On a 102 degree day like today we should have a half of a day. It would be better because it's too hot and the school doesn't have air-condition (AC) and kids will get too hot and get dehidrated. If it is 100 degrees or higher it should be a half day. Then when kids get home they can go in the sprinklers, stay inside with the AC, or just have cold glasses of water. It is hard to consintrate in the heat so don't bother doing anywork. just read, watch movies, or just talk and go on the computer. All of these things don't invole that much thinking. Don't except kids to be all happy in the heat because we kids are misrable with out any AC in our class rooms. Now i am just talking for my class. We are on the highest floor and hot air rises. Witch means our class room is one of the hottest rooms in the school. I hope we do have a half day if it is 100 degrees or higher. Well gotta go sit by the AC it is too hot!

june, 10, 2008


Dear journal,

 Hola! if you didnt know our class the pollitt's are working on cleaning the court yard. If our class could donate anything to the court yard i would want it to be a bench that has all of our names carved in it. I think when we finish cleang and planting flowers in the court yard it would look really good. I think we should use it as an outdoor classroom. That would be really cool. I can't wait until we finish. I htink all of our hard work will pay off. see ya!

may 14, 2008


 Dear journal,

  Hi! for hw we need to get a current event on politics. here is my artical:


Here is my summary/reaction:

Mr. bush's wife (the first lady) wrote a book. Mrs. Bush wants readers to see that books are more than just words on a page.  she said: "With a little bit of imagination, characters really can come alive." In the story, Tyrone thinks he's too cool to read. Then when he reads it comes to life for him. reading starts to become fun. ttyl (talk to you later)



dear journal,

 Heyy everybody! Did you see the Kentuky Derby? Well, mr.pollit is now upsessed with horse races and he wants us to think of a name for a horse. My name is "a dude". I picked this name because it would be funny if the anoucer said: "AND HER COMES A DUDE COMING DOWN THE LEFT SIDE! I THINK A DUDE HAS A CHANCE AT THIS RACE....OHH! LOOK! A DUDE IS IN THE LEAD! A DUDE HAS JUST WON THE GAME! (and the crowd goes crazy!!!!!) If the anoucer said that i would laugh soo hard. Harder then I laugh in class. Another thing that we have to do for homework is I have to make a math question. here is my question: Bob had an 18 pack of gum. He ate 3 peices. Then he bought 4 more packs of gum. How many peices of gum does he have? I think that is multiplying fraction. Well gonna take a shower now bye!




Dear journal,

                                                                                                  Spring Fever

Spring fever means that you are excited for spring. I am very excited for SPRING! When i think of the words: spring fever i think of when you get alergies. But i asked my friend and she said it meant you are excited about spring. When spring comes you were different clothes like shorts but i always were shorts even in the winter. Well if your wondering why I wrote about this well we had to do it for homework. See you later! Bye Bye!




Dear journal,


  This artical is about hillary clinton, barrack Obama, and who is winning the votes so far. Hillary Clinton won big in Pennsylvania's primary election. Scince Clinton won she will stay in the race for the Democratic Party nomination for President. "Some people said to drop out," she said  The als say that Barack Obama has 73 delagets and clinton had 82. Even though Clinton is winning Barack Obama has more sspending money than clinton. Barack Obama has $51 million and Clinton only has $32 million but riased $3 million overnight after winning the primary. Going to start the s.s. cards bi!



 Dear journal,

  OMG!! I AM HAVING A PARTY FOR WILLY WONKA! Jess,heather,Daphne, fishy, sami, nicki,  me, and gabby clarkson says hi!!!!   


Dear journal,

  today our homework was to get an artical on a court case. Here is my artical:


                                                       march 27, 2008

Dear journal,

Heyy everybody! I can't belive that there's one more day till EASTER! I can't wait until I go to Coneticut! Our cusins live there and they have a RIVER in the back of there house. Ohh, and they also have a forest in there backyard. We have an Easter egg hunt at there house with all of our cusins. I always get alot of candy. I FROGOT! I HAD A SLEEPOVER WITH JESS AND WE GOT OUR NAILS DONE! IT WAS SO FUN!!! THEN THE NEXT DAY WE WENT TO THE MOVIES WITH GABBY C. AND WE SAW COLLAGE ROAD TRIP!!!!! AFTER THAT WE WENT TO GABBY'S HOUSE! IT WAS SOOOOO FUN!!!!!! I will probably not be writting in a while because my life is so busy.

