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 6/20/07  The westing game- In class we read a book callled the westing game and then we watched the movie. I liked the bookk bettter because it had more cliff hangers than the movie. In the movie there was not are the charters in that there was in the book! In the movie it did not explane a lot of things. The book expaned things so much better. That is why I liked the book better!


       I liked the book because it was longer. its better to read the book in a peiord of time because it was boaring watching the movie in 1 day. I loved it when we read it. Mr.pollitt  did the best voices.





 6/20/07 This could be the last wiki entry of my school years at stratford! Next year I will be moveing on to the middle school. It will be so much fun there! I will only be spending about three years. But it still will be so much fun.



6/6/07 Manager of the chicago cubs was thrown out of the game for kicking dirt and mybe kicking the umpire. When angle pena was cought steeling third base lue pinilella argued and was ejected. He was throwing his hat and kicking it! The big questoin is did he kick the third base umpire?


6/5/07 My project is to make a studuim. My group my need some equtment to make it. my side projets is to make a store for the team. I will be like a team store. It can sell itimes for money whcih ivouls math. If you by a t-shirt it my coast money and you will need to do math to figure out the price of it.This projects may take a few days.


5/22/07  I dont think we should get a new projecter because it will caost to much money and why not wait for another next year! It will work out fine. Just it would be a lot of money. This is why i dont want to get a new projecter. Just get a new bold.


5/14/07  If I had my own  restruat it should be B.k sweeny's. It would cool to have a whole restraut fort my self! That would be so cool. Of course  I would have to chang things around a little. This place needs the help it can get. First I shall make a sign that says NO SMOKEING ALOUD. The place reeks of smoke. Secendly I shall extand the bathrooms both girls and boys to a maxumim of 10 feet long. That is all it really needs for a bathroom. This will be a fine set up for this old restrout! 




5/7/07 I think that I should  not do this because it is a waste of time. The letter was a little cheezy. It was a secend grade letter to me. This is why I dont like this idea.


5/7/07 The best eollacoster ever should have twirles and spins and now im going to tell you about it. The rollacoster should have alot of twirls so you will be dizzy when you get off! It would have a lot of safty belts and stuff. It should be the biggest in the world. It has to be safe or nobody would ride it. Well i think tjis is the best rollacoaster ever!



May 4 2007  What are you going to be when you grow up? I wont to be a person who trades stocks. Thats what my mom was. She said she liked it.

 Now I will tell you more.seems fun and it makes a lot of money. I will think  about it. I will probaly  like it. I also want to be working in the city lake my dad. He works for advertising. He likes doing that!

           The one job I dont want to do is be the presadent or anything that has to do with politics. I hate that. You would be ask so many qustoins and so many meetings. I ould hate it! I also would hate being a teacher. It seems so hard and streachful. Thats why i dont like those jobs!

          Well now you can see why I dont like some jobs and I like others. Hope you liked it. I sure did!



4/3/07  the is a fair coming up on friday! I am going with my friends. My dad is taking off and he is going to take me really early. Im going with one of my naboirs next stour. My sister is coming too. she is staying with my dad not me! There will be alot of people there. I will have a lot of fun!



4/24/07   I love to work outside and I really wont to keeep going outside. Some of the reasons that I wont to tell you is like kides need to get fresh air.We also need to relax outside and read. That is why i wont to stay outside for reading! 



4/23/07  When I was at the middle school today, for a buddy day! It was so much fun. I saw my sister there twice. I walked and went to my classes with my buddy named tom. He was the best buddy ever.he wnt to ela and spanish and lunch. Lunch was my favorite part becouse I got to buy lunch. I never got to buy lunch befor. That was my day at the middle school.


4/11/07    Over the break I did not go on vacatoin, but I did have a lot of fun! I watched the Mets home opener and the yankees! I love the mets. My dad went to the game. I also went to my freind alberts house. We played this game run away wagon.It is so much fun! Most of the days I was outside in my backyard. I play baseball backthere and my sister plays soccer there. I played and ate in my fort that is all most broken. We had to fix it. In the game wagon ride I got this huge scab that I pealed off and then came back!! Well thats all thhat I did over the best spring break ever! :)



3/30/07 hello,today i'm going on a feildtrip.It's going to be so much fun!


