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           Do you ever wonder why classrooms stayed the same for over 100 years? Well here is how it should look like.
          The classroom should have a huge plasma screen television hooked up to the internet to do power point. It should have heated and air-conditioned couches. Instead of washing your hands there would be hand sanitizer. Instead of a desk you would use a coffee table and a laptop.
          Instead of white walls we should have blue walls with red flames on it. You would email everything instead of using a mail-box. Instead of getting your lunch, a remote control car would bring it to you. You wouldn’t write anything anymore, you would type everything.
          That is what I think a 21st classroom should look like. I hope one day a classroom will have every thing I wrote, because today’s classrooms are boring, ordinary and plain.                 


Written and Illustrated by Albert


Albert's 21st Century Classroom


Written and Illustrated by Andrew

Andrew's 21st Century Classroom




Here is a story that could change your life and I will tell you what it is!  It’s a 21st Century classroom! Do you like it? Well I will show you it!

First things first. A pool table is good for indoor recess and an air hockey table. Those would be nice! Couches and coffee tables would be nice for relaxation and fun.

You can also have recliners and pillows for your desk. These are spectacular ideas for this room! You can also have laptops for power points.  Videogames are genius for indoor recess and for a assignment, you can make a videogame it’s genuine.

          Room service is great for parents and kids I’ll tell you why. It’s great because you could get your lunch at school if you forgot it and if you parents are busy they don’t have to make it .

          Hope you liked my short story, remember technology out dates it’s self!



          Have you ever wondered why a classroom is not as advanced in technology as the rest of the world? Well if it was, what would it look like? This essay will tell you all the things that should be in a 21st century classroom.

          These are the things we should have instead of chalkboards. First, we should have a huge smart board instead of a chalkboard. Next, we should use plasma screen TV’s to project all of our projects. Finally, we can get a board that would automatically display the homework for the week. Those are some ways that we can use technology.

          Instead of desks and books everyone can have there own laptop I would want that for many reasons. First, instead of having to hand out mail your teacher can email you. It would also be good because it can store all your information on it. Finally, when it is indoor recess you can talk to your friends and play games. That is why we should use laptops.

          Last of all we should have more comfort in the classroom. First we should sit at roundtables with recliner chairs. Next, we should have coolers with our drinks and lunch in it. We should have our conditioning and heating just for the class. Finally, we should change the color of the class. Those are some accessories we could have.

           That is what a 21st century should look like.

  Written and Illustrated by Anthony F.

Anthony's 21st Century Classroom


Written and Illustrated by Brian

Brian's 21st Century Classroom


Have you ever realized that the ordinary classroom has always been the same? Stick around to find out what a real twenty first century classroom should look like.


          A twenty first century classroom should have a huge smart board that covers the whole front of the room. I can tell that this idea will be a big help for some teachers and some students too. Also, the teacher can throw out all the text books because you can have all the text books saved on the smart board. Another thing is that there will be a lot more space in the room. You could also get rid of chalk boards, Dry erase boards and other old technology. That was one idea about what a twenty first century classroom should look like


          A second idea about how a twenty first century Classroom should look like would be to put coffee tables in and office chairs. I thought of this idea because right now the chairs are metal and uncomfortable. If there are office chairs and coffee tables I think the students will pay a lot more attention. That was a second idea about how a Twenty first century classroom should look like.


         A third idea about how a twenty first century classroom should look like would be is to paint the walls the town’s colors. For example, Garden City there colors are maroon, gray, and white. So, then they would paint their room their colors. I think that this will help some students concentrate a lot more. That was another idea about what a twenty first century classroom should look like.


            That was some ideas about how a twenty first century classroom should look like because the ordinary classroom has always looked the same.                


            If you brought someone from 100 years ago into your classroom now, they would know for a fact that that was a classroom.  Did you ever think of making it look different?  Think about it for a second.  Think back on all your classrooms.  Now think of a futuristic classroom.  This is what I think the 21st century classroom should look like.

            First, there are desks.  The old fashioned desks open up right?  Well if we had the reach in kind like we do today and the old fashioned desks, we could have a built in lap top.  There would be a finger sized hole to help you open the desk.  When it opens, it will become a built in lap top.  The screen is on the bottom of the top part of your desk.  (If you know what I mean.)  Then, on the bottom, there will be a built in keyboard.  The desk will help kids with typing assignments.  No one will have to leave the room if the computers are full.

