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Anthony P

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June 20, 2007

     I think the Westing Game book was way better than the Get a Clue movie. They both have the same plot. I really liked the book better. The movie was low on the special effects. It was also a lot worse with entertainong people. I almost fell asleep.I will tell you the reasons why.

     The book has many more details than the movie. The book has about twice as many people playing the Westing Game than the movie. The movie had Denton Deere marring Angela and he was also a player with Chris. There was also a thedoreackis family not just Chris. Mr. Wexler was a docter not a stock broker. Flora Baumback was Turtles partener and not Chris. The book had many more better things. I would definatly re read the book. That is why I like the book better.


June 20, 2007

     The school year is winding down and this will be one of my last entries if not my last entry. I have no homework now. the year is bascically done. This is my last year at my school. We played kickball with our buddies the boys one. We are going to play softball with them too. On the last day of school we will have an award ceremony.



June 6, 2007

     I read the article "Stop or He'll Scoot!" by Willam Murphy. This article is about a Long Beach police officer. I will write a brief summary about it.

     This aritcle is abaut Long Island's first segway-aissited arrest. You may ask your self what a segway is. It is a vecal that travels 12.5 miles per hour. The average man travels that fast but they are out of breath. The segway goe that fast comfortably. He man that made the arrest was Jose Miguez. He is a long beach official. He was using a segway and caught people stealing a car. These two men robbed a Mercades and they tried to ditch the car so they could run. But when they got out the officer caught up to them and they were jailed. That is what happened.

     That is a brief summary of the article. The story was a great one. It was pretty amazing.


June 6, 2007



May 24, 2007

The Picture

     My favorite picture is a picture of my favorite celeberties and me. MY favorite baseball players are Ken Griffey  Jr., Jason Giambi, and Hedeki Matsui. My favorite football player that will be in it are JaMarrcus Russel, Derek Burgess, and Jerry Rice. My favorite basketball players that would be in the photo are Vince Carter, Tracy McGraddy, and Steve Nash. My favorite lacrosse player that would be in the photo is Casey Powel. My favorite actors that would be in the photo would be Adam Sasndler, Will Smith, Will Ferrel. My favorite actresses that would be in it are Jenifer Aniston and Keria Nightly. That is what my favorite picture would be like.


May 22, 2007

     If I was in the situation of my projector having the light bulb burn out, I would save the extra money and buy a new light bulb. Why waste the money on that when you can buy more stuff like that. Even though the projector is out dated it is good enough and we don't need that much light power. There is all ready a lot of light power in this projector and you can see the stuff fine. You can see the projection perfectly even with the lights out. It is that good. I also think that why would you just waste the whole old projector because it works fine except for the light. You don't go out and buy a new house if the window shatters. I know there is a big price difference but I think that it is similar. That is what I think and why I think it.


May 17, 2007

      Tommarow I am going to constation works with my class. Constation works is a program where the class gets to pretend they are at court. The court is the town court house. The court argument that we are looking at is the case between the Denver Dipatch and the united states government. The class is broken into three parts. The judges, the denver dipatch lawyers, and the government lawyers. I am apart of the Denver Dipatch. I think That my team will win because we are so good. We are good togater and we work together with out fightining. That is a little about the case and my predictions.


May 14, 2007

My own resturaunt

       If I could create my own resturaunt it would be a Mexican buffet resturaunt. The reason it would be Mexican is because I love Mexican food. It is my favorite type of food. I love tacos, burritoes, and quasadias. I like steak tacos more though. At my resturaunt it will be a buffet because it is quiker and eaiser for the customer.  It is also better because you won't have to pay the waters. I like buffets because you can take as much food as you want.  The food that will be served are tacos, burritoes, nachos, and quasidas. They can be with steak or chicken. The nachos wil have different types of dips. I like the chessy type so the nachos will have a variaty of 10 diffent types of cheese.  They will be so good. My resturaunt will be on every news channel and it wil be huge. That is what my resturaunt would be like.


May 4, 2007

       When I grow up I want to do my father's profession. I want to become a tractor salesman. I want to take the business that my father has. It is called Chief Equiptment. That is what I want to be when I grow up.

       When I grow up I told you that I want to be a tractor salesman.I will tell you all about it. It is the job where the company has tractors my dad buys them from the creater and then he sells them. He only sells the smaller tractors. his main company that he buys from is John Deere. He also has some Cab boy and Toro. He sells chain saws, weed wakers, and all different lawn equiptment to. He also repairs and rents the equiptment. That is what the job is.