                                                                March 22, 2008

Dear journal,

  Hi! I am at school right now. I haven't written in a while sooo sorry about that! Well I just made a poem called "Spring is...". Well I got my nails done and i really don't like them that much but I don't care. I am gonna get them done on friday anyway! My mom said once a week I have to stay home alone. She said everytime I do she will pay me!! Then once I get alot of money my mom said I could buy stocks. My uncle can teach me all about it. I can also walk to the nail place and get my nails done with my money. Bi!


Dear journal,

  Hi! I am at school right now and we just finished making our schedules.  This  smiley is for Valentines day scince I didn't write on the wiki that day. Well got to go back to class.


Dear journal,

  Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I am sooo busy. Well today is my sisters B-day party with 16 people at our house. I do not to be home when she has her party. On Monday I am going sking at Mount. Snow! It will be a 5 hour drive I think. I will be home on Thursday. I can't wait. Yesterday I had a bake-off for girl-scouts. Jessica came in 1st!! We had a big partry. We were on aim and we were talking to people in the class. Well I need to start packing. See ya!


Dear journal,

  Today for homework we need to write a good starting sentence for a story. Heres mine: Once apon a time the Little Old Lady who lived in a shoe got sick of her house's smell. I think it  pretty funny. Don't you? Well I just came back from Heathers house. It was soooooo fun!!!!!! We played guitar hero and we unlocked 3 big sections. My hands were about to fall off! It was really fun. Tomorrow she might come over my house. I will tell you if she does. tt4n. (ta ta for now).


Dear journal,

  Today for homework we need to find out if anyone dropped out of the canidits election. Well the answer is no. NO one has dropped out. Someone will probably dropp out soon. See ya! I'm at Jessicas house.Bye.


Dear journal,

  Hi. For homework we have to make a fractions math sentence. Here it is: Jessica buys 1/2  of gumballs. Caroline buys 1/2 of gumballs. If they both add there gumballs together waht would be the total amount?




  a subtle or gradual absorption or mingling: He never studies but seems to learn by osmosis.



Dear journal,

  I'm back! Today in class we read a book called You Are Special. I thought the book was very creative. Today for homework we need to think of an activity to do with the book. I think we should do a skitt from the book and then turn it into a movie. Cool right? Theres more. We can have groups of 4 people and each group will get a different part of the book. Then if you want we could put all of them together. I think it is pretty good. I really want to make a movie on movie maker or something. Well have to get ready for jazz band tomorrow. Soooooooooooo... BYE!




Dear journal,

Hi! Guess what! I am in school right now. I just finished my website on frontpage. It took about THREE WEEKS!!! Today after school iI am going to Barnes & Noble to get two books, the cleaners to get my pants hemnd, Abercrobie to grt some clothes, and finally I am going to Coldstone to get ice-cream. I have a really busy day. My dad took off from work because my babysitter can't caome and my mom went away to Prinston for work. She is coming back on Friday and then going back this Sunday. I miss her but atleast I get to spend a whole day with my dad. Yesterday I got really hurt from my BIG sisiter JACQUELINE. I told her she could wear my pants but she can only wear them if she wouldn't drag them on the ground. WELL geuss what SHE DRAGED THEM!!!! Then when she waws playing I told her to roll them up but she didn't because she doesn't listen to me. So I come behind her a roll them up. THEN... HER BIG FOOT HITS ME IN THE NOSE AND I STARTED TO BLEED ALL BECAUSE OF HER!!! Can you belive it? My nose still hurts today and I am never going to let her wear my jeans again. They were toght on her anyway but she didn't care. THats why my sister and I are going to Abercrombie to get clothes that so that we don't have to barow. Well got to go back into the classroom. Talk to you later.                                                 




Dear journal,

  Today for homework I need to find an artical on a invention. I picked the new macbook air. Here is the link to a website on the macbook air: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/543429/apples_new_macbook_air_invention_the.html - This website has alot of facts and and I thought it was a great website. Well g2g get ready for school tomorrow. See ya soon.




Dear journal,

  OMG!!! The Giants WON! I'm so excited about this years super bowl!!! Well any way I need to do a current event on anything I want. I thought I should do it on the super bowl. So heres my artical: www.newsday.com/sports/football/Giants/ny-spjim0124,0,5722530.colomn

Hear is my summary:

The Giants won. The score was 23-20. The Giants were playing very agressavly. There strong defence was a help to that game. I can't belive that it went into over-time! Evey Giant fan was on the edge of there seat waiting for magic to happen and watch the Giants win. I am glad they made it to the super bowl. I have a feeling that they will win it this year. Well got to go finish the wordly-wise cards.BYE!