            Now onto chalkboards and whiteboards.  Instead of having chalkboards or whiteboards in your classroom, wouldn’t it be cool to write on a screen with your finger instead of a chalk or markers?  It would be sort of like having a smart board.  Instead of a smart board though, you are writing on a built in screen the size of a chalkboard that you can say certain commands to and it will do as told.  It will be just like the laptop that you can turn over the monitor and it turns into a tablet.  Except, it is always a tablet.  There is more though.  Instead of pulling down a screen to do lessons with a projector and laptop, this screen can be that sort of screen too.  You will never have to pull down a screen again.  You could also print things off of it.  Let’s say a teacher made a PowerPoint and wanted the kids to have a copy at the end.  They could print it in the way Microsoft Word would.  You could also send things to the printer from the desk laptop.

            Maybe, there could be a little more comfort in the room.  We can keep desks, but what about chairs.  They aren’t so comfortable if you want to know student’s point of view.  Maybe a couple of sofas and a couple of armchairs.  We can sit there and have our desks in front of us.  Maybe just a simple cushioned chair.  While learning, we don’t want to be sore.  Besides the teacher having an office chair, maybe there could be a few in the back so kids could sit and write at a table. 

            Last but not least, classroom colors.  A lot of people are tired of the same white/cream colored classrooms.  Ever think of changing the color?  Maybe every time a new teacher comes to the classroom, (as in a new teacher working and another retiring or a new teacher switching classrooms with another), they can decide what color they want their classroom.  Maybe if you lived in Garden City, you would want your classroom to be maroon or maroon and white.  If you asked kids how they wanted to change the walls, they will probably say more colors. 

            This is what I think the 21st century classroom should look like.  If we try hard enough, there is a chance it could happen.  These are my ideas, what are yours?  As I said before, think about it.  Remember, anything can happen.


 Written and Illustrated by Casey

Casey's 21st Century Classroom

 Written and Illustrated by Conor

Conor's 21st Century Classroom


        Why don’t regular classrooms look up to date? Why don’t they look like a 21st Century classroom should look like? I am going to tell you what a 21st century classroom should look like.

         First, I would like the chairs and desks to be sofas and coffee tables. Instead of chalk boards, we could have a smart board at the front of the room. Everybody could get their own laptop, so during indoor recess; you could email your friends o

          Another idea for a 21st Century classroom is that we could have a shoot that could go around the school. So, when messengers deliver something, they won’t miss a thing.  We could also make a place where you can make your own snack.  So when you are very tired, because you are hungry, you can make your own snack. Those are my ideas for a 21st Century classroom.

         I wish one or more classrooms looked like this.  It would be so cool.  Could YOU make a difference for a classroom?r play online games. Instead of taking attendance, you could have a retina scanner. It would keep a list of people who are here and send it right to the main office.  



         Have you ever noticed that technology and the way buildings look like change daily? Then have you looked at a classroom and noticed how they have always looked the same? Well I just did! That is why I came up with some new designs for what a 21st century classroom should look like.

        First of all I think that instead of a chalkboard in the front of the room there should be a Smart Board. I also think that instead of text books kids should have laptops containing all of the textbooks information on a website. Also doesn’t it bug you how half of the letters that get sent home don’t even get to your parents? It must annoy your parents too. I know that if I was a parent it would annoy me. That’s why I think that everyone should have there own email address and there should be no more letters that have to go home in a folder. Instead your teacher or principal would just email them to you or your parents.

Do you know what else I hate? I hate seating in those same old school chairs and same old desk day after day. That is why another one of my changes would be to get rid of desks and put in hanging bubble chairs in the room. I would also provide lap desks so you could lean on them when you are using your laptop. Also you know what probably annoys teachers no I take that back do you know what dose annoy teachers? When kids keep asking them directions over and over again. That is why I would put big plasma screen TV’s on the walls that would update themselves automatically with new directions. Also on the opposite wall there would be another TV that would be on a cycle showing finished power points and other Another idea that I had would be to put and elevator in the classroom that would have room numbers and the teachers name next to a button then you would press it and the elevator would take you there. There would be stairs in the classroom though just incase of a fire. Finally my last idea would be to put little scanners in the bubble chairs. When you came into school you would immediately go over and scan your thumb print in to tell the office that you are there.

        To me this would be such an amazing classroom. I think that it would make some kids even want to go to school. I hope that you think the thing same too.

