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    Hi, its me again.  We read the book westing game and also watched the movie.  now I am going to tell you some differences.  One thing is that at the end Turtle marries theo.  But, in the movie theo isn't even in it.  Another difference is that Angela, in the book marries Denton Deere.  but in the movie denton isn't in it and Angela marries edgar Plumm.  That was one paragraph adout the differences from the book to the movie The Westing Game.

    This paragraph is about which Westing Game was better.  The book or the movie.  I chose the movie .  This is because it was a lot more exciting and I could understand it a little more.  I could see the visuale a little more than the book.  Also, I chose the movie because the book took longer and I didn't really like the book. That was my two paragraphs about the differences of the book the Westing Game and the movie.  My next paragraph was about which Westing Game I liked better. BYE!!!   














     Hi, It's me again.  This is my last entry at my elementary school.  I know its sad.  But, I'll get over it.  I am a fifth grader now and it is time for me to go to the middle school.  The middle school is really cool as you know from former entries.  I went to buddy day and that helped me out a lot.  The middle school looks really cool.  The pizza is really good.  I loved it but some of the kids hated it.  There are piriods in the middle school.  There are also different classes.  Although this is my last entry in Elementary school I might write to you in later years.  That is if I still have access to this website.  That was my last entry in elementary school. see you later!!!  BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  







     Hi, it's me again.  The article I read was called Hurting For Wins.  This article was about when The Mets were playing against the Phillies last night.  It was bases loaded one out, when Endy Chavez came up to the plate.  He hit a soft grounder to the short stop Jimmy Rollins and as always, Endy tries to beat the throw to first base so they don't get the double play.  Then, it happened, Endy Chavez fell to the ground about three quarters of the way to first.  The trainers came out to take a look at him.  So, they had to carry him off the field.  Luckily it wasn't major but it is major that the Mets have lost another outfielder to an injury!  Endy ended up with a hamstring problem.  Bad news for the Mets.  Unfortunatly the Mets lost that game against the phillies on a Jimmy Rollins 6th inning three run homer to give the phillies the win all the way to the ninth.  That was my current event article that I read. BYE!!!  














     Hi, it's me again and I have to do a homework assignment about what we disguised in class as groups.  We disguised what we should do for the last two weeks of school.  So, that means that we have to do an assignment that has math, science, social Studies and health in it.  Heres what my group disguised.  We think that we can make a stadium.  We figured that just putting it all together will have a lot of math involed .  For example, measurements for the staduim size.  For Science we would put in soler lights so we are not useing energy.  For Social Studies we would put a monument of some of the great players that fought in war.  And last but not least health, we are putting healthy foods and salid bars.  Now this proccess would probably take about the rest of the school year because of all the cool things we put in it.  So , about two weeks.  That was my paragraph about what our group disguised in class.  BYE!!! 









topic essay


                                                            The Picture


     Hi, it's me again and I have to write another essay. Here it is. It was Sunday morning and I recieved this picture in the mail. It was of my favorite baseball player Jose Reyes on the New York Mets. But, there was a big problem, I didn't know who sent it to me. Lets see who would send me this awsome picture of my favorite baseball player. I called all my friends but all of them said they didn't do it. So, I went to the store to get some detective stuff. I got home and started my detection. I traced the foot steps to my front door but all it said was the mail man. I had to find out. And if I did find out I would thank them many times. I tracked the footsteps to the post office to see if it matched the right envolope that I had gotten. I didn't find out that day so that means I had to go to school on monday. I would crack the case right after school. I got home and raced to find out that I could search the picture for finger prints. That night I found the match. It was my dad that went away that weekend to phillie. he got a picture of Jose Reyes batting aginst the Phillies. The case was cracked. I found it out. That was cool. That was my essay on the picture.  