Dear journal,

  Hello! I am doing a webpage on the Wii.Today for hw we need to get 2 sites on the Wii. I thought that this website was easy to understand:

http://wii.nintendo.com/software_wiisports.jsp - This website tells all about the Wii and what you can do on it. You should check this website out if you like to play the Wii. Another website that I though was pretty cool was:  

http://www.strategyinformer.com/wii/wiisports/review.html - This website tells how to play and facts. You should check this website out if you have the Wii. Well g2g to CCD. Bye. See you Soon. Hi. I'm back! Also for hw you needed to get an artical on international news. Heres my artical: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-01-15-TigerAttack_N.htm


The Sanfransico Zoo was wondering when the police would show up because a Sybran Tiger attack three teenagers. The police wasn't comeing because they didn't want to get hurt so they waited a while. Also the paramedics didn't want to get injured by the tiger and then not be able to save the kids. If I was the one being attacked I would be sooo frightened that I would faint before the tiger scraped me. I wonder what will happen to the zoo. Maybe they will get sue by the parents of the kids that got hurt. Or maybe they will get ride of the tiger and that will be the end of it. Who nows what will happen. This is a mystry to solve. The question is... who will solve the mystry?




Dear journal,

  Hi again. Today we were presenting our bookreports and someone read the book Frindle. So then Mr. Pollitt came up with a great idea. The idea was to make up a new word for a word. This is called for TTILLOPS GANLS. It is Pollitts slang. But dont tell anyone we want it to be our speacil word. The word I my doing isbmubbles. I think the new word for mubbles should be SQUASH because when you through the mubbles and catch it, it makes a squash noise. Plus everyone nows the word mubbles is the game when you can't talk and you have to catch the ball. Well got to go. Bye.




Dear journal,

  Sup! I am in school right now and were about to see our buddies! We are going to give them a cd called Pollitt Mix. We got to pick our favorite song and put it on the cd. My favorite song was "Campfire Song Song" by: Spongebob Square Pants! I can sing the song really really fast with Jessica. We always sing it on the bus together. Ohh! The Holiday Lunch is TODAY!!! I am ssssoooooo excited. I can't wait until 11:45. After school I am going to a Christmas party with all of my friends. There will probaly be 15 people there. I can't wait for that too! The party goes from 6:00pm to 9:00pm!!! 



Dear journal,

  Hi everybody! Today we have to get an artical that is "national news". Then we have to write a summary on it.

Heres my artical link:


Heres my summary:

This artical is about Hillary Clinton accuses Obama for being too for left. The race between Clinton and Obama is heating up! They are trying to get your vote. I think one of them are going to be president. There doing all sourts of things to get people to vote for them. Who do you think will be presedent? Thats all for that artical. See you soon. BYE!


Dear journal,

  Waz up! Today we finished up a book called HOLES. I thought it was a great book. Well, there was a women named the Warden. Now for homework I have to write about what happens to her at the end. So here it is:

 Hi, I'm the Wardon and that Stanly kid is one luckey kid. I waited so long to find that suitcase. I shoudn't be in jail, all I did was have a camp that made people build charector. IS THAT A CRIME!!! The good thing is that I am getting out of jail in 3 mounths. Once I get out I'm going to have to go to speacil theripists. That's what my lawer said but, who nows if that is true. I wish I never did that. I wish I could be were Stanly is now. I heard he has a new house that he bought with the suitcase. Well got to go my lunch is here.

Did you like it? If you did write on the coments section. Well, g2g!




Dear journal,

  Hi, everybody! Yesterday my mom, sister, and I went into the city to see a Broadway play. My old nextdoor nabors All & Vall, we call them our auant and uncle. There neices and nephews came too. The play was Little Mermaid, it was soo cool! Our seats were on the first floor, we could see everything. The play ended at 10:00pm and then we went to Toys R Us at 10:30pm! It was still packed at that time! There was a HUGE dinusor that would roar really loud. After that we went to see the big tree. I thougth it was pretty. We also saw were the ball is dropped on new years. Then we saw SNY studio and we stood by the window. We saw our self on tv!!! It was totally WICKED!!! At that time we headed to the car at 11:00pm. Oh and lastly, Ersalla the mean lady in the play is my cuosins, friends, mom. Thats pretty cool don't you think! Well thats all I have to say about that. TTFN (ta ta for now).