 Written and Illustrated by Emily

Emily's 21st Century Classroom

 Written and Illustrated by Fabrice

Fabrice's 21st Century Classroom


           Classrooms now should be like “high tech”. Why don’t we have that the world has? If we had what the world has today, this is how I would describe it.

I think classrooms today should be like a “comfy” classroom. Like instead of hard chairs and hard desks, we should have comfortable couches and coffee tables! Also, since the chalkboards at school are so old, we can use the amazing SmartBoard®. Oh, and rather than using paper and pencil to do class work and homework, we can each have our own laptops and FORGET about the mailboxes, the teacher can just use e-mail. Also, we should have like a tube that connects to your house and it brings homework that you forgot to bring to school.

If our classroom could ever become as this, it would make it more enjoyable environment for us students. This would be the best classroom in the whole world… well at least the best in the school.


        I think classrooms are always the same because nobody ever invented new stuff for a classroom.

       I think a classroom in the 21st century should be updated and have the stuff in it smart boards for power points and class work, office chairs for more comfort, air conditioning for the hot summer days, better blinds to keep out the light, flooring and ceiling to look like your outside, and bigger desks to hold all our books.

        That is what I think should be in a 21st century classroom. But right now we still have the same boring old classroom. Classrooms were the same many years ago.

Written and Illustrated by Gianni

Gianni's 21st Century Classroom

Written and Illustrated by Gina

Gina's 21st Century Classroom


             Why do we have to sit at a hard uncomfortable desk at school? Do you like it? I don’t! I think we should be comfortable at school. There already making us be so uncomfortable and they can’t even treat us?! That’s MEAN! We want to be COMFORTABLE!!   

               To be comfortable we should have pink and purple couches with little coffee tables to do our work on. Also, I think we should paint our room pink and purple with little pink and purple stars on the ceiling.

                We have all this technology these days so why can’t we use it? To use it we can have plasma TVs at the front of the room. Also it can be touch screen and can be a computer, camera, and TV. This source of technology can be a textbook, the screen will have all the subjects so if you touch science all the science units and lessons will show up on the plasma and you touch the one your will be doing in class and all the pages in the textbook will show up and you can touch and arrow to flip the page.

                 Instead of having lame lights we can have pink and purple chandeliers in our room. To help out your parents at school we can have a Make Your Own Sandwich stand at the back of the room and that will be your lunch.    

                 It would be so cool if we can do this stuff and the kids would definitely enjoy coming to school each morning. 


           Why should we have the same classroom that people had years ago. Why can’t we use technology and create a Cyberclass.Think about no text books, notebooks, desks, chalk boards and white boards. How awesome would that be? I have came up with a few ideas and so here are so of my gadgets of the future Cyberclass.

            In the future Cyberclass students will have stations and not desks. Each station will have a cockpit or seating area with a mini computer that has two display screens similar to a Nintendo DS. The seating station and cockpit will be on a track that can change seats whenever you want. Once arrangement is done the floor will come back out. It will be called the Cyberbinder. The seating surface will be soft leather with speakers in the headrest which can only be heard by the student at the work station. As the teacher speaks his or hers face will appear on the upper screen and on the lower screen will be a software program that will copy the lesson on the Cyberbinder.

 The Cyberbinder will travel with the student. It will also be connected to the internet 24-7 so that the student can do research and receive current events all the time. All homework assignments will be done on the Cyberbinder and e-mailed to the teacher. The Cyberclass will have a video camera that will connect different to the teacher’s workstation so that the teacher can see the class if teaching from a different or “virtual” location. The chalk board will be replaced with a Smart Board overlay that will allow students to powerpoint or let the teacher teach online lessons. There will be a computer center in the Cyberclass that will store all books and research materials found in the library and the library special will be done in the Cyberclass. The Cyberclass will be inside of school because students will need to be around there friends and to also have music, art, science and gym specials.

            I think that the someday the district will change the way classrooms look and remodel it and use 21st century technology.

Written and Illustrated by Jon

Jon's 21st Century Classroom

Written and Illustrated by Julia

Julia's 21st Century Classroom

         I think it is insane how class rooms look, don’t you?  I mean it’s the 21st century, it shouldn’t look like the way it does now. But luckily I have some great suggestions.

              First we really have to change these desks, I mean they have been the same for ages.  What I think we should do is throw them all out and get ping pong tables and coffee tables. You would use the ping pong tables for a back table and coffee tables as desks. Or if you want you could have desks and they would be elevated if you want to just sit around. It would also make the class room look better too.