        In this paragraph I will tell you why I want to do this job. I have worked there over the spring break because he just mived in and over the summer because I wanted to. It is fun to work there especially because my cousins came. I like to work with tools and carry the equiptment around. I also pulled out the lawn mowers. I roede arounmd the equiptment. It was a fun way to spend my time.  


May 3, 2007

 The Ulitement Amusment Park Ride

       The ulitemete amusment park ride would be a ride where you are a football player. You get to do what ever they do on the field. Like you could be Micheal Vick when he jucked a lot of players out and scored by flipping into the endzone. Or be Marcus Allen when he ran 74 yards in the super bowl to score a touchdown. That is stil the longest run in super bowl history. You could also be devin hester in the kick off return agisnt the Minnesota vikings. Those are the players you can be. You can see the other players in holegram. A machine gets straped on to you and caries you along. You can chose with $5.00, get two with $10.00, and $15.00 to ride all of them. The lines will be huge. Tons of people watch these people play. So wouldn't it be awsome to see what is is like to play with these. players. The machine will be made by the best mechanics in the world. The machine will be featured in 6 Flags. The player in hologram will be created by the world's best scienctists. That is what the ultimate amusment park ride would be like.


May 3, 2007         

       Yesturday was a Wednesday. I had Officer Rich come in and tell us about project pride. It is a system that tells us about the danger of drugs. I learned that alcohol is the most abused drug. I never thought of alcohol as a drug. It so us how to say no in the right time. He will come back next Wednesday. Last night I watch American Idol for one of the first times. I saw that Chris and Phil got voted off and I want Lakisha to win. This morning I watch the channel 4 news and it was the 3rd day of where in the world is Matt Lauer. It is relly cool. I watched It yesturday when he was in Buthon. Buthon is a country that is sort of in the past. They just got television and the internet 8 years ago. They are people who still farm stuff. Today it was about Dubi. Dubi is on the other side of the earth from here. They have the largest hotel in the earth and they are making the largest building in the earth. to stay one night in the hotel it costs $30,000. They have these man-made islands that is shaped as a map of the world and it looks like it a lot. There also is a man-made island that is the shape of a palm tree and people live on them. They have the world's biggest indoor ski resort. Dubi was just a desert and now it is all those things. It is only the size of Rhode Island. That is my entry.


April 30, 2007

      A Ten foot wide and 12.5 inches tall wall

       If I had a wall that was ten feet wide and 12.5 inches tall I would use it as a memorial wall. It will be used for a great memorial for a special thing. If you want to find out about the memorial read more.

      The memorial is for the people who died in the Virginia Tech massacer. Each of the names of the people who got killed will be carved on a brick. On the top row of the wall the words "We will never forget you" will be carved. This wall will remember us about the inis=cdent and how the people will always be in our hearts. The wall will be placed on a ledge somewhere in the University of Virginia Tech. Everyone will be happy about the wall and everyone will never forget the 32 people who died. That is what I would do with a 10 ft. wide and 12.5 inch tall wall.  



April 24, 2007

School inside or outside

       For this entry I will be descusing whether school should be inside or outside. I want school to be inside. One reason is when you sit down therer are rocks all over the place. It can get to be very uncomfortable. Also the weather is a factor. Say if it is really hot and some people think it is not that hot but the other think otherwise. Some people might be so hot in the sun and really want to go inside. Another way is if it really nice out all of a sudden it starts to rain. You will get soaked. Also you work will get ruined and it will be hard to replace. When you are inside non of that stuff could happen. Even if it gets to hot in the classroom the classroom could have air conditioners and fans. That is why I want to have school inside instead of outside.


April 23, 2007

        Today was middle school buddy day. It is when a fifth grade pairs up with a sixth grader and the sixth grade tours the fifth grader around the middle school. Each boy gets a boy partner and each girl gets a girl.  My partner was Justin G. I met him before. I played at the park with him. During the day the fifth grader goes with the sixth grader for 3 periods. I went to ELA, gym, and lunch. For ELA the sixth graders had to take a test but i just made happy spring cards for the teacher to give away. In gym I had to ride a wave board. It was fun but I wasn't that good at it. In lunch I bought a pizza slice, fritos, water, and a hiwiian punch. It was tastey. That is what I did during middle school buddy day.


April 11, 2007

      Yesturday was the last day of the spring break. It was eleven days long. My break was awsome. It was the opening of my dad's new store on Sunrise highway in Freeport. The business is a John Deere business and it rents and sells. I worked all week with my cousins. It was fun. I helped start moving the stuff in. The funny thing is that a long time ago my grandfather used to own a tracter business in the same building. On Friday I went to the yankee game agaist the Orioels and I sat in the top section. On the left feild foul pole a squarel climbed up the foul pole. It was funny. That was my spring break.  