     Hi, it's me again. My teacher said that we have to do an asignment on whether you should  if the projector was broken, save up and buy a new projector or just get the bulb that broke. I think that you should save up and get a new projector. I think this because the projectors we have right now are out dated. Also, because the new ones look a lot cooler. Another reason why I think that I would save up for a new projector is because I don't like out dated material. Another reason would be because I think they would be made better. Also the bulb would last longer. That was my draft on if you would buy a new projector if the bulb of the old one blow out or would you buy a bulb for the old one.  















     Hi, it's me again. And I am going to tell you about my expectations for tomarrows Contitution Works. It's going to be so cool. I have to get dressed up and all of that. I also get to go to a real court room. I can't wait to go. Like I said I am a Supreme Court Justice. My neighbor gave me some atvice on what I should be and it paid off. Well, I got to go. BYE!!!








     Hi, it's me again. I am so excited because in two days I am going to the court house for Constitution Works. It's really cool. We are like real court people I am a Supreme court Justice. Well, I got to go. BYE!!!



topic essay



                                          If I Had My Own Restaurant


         I it's me again and my teacher gave my class an assignment to write about if I had my own restaurant.

     If I had my own restaurant it would be named the The B LO place.  i would put it on exactly one block from my house in the parking lot next to thetrain station. All the famous people would come because the food would be specialized by me.  My favorites on my menu would be chicken, chicken wing (extra hot), pasta because it would be an Italian restaurant because I am Italian. Of corse I would be the owner because that is what this hole asignment is about. Also, every time a famous person comes to my restaurant I will take a picture with them and mount it to the wall. Most restaurants do my last idea, only the good ones! Like mine would be if it was real. That was my essay about what I would do if I had my own restaurant! BYE!!!








Topic essay


                                          THE Ultimate Theme Park Ride


     Hi, it's me again. My teacher gave me an asighment to write about what I think is the Ultimate Theme Park Ride. 

I think that the ultimate theme park ride would be a chair like object that goes around in circles and gets faster and faster every lap. The reason I chose this is because I love fast moving theme park rides. I also chose thi because i hate drops. This is weird to my family because my brother and mom love drops but me and my dad hate them.Of couse the safety would be great for two reasons. One I would be going on the ride and two i would sue the owner if I go flying off the ride because I didn't have a seat belt to hold on to. I would love to go on the ride over and over again because it will be going over seventy five miles per hour. I don't even think that a seat belt will hold me down so i hope that there would be an extra bar since your going so fast. Well, thats my essay on The Ultimate Theme Park Ride! BYE!!!       











     Hi, Its me again. Tomarrow I get to miss school. This is because of my uncle and soon to be my aunt's wedding. I have never been to a reel wedding before so I think it will be cool. My Dad is the best man because my Uncle is my dad's little brother. Tomorrow I get to sleep late sice the after party is going to go till 12:00 pm. So as you see i need my rest. But tomarrow I need to drop off My health form for a trip called colebrook. That was all about what I am doing tomorrow.BYE!!!  









                                                         THE PITCH BACK WALL


      Hi, It's me again.  My teacher every week picks a topic to write about. This weekend my teacher told us to write about what we would do with a wall that is 10 feet long, 12 1/2 high and 4 inches thick. Here's what I have to say about it. 

      If I had a wall that was 10 feet long and 12 1/2 high and 4 inches thick I would make it a strike zone. Not any normal stike zone. It would have little tiny boxes in the strike zone that show where you pitch the ball. I would need a 10 foot long wall because sometimes I pich way off the strike zone. So, If I have a ten foot long wall I won't have to worry about  the ball going into anyone elses yard. I would have the  12 1/2 inch part of the wall for  the strike zone part. I would do this because in my little league level and in the major leagues the strike zone is about 12 inches high. I use the 4 inches thick part for holding the wall up ( Structor) part of the pitch back wall. See if the wall is 4 inches thick then there is a good chance of the wall not falling to peices. now if your wondering why my teacher picked this 10 feet long 12 1/2 inches high and 4inch thick wall for our topic for our essay stick around and find out. The wall was based on one of our math questions from our workbook. We got a big laugh out of it!!! That was a paragraph about our topic for this weekends essay. BYE!!!  