Dear journal,

  In a few minutes we will be meeting with our buddies on a reseach procect. First we got asined a country to reseach how they celebrate New Years Eve or New Years. Well, there here. BYE!




Dear journal,

  Today was the first day it SNOWED!!! I went outside as soon as I saw the snow. I only wore sweet pants, T-shirt, and a noth face. I got cold when I did a snow angle. lol! Then my brothers friends came over. We had a snow ball fight and slide down a hill a couple times. The teams were girls againsts boys. I thought it was unfair because I was the only girl against three other boys! Then my sister came home then she came on my team. We kinda won because Andrews friends had to  go and we hit them right in the back of there heads when they left. MMM... my hot coco is ready! GTG!


Dear journal,

  Today is the first day of December. I'm so bored and no one is awake in my family except for me. Last night me and jessie were on aim for such a long time. The computer is in my room and the volume was on so I woke up my sister. She got mad and then I needed to sign off! Then in the today in the morning the charger fell out of the labtop and it started to make really loud beebing noise! It woke up my brother so then I took the labtop and rushed down the stairs. I didn't want to wake up any body else. LOL!  So now I'm on the computer typing. Before I went on the Wiki I went on aim and talked to Joe but, he had to go and nobody else was on so thats how I'm writing on the Wiki. I think I am going to call someone over. Bye!



Dear journal,

  Today is Black Friday! I asked my mom if I can go to the mall to Abrocrombie to get my new jeans, but she no it will be soo crouded that you can not move!! LOL! Well, yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was so much fun! My baby cousins are so cute. They were playing DANCE DANCE REVELUTION EXTREM 2!!! It was so funny! It was sad when they had to leave, but I will see them on Christmas Eve. I had pumpkin pie with vinella ice-cream on top! YUMMY! Ta Ta 4 Now!(TT4N)



Dear journal,

  Today for home work we had to get an artical and put a link on your Wiki. So heres my link:


Here is my summary:

This is an artical about the youngest presidents. Theodore Roosevelt is the youngest person to become president! He was 42 years old and 322 days old when he became president. Here are the others:

2.John F. Kenedy-43 years old and 236 days

3.Bill Clinton-46 years old and 149 days

4.Ulysses S. Grant-46 years old and 311 days

5.Grover Cleveland-47 years old and 351 days

Toose are the top 5 ones! Got to go! BYE



Dear journal,

  Hey it's me. I just came back from the mall. Me feet are killing me! We were there scince 2:00pm - 5:00pm. We had 5 bags. 4 of them were filled with clothes and 1 of them had a pair of shoes in them. I can't wait to were the clothes I got. All the stores were filled with people. You could barley walk around. Right now my mom is getting dinner. I hadn't had anything scince breakfast. I will probaly were one of my things on Monday. See you soon!




Dear journal,

  I just came back from the party at the "New Hyde Park Inn". It was a blast! I took pitures with my cellphone. People were dancing to the DJ. I got $200 from two of my relitives for my birthday and long gloves from Italy. Italy is were one of my cousins live, so every year they get us somthing from Italy. For dinner I had chicken fingers. YUMMY! Then for desert I had a little piece of cake and a BANANA-SPLIT! That was the best part of the food. Then after that I went to my grandma & grandpa's house. We had some cookies & milk. Got to go get dressed out of my dress. Ta Ta 4 Now. (TT4N)


Dear journal,

  Today is my grandma & grampa's annaversey party! These are my dad's parents. All of my cuisins will be there! The partys is in New Hyde Park. I think. lol! All of my uncles will be giving me presents for my birthday because I didn't see them on my B-day. The invitations were very pretty and decerative. There's not that more to tell you about this because I never went there, but I will tell you more once I get back. Sorry got to go get ready. Bye!


Dear journal,

 Hey! It's me. I haven't been on in a while. I just had pizza and it was from Gramaldies. YUM! A couple days ago I read the book "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid". I loved it! The main person is a kid named Greg. I won't tell you the whole storey, but he's kinda having trouble in his scool. He wants to be popular, but that does not happen. He goes through alot more things, but to find out what they are you have to read the book. I thought this book was funny. I rate this book 5 out of 5. That's how good it is. EVERYONE should read this book. I could not put the book down. It only took me one night and one morning to finish the book! Some of his drawings in this book were funny. In Febulary a book called "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rod-Ricks Rules will come out. If you didn't read this book Rod-Rick is Gregs older brother. I am looking foward to the new book. I heard that at the book fair that the book was all sold out! I didn't now it was that popular. If you read the book tell me how you liked it on the coments sectoin. See you soon! Bye!