 I was also thinking that instead of books you could have laptops with all of the school years information on it. This could help you in many ways. First of all it could help people who aren’t the most organized become a little more organized and not shove things in their desk. It would also be a lot simpler because of all the new high technology.

We could also thinking that instead of those uncomfortable chairs we could have office chairs (or some new chair like a beanie bag) and couches. Just imagine it sit

ting in a comfortable chair or couch and actually being relaxed while learning. I know that sound some what impossible but we could make it happen.  

I know this is starting to sound a little crazy but just listen to me. Another thing we can change is the chalkboard (or white board). It’s horrible that when ever you write on it you get chalk (or marker) all over your hands! I was thinking that we could have a screen that you can hook up to laptops, and what ever you write will appear on the whole wall. It would make your life a whole lot easier to just go up to the screen and write on it. Kind of like smart boards were you can type or write. Sounds cool doesn’t it!

And what about the lockers, they are so out dated. Just throw them all away! You could have your own little customized area (like a cube in an office) that you can do what ever style you want. You can also paint these rooms a better color they are just so dull and boring. Maybe you could paint it the town’s colors.

And what about this lighting we could have some cool modern sensor lights all over the class room. It would be totally sweet. No more huge rectangular lights hanging from the ceiling. Maybe we could get some colorful lights or something like that. Cool right!

We should also have a 3d figure instead of phones so you can actually see the person you are talking to. Also if your teacher calls in sick they can teach from their house and you can see them and they can see you! Wouldn’t that be so totally awesome!

I really think that we should add virtual trips instead of going on a long bus ride (that is boring and a waste of time) to get to the place you want to go to. So you don’t have to pay. Just get a virtual clip of it.

You could also add storage in the floors so you can have more room. That would be really handy, wouldn’t it! No more shoving things in closets or desks, all you would have to do is press a button and a section of the floors would come up and you can store what ever you want in there

The last thing is so totally awesome! There could be a shopping area (for teachers of course) in the room. In the shopping area you would have a 3d figure helping you find what you want! No more scholastics magazines just a little teachers mall!

I really take offence that no one cares enough about the environment that kids learn in to change it. If you want to make it up to us just change it now while you still can.


      In Mr.Pollitts class we thought that over time classrooms really didn’t change over time. I will tell you how 21st century classroom should really be like.

     I think a 21st century classroom should have laptops instead of binders and text books and binders and even mail boxes.  This would be grate because you don’t need backpacks.  You never would forget a book or a homework assignment because it is right on the computer.  Techno would provide the class with so much more information.  The black board would be a huge flat screen TV.  It gives you updated information and pictures about what the class is learning. The classroom would be high teak and kids would want to come to school.  Three TVs one for pour points the second one for TV and the last one is to play any game in the world.  When we have indoor recesses we can play basketball indoors so you’re not board during indoor recesses.  We would have an Xbox 360 on one of the TV’s. We would have ac so where not hot in the summer. We would have blue wall paper. This is what a 21st century classroom should have.   

Written and Illustrated by Kyle

Kyle's 21st Century Classroom

Written and Illustrated by Matt

Matt's 21st Century Classroom


I am here to talk about present day classrooms. Over the years, technologies have advanced so much, but do classrooms, no, they don’t. The question is why not? If we were going to upgrade a classroom to the 21st century, this is what it would be like.

       A 21st century classroom should have smart boards, to make lessons easier to teach for teachers. Kids also should have computers at their desk with software uploaded on them like Microsoft word or PowerPoint for assignments. I think we should also have electronic notebooks because it would be easier to store all of our writing in one small thing, instead of all of the notebooks that kids usually have in their desk. Those are all my ideas for a 21st century classroom.

Now that you have heard my ideas for a 21st century classroom, I hope you can do something in your power to bring the classroom into the 21st century. 


        In my 21st century classroom you will have the time of your life! Learning can be boring but my classroom makes it much more funJ!

          My classroom it would be a techno-classroom. Every student would have Tablet PC laptops. Since we have Tablet PCs, people who like to doodle can do it whenever they want. Now we could throw out all our books. The laptops would have printers so we could print our work. Besides that we would all have E – mail address’s and be E – mailed all our notices. This would also help us learn to use technology.

The desks and chairs we have are really annoying. Since we wouldn’t need desks anymore we’d just have one huge conference table. Also instead of having chairs we would have big couches. This would make everyone happy! It would also be much more comfortable!!

In the back of the room there would be two TV’s. The first TV would have projects that we’ve done. The projects would switch every ten minutes. The other TV would have the homework that we would have that day. TV’s would make the classroom awesome.

