Animal Trivia - Extra Credit


What color is a polar bears skin? What is the world's thrid largest land animal?


What is the most endangered rhino subspecies? Whats the most common raptor?

Are dodo birds extinct or endangered? What kind of fish spits water to catch it's prey?





What is causing the black footed ferret to become endangered? How long can a gorilla live?



Name four animals that eat or kill tiger cubs? How long does it take to grow a rainforest tree?


What wild dog looks like a chihuahua? What else does a panda eat besides bamboo?


I will use the questions from last week:

I used to be a player for the Bengals and the Patriots. I am a running back. Who am I?

Who was the greatest quarterback of all time?

I wear #89. My initials are SM. Who am I?


Whats so deadly about a komdo dragon bite? Name three animals that eat people?




What is the heavyest animal alive?

What is the polar bears special ability? Waht animal can hold its breath the longest


I used to be a player for the Bengals and the Patriots. I am a running back. Who am I?

Who was the greatest quarterback of all time?

I wear #89. My initials are SM. Who am I?













What animal eats the most for their size? What is the second biggest population of mammal species?


Here it is: Last one for the 2007 year!

Which city hosted the Winter Olympics twice? BONUS QUESTION: How many times has the USA hosted the Winter Olympics?

Where was Wayne Gretzky's last game in Canada? BONUS QUESTION: Where and what did Gretzky do on his last game of his career?

What player had 22 full seasons in the NFL by the time of the New Year? BONUS PARTS: What year did he get his 22nd season, and what position did he play?

See you in 2008! Have a wonderful holiday! What is the most uncommen prey for wolfs? Name five preators of the colossal squid?



Whats the biggest birds of prey? Whats the second biggest animal ever?

Joey here. My questions for the week are:


What does Scotty Bowman chew in his mouth before every hockey game?

Name the most popular WWE Smackdown wrestler. (3 possible answers)

I was traded from the Washington Redskins to the Giants recently, and I play a certain lineback position. Who am I?

Hope you enjoy the trivia!




Whats the worlds animal fastest? The hint is its a flying animal. What is the the biggest flying animal?

What dog bites humans the most?

How many species are there of frogs?

how fast can a rino charge up to?









What is the most least common defensive foul in football?(could possibly be 2 answers. It depends what you say.)

Name the sports teams without a plural "s" in their name.(cannot get 1 wrong for credit, must get a certain amount.)

Who wore #99 for the Mets, and who wore it for the Buccaneers? (Each one is 1 Pollitt Dollar.)

Have a good weekend!





What animal carries the most babies on it's back?

What animal leads the most of its species? How do wovles decide whos the leader?




Joey here. Here are my questions for the week:



Which player did NOT have 3,000 hits AND 400 homers?

Who turned an unassisted triple play in a 2000 game?

Where was the 2003 MLL Championship Game?


Have a good weekend, and enjoy Tom's, Chris's, and my trivia for the week.









What animal is the biggest troublemaker? What animal causes the most deaths to humans? Joey here. Tom said I could do it after Sunday, 12 PM. So, here are my 2 questions for today:


What "people food" can’t a parrot eat?

What animals can get sunburn? (Besides dogs, cats, and humans)



It's Joey. There will be Extra Credit questions each week on sports, made by me. So, here are my questions for the week:



How many Gold Gloves do Alex Rodriguez, Greg Maddux, and Ivan Rodriguez have combined?

What player led the NFL (National Football Leauge) with 27 rushing touchdowns in 2003?

What is Casey Fossum’s special pitch called?



Which animal leads the most animals? What animal sterches their mouth the most?







Whats the biggest land animal ever? Whats the biggest land caivore ever? what animal digs the most? what animal is the loudest?






What animal had the worst fashion disaster? Mean what animal had their species best fashion but comes with a cost like death. What animal sucks the most blood?

Chris What sea animal has the biggests brain how much dose the brain weigh. What mammal has the biggests jaw.




The animal strongest for its size? The animal that lives in the most places? The animal that makes the worst smell?




What animal jumps the highest for its size? What animal is the most posinest? Their will be more questions from Chris In a few hours.

This is chris. Where is the thorax in a ant? What is the bird of Main? This is chris. When did the Iaqu war start? How many days dose it take to get to the moon from earth?