Dear journal,

  TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yesterday was Halloween. I got tons of candy. I used my old backpack. It held alot of candy. My mom thaught that since eveyone eats candy on Halloween that she did want to bring in the treats because people would get sick. So I'm bringing the icream tomorrow. Every year I alway froget that my birthday is today. This year I also frogot about Halloween! Here are some of the gifts I got sofare:




cell phone (I'm getting it next week)

Hawi type bracelit

Abercrombie gift card...

    Thats only from 3 people. The rest of the people I know are going to call me. My aunt called in the morning and she said she would call back.


I can't wait until Christmas comes.

Christmas: lots of candy and presents!


Oh! My brother just came home. Yum! I'm having mac & cheese. Then after that I get "Fuggy the Whale" from Carvel! I can't wait! Bye!



Dear journal,

 Here is my math problem:

Mr.Pollitt gave his whole class lollypops for Halloween. He has 24 students and 56 lollypops. How many will each student get and how many will be left over?


On October 26th it was Mr.Pollitt's B-day!! I am getting him a Home Depo gift card or Labotaga gift card for his birthday. Then on October 27th it was Niki's birthday! She turned 10 and Mr.Pollitt turned 28. In two days it will be Halloween. Then in three days it will be MY BIRTHDAY! I pretty shore that i am getting a cellphone! What are you being for Halloween? You can answer in the coments section or on your wiki. You will find out what I'm being for Halloween on October 31st! Bye Bye 4 Now! (BB4N)



Dear journal,                                                                                                                                          

  Here is my artical:


  Here is my summary/reaction:

    This artical is about a 60 year woman who falls in a gap at Syosset train station. On October, 23,2007 she was released from a near by the hospital. Her injury was that she heart her leg. My dad always says to watch the gap because he new someone who fell in te gap and he doesn't want it to happen to my. TIP: Watch your step when your getting of and on a train! See you soon!



Dear journal,

  I think this animal trivia is pretty cool! I wasen't sure that my answer was right. I wonder how many of these animal triva things we will do for the year. I'm not that into animals except for dogs and birds. I'm sure I'll learn alot from these  questions. I wonder if we will do another trivia but not on animals. Mabe we should do one for people who like animals and the other one we could vote on. GTG! BYE!


Dear journal,

         Mature means that...

 you should not talk when the teacher is talking unless nessasary. Don't grt of topic and go to the bathroom when there's somthing important to hear. You should always raise you hand when you want to say somthing. Aother way to be mature is that you should ask questions on the topic and go to the bathroom when your switching subjects or during snack/lunch. It means you should not to be silly and to do what you should be doing. That is what I think about being and not being mature. I'll talk to you asap!


Dear journal,

    here is my link...





On monday I watched a show called Wizards of a Weatherly Place. There's this girl named Alex Russo played by Selena Gomez she's the star in the show. Most of you might know her by when she was in Hannah Monthanna as Micheala popstar! The her sibling and her in the show are wtches and wizards. They get themselfs into very sticky situations and have to try to get themselfs out of trouble. I like this show because it is very funny. Mabey you should try to wach it mabey you will think it's funny too!See you later alegator!


Dear Journal,

 Today for homework we have to write what we think about us doing podcasting. I can not wait until we use podcasting! We can record our vocie. Then we can change the speed and pitch. For my scary storey I want to make a high pitch screaning and a low vocie for the reast of the storey! I wonder if it will be hard or easy. Were propbaly going to do alot of this. You can also download your notes onto your i-pod and listen to them whenever you want to study! I hope we do all crazy stuff!


Dear journal,

  Hi! I coudn't talk to you yesterday I was very busy. I had soccer, wathched one of my favorite t.v. shows, had lunch, then I had dinner and watched a movie. Today I might go to the mall to look at cellphones, get winter clothes, and have lunch. I want to get the (chochlate) the pink one of course or the phone that my sisster has but I don't know what it's called. Also I don't have any winter clothes so I need to get them before all the good clothes are taken. I'm gonna go and ask her if were going today. Bye!