Sometimes chalk boards can get really messy. Well in my classroom no one knows what a chalk board is. The whole front of the room would be a giant smart board. In the back of the room Mr. Pollitt would have a nice office chair and a laptop so he could do all his power points on. This would make Mr. Pollitt and the whole class happy!

The schools need to change how they look. I think my classroom is a better classroom for the 21st century!!

Written and Illustrated by Melissa

Melissa's 21st Century Classroom

Written and Illustrated by Nick

Nick's 21st Century Classroom


       21st century classrooms are very blaa!!! In this writing peace I’m going to tell you what a real 21st century classroom should look like.

       A 21st century classroom should look like this. In stead of chalkboards, you have plasma TV’s that work by, you saying what you want to show up on the screen. Next in stead of binders, workbooks, and textbooks, you have laptops that have workbooks, and textbooks, downloaded. In stead of mailboxes your teacher just puts the note in a tub that connects to our desk so the mail just pops out of the top of the desk. In stead of chairs and tables you have rocking chairs and coffee tables. Kids in the 21st century hands hurt because they write a lot. With the writer3000 all you kids have to do is say what you want it to write or draw on your paper. I f it rains outside and 21st century kids can’t go outside they play outside inside. This works bye having virtual goggles that seems like your outside or you have another set of virtual goggles that seems like it is a batting cage. On both sides of the classroom you have two smart boards for the students to play with. Then on the other side of the room you have other plasma to watch TV and to play video games, such as playstation3, playstation2, play station, xbox360, Xbox, Wii, nitendo64, super Nintendo, and much more. Another thing to do for inside recess is to play basketball or kick field goals because there is a basketball hoop and a field goal in the classroom. The color of a 21st century classroom is baby blue and maroon. That is what a 21st century classroom should look like.

     Now you know what a 21st century classroom should look like. I think this is why kids do not like to go to school.     


I think the traditional classroom is kind of boring! That is why I am writing this paper. It is about what I think a 21st Century classroom should look like. If you want to figure out what will happen keep on reading.

As the tradition classroom has it, everyone has a desk and a hard, hard chair. We should have 6 round tables all around the room. With 4 or 5 kids sitting at  them with nice big and soft office chairs. That should make the students sit much more comfortably. And in the back of the room there should be 2 large couches. The students will take turns sitting in them. So, at times there is even more comfort. Those are some ways how the seating should be in a classroom.

Technology is advancing every second. So it should be brought into the 21st century classroom. Such as Talbot pc laptops, you can write in them! It is just like a mini smart board. And instead of a plain chalk board there should be a huge Smart board in the front of the room and instead a white board there should be a regular sized smart board, so the teacher can write and type stuff on the board. And for a smart board to work you need to have a projector. So, every room should have one in it. Also the projector needs somewhere to stand so we need to put cases in each room that hang from the ceiling. It has to be adjustable for each smart board. That is what technology should be in a 21st century classroom.

I can’t go into categories so here are some good ideas. I hate how in the spring it gets so hot! The school should have central air conditioning. It can cool us down. As most classes have pets, we do too. And they need a tank or a cage. They really take up a lot of space. So, there should be built in tanks and cages on the wall for all different pets. I really do not like the plain white color of the room. I think it should be a nice maroon because it is the village color. And the water fountain at the back of the room can have water that tastes bad or warm. So there should be a water jug of filtered water in the back of the room. Since classes always do projects you need to hang them. And there should be a rotating three project holder. That would be so much easier than the old way. Those are some great ideas.

Every kid I know likes to have fun and play games and the schools of America are trying all they can to get more exercise in the child’s activity. So the classroom should have a dance machine with two sides for kids to play on. And for a dance machine you need a television. A television with great quality like a huge high definition, plasma television. That has surround sound. The music will be great. Also, Nintendo made a great new system that needs you to move around. It is called the WII, it plays many games and the students love it. The computers need some games. It needs to have a library of games. Those are some the fun and games of the 21st century classroom.

That is what I think a cool 21st century classroom should look like. Do you?

Written and Illustrated by Anthony P.

Prez's 21st Century Classroom

Written and Illustrated by Sara

Sara's 21st Century Classroom


           Do classrooms ever change over time?  Our classrooms stay the same from year to year.  Well, I’m going to tell you what a 21st century classroom should look like.