                                                           Inside or out


     Hi,  It's me again.  I am going to write a paragraph about my opinion on if I like to work outside or inside.  My answer is, I would like to work outside.  I chose this because it feels good to be all relaxed outside instead of in a smelly class room.  That is just my opinion you can have your own but thats just what I like to do! I also picked this because I love to be outside, expeically in school.  I like it outside because I was born to love Mother nature!  That was my paragraph about working outside or in.  BYE!!!







                                                            Middle School Buddy day


     Hi, It's me again and I have some news for you!  Today I went to the middle school and met up with a sixth grader as my buddy.  The whole point of a buddy is to learn about the middle school.  First I went to ELA and unexpectedly we had a party.  We had a snack. It was brownies.  My ELA teacher was Mrs.Reide and she was nice.  She gave me a bookmark that stated that if I had her next year I would get 5 point added to my average .  I also saw my neighbor Christina who was in my ELA class.  My next class was tech.  My next teacher was Mr. Augi.  I sanded my buddy's project.  Then I stained it.  It was very fun.  My last period was lunch!   I had pizza.  It was delishis.  For my Drink I had ice tea. Then I went back to my normal school STRATFORD!!! That was all about my fabulice day at The Garden City Middle School.  BYE!!!       





     Hi, It's me again and I am going to tell you a about my great spring break.  Well, one thing that I did over the break was I went on a cruise.  It was amazing.  We stoped at three islands in Mexico.  On the ship they had many shows at night, but you can't stay out too late because there is a 1:00am cerfue. Also, they had rock climbing. Now this was almost my favorite part.  I reached one and two but there was no way that I could do 3 because you need long arms to make it to the top.  So, I tryed four and almost made it to the top.  On the last day we went on our plane to NEW YORK!!!  Also, My Easter was great too, I got a video game and and egg full of candy.  And two days later I went to the Mets Opening Day Game , it was awsome.  They won 11-5 against the Phillies!  That was all about my Spring Break BYE!!!  






     Hi, today I am going to tell you about where I am going today.  I am going to the vanderbuilt planetaryom. I think that we are going to see the stars.  I know that it is going to be good because I am going with my class and my second grade buddy.  It will be awesome.  It is the last friday till the holiday break.  Although we are going to see the stars I think we are going to see planets and lots of other things too.  Well, that's what I have to say for our Friday Feild Trip.  BYE!!!  






     Hi, tommarrow is a very special day. Tommarrow is my play. It's going to be so,much fun I can't wait. One problem, I have to wear make up. EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW. But the good thing about this is that I don't have to come in early like other cast members. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that the play is called the Jungle Book!!!Okay I have to goBYE!!! 






     Hi, its me again.  Today at school we are having an ice cream party.  It's going to be so fun.  I hope theres cholcolate.  If there isn't thats okay because I like vanilla. Well thats whats going on today  BYE!!!








      Hi, It's me again. Today is a Wednesday.  I saw my friends dog two times.  She is eleven weeks old.  She is not going to get any bigger than a porky pine.  It's really funny watching her play with the big dog.  She tryes to copy whatever he does.  Also, when she is in trouble she knows, and runs right to her cage.  Her name is mia.  Thats what I have to right.  BYE!!! 








     Hi, It's me again. Today is a monday and I have school. After school I have play practice and my friends dad is picking me up. The great thing about this is they got a new dog. It's a girl. I don't know it's name but I will in a couple of hours. My friend said it's like a little puff ball. It's a toy poddle. But it's a real dog it's just small. I can't wait to see him. BYE!!!







     Hi, It's me again. It's only one day till my friends birthday party. Today I went to the science fair in my school. It's the 23 one. I did it two years ago it's really fun. Well i have to go. BYE!!!