Dear journal,

  I'm back from the meet. When I was picking her up from the bus I saw my sissters friends Linda and Toni-Ann Niki sisster. After that me, my mom, and Jacqueline went to Sushi Ya! Located on Franklin Avenue. We got japanies tea, spicey tuna rolls, chicken teriaki, steamed srimp dumplings, salad, and qucumber rols. We all shared it. We also saw someone getting icecream for there and a everlasting sparking candles! Then when we were leaving we saw them cooking infront of these girls that were there. The fire scared the girls so much. I'm gonna go watch t.v. I'll try to talk to you tomorrow.



Dear journal,

  Yesterday there was a big storm! The whole side of my house was about 3inches. When my mom was picking up my sister from cross country an Cherry Valley and Sweart Avenue was about up to the car door so you coudn't go that way to get to the middle school thats what my sister said. When I was in the kitchen with no lights on thden lighting stroke and the hole room light up! TALK ABOUT COOL! Once I was at my friends house and there was a realy big rain/lightning

storm at 8:00-10:00. My brother went home early because he smart to leave before the storm. He realy went home to eat. Then the storm started we were terified because lightning was going of every 2 seconds! We were watching t.v. and the light kept on flickering because it was a taughtlamp and the dog was running crazy so the ground shook and the light shook and it turned on. Then the stofrmed dieded down and my dad came and picked me up. I have to get ready to go to my sissters cross country meet see yah!


Dear journal,

          Here is my current event:                                                       





                         Here is my summary:

   A guy named Edward C.Baig invented a PC from Gateway THAT HAS NO CORDS AT ALL! I understand why someone woudn't want cord or wires because it makes a huge mess and they always get tangled. Trust me I would now because my PC has wirers haning out of the computer. I have a labtop that does not have a cord for the mouse but thats a different then a PC. IT WAS $1,300!!! I got 3 stars out of 4 that means its preety good. The only difference between a labtop and that computer is that it is a labtop and the other one is a computer. If you read the artical what do rate it?


Dear journal,

  I think we should have a flat screen t.v. because it wouldn't take up less room then a regular t.v. We could watch the discovery channle and the history chanle. It should have tvo too so then we can rewind and record. We can also watch the YANKIEE games! lol! I also think we should all have laptops instead of text books and binders! I only these things weren't so exspensive. I think our class is very lucky that we have a smart board and 11 laptops.

see you soon.



dear journal,

  Here are 5 things that makes a scary story!!!

. mystery

. scary town names

. unusaul names

. spooky wording

. scary places

         Heres my SCARY STOREY!! It will blow your pants of!


 One Halloween night in an ordenary town named GARDEN CITY on Rosevelt street a lonly house laid on the adress of 124. It was the house of lonelyness and the house that was left alone on Halloween when all the kids were out. Everyone say that a witch lives there but thats a totoal lie. A very sick old woman named Oga and a 7 year old boy named Timmithy. I know this because a couple years ago she and timmy would sit in the sun but, know poor Timmy has to take care of her because they don't have enough money to pay for a doctor. So on the night of October 31st Oga was feeling worse then usaul Tim was afraid that he was going to get sick and that he would not be able to take care of her. So poor Oga was lying in be alone with nobody to talk to. All of a suden timmy heard big choppers in the air (helacoppter.) and kids screaming at the top of there LUNGS!!! They were screaming the words " AHH! I THINK THE WITCH IS COMING TO GET US BACK FROM ALL THE MEAN THINGS WE SAID ABOUT HER!! Timmy ran to his grandma (oga). She was lieing there eating soup. He thougth that they were problary just saying that . Her looked outside from his bed room window! All there was was a thousand trees so you can't see anything. He wanted to know what was happening. So the creaped out the side door. It was blank dark. He looked up there was a helacoppter hovering his backyard. He was confused and his brain was spinning. Then heard a guy saying to gome out and put your hands up. I've heard that before in a movie Timmy said. So he went throught the trees. It was like he was being eaten alive by the mosquitos! He saw footprint in the soft dirt. The rest is a mystery.

                                               10/9/07 - 10/17/07 

Dear journal,

  Today is my brothers b-day!!! Since he is leaving tonight for soccer and we have no time for cake we had egg sandwitches for breakfast. I went to early morning gym so I did not get one and I got ice cream! The trip to Winser was his present. Also a giants garbage can!lol! Oh and one more thing he is grtting a bike. got to pack bye:(


      *p.s. I won't be writing this weekend.