            A 21st century classroom should have more technology.  Each student should have their own laptop.  Then students wouldn’t have to go from classroom to classroom looking for a computer that they can use. It would save a lot more time. Why do we still have chalk boards?  All classrooms should have one big smart board that covers the whole front of the wall.  That way it will be easier for teachers to teach their class.  Why do we still have mail boxes? They take up so much room.  We could get internet mail service to receive any notes on our laptop. Schools need more technology.

            Kids would want to come to school if we had comfy chairs.  Instead of boring, hard and uncomfortable chairs, classrooms could have bubble chairs that hang from the ceiling.  They would be very comfortable to relax in.  All those desks waste so much space.  Classrooms should have long conference tables, one for each side of the room.  The room would look neater and it would take up less space.

            Every classrooms wall color is either white or cream.  How Boring!  Why not paint the room a fun color like blue or pink.  Every classroom also has hardwood floors or tile.  We should install rubber floors that would be very soft.  If you fell, it wouldn’t hurt one bit. They would be so safe.

            Classrooms should also have mini refrigerators built into the wall.  Every student could keep their own drinks and maybe their lunch in it.  One refrigerator is not enough for 25 kids.  Instead of a loud speaker, we could get a flat screen T.V to not only listen to but to watch the news.  It would be so much easier to understand what they are saying.  Classrooms really need to get them.

            It shouldn’t be a student or teacher’s responsibility to open and close the blinds.  It would be much easier if you only had to snap and they would open or close in seconds.  The lights that hang from the ceiling are so boring.  Classrooms should get lights that come in all different colors that also hang from the ceiling.  It would be much cooler.

            Why don’t classrooms change over time?  21st century classrooms shouldn’t look like what they do now. Classrooms need to keep up with our century!


Have you ever noticed that the world has so much technology and we don’t even use it? Well, I’m just saying I have noticed. We are in the 21st Century people. A classroom shouldn’t look like it does today. Listen to the rest of my writing piece to find out what I think a 21st Century classroom should look like.

            Let’s start with the front of the classroom. Who wants a stinky old chalkboard? Well, I don’t! We need a new and improved Smart Board. A chalkboard uses no technology whatsoever, but you see a new and improved Smart Board uses so much. I’m just getting started; wait until you hear the rest!

            The walls! I don’t like the walls at all! Plain old white paint that is chipping! We need better wallpaper and plasma TV’s that hangs up our projects. Let’s talk about some more boring things in a today classroom. The wood floor! The wood floor in our room just doesn’t fit. We need a space animated movie on the floor. It would consist of stars and shooting stars. I think that would be so cool!

            Owww!  Sorry, I’m just sitting in one of these old medal chairs. I think we should have big long comfortable couches. Life would be just so much better with them. Wait up! I don’t want to listen to announcements all day! We need a small plasma on the ceiling that will tell us all of the school news. If someone lost a jacket they could draw a picture and the TV could just show us the drawing. People! Let’s use the technology we have!

            The light is in my eyes! The windows should be on the ceiling instead of the wall. The sun would shine down instead of in our eyes. The lights. Some kids like to work with the lights on and some like to work with them off. We should have four big chandeliers in our classroom. This way people could sit in any area they want that kept the lights the way they liked it.            

            If it’s a snowy day and it would usually mean no school and you would make up a day in June, but who wants to make up a day in the summer? Teachers should have a webcam and they could teach us from home. It would work. Even though you learn that day you don’t make a day up in June. You could also use this when a student is absent.

      Just about two things left to talk about. Our desks!  I don’t like them! We need big conference tables to sit at. This way we have more space to keep our stuff on.  On hot days it is always so hot in our room. We need central air in the whole entire school. It will be so much cooler then. Technology!!!!

            As you can see a classroom needs more technology. Let’s bring our minds together and use it to create an awesome classroom! What would a person from the future think of this classroom today? They would probably say what is with this room? Have you heard of technology?


Written and Illustrated by Tara

Tara's 21st Century Classroom

 Written and Illustrated by Tina


Tina's 21st Century Classroom


Everyone knows of a traditional classroom. A chalk board in the front of the room. Desks, sometimes computers. I mean come on people this is the 21st century we are talking about. Read along and find out what it is supposed to look like.

One of the changes I would make is desks. I hate them!! I can never find anything. I would change it to coffee tables. You will have more room for everything. If you were me you would love this idea too. Another change I would make is chairs. They are so hard. I would change them to couches. Couches are way more comfy. Don’t you think?