Hi, Today was a fun day. In the morning i decorated the inside of my friends locker. He was siked. But he doesn' t know what i am really going to give him in his sleepover party on Saturday. He's going to love it. but i can' t say it right now because he might read this later. I can' t wiat till Saturday. It' s going to be so much fun. theres going to be pizza and video games. He is inviting two of his other good friends. I think he invited Ryan Garino And Ryan Blair and David Butler. but i'm not sure. o.k I have to go, BYE!!! 





Hi, its me again and today is the last day till the Febuary break.  This febuary i am going to do this cool sports thing at ST. Pauls. I think I am going with my friends. Its going to be really cool. I'm also going skying on the last week of Febuary break. Well that was my enty about what I am doing over the break. BYE!!!







                                                                                         Scolastic news

Hi, today I was assigned to read the main article of Scolastic news called Python Patrol. Now I will tell you a little about it. The article Python Patrol is about people that take care of baby pythons. When they get too big then the people let them loose at national parks. The problem here is that the Pythons are eating the kinds of rare species of animals that are taken care of at the national park. The kind of pythons that are let loose are called Burmese Pythons.the park ragers are trying to catch as many of these Pythons as they can to provent the pythons from eating the rare species. The rangers catch these creatures by using a special dog that is trainned to sence the python.So far the park rangers have cought 260 pythons but, they still have thousands more to go. that was my somary on the article Python Patrol! Bye!!! 





     Hi, Its me again. Today was a pretty reagular day. I got dressed in the morning. Ate breakfast , and then went on the bus. Then , we read part of a book called the Westing Game and here I am now. I like school the on ly bad part is I have to wake up early in the morning. I wish it could be a two hour delay every day. Well thats what happened to me today. Bye!!!





     Hi , its me again. Today is my brother's birthday. He is turning 15. I'm sure you want to no more about my brother. His name is vinny. Hes got orange red hair and wouldn't live with out his videogames. His favorite is the nintendo wii. He is really tall.(5ft 10in). His favorite sport is baseball. Well that was a little bit about what my brother is like. Bye!!! 




      Hi, its me again , and I've got some news for you. I'm having a super bowl party. I am voting for the colts. Their QB is paton manning. Hes one of my favorite QB. Except for Boomer Esiason and Joe Namath. 




     Hi, its me again. I found out two days ago that I was going skying with my friend. But then I found out that I'm not going skying next week on the superbowl. At least we are having a big super bowl party with my family! Its going to be great. I LOVE SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!! BYE!!


              favorite football team

      My favorite football team is the  New York Jets. I like the Jets because they have an awsome QB. His name is Chad Pennington. I also like the Jets because they have a really good running back. His name is lion Washington. I never saw the Jets play in a super bowl game but, I plan to in the future. I think the NY JETS are the best team in the football league, even better than the patriots and the giants.




     Hi, its me again. I wanted to tell you something. Its that the superbowl is next sunday. I 'm so excited. Like I said before, that I might be going skying during the super bowl, well I 'm not sure if I' m going because its my brothers birthday and he has to decide if he wants to go to the ski resort. Well thats whats going to happen to me in about a week, so BYE!!!




    Hi, today I went to early morning gym.  I always go on forth and fifth grade days.I LOVE EARLY MORNING GYM. We played dodgeball. I always vote for dodgeball when we vote for a sport. I like floor hockey a little bit more than dodgeball. I also found out that I might go skying during the superbowl.Well thats what I did today and might do on some day in Febuary. 







       Hi, my name is Brian. this entry is about how the football game was last night. So girls you might not want to read this. Last night I watched the most exciting football game of my life. Heres what happened. The colts were down 21 nothing, then ,the colts got a touch down. then the patriots got a touchdown. Then, the colts made a dramatic comeback. tie game. The colts got a feild goal and won. The colts are going to the super bowl.

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A gramer mistake

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Giants Rule


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Is not, giant stink.


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Your all wrong Raiders rule. brian, you are great at writing

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