Dear journal,

  Today I went to my sisters cross country meet. I saw Jared there because his sibling was running. He was doing his homework because it was after school I forgot my math at my house but I did my english.I had to do my math when I got home. MY SISSTER CAME IN 12TH PLACE OUT OF ABOUT 50 GIRLS and 50 boys! The Girl Garden City team won!! They got a perfect score. Witch means 5 Garden City girls came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. This year I'm going to do the 600 yd dash! Next year I want to be on the cross country team or track. The race was 2 miles long. The week before school me and my mom went running for 4 miles. Gtg.


Dear jounal,

  Waz up! It's me. Did you have any problems on your homework? I didn't. It was easy peasy lemon sqeezy(: Plus I don't have to do the social studies because I did it yesterday. Do you want to know my favorite holiday? IT'S COLUMBUS DAY! Not, It's really Halloween and Chrismas! Whats yours? This mouth has been so short. There was alot of breaks and four day weekends. This week we have a vocab and math test. The vocab words are simple same with the math. the artical was so easy all you had to do was print out an artical about health/tech. I finished it all in about 20 minutes + I hade to find a artical and print that made 10 more minutes = 30 minutes. What did you do for your artical? Mine was about a cool pillow that moves you around when your snoreing to make you stop! I think it's pretty cool. What do you think? It was discoverd by a German scientist. If you want to learn more about this pillow go to rueters.com




Dear journal,

  HEY! I'm back. I was just practicing soccer outside and I was ridding my bike. I came in and I had nothing to do so I came here. Guess what I'm being for Halloween? Some people already know what I'm being. What are you being for Halloween? If you want you can write about what you are being in one of your journal entries. The people who know what I'm being please don't tell anyone. I want it to be a surprise! You will find out on Halloween! I give you some hints on my costume!


*It's comfy

*I would not have to get dressed for it 

*there is a teddy bear involed


 If you know what I am you can write that in your entry too! Bye! Bye! for now<3



Dear journal,

  I'm back from school! The homework was easy as pie. I can't wait until Saturday.I'm going apple picking pumpkin picking. It's gonna be a ton of fun. plus I'm getting my hair done again. I might get it done for Halloween too! Also this week my brothers birthday is on Friday! It is a really busy week. This week is going to be alot of fun! I'll probably go shopping when he is playing soccer or go to the hotel and go to the pool and game room! LOL! I can't wait :)



Dear journal,

  Once I was following my sisters foot steps. She was walking so slow! I think I saw a snail go past her.LOL! I was trying my best to not run over her. I don't now wahy I was following her, I probarly was board. It was kinda funny when she was walking slow because she was behind everyone. A fewa moments after that I triped over her BIG foot. I thoght that was funny too! She didn't. she was soo mad obot it just because her shoe fell off. I didn't get in trouble only my sister because she was winning! I was happy but she was not happy at all. talk to you after school! bye!



dear journal,

  yesterday I had a soccer game. WE WON!! The score was 3-2. We were going to go on my old next door nabors sailboat but, it was to WINDY! Instead we had dinner at our house. There was a block party on my old block. We went with my old nextdoor nabor to the block party. I also got my hair cut. I got toppsie-tails!! Toppie-tails are a hair style that last for a week, I only keep them in for 5 days. I grt my hair done at Hair Vison 2000. Today I'm going to the mall and were cleanig up the house. I am soooo tierd from yesterdays soccer game. Sorry I have  to get ready for the mall! Topsi-tails!!



Dear journal,

Sorry I didn't write sooner I was sooo busy! I had trumpet lessons and the guy who taught me how to play is Mr.daurty.  They live next store to me!! I have to go to soccer in 30 minutes. I should get ready for soccer now. See you later :) Hey it's me,it's 6 o'clock.I'm back from soccer. It was tiring as usual :( Our trainer was Roco. I saw Jenn and Elisa playing roller hockey on my way there. I have a few questions for you!


1. Are you on travel soccer?


2. Do you like playing soccer?


3. Are you  on a team for soccer?

                                                       *answer these questions on your wiki!!!


I can't wait until Saturday because I have my soccer game! I love soccer!!! I also like to watch it on t.v.


                             See you soon!