Third change I would make is a chalk board. Chalk is so messy it creates dust. Also if you breathe in chalk it is bad for your lungs. I would change it to white boards. A white board is less messy.

A fourth change I would make is a bulletin board. It is always the same thing. Every single day coming in and seeing the month or projects we made (there up there for 3 months). So, instead of a boring old bulletin board a screen that automatically changes itself to projects we made throughout the year. Don’t you hate that boring old color? When you wake up and come in to school, your like “Ohh great it’s that ugly boring bagish whitish color again”. So, I would change it to eclectic green and hot pink. And then when you come in school you will be like “Ohh yes my favorite classroom, it is so not boring”.

Don’t you hate that boring old color of the walls? When you wake up and come in to school, your like “Ohh great it’s that ugly boring bagish whitish color again”. So, I would change it to eclectic green and hot pink. And then when you come in school you will be like “Ohh yes my favorite classroom, it is so not boring”.

Okay so get those plans for that classroom of yours. And start to get to work you have a classroom to 21st centurize!!!


            In this writing I’m going to write what I think a 21st Century Classroom should look like.

            In this paragraph I will tell you what the seating I would like. First there would be sofas. They will hold 3 people each. They would be recliners. That is what the seating in my classroom would be like.

            I will tell you what the kind of desk I would have. First there would be office tables. Also there would be cup holders. The table would be the size of two sofas. That will be the tables.

            Last there would be technology. It would replace textbooks, planers, and screens. There would be laptops for everyone and a plasma screen T.V. for power point. Lastly textbook on the laptops of the students.

 Written by Thomas

Illustration coming soon!

 Written by Taylor


Illustration coming soon!


In school aren’t you so annoyed from those chairs and you plan old boring desk? I am, we have so much great technology and great stuff in this world and we can use it for stuff like school. Are you still with me or are you still shocked about how they don’t use technology and great stuff for us cute adorable kids. Well if you are then you still want to here this so get back on track.

               We should have a long conference table and we should also have long couches to go with it. We also should get a smart board because it is a great idea for school.  Well in class we play a game called North, South, East and West, so for that game we should have dance floors. With that we should also have speakers that say it for us then it would be great. We should have plasma TV’s for school news and if we are board.

              School is like home because we are there for so long and at home don’t you get a conferrable bed so we should get all conferrable stuff at school.

             That’s what I think we should do with classrooms.


           Have you ever noticed how most classrooms have never changed over the last one hundred years? There have been small things; computers, types of paper, digital clocks, but nothing much. We still use chalkboards, desks, all the same basic stuff. There are a lot of things we can do, and these are only a fraction!

            First, computer technology has excelled immensely from when they were first invented only about thirty years ago! So, it would be almost perfect if everyone in the class (including the teacher) had their own personal high-speed laptop. For example, it could replace all notebooks, handouts, most papers, binders, notes, mailboxes or coffee cans and even art supplies with paint, all combined into a laptop!! Also, with a flash drive, homework could come to and fro to school in your pocket or around your neck.

            Something to do with computers is handhelds. For example, I have seen a PDA and it rocks! We are annotating in class and it should and could be do done so much easier and fun! With an e-reader, you can download a full book and write notes, place bookmarks, and even look up words by highlighting the text!

            They said internet would never last when people began it, but some of us couldn’t live without it. With wireless internet for e-mailing people and receiving notices we couldn’t go wrong. With that and a charger built into our desks our laptops would certainly be ready to go! Also, comfort should be a priority. We should have office chairs and better/some carpeting in the room. To provide a better atmosphere, brighter, cheerful, and welcoming walls should greet us every day!

            Next, we should get a little bit better than what we have in this aspect. Air conditioning and heating should be improved. While enjoying the flow of air in the room, we should be able to get any drink we want with an Everything Drink dispenser. Take a Coke, sit down and maybe watch an educational movie on a 72” plasma screen T.V. with surround sound! How much better can it get?!?!

            Actually, a little bit. What if we had a silent automatic sliding door that would get rid of all those grand entrances every time the door opens? With all that, we would certainly a 21st century classroom!

As you can see, plenty of great ideas just come from thinking about a 21st century classroom, and we should do something about it. Some people have; getting smart boards, projectors, new laptops, etc. In conclusion, what I said above are some of the things a 21st century classroom should look like.

 Written by Justin


Illustration coming soon!

 Written by Meredith


Illustration coming soon!


Do you think classrooms today are up to date? Well, I don’t. I think classrooms need, a little changing up.