3/21/07  my favorite thing to do is play baseball, love it.the season starts soon, so im getting ready! Me and my dad love the game.We go to a lot of games. the mets are not doing so well in spring tranning, but they will bounce back into place. The mets are my favorite team! I think they are the best.So right now im trying to tell you I love baseball!



3/15/07opening day for the mets is soon. So is the yankees but I dont really like them.I love the mets and my dad too!opening game is not at shea this year it's in st.luisWere the cardnels play! Well thats all for today, remeber come back!


3/9/07 One of my favorite things to do is to play and watch sports! One of my favorite sports is soccer. When I watch this is when the world cup is on. I root for I Itally. They won the world cup.



3/7/07 My mom told me I was reading very well. She got me 4 new books! I love reading!!!!!!(happy new year! ha ha ha ha Just kidding

2/16/07 If I had credit card I would buy the wii or a wide screen t.v! I would not get somthing for my sisters but I have to get them somthing. So I will get them a barbie playhouse or a laptop that is used! Only if a had a credit card.



2/7/07 Hi this is Andrew and i'm going to tell you about the wii! The wii is a system that is so much fun. you should get it! 


 2/6/07 My new favorite show is 24! Its filled with action and fighting.Me and my dad watch it every monday night. I have been watching this for a long time. I love it!This is some of the resons I love this show. I will be wrighting about 24 in the furture, so look for it! See you in a little while.



1/31/07 Current Event-The super bowl is coming up and the Bears and Colts are in it.This is big because the coaches are both dark colored and thats history.The Bears are a big under dog in this event! They have a good chance of looseing. Hope you watch the game!  


1/30/07 Hey do you like baseball because I love it!


1/25/07 Do you like tv? If you do  you have a favorite show?My favorite show is spongbob because it's so funny when they talk about there friends and how they can help them. Also when they tell jokes! Spongbob is so funny he makes me and my sisters keep on watching it! I've been watching  this since I was pretty young, thats why I watch it so much!Hope you like it.


1/24/07 Hey im here again im going to tell you my favorite thing to do. My favorite thing to do is play baseball in the summer because me and my dad hit the ball so far I somtimes don't even bother to get it.We also play catch and when my dad throws a pop up I can hardly see it!This is my favorite thing to do.

1/23/07 Howdy,im back did you miss me. well anyway do you like football if you do you know what im about to say. The Colts are in the superbowl and so are the Bears! If you are a Colts fan your in good shape they will probably win.Well thats all for the afternoon.                                                                


Hi,this is Andrew do you know anything about football, well if you do did you see the game last night! It was great! The final score of the game was 38-34 my team won!The Colts won. I love the NFL! Me and my dad sit in a chair watching the games all night.


Comments (12)

Anonymous said

at 9:43 am on Jan 29, 2007

I don't like Sponge bob. -Conor

Anonymous said

at 6:49 pm on Feb 14, 2007

Hey andrew good writing-Lo Russo P.S- did you know that our dads went to high school and college together I didn't.

Anonymous said

at 1:38 pm on Mar 7, 2007


Anonymous said

at 1:39 pm on Mar 7, 2007


Anonymous said

at 1:42 pm on Mar 7, 2007

you have the wii i am trying to get it - anthony.f

Anonymous said

at 1:50 pm on Mar 7, 2007

you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weirder then my sister!

Anonymous said

at 10:32 am on Mar 9, 2007


Anonymous said

at 10:43 am on Mar 9, 2007

i like your writing

Anonymous said

at 9:03 am on Mar 15, 2007

Good writing ferri- B Lo AKA- Lo Russo

Anonymous said

at 11:41 am on Mar 20, 2007

Andrew Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt mooooooooooving with our writing
From Jon

Anonymous said

at 11:44 am on Mar 20, 2007

Sorry andrew- the (our) in my comment was supposed to be (your) from jon

Anonymous said

at 7:53 pm on May 14, 2007

I like B.K Sweenes too

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