Dear Journal,

  This is my first time writing on the wiki! Today is the 12th day of school. Mr. Pollitt is the best:) This is probably going to be my best year at Stratford Ave. I think this online journal thing is asume. These past few days were great! The homework is easy so fare. I <3 the wiki. It feels like the fist day of school when its the 3rd week of school and it is almost Halloween, my b-day, and Mr. pollitt's b-day! I can't wait. I also love the smart- board. Were making power points on the laptops from the high school. Also our 2nd grade buddies are so cute! My buddies name is Delany she is so cute and unque. I can't wait until the middle school but I will miss people. But it's only the beginning of the year! Got to go. Bye!


Comments (25)

Anonymous said

at 6:31 pm on Sep 27, 2007

1. Yes I am on travel soccer 2. I love to play soccer

3. I am on a soccer team

Anonymous said

at 7:18 pm on Sep 27, 2007

no i am not on travle2i like to play soccer3im on a soccer team

Anonymous said

at 12:55 pm on Oct 21, 2007

That would be a great idea. We could also do a trivia game for podcats.

Anonymous said

at 6:39 pm on Oct 21, 2007

No I am not on travel soccer. 2 I am not crazy about soccer. 3 I am not on a soccer team.

I'm just not really into soccer.


Anonymous said

at 9:14 pm on Oct 24, 2007

I amon a travel team. I am crazy about soccer. an yes i am on a team. I am in love with the sport soccer. and i you look and my page I have some questions you may anwser

Anonymous said

at 3:07 pm on Oct 25, 2007

I'm on travel laccrose.

Anonymous said

at 5:51 pm on Nov 1, 2007

Today is my birthday!!! I turned 10!!! Double Digits!!!

Anonymous said

at 7:56 pm on Nov 2, 2007

omg you did so good on the pacer a sixty is more then alot of people got! WOW! I am so inpresed you did so good. I also really like all of your writeing peices i anwserd your questions. Oh i cant forget the really nice coment you gave me that was like so nice. Thanks! Keep up the really good work Caroline.

Anonymous said

at 9:06 pm on Nov 2, 2007

What is your favorite wild animal and sport?

Anonymous said

at 12:59 pm on Nov 4, 2007

I remember the good old days in lacrose when people used volince instead of comebacks.

Anonymous said

at 6:59 pm on Nov 8, 2007

tom... my favorite sport is soccer or running. My favorite wild animal is a koala if that is a wild animal. LOLOLOLOL!

Anonymous said

at 8:45 pm on Nov 20, 2007

I <3 the new tables!!!

Anonymous said

at 3:12 pm on Nov 22, 2007

Hi Caroline!!!! Guess What! OMG OMG!!! I told my dad I we were at the same table, and he said that name sounded familar. So then he asked me how to spell your last name, and I told him and then he said he went to elementry school with your dad!!!! Isn't that so cool!!!Ask your dad if he new my dad!!! That is freaky! And cool!!!!!

Anonymous said

at 6:05 pm on Dec 12, 2007

great writing! luv da colors! ttyl

Anonymous said

at 11:50 am on Jan 5, 2008

hi! the pictures are really cool! im not on a soccer team, but i like to play soccer

Anonymous said

at 6:51 pm on Jan 10, 2008

hi! good word! SQUASH! Cool!

Anonymous said

at 6:33 pm on Jan 23, 2008

hey caroline!!! i love your writtings on the wiki!!

Anonymous said

at 7:12 pm on Jan 23, 2008

Sami: My new word is REDNID. Rednid- binnder.

Anonymous said

at 3:59 pm on Jan 31, 2008

I am at Jessicas house and she is soooooooo loud!!! LOL. I should record it but that would be really mean to her.

Anonymous said

at 12:37 pm on Feb 3, 2008

ARE YOU OKAY!!!!!???????!!!!!!! How is your nose felling???????????? I hope it gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Superbowl!!!!

Anonymous said

at 6:36 pm on Feb 7, 2008

Thanks Sami. Your a great friend. Talk to you in school. See ya!

Anonymous said

at 7:30 pm on Feb 7, 2008

What are you in the play??? I'm a candy-shop-kid with Sami,Jen and other people I know. I love my part. We get to use lolly-pops in one of the dance #'s.

Anonymous said

at 9:16 am on Mar 22, 2008

Happy Easter everybody!!!

Anonymous said

at 9:41 am on Oct 4, 2008


Anonymous said

at 11:23 am on Nov 22, 2008

hey ferri-go-round its sammi go bammi!

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