March 30,2007

          Last night was the 5th grade school play. The play is the Junle Book. It is about how a little boy lived in a jungle. Then the big tiger Sher Kahn came to the jungle and wants to hurt the little boy Mowgli. So with Baloo and Baghera's help they stop Sher Kahn. I was a bush in the play. My favorit esong in the play was The Battle. It is the part when Baloo and the jungle capture the tiger and send him away. But at the end a girl named Shanti comes and blindfolds Sher Kahn. Mowgli did not know Shanti and she takes him to the man village. But mowgli wants to stay in the jungle with Baloo and Bagherra. That is about the 5th grade play.   



March 21,2007

      My class started a digital newspaper. My job is to write the television review and college news. I also am the assitant editor. I wrote 2 college articles and one television review. I am on my second television article. My first article television article is about 24, my second article is about the kids choice awards. My first college is about my predictions and my second is about UNLV. That is all.


March 12, 2007

      Yesturday the ncaa brackets were relased. I made a bracket and my final four teams were Pitt, Texas, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. this is wierd because all the number 1 seed teams are state teams. My final game was Wisconsin vs Ohio State. And Ohio State i think will win. That is all.



March 9, 2007

     Yesturday, I took the New York math state test. It was not so hard but not so easy. After school I had play rehersal, we worked on the bare necaties. I learned some new dance moves. After school I went home and i played with my friends. We played wiffle ball in my backyard. it was same as usual. Nothing really exciting. After I had my last basketball practice. We had a scrimage and had some drills. After that I went home and watched the Duke game. It was against NC State. It went into overtime but sadly duke lost. It was the ACC tourterment so they can still go into the National Tourterment. But a team has never lost in the first round of thier conference touterment and won the national tourterment. Bye.


March 8, 2007

     I can't wait the NCAA National tourtermant is almost here. Myy favorite college for women is Conneticut University and for men it is Duke University. Last night I watched the women big east championship game. It was between Conneticut and Rutgers. I wanted uconn to win and it was a close game but they lost. It was back and forth with the points. This was Rutgers first big east championship the other 4 ones they were in they lost. 4 of them a against uconn.The reason I like uconn is because my dad's friend is the manager and practices with the team to give them more compation. The reason I like Duke is that my neighbor played Lacrosse there and he didn't play because of the scandal. He wasn't even involved and he isn't a suspect. That is why I like them. Another thong I'm happy about is Hofstra has a change at getting in the tourterment. They are led by Lori Stokes he is so good.That is what I have to say.


Febuary 16, 2007

       Yesturday, There was a lot of snow on the ground everywhere. All of the snow was hard as ice! In school we had a practice state test for math. It was the state test for Virginia. It wasn't that hard. But, it was long. After that we had a ELA test. I didn't do good because i forgot about one part of the test and I got it all wrong. Recess was inside and I played checkers and beat everyone I played. I ussualy win. After that I ment with my buddy and we are entering a contest. My buddy and I are in the arts and crafts group. We have to use arts and crafts as much a we can but we have to use recyclable materals. We have tons of ideas. After school I had my neighbors come over and we went sleding on my lawn becuase it is all ice and my house has a hill. It was very slippery and fun. After a while I went in for basketball. The practice was fun especialy because ast the end I got to verse the older kids who were my friends. We bet them 3 to 2. I scored once. That is what I did yesturday. SEE YA!



Febuary 14, 2007

Python Patrol

            Pyhton Patrol is an article about how people buy exotic pets and when they get big they let them out in the wild.  One of the exotic pets is the Burmese Python.  People in south Florida are the people who are the people who are letting the animals loose in the wild.  People are letting them loose in places like the Everglades National Park.  This is all not good for the animal, the environment, and is ussualy against the law. So, don't do it. 

Febuary 7, 2007


           Today is a Wednesday, it is a day four in school.  Today was a good day compared to yesterday because I was clumsy.  Once I tried to sit down and I just fell on the floor.  It was really funny to everyone else but not to me.  Today we had gym. It is the last day of volleyball, we played three games.  We won one of them.  I thought I wasn't going to have fun but i did.  Today we had a math test and i think i did okay. The test was on area on perimeter. I think i messed something up on the area of a triangle. We had recess inside in our classroom. The thing I played at recess was connect four. We have a leasgue that I am the comisioner of. There are 5 teams the French, the australlian, the germans, the finlish and the American. I am apart of the French and i am the captain, even though I am the worst player. But, I have the best french acient and i am the only one who talks in a french acient all the time. We the french are in second place. I have loads of fun. Todayt after school i went to mass for ccd. Then I have basketball practice. I like it. Astalavesta baby