            I think we need some new chairs. I don’t like these non-cushioned, boring, blue chairs! I think we should have hanging bubble chairs. They have cushions (a lot colors like, blue, orange, black ex.). Their not boring, but they could be blue. That’s why I think we should have hanging bubble chairs.

            The decks we have are too small. The inside is fine but, the top isn’t. We need different desks, no even better we should have coffee tables. Their the size of two decks together or a little bigger. Also we would have mini refrigerators, workbook cuddies, and laptop cubbies built right in! It gives you so much room and there is no binder, so all your notes and stuff go right in the computer.  The mini frig is for your water bottles. That is the reason we should have bigger desks and appliances too.

            At the front of the room there will be a textbook cubbies and a smart board. The smart board is used for a lot of things like power points and internet lessons. You do fun things to on it like throw a dice and hit it and then you. The textbook cubbies hold all your textbooks. It would give so much more room in your desks.

            You know when indoor recess comes every once in a while, you can’t find the game you want? Well, we should a little space in the wall (more then one for all the games) and 1 goes in every little space. Like if you have CLUE and Connect 4 they go in their own space. It would be so much easier to find the game you want to play.

            Well I know I already mentioned laptop but here is going to be a little more why I want them. I don’t like how we only have 5 computers in the back. They are too bulky and heavy. Laptops are light weight, thin (but not too thin) so you can carry it. I think laptops are easier to use. That are some more reasons of why we should have laptops.

            We should also have calendars that change them selves. This means would need to change the calendar everyday. Plus, it keeps track of how long we have been in school. It also will give a new, cute picture of animals’ everyday. That is 3 reasons why we should have auto changing calendars.

            Don’t you hate it when you forget to bring a snack or water bottle to school? Well you will never be sad with snack and soda machines. you don’t need any money. It is free. You can buy snacks with, no charge. You will never,not have a snack

            Last but not least, we need relaxing wall coloring. This tan, yellow, white thing we have going is not that great. We should have a light pink or blue. Maybe even a purple. I think we need this because when I walk in it doesn’t look so good. That’s why I want new relaxing wall coloring.        


 Kayla's writing coming soon!

Written by Kayla


Illustration coming soon!





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Anonymous said

at 9:31 am on Jan 29, 2007

I love your 21st century classroom. It is so cool! I would love to actually have it as a real classroom! Your ideas are so great too.

Anonymous said

at 9:31 am on Jan 29, 2007

I love Conor's writing. I also like Conor's picture. Conor is so cool. I would love to be Conor for a day. He is so good at the drums. The Tic Tacs Rule!

Anonymous said

at 9:35 am on Jan 29, 2007

Tara- love your picture.

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at 9:36 am on Jan 29, 2007


Anonymous said

at 9:36 am on Jan 29, 2007

Emily- Yours is awesome! Awesome classroom! Keep up the great ideas!

Anonymous said

at 9:37 am on Jan 29, 2007

Emily i love you hanging chairs. i could totally live for that!!

Anonymous said

at 9:38 am on Jan 29, 2007

Gina- love "make your own sandwich"

Anonymous said

at 9:39 am on Jan 29, 2007

Julia- You have an awesome writing. Sounds like you want this classroom really bad! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said

at 9:44 am on Jan 29, 2007

Nick love the vertibal glasses you made. -- Gina--

Anonymous said

at 9:45 am on Jan 29, 2007

Tina love yours- Gina

Anonymous said

at 9:45 am on Jan 29, 2007

John love your basketball wall paper- Gina

Anonymous said

at 9:48 am on Jan 29, 2007

Conor is so cool!!!!!

Anonymous said

at 4:45 pm on Jan 31, 2007

nick love vertibal glasses *Tina*

Anonymous said

at 4:46 pm on Jan 31, 2007

Gianni love your picture you draw so good *Tina*

Anonymous said

at 9:33 am on Feb 6, 2007

The Grandma Connection Rules

Anonymous said

at 8:15 am on May 13, 2007

Gina you are so cool (ro t's sis)

Anonymous said

at 5:32 pm on Nov 27, 2007

Mr.Pollitt what is this?

Anonymous said

at 7:48 pm on Nov 27, 2007

The kids from last year drew a picture of what they thought a 21st centry classroom would look like. They also put a writing piece with it.

Anonymous said

at 7:19 pm on Dec 2, 2007

I said Mr.Pollitt you fool and quit commenting were I comment that no one commented on besides last years class its getting anonying.

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