January 26, 2007

          My Favorite Football Team

          My favorite football team is the Oakland Raiders. They have won 3 Super bowls. Two with John Madden in Oakland. Madden was a young coach when he won. The Raides won the other Super Bowl in Las Angelas. In 2002 they made it to the super bowl against the Buccanners but they lost badly. But I still stayed with my team. This year with trouble at quarterback, running back, o line and about everything else they were the worst team in the NFL. that means the first pick in the round. But this year they did manage to put together a good line of cornerbacks. They did have a good defense. They were the 4th best pass defense. Also last year the deffensive end Derrick Burgess led the league in sacks with 12. This year in the draft I think they will get LSU's JaMarcus Russel.That is a little about the Raiders.


January 25, 2007


          Today we had to work on our music. We had chorus. We worked on the play this morning. The play is the Jungle Book. The first one not the second one. I am apart of the wildlife in the jungle. I do not know which part of it I am though. We also just worked on the wordly wise book. It is a book on vocabulary. We had to do the narrative. It is the part where you read a story then answer some questions. It is the worst part of the book well at least in my opinoin. Today after school I am going to the mall. I sort of want to go and part of me dosen't. I want to go because I might get Madden 2007 for x-box 360. I don't want to go beause I don't like going to the mall. I don't like walking around in the store so I am tied up on what I want to do, but I will end up going. After that I have basketball practice. I like to go to basketball practice because we have teams that we play with and the team that I am on never loses and we do not have to run sucides. I also just like to go.Tonight I am just going to watch some television or play the new Madden. On x-box live of course. That is all I have to write, see you next time.

January 24, 2007

          Favorite Television Show


          My favorite television show is 24. It is a show that has a lot of action. The main character of the show is Jack Bauer. He is an agent at Counter Terrorist Unit ( CTU ). It is a goverment agency. Jack was just recently held hostage ,for a crime he did not do, for 2 years. He was tortured very much by the chinese. The crime that he was held in custody for was that Jack was right next to the guy who shot a high goverment offical. Jack tried to hide from the chinese all he could and even facked his death from all of his friends and people he worked with. I have been watching the show since the 4th season. It is now the 6th season and I have watched tha first two seasons at home. My favorite season so far was the first one. If you are watching season six right now I will tell you some stuff about this season. Jack's brother was the main bad person in the first season. He tried all he could to kill Jack and no one knew that in season one they were brothers. So you better watch out. I think that everyone should watch 24. It is on channel 5 every Monday night at 9 to 10. You really have to see it!




January 23, 2007



          Today is a pretty normal day. We have library right after done going on the wiki. We are also going to finish or start  typing our 21st century classroom. You can go check it out when it is finished. We also have a piture drawn of the classroom. I have finished mine. Today at recess I played football. We have permanat teams at recess. We sometimes play tournament. My team usually wins. This morning we finished up the science lesson and we are having a test on Friday. I think I will do good. 





January 22, 2007



         Today is my first day on the wiki. So, this is my first entry. It is a Monday so I am going to write about the weekend. This weekend was a very different one. I will start on Saturday morning. I was waiting for my ride for basketball because my parents were in Jamacia. I did not know this was going to be the best basketball game I have ever played in. During the pace of the game it was about a tie the whole game. Until the 4th quarter, St. Agnes ,the other team, started to pull away. But, we stayed in the game and tied it up. We went to double overtime and won it off of a 3 pointer by my teamate Kyle. The next game on Sunday we won a good game to a team in the division ahead of us. The game after that we lost by a team that we should have beat. Right after that I had to go to a birthday party. It was friend Pete's 11th birthday and we went to the Marriot and went the the sport resturaunt and watched the Bear, Saint game. I wanted the Saints to win, but unfortunatly then got crushed. I wasn't that mad but what a heck of a season they had. Well, I got to go write to you in the other entrys. Saionara!

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I have only read a few sentences and They are AWSOME!

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I really like the one with the ockland raiders entry!! KYLE

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I just figured that out a couple of days ago Brian

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The Aus. still are in the lead!! by 1.
By Gianni !!PINK POODLES!!

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that is so cool with your dads friend

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the raiders should get calvin johnson in the draft Jamarcus Russel is to fat. - anthony.f

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Nice exspaining

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no prez i do not have a wave board but i want one

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I like your writting from Albert

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Do you have a wave board I do but I didn't oppen it yet Albert

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hey Prez it's me pena. I don't mean to bother you but you spelled ultimate wrong on your story about the ultimate amusment park ride

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